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"Let bird in hand, for a thousand flying" Andre Breton "In next 20 years you will be more disappointed

by the things that you did not do than by those you did do. So throw ropes. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. See" by Mark Twain (1835-1910) "Some children in the Dominican Republic, had, instead of being declared in the Offices of Status: may well be declared in the National Treasury Office" Esteban Rosario (1996) "Who are the owners of the Dominican Republic?" "()Of course peoples do not want war ...but they are the leaders, the policy makers easy to drag the people to war ... -Because peoples cannot distinguish, democracy, fascism, communism or dictatorship ... IF YOU want drag them to war, tell them: -as people or nation, they Are in grave danger and that they will make them disappear or someone is planning to attack them;

-Tell them, pacifists, lack in his or her PATRIOTISM; tell them or build an ENEMY, internal or domestic enemy and international enemy ... " Nazis Marshal Hermann Goering WITNESS, FRAGMENT, The Nuremberg Trials. Remind Courtesy: Dory Halcomb ___ During Francisco Francos times and regime: we saw bullying against members of Power of Justice, chasing citizens and journalists, too Source: Un million signatures for support Judge Baltazar Garzon, campaign on Facebook. ____ Leonardo Da Vinci was born April 15 th, 1452 ...but HOW MANY, exceptional human beings, like him are dying, starving, without hopes - blind of ignorance, intoxicated by prejudices, lies, hate speeches or fundamentalist viewpoints without support, daily in each neighborhood, country, continent, language,

ethnical group or culture, daily, TODAY, after Prenskys and Gardners researches? That is one of issues and agendas, for our generation end child labour and child slavery for obtain, -as cultues, sciences, communities, economiesmore citizens tied with human values around solidarity with vulnerable human being, Einsteins, Mozarts, Mme. Curie, Benito Juarez,Juana Ines de la Cruz, Teresa de Calcuta or Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci... and so on, and less Hitlers or Konyies in current generation EVERYWHERE Leonardo well known, has been the human being more evolved, versatile and innovative - At the time that the authors and lost the anonymity of folklore and began to sign inventions or authorial products, our dayWe can remember humanity: in some fashion with the notion of stil novo coming from Renaissance Western modernity is born, time coincident with birth despite being an unwanted child and to be under the cast of no less versatile, OR LESS Authoritarian, teacher Verrocchio as an apprentice, in the same workshop where Botticelli was formed. The past is full of lessons, useful for understand and build the now-here and now, anywhere, in ANY man from the cradle to the grave. So: do without the indispensable, of the enlarged, of "vile tyrants", as the had shown in his poetry out Juan Pablo Duarte,

their intuitions -About unity in diversity and sustainability of the nineteenth centuryis a basic requirement for the culture of peace, human beings equal in dignity and Rights, moving across the early twenty-first century and the Third Millennium. THE trash TV trash RADIO or trash PRESS, not assist the health, public or collective health or local, nor global, or glocalize, levels if we think on global or glocalized understanding. Although the notion of genius or differential characteristics of who "born genius" - Nothing to do with the testimony of one's Einstein and his biographers in our dayas an expression of the Renaissance world, had already been denounced by Michel Foucault as emergent crisis, since 1979, after a period of more than five centuries, if you count the thirteenth century, with the first goliards and the invention of the university in the mid of XIII century, to the late twentieth century. (..)The super-gifted children can learn, out some many myths created, about this per cent of local and global population, with IQ, over 130: but, they can lost, all his or her potential if are not diagnostic on time, timing is essential, for those special education demandsSpain has some hundreds -300,000- boys and girls, within this special condition for learning processes () Source: TVE. Spain Television Network April, 2012 RECOVER for each and every one of the 7,000 MILLION people living on earth, the status of author, both such as city / a, it can greatly facilitate the solutions of interest to each and All-in short, medium and long term-preservation, heritage promotion and projection tangible and intangible heritage of humankind. Currently, to build those kind of bridges results, practically, IMPOSSIBLE WITHO UT conviviality and horizontal dialogues, as instruments of coexistence, from the diversity and the infinitude of possible worlds, between humans, same proposed by Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich -during first half of the twentieth centuryand rejuvenated by Dlors and his approaches (UNESCO,1999),Paul Virilo (Alert on cyberspace) and others, since the times of communications by internet and solidarity networks (social and virtual networks), mediated or supported -in the exchange of informationby computers (CMC). This, in parallel with the incremental investment, SYSTEMATIC, personal, social, family, community, medial, and on site transmedial -PUBLIC, PRIVATE, PUBLIC AND SEMI-PUBLICIN, by, for, around EDUCATION AND free WILL, available for and with EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THE DEVELOPMENT: COMBINING THE SUITABILITY FOR CULTURE AS fights or struggles, for equal rights or non discriminatory human rights, as expression of JUSTICE, EXPRESSIONS

YOUR own humanity, as its OWN CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND multidimensional, humanistic, solidarity, humanizing, democratic development, as expression of cultures on motion (Arizpe, 2006,2008), not as one stock or prejudices and lies (Garcia Canclini, 2005), about human beings, FACTSnot dreams or Nightmares, for global understanding, in current state of art, about human development and socio-cultural inclusion, agendas, within plural or Complexes societies, currently Operating or existing on the Earth, on glocalize. "The right ends where starts the abuse" (Louis Josserand ) "ALL the dogmas are enemies of human creativity" (Oscar Arias Sanchez, 1987) .... "Genius" or the ability to generate a reading man or woman dedicated to creativity, as job or professional field - In all its dimensions or areas, As "a celebrity " and the incapacity, within the same community for self-perceive each other individually and themselves as community members, as workers (Vid. Colon Tatis, 1996, about Dominican artistic and literary community, for example)as an expression of the Renaissance world, had already been denounced by Michel Foucault in crisis, since 1979 ("What and who is an author?") same as contested Gramsci, Malinowski researches and speeches and finally, by Drucker (1954, 1989, 1991, 1993) by introducing the category of "knowledge worker" blurring the boundaries between manual and intellectual labour, into the industrialized society, emergent trend and paradigm, announced from Bell (1973) and one of the levels of alienation at work and leisure, which is already in Marcuse and his "One-Dimensional Man" across the Atlantic Ocean. All these approaches tell us clearly, historically, the prejudices of Political, cultural, religious, economi c, management, sexual and academic, elites in the twentieth century -And in all previous centuriesimplies an intolerant vocation, for accept or let it be the new, research, as to the proposed inclusion, demystification, deconstruction or flattening, of the popular sectors, and peoples, including within sectors labeled as leftist or progressive, around or about the doxa, the official truth or dogma, their resistance to change, as the deselitizacion, democratization and modernization work, such as leisure, for include the vulnerable citizens as EQUALS, beyond instrumentalization of propaganda and indoctrination (two factors relatives to contradictions, between Ivan Ilich and Paulo Freire with traditional or hierarchical,

stalinists or religious communist parties), something radical different than Gramscians approaches, for example in all paradigmal-change scenarios its visceral hostility to democracy, itself, for its priority elitist camarilla or government gang about perpetuating guarantee or claim the exclusion of the world's population of "matters of the spirit" or "Intellectual work", although there are taken Decisions that affect all human beings, whether or not intellectual. Bankruptcy in this concept -denounced by Foucault (1979)for such modern or quintessential elitist conception of the trade and Renaissance authorial -Of being. called by Marx, man or woman of "lights" this bankruptcy as pleasure or privilege, excluding and elitarian, reproducing the same pyramidal notion coming from origins of private property (wise guys had to organize and planning WHAT information circulates to who - the political chief, the army chief, the priest, in the original pyramidassume knowledge as power -not as a tool for provide FREEDOM to human beingsfor this reason, the information flows, in all dictatorship, need to be modulate d - controlled, censored- by authorizated gurus, comisarios, cultural controllers, WHO NEED to think, what is good or appropriated for others?, WITHOUT ASK THEM or without ask, check, verify if are violating his or her human rightsor individual freedom (See The multiculturalism on debate, about this kind of situation with education for girls or women, between Christians or Muslims, cultures and communities, within European or Spain contexts) Nothing different -changing names and scenariosfrom the Ministry of Virtue, coming out -beating girls and women on the streetsfrom Talibans or the scandals, relatives to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, naked truth about p rofessional politicians and leaders on the Earthand many betrayals to democratic values and public interest for ordinary human beings on the planet, behind diplo macy and darkness within public leadership, propagandas behind scenes medias opacity, corruption, instrumentalization, corporative Interests on TV trash, radio trash and news trashvulnerability for check and balances, tools on justice, government, parliamentary and human development as socio-cultural inclusive agenda on democratic system, and the essential human right: the right for all citizens become informed, free in their thoughts, believes, i deas, the right build collectively the truth, inside and outside, cyberspace, as tool for make decisions or produce knowledge, everywhere, for all, as human beings. Those previous patterns, well known in all dictatorship, not matter the label or ideological signs, flag or slogans, left or right wing, all of them are enemies of SELF-EDUCATIONpretending in each case, colonizates THE MIND OF THE OTHER, particularly the most vulnerable citizens, the other and the otherness, case Trujillos times, as simple example, but you can find other enemies of the internet, into your democracy,

in your local country, language, culture, county or continent. TODAY rests on the empirical -Recent investigations of the Neuroscience -1920-today, as in Gardner (1986) and Prensky (2001) EVERYONE WE (Or we can be, from cradle to grave) GREAT, you are missing opportunities to end the waste world of creativity, potential for creativity, self-determination, entrepreneurship and innovation of human beings from one end to another of the planet ... (Vid. Garca Canclini (2005): "We all have culture, but who can develop it?") RECOVER, for each and every one of the 7,000 MILLION people living on earth, the status of author such as city, it can greatly facili tate the solutions of interest to each and all in the short, medium and long term, preservation, heritage promotion and projection tangible and intangible heritage of humanity, something that has been in obligation to recognize, even UNESCO itself, in its World Culture Report, particularly in 2007/2008 (Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mex), granting an emerging role in the edutainment, to beginners and amateurs, in the preservation and enrichment of historical and cultural memory, regardless of age, be children, adolescents and young people who have not only a sympathetic, with undeniable ICTs, in his role as digital-natives and natives ending XX century, but also to exhibit, the more leisure time than their parents or grandparents In the midst of this economic, axiological, environmental, political, paradigmal, planetary crisisfor: contemplation, particularly in rural areas and in sectors class urban, North and South, East and West, vanguard of cities, the post-industrial world, as lost in ghettos in Haiti South Africa, Brazil, Santo Domingo, Sarajevo or Rwanda. When we close the doors to education, leisure or Convention Rights of Children, Adolescent and Young, do not know to what extent we impoverish -like neighborhood municipality, generation, region, culture, language, continent or humanImmanuel Kant was not a citizen born or develop within a capital, not Leonardo Da Vinci. Not everyone thought, and the invention lies or concentrated in the capital, satisfy their needs lie

reencounter with new ways of thinking and capilaritizes resources, infrastructure, if we really want as humanity out of multiple crises, to which we have condemned all generations minded of power in the world, to lead to fragile ecosystems present as poverty, violence, mediocrity, intolerance, narcissism, the fundamentalisms, cyclopean visions and stupidity reigning today. Democratize, decentralize, deselitizes, demystify the past and present ... assist the collective health, hygiene, Mental hygiene of everyone, everywhere. "... Our vicissitudes: orthodoxies, sexual, political, religious and academic, orthodoxies, " (Octavio Paz, 1990) ...but those kind of bridges are IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT conviviality the same proposal by Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich. Yoe F. Santos / cciav Leonardo Da Vinci, naci 15 abril, 1452... por lo que se conoce, ha sido el ser humano mas evolucionado, verstil e innovador, - de la poca de que los y las autoras perdieron el anonimato del folklore y comenzaron a firmar invenciones o productos autorales, a nuestros dasque pueda recordar la humanidad: en cierto modo, con la nocin del stil novo renacentista, nace la modernidad Occidental, momento coincidente con su nacimiento, pese a ser un hijo no deseado y a verse bajo la frula del no menos verstil, NI MENOS AUTORITARIO, maestro Verrocchio como aprendiz, en el mismo taller donde se formo Botticelli. El pasado est lleno de lecciones, de gran utilidad para comprender y construir el hoy -aqu y ahora, de cualquier lugar, de CUALQUIER ser humano de la cuna a la tumba. Por eso: prescindir de los imprescindibles, de los agrandados, de los "viles tiranos", como ya los haba demostrado en su poetizar Juan Pablo Duarte, en sus intuiciones -sobre unidad en la diversidad y sostenibilidad del siglo XIXes un requisito bsico para la cultura de paz, de seres humanos iguales en dignidad y Derechos en la madrugada del siglo XXI y el Tercer Milenio. LA TELE, LA RADIO, LA PRENSA BASURA, no ayudan a la salud, pblica o colectiva, ni en lo local, ni el lo global, ni en glocalize. Pese a que la nocin de genialidad o caractersticas diferenciales de quien naca genio

- nada que ver con los testimonios del propio Einstein y sus bigrafos en nuestros dascomo expresin del mundo renacentista, ya haba sido denunciada en crisis por Michel Foucault, desde 1979, luego de una vigencia de ms de cinco siglos, si contamos del siglo XIII, con los primeros goliardos y la invencin de la universidad, a los fines del siglo XX. RECUPERAR para cada uno y cada una de las 7,000 MILLONES de persOnas que viven en la tierra, la condicin de autor/a, tanto como la de ciudadano/a, puede facilitar en gran medida, la bsqueda de soluciones, de inters para todas y todos -en el corto , mediano y largo plazo- en la preservacin, promocion y proyeccion del patrimonio tangible e intangible, de la humanidad. ESE PUENTE ES IMPOSIBLE SIN LA CONVIVENCIALIDAD y la dialogicidad, como instrume ntos de convivencia, desde la diversidad e infinitud de los mundos posibles, ent re los seres humanos, propuestas lo mismo por Paulo Freire e Ivan Ilich- en la primera mitad del siglo XX- y remozadas por los abordajes de Dlors (1999), como Paul Virilo, ya en tiemp os de la internet y las redes solidarias, sociales y virtuales, mediadas o apoya das en el intercambio de informacin por computadora (CMC). Todo ello, en paralelo con LA INVERSION INCREMENTAL, SISTEMATICA, personal, social, familiar, comunitaria, medial, transmedial y presencial -PUBLICA, PRIVADA, SEMI-PUBLICA Y PUBLICAEN LA EDUCACION Y EN LA VOLUNTAD DE CADA SER HUMANO EN EL PERFECCIONAMIENTO, COMBINANDO LA VOCACION POR LA CULTURA COMO POR LA JUSTICIA COMO EXPRESIONES DE SU propia humanidad, como de su PROPIO DESARROLLO VOCACIONAL Y DESARROLLO multidimensional, humanstico, solidario, humanizante, democrtico. "El derecho termina donde comienza el abuso" (Louis Josserand) "TODOS los dogmas son enemigos de la creatividad humana" (Oscar Arias Sanchez, 1987) ...."genialidad", o la capacidad de generar una lectura del hombre o la mujer dedicados a la creatividad, como oficio - en cualquiera de sus dimensiones o reas, como una celebridad, no como un trabajador/acomo expresin del mundo renacentista, ya haba sido denunciada en crisis por Michel Foucault, desde 1979 (Que y quien es un autor?), lo mismo que impugnada Gramsci, Malinowsky y finalmente, por Drucker (1954, 1989, 1991, 1993) al introducir la categora de trabajador del conocimiento, borrando las fronteras entre trabajo manual e intelectual, en la sociedad industrializada, tendencia anunciada desde Bell (1973) y uno de los planos de la alienacin en el trabajo y el ocio, que se encuentra ya en Marcuse y su Hombre Unidimensional, al otro lado del Atlntico. Todos estos enfoques nos hablan con claridad, contra los prejuicios de las elite s -polticas, culturales, econmicas, gerenciales, sexuales y acadmicas- en el sigl o XX -y en todos los siglos anteriores- su vocacin intolerante -a lo nuevo, a la investigacin, como a las propuestas de inclusin, desmitificacin, desconstruccion u

horizontalizacion, de los sectores populares, como de los pueblos- en resistirse al cambio, como a la deselitizacion, democratizacin y modernizacin del trabajo, c omo del ocio- en todos los escenarios de cambio paradigmal- su enemistad viscera l con la democracia, en s, por su prioridad elitista, en torno a garantizar o pre tender eternizar la exclusin de la poblacin del mundo de los asuntos del espritu o de l trabajo intelectual, aunque all se toman decisiones que afectan a todos los seres humanos, sean o no intelectuales. La bancarrota denunciada por Foucault (1979) para tal concepcin elitaria y renacentista del oficio autoral -del ser que llamo Marx, hombre o mujer de lucessu bancarrota como placer o privilegio elitario, HOY descansa en la emprica -de las investigaciones recientes de las neurociencias -1920-hoy, como en Gardner (1986) y Prensky(2001)TODOS Y TODAS SOMOS (O PODEMOS LLEGAR A SER, de la cuna a la tumba) GENIALES, lo que faltan son oportunidades, para terminar con el derroche mundial de la creatividad, el potencial de creatividad, autodeterminacin, emprendimiento e innovacin de los seres humanos de un confn a otro del planeta... (Vid. Garca Canclini (2005): "Todos tenemos cultura, PERO QUIEN puede desarrollarla?" ) RECUPERAR, para cada uno y cada una de las 7,000 MILLONES de persOnas que viven en la tierra, la condicin de autor/a, tanto como la de ciudadano/a, puede facilitar en gran medida, la bsqueda de soluciones, de inters para todas y todos en el corto , mediano y largo plazo, en la preservacin, promocin y proyeccin del patrimonio tangible e intangible, de la humanidad, algo que se ha visto en obligacin de reco nocer, incluso la propia UNESCO, en sus Informes Mundiales de la Cultura, particularmen te en 2007/2008 (Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mxico), al otorgar un emergente protagonismo en el edutainment, para principiantes y aficionados, en la preservacin y enriquecimient o de la memoria histrico-cultural, independientemente de su edad, por ser nios, nias, adolescentes y jvenes, quienes disponen no solo de una relacin emptica, innegable con las NTICs- en su rol de nativos y nativas digitales-, sino adems por exhibir, mayor cantidad de tiempo de ocio, que sus padres o sus abuelos -en medio de la present e crisis econmica, axiolgica, medioambiental, paradigmal y poltica, planetaria- para: la contemplacin, particularmente en las zonas rurales, como en los sectores populare s urbanos, del Norte y del Sur, del Este y del Oeste, de las ciudades vanguardias, del mundo post industrial, como de los guetos perdidos en Hait, Sudfrica, Brasil, Sant o

Domingo, Sarajevo o Ruanda. Cuando cerramos las puertas a la educacin, al ocio o a la Convencin de Derechos del Nino, Nina, Adolescente o Joven, no sabemos en que medida nos empobrecemos como barrio, municipio, generacin, regin, cultura, lengua, continente o como humanidad- Enmanuel Kant, no fue un capitalino, tampoco lo fue Leonardo Da Vinci; entonces las mega-concetraciones del mobiliario urbano, como de las ofert as educativas - culturales, cientficas, recreacionales, tecnolgicas- no pueden seg uir apostando a lo que ya para 1984, denominaba Manuel Castells, la macrocefalia capitalina, al pensar la municipalidad o la contradiccin de capitalidad y resto de los pases, en Amrica Latina y Caribe, desde los tiempos coloniales, hasta casi fi nales del siglo XX. No todo el pensamiento, ni la invencin descansa o se concentra en las capitales, tenemos por necesitad que reencontrarnos con nuevos modos de pensar y capilariza r recursos, infraestructuras, si queremos de verdad, salir como humanidad, de la s crisis mltiples, a que nos han condenado todas las generaciones -con vocacin de poder en el planeta- hasta desembocar en los frgiles ecosistemas actuales, como en la pobreza, las violencias, la mediocridad, las intolerancias, los narcisismo s, los fundamentalismos, las visiones ciclpeas y la estupidez reinantes, hoy por hoy.

Democratizar, descentralizar, deselitizar, desmitificar el pasado y el presente a yudara a la salud colectiva, a la higiene mental de todas y todos, en cualquier lugar. nuestras vicisitudes las ortodoxias, sexuales, polticas, religiosas y acadmicas (Octavio Paz, 1990) .ESE PUENTE ES IMPOSIBLE SIN LA CONVIVENCIALIDAD propuesta lo mismo por Paulo Freire como por Ivan Ilichsin reconversin de capacid ades o reciclajes a todo nivel es poco, problable salir adelante, con estos mesas y magos, que se ofertan, en nuestros pueblos, como dueos de las verdades absolut as o el toque divino, prescindiendo de la capacidad, laboriosidad y la ingeniosi dad -de los pueblos- en el dialogo horizontal, creativo, frtil, para ser parte de la solucin de los problemas ( SUS PROPIOS PROBLEMAS), del trabajo y del ocio DES ALIENADO. Yoe F. Santos/cciav "... Time is the basis for the Creativity of philosophers, artists and scientists ... " Ilya Prigogine "The laws of chaos" "... The man of science, like the artist, have to adapt to living in a world relatively disordered, is what I prefer name or call creative tension ... " Thomas S. Kuhn (1954) Conference, Austin, Texas

"(..) But yesterday tanks, children were walking, but on the sidewalk in front rotten blood, We hung on the lashes, the most heinous of wonder,

when they meet the order of the trigger without entrails, the trigger, without bowels .. yeeeeeeh! but the heart of the village, retains its pace (...) " by Luis-Terror-Dias "Corazon del Pueblo" Lyrics ()Hoy es 24 de Abril, aniversario de la epopeya popular ms importante del pueblo do minicano en el siglo XX mujeres, limpiabotas, trabajadoras sexuales, homosexuales , buhoneros, el pueblo dominicano, defendi su dignidad, frente al pas ms rico y pod eroso de la tierra tengo mis nostalgias, pues la Constitucin y el Gobierno de Jua n Bosch, fueron abortados con el Golpe de estado de 1963: este el proyecto de na cin ms importante en toda la historia de la Republica Dominicana () A los jvenes les digo -porque este es un programa didctico- que la Republica Dominicana, en todos sus grandes momentos, ha contando con sus jvenes(), Coronel Fernndez Domnguez, era un muchacho con 31 aos de edad, la misma edad que tenia Juan Pablo Duarte para la Independencia en 1844 y Francisco Alberto Caamao Deo, tenia 33 anospara el 24 de a bril, de 1965() Dr. Ricardo de la Cruz Nieves Source: Gobierno de la Tarde

"(...) Today is April 24 th, anniversary of the most important popular epic even t for Dominican people in the twentieth century ... women, sex workers, shoeshin e boys, gay guys, peddlers, the Dominican people, defended his dignity, against the richest and powerful country on the Earth ... I have my nostalgia, because c onstitution and government of Juan Bosch, was aborted -by the coup d'tat of 1963this government and constitution was the most important national project, in th e history of the Dominican Republic (...) I want tell to young boys and girls, b ecause this is an educational program, which the Dominican Republic, in all its great moments, has been counting on their young peoples (...), Colonel Fernndez D omnguez was a boy aged 31 -he had the same age as Juan Pablo Duarte for Independe nces times on 1844- and Francisco Alberto Caamano Deo, was 33 years ... for April 24 th, 1965 (...) " Dr. Ricardo de la Cruz Nieves Source: Government of the Afternoon New Economics. Cultural Industries, Global Translation Index & E- contents. Inventory, Curatorial Methods and human development on collective creation and collective intelligence: socio-cultural or intangibles, patrimonial inclusion and local wealth, on april 23 th 2012. - The UNESCOs CONTRIBUTION to digitalization, glocalize by ethno cultural and linguistic diversity today, World book and copyright dayE- contents, CURATORIAL VIEWS AND INCLUSION. PRIORITIES ON THIS CHANNEL... ONE update with just, 15 viewpoints

-about our methods, priority and B2Bglocalized vision for cultural and communicative citizenship on cyberspace... I. April 23 th Linguistic Diversity, World Book and Copyright Day - as face on projection national identity and wealth 24/7UNESCO and glocalized, communicational and cultural leadership. Index translationum an UNIQUE file, about translated contents, available on the Earth WORLD BOOK and Copyrights DAY: Pleasures traveling to Ithaca ALL dogmas are the MAIN enemies of human creativity Oscar Arias Sanchez (1987) We need to feel and express love and hate, just for know we are humans, we are alive and understand in each case, we are not cyborgs Mario Bunge WE know so much for stay been skeptical, we know so little, for try be dogmatic Blaise Pascal In the end, came the World Book and Copyrights Day, this year dedicated, special ly, to the bridges between mother tongues, hearts, traditions, expectations, ach ievements, progress, hopes, values and dreams pooled for the production and free flow of ideas that is, convergence, technological and humanistic, becoming each one within reading or deconstructing on preferential reading process -human and accessible within cross-cultural ethno-linguistical diversity- from the transla tion. This April 23, where long ago, by the 1600s-in the distance-and feathers gathere d their innovative and creative impulses, the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes and the Spanish Golden Age. Something will mean for citizens today, the ability to build that bridge between thoughts, minds, deeds and worldviews, from the perspective of overcoming the " intellectual odd jobs" (Ander-Egg, 2001), to make each minute of life an adventu re of discovery and the proposed new and better ways of cultivating the re-educa tion

-just because gens of solidarity is inexistent on human beings: each one, all of us, will need to be RE-EDUCATED, as he said (2009)RE-EDUCATION LIVELONG AS DEMOCRATIC PROCESS available to anyone, WITHIN public education and NON public, formal and informal , SYSTEMATIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL, to overcome from the talent, the miseries , hind rances, prejudice, ignorance, discrimination and causes of violence or hate spee ch ON THE EARTH, RESCUE conviventiality -suggested by Ivan Illich- on the Earth. ATTEMPT BE innovative, creative, ORIGINAL, this contribution is also a silent memory of Jos Mart and Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez - And all previous generations sang to life and freedomin search of truth, unity in diversity, holistic, as in the culture of solidarity and the inclusion of vulnerable and in glocalize: "We will create a nation where the only aristocracy possible, is going be: the aristocracy of the talent" (Juan Pablo Duarte - Diez) "The enslavement of men, is the great sorrow of the world ... CREATE, create, create, there's the salvation of our peoples " (Jos Mart) "No man or leader is superior his own people" Juan Bosch Gavino There is a gulf irreconcilable between calls creative classes (Florida, 2002) and plagiaries, which thrive on the ideas, dreams and projects of others, refusing to believe what they did not come from his or her imagination with the humility and essential honesty, to live, to live and survive in a world increasingly oriented towards the dematerialization of trade and exchange - "98% under new economy", Castells, 1999- within Digital tools and Era, both in the production of wealth, as in the preservation of cultural and historical memory in post-Fordist transition paradigmal , post-Cartesian, post Euclidean early XXI century and the Third Millennium, North and South, East and West, in industrial societies and economies, post-industrial and the Third and Fourth Worlds. Mediocrity ALWAYS develops its own gang" (Pedro Pompeyo Rosario)

"Latin America and Caribbean, lost his train for industrialization and UNIVERSAL LITERACY in the nineteenth century,...Now, in the twenty-one are now coming to the continent, two NEW illiteracies: audio-visual and computer-communication, ILLITERACIES... " Arturo Uslar Pietri (Listin Diario, Santo Domingo, 1994). "(...) Latin America and Caribbean, will re-fill of dictators, if youth are not empowered ... I remember my father, running to the latrine, to hear the news from abroad, during Trujillos times ... I do not want that for my country, or for any country, ... only believe in two things: youth and democracy (...) " Gloria Pena Interview:

II. Happy day: translators, editors, readers, copyrighters and authors. Consumption, circulation-the projection glocalize, marketing, positioning and differentiation, and cultural production can be fun, not banal, not boring, human, charming and solidarity, which values depend on the exchange decide to raise daily information emerging generations -particularly with the digital natives (Prensky, 2001) and their multiple intelligences (Gardner, 1986), in order to: promotion of creative activity in all age groups, regardless of whether they are in rural or urban, as any level of expertise -from aspiring beginners, amateurs and citizensas the internalization of values and practices creative, humanistic, socio-cultural inclusion, horizontalization and democratization of opportunities to participate and create value, so let's not wasting a generation more talent as a source of wealth, gotten accounts that we all have culture but: who can develop it?"

(Garcia Canclini, IDB, 2005) "Children are our only CONTACT with the future" Olof Palme ONE son is not a property, but a possibility for FREEDOM ALL society gives to a child, child will give back to society, LATER UNESCO

THE thing we cannot afford or tolerate to Christians or muslins, is the hegemonic power for make decision -about good or bad habits, relatives to girls or women just because, they are not males, por mor they are womenor they deny scholarization for girls and women, the same time and quality, than boys and men, or try to obligate, enforce, girl or women TO BE married or ANY OTHER THING without, count with her intimae and personal decision, in each casebecause, beyond the corporative interest coming out from those religious groups, over those groupie interest, exist the HUMAN RIGHTS recognized to ALL human beings, everywhere Source: The multiculturalism on Debate Spain has 500,000 human beings under category of immigrants without papers, Current cuts on sanitation and education budgets, will affect them too Source: TVE, April, 22th, 2012 ALL human rights need to be respect, promote, defend each one: with equity, with the same emphasis, and the same interest, EVERYWHERE Final Declaration & World Summit on Human Rights, Vienne (1993) Particularly, we believe, on this factor depends on the level of success or trau ma, in each municipality, region, country, culture or continent, so the construc tion of civic and cultural communication, 24/7.

HUMAN RIGHTS, HUMAN DIGNITY, ARE NOT OPTIONAL: It is not an eccentricity or a closed field for lucubration or opinions, for art ists, researchers and artists practitioners, but as an unmet need of the Human P erson, in any corner of the earth, where the educated elites, are not interested in become or have not decide to become generators or builders cultural, politic al, commercial, industrial or philosophical mandarinates or disincentives exclus ive of multigenerational dialogue, TRANS CULTURAL AND MULTI, MULTI and transdisc iplinary. "... To teach love, LOVING: EDUCATION SHOULD BE A NICE JOB ..." Jose Ingenieros (1906) "... This is a job (REFERING TO CREATIVITY AS SPECIFIC OR SPECIALIZED FIELD OF SOCIO-CULTURAL ACTION, YFS, 2012) like the shoes workshop, demands a progressive expertise level, the difference between beginners and masters on the workshop, shoe workshop, depends on the practice, to practice every day, as an exercise to achieve to reach teachers that serve as model or inspiration or guidance ... this is WHY I dont believe in inspiration as enlightenment I believe in work" (Pedro Mir Valentine, 1981)

My opinion is I have NOT opinion Benjamin Franklin THE END OF IT dependent and no more: bet to make the difference, from your personal ethics (Laszlo, 2004: 1-29), inside and outside of writing to the culture of peace and educating society or to the information society, communication and knowledge (ISCC), by the way remind do not forget your participation, Remote participation on WSIS, 2012, on May, no matter where you throughout the land. NO dogmas, listen your INNER VOICE,... passion for quality"

(Steve Jobs) Best regards, Yoe F. Santos / cciav Human Person, Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 th Anniversary 1984-2012 Cyberspace April 23 th, 2012 Keywords: hate speech, hate crime, anti-discrimination law, criminal law, violence prevent ion, creativity, day of the book, reading, citizenship, culture, citizenship com municative, deliberative democracy, horizontal dialogue, Gloria Pena, Juan Bosch , Pedro Mir, Prensky , Gardner, WORLD BOOK DAY AND AUTHORS RIGHTS, PLEASURE TRIP TO ITHACA, bridges between tongues, hearts, traditions, expectations, achieveme nts, progress, hopes, values and dreams pooled, production and free flow of idea s, individual freedom, human rights, convergence, technological, human and human istic translation, April 23, 1600s, innovative and creative impulses, Inca Garci laso de la Vega, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish Golden Age, c itizens / as current bridge between thoughts, intelligences, deeds and worldview s, overcoming the "intellectual odd jobs" (Ander-Egg, 2001), discovery and adven ture to the proposal, new and better, till the re-education available to everyon e, public education and public, formal and non-formal, since the talent to overc ome the miseries, hindrances, prejudice, ignorance, discrimination and causes of violence or hate speech, on the ground, trying to be innovative, creative, orig inal, silent tribute, memory, and Juan Jos Mart Pablo Duarte y Diez, previous gene rations sang to life and liberty, the pursuit of truth, unity in diversity, holi stic vision, culture of solidarity, and inclusion of vulnerable, glocalize, slav ery men, is the great sorrow of the world, create, there's the salvation of our people "," No man is above the people, "Juan Bosch Gavino, creative classes (Flo rida, 2002) and plagiaries, imagination, humility and honesty, indispensable, li ve, live and survive, dematerialization of world trade, production of wealth, pr eservation of historical and cultural memory, paradigmal transition, post-Fordis t, post-Cartesian, post Euclidean century and the Third Millennium North and Sou th, East and West, industrial societies and economies, post-industrial, Third an d Fourth Worlds, "mediocrity, ALWAYS develops and organize its own gang" Pedro P ompeyo Rosario, "Latin America and Caribbean, lost his train of industrializatio n and Universal literacy in the nineteenth century, now in the XXI century, are now coming to the continent, two NEW illiteracies audio-visual and computer-comm unication, Arturo Uslar Pietri, Listin Diario, Santo Domingo, 1994, Latin Americ a and Caribbean dictators, empowers youth is not ... I remember my father, forei gn news, times, Trujillo, only I, young democracy, Gloria Pena,, H appy Day, translators, editors, readers and author, consumption, circulation, pr ojection glocalize, marketing, positioning and differentiation, cultural product ion, fun, not banal, not boring, human, charming and caring, values, exchange da ily information emerging generations, Native / as / xs digital Prensky, 2001, mu ltiple intelligences, Gardner , 1986, promotion of creative activity, age, rural

or urban, level of expertise, aspiring, novice, amateur and citizens / as / xs, internalization and practice of creative values, humanistic, socio-cultural inc lusion, deseletization and democratization, opportunities to participate, create value, let's not wasting one more generation, talent as a source of wealth, we all have culture, but "who can develop" (Garcia Canclini, IDB, 2005), "Children are our only contact with the future, "Olof Palme, FACTOR will depend the level of success or trauma, in each municipality, region, country, culture or continen t, construction of civic and cultural communication, 24/7,No eccentricity or a c losed shop for artists, researchers or creators / as professionals, unmet need o f the Human Person, in any corner of the earth, educated elites, mandarin, cultu ral, political, commercial, industrial or philosophical, or disincentives exclus ive of multigenerational dialogue , TRANS CULTURAL AND MULTI, MULTI and transdis ciplinary, Jose Ingenieros (1906), shoes, skill, practice, to practice every day , meet the teachers, model or inspiration or guide, Pedro Mir Valentin, 1981, it is up and of more than one, making the difference, your personal ethics (Laszlo , 2004: 1-29), writing to the culture of peace and educating society, informatio n society, communication and knowledge (SICC), do not forget your entry, remote participation in WSIS, 2012, in May, no matter where you are, in all the earth, Best Regards, Yoe F. Santos, cciav, CC4AVE,Human Person, Talents, Criticality, F riendship, Salut, Polis et Ecumene,28th Anniversary ,1984-2012, Cyberspace, Apri l 23, 2012, press-trash, manipulation, ideology, indoctrination, human freedom, creativity as process, humanistic values, democratic values, pedagogy of example , self-education, networks, WSIS, 2012, cultural citizenship, glocalize, persona l ethics, long terms learning processes, intangible patrimony, anti-authoritaria n speeches, anti-adult-centric speeches, anti-discriminatory speeches, democrati c challenges and cultural industries, creative industries and child rights, hori zontal dialogues, translations as bridges, cross-temporal or transepoch dialogue s, culture of peace, justice and socio-cultural inclusion, fights against povert y causes, social causes, talents and solidarity in early XXI century, human valu es, testimonies, bio, life, ordinary life, re-enchanting ordinary life by creati vity tools.... III. You are always welcome in our channels IF you are CONCERNED, WORKING OR INTERESTED - in design NEW proposals, NEW INFORMATION SHARING- on: glocalize, humanities, social sciences, human rights, -creativity, human development, vocational elections, Convention of Rights for Child, eradication of WORST FORMS

of child labour ( See as reference: ILO, IPEC), municipal: local and regional development, new or emergent solutions for surplus ALFIN, audiovisual appropriation and uses with sense, on digital and civic medias, curatorial researches, about audiences, trends, conferences, networks and human development, for communications for human rights socio-cultural inclusion on leisure and work environments against functional illiteracy and recycling knowledge and management competences on literacies criminal policies -strategies, methods, technics for socio-cultural inclusion - and preventing violencefollowing worldwide quality standards and on demand responses, on B2B on curatorial strategies and methods - out TV trash, radio trash or press-trashIV. Join our Virtual Community, information flows on twitter, or facebook -open and friendlysharing and Dialogues, about it @cciav CCIAV, CC4AVE Foundation & Global Network. Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! V. You can use and resend without ask for permission our contents, as member of our virtual community. Our Text and Photos signed by Yoe F. Santos/cciav (CC) 2012, under Creative Commons, OERs Commons, Scientific Commons, licenses: some rights are protected: NON commercial uses, share alike, attribution, non derivates works Digital contents and nonprofit uses for e-contents, a huge door for global and local understanding, improving culture of peace, fights against discrimination, prejudices, ignorance and preventing violences promoting humanistic and democratic values as ordinary life and practices on DIALOGICAL fields, starting a new century and millennium, UNDER EMERGING POST FORDIST, POST-CARTESIAN

PARADIGMS, within interdependent glocalized world, connecting: human souls, cultures, economies and dreams on common, the PRESENT AND FUTURE WE WANT... DEMOCRATIC APPROACHES ON TRUTH. Yoe F. Santos/cciav "FAIR USES (1909, clause). Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." "FAIR USES (1909, clause). Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is m ade for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teac hing, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statut e that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use ti ps the balance in favor of fair use." VI. Please, SEND YOUR FAQ or ask your favorite librarian Are you a tolerant and democratic citizen on the Earth, 24/7? Are you a human being or citizen on the Earth?

ASK HERE your FAQ... or ask your favorite librarian... IF YOU find a text written on Spanish Language or other... please, copy and paste the text or the URL or link, in this tool powered by, best wishes... The other benefit in this application is the possibility, for tends a bridge between our cultures, permitting IDENTIFY, automatically, which language is it, in each case, within a repertory or inventory over, 50 languages, including african, asian and other minoritaries languages - non white or third and fourth worldslanguages... within internet information or contents flows... this URL is very useful, for keep on touch and promote democratic values, humanistic research, activities, learning processes and ICT for human development, as socio-cultural and artistic tools within solidarity fields... This world book and copyright day is dedicated on 2012, (April, 23 th,2012) precisely to those unsatisfied needs: tend bridges, about human beings, books, readings, by translations, not matter if is human expertise or e-translations. Good luck VII. IF YOU are needing INFORMATION -something different than propaganda, ideology, indoctrination and other fundamentalists tools...for make your decisions or production your knowledge, please, check out those other tools... MAKE YOUR QUESTIONS, HERE... News KEEP ON TOUCH, 24/7 with your favorite subjects, issues, agendas... Yoe F. Santos/cciav

See: "Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, and so on... VIII. YESTERDAY ENCLYCLOPEDIAS... as familiar portrait were reserved EXCLUSIVELY for very important, "famous or prominent citizens, ()bishops, politicians or military leaders... I wanted WRITE this book since my undergraduated times, as student, under the influence of the School of Annals, in France, during early 1960s... we need to write the history of slaves, maids, housekeepers, cooking girls and ladies and so on " (Source: Frank Moya Pons (2008): "The other Dominican history", Santo Domingo) oNE single example... Daniel Zamudio - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre "Daniel Mauricio Zamudio Vera (Santiago, 3 de agosto de 1987 Santiago, 27 de marzo de 2012) fue un joven chileno, convertido en smbolo contra la violencia ..." Want to share our album?

You can give friends or relatives this link: e=3&l=3edaac19a3 "A person who does NOT WANT to THINK is a fanatic; A person who CAN NOT to think is an idiot; a PERSON WHO NOT INTENT think is a coward". Francis Bacon. "Learning process without to think is UNUSEFUL. To think without LEARN is dangerous...". Confucius Everyone, every human being, from the cradle to the grave, can freely choose which side photo, -across his or her personal bio as deliver or designwants to stay -In memory, as you care or not carebe remembered, in his own consciousness or in the community or Communities, which weaves the threads of his life: EXAMPLES, there are droves, choosing ... is how each decides take their fate in the biography itself, The only element associated with identities construction AS IRREPETITIVE PROCESS, OR PERSONAL STORY which only depends of each person, his or her OWN values, their practices, their worldviews, supportive or unsupportive ... as responsibility and personal ethics. Shield in the circumstances, in the party, faith, dogma, sect, the union, ideology, is just another of the masks of the alienation work and leisure, which allows us to look at us, no deformation in the mirrors of living. The construction of communicative tolerant, celebrating diversity CITIZENSHIP, is also a vocational choice, as the culture of peace or democratic vocation, -Non-authoritarian, dialogical or horizontally

in human interaction with any human being, on THE EARTH NOT MATTER where you are living or where you had born... on the planet earth, from the perspective of equality -In dignity and rightsand the right to difference and A CHANGE your personal OPINION, under decision making process on feedback by new EVIDENCES, TO BE DIFFERENT, each to the life he chooses, as good, valuable, memorable (Sen, 1999), according to your , his or her, HUMAN interests,caring or selfish, violent NON VIOLENT and intolerant or wide open to dialogue, based on evidence, not the song of hate, discrimination, lies, the machination or MACHIAVELLIAN "anything goes" ... Everyone can and should choose their Personal ethics (Laszlo, 2004: 1-29) and choose it, find other people and institutions who share such construction elements of the collective in time and space, precisely to the process of building a citizenship / other is we call glocalize, anchored in the values of the innovation, creativity, solidarity, culture peace and tolerance. Obviously, in the case of DIGITAL natives, the risks of contamination -with misunderstandings, school of prejudice, discrimination, hate speeches, and intoleranceare much smaller than other citizens of any age, older, when the rights to and freedoms, and human capacity, the place of talent, as an essential tool, to escape poverty and ignorance, get rid of blind faith, dogmas and fundamentalism, of every stripe or ilk ... in the pursuit of happiness, with and from himself, to and from living together with another, SHARING FREELY AND OPENLY WITH : THE OTHER AND HIS OR HER, OTHERNESS. The "new literacies",identified by Arturo Uslar Pietri -as his personal legacy on 1994implies, audio visual and informatical - communicational

competences, SKILLS, REFERENCES as tools for survive as individual and communities, as cultures, economies and identities, ways for RE TAKE the loss train in Latin American and Caribbean region for example, from XIX century, old problems as low industrialization level and non access UNIVERSAL TRADITIONAL LITERACY or illiteracy from "early first letters" as he called. - See the article on Listin Diario, Santo Domingo,1994as acting in solidarity networks, territorial and virtual re inforces and strengthen such worldviews, from everyday life, as transterritorial, transgenerational, transepochal, transdisciplinary about transgender and transaesthetic, RECEPTION AND FEEDBACKING PROCESSES, UNDER PREFERENCE READINGS, METHODS AND TECHNIQUES. "Sing, because each singer man is a soldier less" Facundo Cabral. Yoe F. Santos / cciav VIII. The Real Meaning and Value for Ideas The draw as skill, process and product is design, base for architecture, painting, engineering, sculpture, fashion Vassaris A human glance outside or beyond, hatred speeches, supremacist, misogyny or discrimination, as tools for impose irrational old authoritarian - fundamentalists, dogmatic, sectarian, adult centric, misogynist or totalitarian solutions-

sold as branch new discoveries, on early XXI Century and Third Millennium, after Katz (2010) as humor sense Meta tags, keywords: culture of peace, solidarity and hybrid identities, social inclusion, multiple i ntelligences and citizenship, digital natives, talents and re-enchanting current world, Digital Era, Digital Nations, emergent trends, values and life styles, h uman development, reinvent ordinary life, post fordist paradigms and e-learning process, collaborative learning and digital communities, contents, digitalizatio n, every day life, XXI century, twenty-first century, Yoe F. Santos, Anniversary , CCIAV, CC4AVE, Peter Drucker, Amartya Sen, friendly cities for children, Conve ntion of Rights of Children, culture of peace, paradigm of human security, Cyber culture, social marketing, marketing 1 X 1, think tanks, glocalize, cultural an d communicative citizenship, communications for human development, on line editi ng standards, differentiation and repositioning outside TV trash, radio trash or press trash, vulnerable citizens, invisibility, e-medias, customization process and news consumption process, news and civic journalism, communitarian standards and quality on e-contents, metrics and curatorial experiences, B2B, third and f ourth world, disability, immigrants, women, child, human rights, free will, Lyco s state, laical state and democracy, pluralism, personal ethics and socio-cultur al inclusion, solidarity online. "... There will be a day that each worker to take her home, the most valuable tools or sources for the production or creation or wealth : his or her head, his or her mind ... even in such traditionally solitary or individual, such as painting, art or literature, it has become imperative, forming equipment, a shed services and supports, to lead the market and industry of such products ... the merchants, publisher, critics, publications ... approaching artists, applicants, schools, universities, organizations, churches, buyers ... the culture ... as wealth (...) in the process of exchange of values (...) The modern management, the new management, no make distinctions, in their techniques and methodologies, areas or scenarios for implementation. In this sense they have built marketing or management Tools, not matter if are :Scientific same churches, universities, museums, schools, political parties, companies, cooperatives, Foundations, research centers, and social causes ... " Peter Drucker (1996): "The post-capitalist society" ____ An Interview with Elisa Loncon: "The mother tongue is the engine and the possibility of remaining

indigenous peoples " "There is currently preventing LOCK INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS are given: racism of Chilean society. We argue this racism is driven by the IGNORANCE. In two hundred years we have been led to believe indigenous languages ARE NOT USEFUL ( ...) " Source : ______

"() THE INDIVIDUAL is the MAIN agent of Local Development,(...) A child knows very well WHAT KIND OF WORLD prefers, for his or her life, or existence and in which world NO ... " Source: UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP (2003) World Summit for Children Friendly Cities "THE CITY AS A PLACE OF MEETING" San Fernando, Spain _____ " Act and make decisions with

a sense of justice, first if you want to be happy . .. We will create a nation where the only Aristocracy possible is going be by the TALENT... " Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez On Road to his Bicentennial 1813-2013 The ideal of justice is superior than ideal of culture Pedro Henriquez Urena (1941)

"... The cultural consumption is in itself energy expenditure, epistemic consumption since the work of art is not exhausted with his eyes, in the construction of meaning ... " Acha "(...) Democracy goes well beyond the day or the period of elections, is a set of values, implemented, personally experienced, socially and culturally constructed, tested long-every day-in decisions of coexistence and people ... IT'S A LIFESTYLE TO BE OR NOT be democratic citizen(...) By Wilfredo Lozano (2008, 2010, 2012) Source: Z 101 FM interview, Santo Domingo THE LONGEST OF THE ROAD ...always starts by a first and only step thoughtful, playful, elector with life -On the contexts, purposes, as our own ignorance and unlearn life in the HERE AND NOW, TODAY .... IX. HAND MAN RELEASED to RELEASED and free MINDS: THE WORKER OF KNOWLEDGE, in early XXI century. (Some switches or bridges with multiple intelligences and digital natives). About B2B, culture of peace, e-contents and curatorial or inclusion criteria Microphysics, biographical or life stories and their impact on the detection and promotion of child and dispersed adolescent and youth talents, yesterday, today or tomorrow, and the 28th anniversary of CCIAV, CC4AVE. "On that walk we stand -In the face of reality, fiction, solidarity and inclusionthis 28 th anniversary on CCIAV/CC4AVE? Democratizing, des-elitizing, UPGRADE IS ALSO:

BREAKING, take action and distance, CREATE AND PROPOSE HERE AND NOW TODAY ... following and demanding the holistic or multidimensional approaches, within decision making process, as production and feedback, enrichment by sharing process and dialogal experiences connected with heritages coming out -for example by Paulo Freire and Ivan Illichrelatives to self education, capacities for design EARLY CHILDHOOD Vocational calls on your own size, naming the world, for understand it(Paulo Freire). - Informed, free, responsible, hologrammatic, democratic and humanistic values, unprejudiced, minimum of peaceful coexistence and civilized STANDARDS, implemented 24/7, in YOU/ME personal historycollaborative learning and unlearning, fraternal, respectful and celebrating Ethnic, linguistic, sexual, political, philosophical, aesthetic, religious, partisan EXPRESSION of diversity and the infinity of LIFESTYLES vocations, intelligence, talents and interests, EVERY PERSON ON EARTH TO CHOOSE IF each one WANT

OR PREFER TO DO IT, with every right and freedom, plural ... to build DAY BY DAY, ALONG LIFE MANUFACTURING, invent, feel, create, for himself/herself and in the community, UNDERSTAND THAT LIFE PERSONAL NAME, YOU IN THE WAY makes you HAPPY, MEMORABLE (Sen, 1999), USEFUL, SATISFACTORY, as a citizen of the earth, as producer as a consumer Without damage or attack FREEDOM AND RIGHTS OF OTHERS ... ON The EARTH ... (but, hey we are not promoting or defending selfish habits or Individualism or myopia or short-term cyclopean glances, but THE RIGHT OF EVERY HUMAN BEING to build his or her individuality and subjectivity, outside other pressures, colonization or indoctrination of his or her values, personal story and opportunities, as basic right available for he or she as, ALL be born free and equal to ANY, birth, were born, or born on earth as a person humane, free and equal in dignity and rights-

A CLAIM YOUR/mine/our INDIVIDUALITY -The real seed for creative process or innovation approachesOr kayzen developments freedom of education, belief, conscience, their privacy, their vocations and talents ... - TO CREATE AND DEVELOP harmonizing and SOLIDARITY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT ... outside the cultural provincialism (Lozano, 2008) outside ethnocentrism and fundamentalism -And the opportunism that serve as supportas usual to those viewpoints, in everywhere on GLOCALIZE: this is why, we prefer closed our interactive channels on cyberspace, since September, 2011, and re-opened with a tied inventory of characteristics or profiles, about human beings or organizations, desirable and priority for us on CCIAV, CC4AVE, and our specific goals - within and outside cyberspaceduring all those almost 30 years.

X. SO. We went to the B2B ... Democratizing, BREAKING, distance, CREATE AND PROPOSE, TODAY IN THE HERE AND NOW CLAIM Holistic - Informed, free, responsible, hologrammatic,

democratic and humanistic values, unprejudiced, minimum of peaceful coexistence and civilized, implemented 24/7, in the personal historyvision on GLOCALIZE: SO we went to the B2B model and concept for impulse an horizontal dialog, based on evidences, not hate speeches or prejudices. Pedro Henriquez Urena exemplify-1941"The ideal of justice is superior than ideal of culture."

"... WE stay naming using OLD CATEGORIES, coming from the past tense... referring to cultures if they were things or commodities, that there REGARDLESS of the people who create ... currently struggling to hold a the past and others to understand and participate in the new ... " by Lourdes Arizpe -2006 "Cultures in Motion" Well in all reality, this 28 th anniversary of CCIAV, will be no different, there are always minimum imaginary lines,

coexistence of guaranteeing peace and cooperation fruit, human and potential synergies, between individuals and organizations ... Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 th Anniversary 1984, College City 2012, Cyberspace Cyberspace April 10, 2012 WORLD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DAY "The gene of solidarity not exists, we all have to be re-educate" Ezequiel Ander Egg (2009) XI. A COMPLAINT IS ALWAYS a favor! ... A chance for continuous improvement, inclusion, diversity ... a way that wealth and interrogation ... in time can be useful, for coexistence, welfare and quality of life for all and all ... in the planetary struggle against hatred, prejudice, violence or invisibilities, discriminating instrumental instrumentalist or other interested and the other the distinct and unique, ie any 7.000 million peoples, we live with our dreams, micro power, skills, talents

or worldviews on earth: listening more and better joint from their particular social locations ("Eccentric" -As we saw with the views on Henry Ford and his machine "hellish, fast and dangerous," THE AUTOMOVILE... the eyes always hegemonic visions or power) THE CULTURE OF PEACE is a vaccine against extermination OF VULNERABLE as permanent risk for minorities on the Earth - Against ecocide, feminicide and femicide, infanticide, , genocide, crimes against humanity, but also offenses and crimes against democracy, anywhere on earth, TODAYXII. Every human on the planet, if it arises in their Decisions 24/7 can become a Ambassador of peace, tolerance, innovation, INCLUSION OF OTHER in dialogues or cross-fertilizated, THE POST-Fordist DIALOGUES, POST misogynist, Post CARTESIAN POST Euclidean, POST Authoritarian, Post-adult-centric, POST-economisticeducation and creativity of the other...

such visionaries or dreamers, the GLOCALIZE, are the most interest to us in our virtual communities ... the child of today, as the girl of yesterday, may be part of crisis or tomorrow's solutions ... PEACE! "DO NOT forget that Hitler also came to power using the elections or democratic system" Martin Luther King, Jr. XIII. FINAL CODE. Now that we've gone into detail on our objections to Katz (2010) "And his sense of humor", in "Replicante", the Mexican, e-zine or electronic magazine I hope NOW you understand, that is not about words, or ornaments or about post modernism we speak, but that a group of Wise men and women WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN HORIZIONTAL COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY, AS 24/7 CULTURAL AND COMMUNICATIVE CITIZENSHIP... AS democracy, -And therefore, as in primitive times, as the priestly class in slave societiesPROTECT their privileges and knowledge, for not moving out of the "temples" of knowledge

(The world would certainly have been much better, much less violent and intolerant, if forever, Had succeeded in his open-mindedness and dedication irreverent, the goliards, boys and girls in the circus, Gypsies, nomadic masses of joy, the party and curiosity, without flanges: showbiz or unserious people of the Middle Ages) they prefer, FOR EVER NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL culturally MINORITIES AS OBJECTS FOR SOCIAL OR HUMANISTICS studies ... so, I love the books and reality had been in 1800 ... that there were no internet -And above all ... that children, women, elderly or disabled peopleSHADOWS remain, phantoms, as beneficiaries with fresh non prejudiced information flows coming out from studies, in philosophy as in science, so that ONLY the and the "normal average guys" to be visible ... in the mass communication, cultural and creative industries ... WE do not share these views of the religious, political, academic or sexual, orthodoxies because we are democratic peoples,

I mean I believe in equal rights for all, we are NO elitarians, or discriminating persons and organizations, so we are not agree to embrace THIS particular discriminator "Sense of humor", coming out from Katz (2010) computer illiteracy, communication and audiovisual where you get to supremacist , Of counsel, on the illiterate, the rich over the poor, experts against novices and illiterate CITIZENS, the adults against children and young people, from those reported on the uninformedand other parallels instrumental ... TECHNOPHOBIA AND Functional illiteracy NO COULD BE A QUALITY CRITERIA . .., at least not where others seeking for truth and quality, be alert and participating in life cultural, humanistic and scientific fields on glocalize. WHAT WE HAVE TO LOVELY THINKING OF SAN PABLO we is useful today for building societies ECONOMIES AND CULTURES under democratic values and rules, we want,

anywhere on earth, TODAY ...? "... The abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ... Read it ALL AND RETAIN THE GOOD ... " -BUT YOU AS CITIZEN ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO MUST reflect and SELECT AND CHOISE, WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU - AND FOR YOUR LIFE PROJECTincluding vocational calls FOLLOWING AMARTYA SEN (1999), NOT THE BIG BROTHER, (NOT MATTER if is seating at church, government, family or under civil society, for violation your individual freedom or human rightshas in the twenty-first century, an unimaginable force in centuries, millennia and paradigms.

ANY power, a prudent flow of knowledge and MAXIMUM possible of pleasures AND TASTES The word is an ancient word, SOLIDARITY (Roland Barthes) Cultural consumption, as B2B feedback -For managers, leaders, citizens and organizations trying to find the truth from one end to another of the planet, least betting on ethical exhaustively statements, by researchers and scientists,

very knowledgeable about the problems and causes Lost-and moral, material, economic and environmental, not to mention widowhood, orphans and the impacts family and community collective mental health, in each caseof violence in the past, in the local and the global Authors as Adela Cortina Ortiz or, Erwin Laszlo (2004:1-29, "YOU can change the world. Global Citizen's Handbook, for a sustainable world free of violence " Ed Nowtilus, Madrid), Yoe F. Santos / cciav Human Person Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! XIV. JUST SAY NO ... two or three things, in the flow of such exchanges or cross-fertilization ... from CCIAV channels, CC4AVE -The noise in the exchange of information For policy-relevant -decision making or stakeholders, processesindividual, family, educational, vocational, community or corporate.

-The FUNCTIONAL ILLITERATE views or claim of functional illiteracy -Computer-communication or audio-visual as an explanation of glocalize world. -The uninformed or confusionist unverified rumors or OPINIONS: -No speeches calling to violence, injustice, -not speeches calling 4 discrimination or abuse of vulnerable citizens -A violation of rights and freedoms of peopleNot speeches with ovations or promoting fascism or totalitarianism, against any minority, but above all against: -Children, -People with disabilities, -Migrants, -Immigrants, -Patients or terminally ill, -Girls, women, the elderly ... -No hate speech, discrimination or intolerance SPEECHES ... -NOT speeches against exercise of internet rights. No speech, discrimination or prejudice on the legitimacy of the exercise of the rights and freedoms recognized to human beings for the ONLY fact the exist as human,

people, in such a minority, in the sense Overall, anywhere ... 'No political , commercial or religious, PROPAGANDA, Not fundamentalist or fascists speeches, against the rights of people to manifest according to their conscience, if not dealt with promotional messages or capture or recruit new supporters, or inter-religious dialogue intolerance or exchange. -No more cultural provincialism, -NO MORE supremacist views, ethnocentric or cyclopean ... Facts, news, developments, processes, quality, curatoria ... - But the face of socio-cultural inclusion and vulnerable and their communities and existential problems in their cultures, economies, societies and local contentTHAT what IS INTERESTING HERE in this virtual community, in this channel, PARALLEL LIVES WITH personal biographical or SELF-EXPRESIVE, STORIES in cyberspace, of ordinary people,

We prefer One within 99% of the population of the planet ... than Narcissistic OR ARROGANT citizens simple or complex people, but who believes in equality and freedom of all people, of ANY in the 7.000 million people in the world ... People, of any place in any occupation and of any age who is betting on BUILD INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS, coming out FROM THE PERSPECTIVE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, who are choosing life HOW TO DEVELOP wanting PROJECT, THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE, around fields as: - Innovation, -vocational calls -early childhood detection and promotion self steam for innovation and creativity as engine for human development, within culture of peace; -The proposal -The question, citizenship, cultural and communicative research or creativity in their own communities, as communes and also citizens / as land, with their vocations, their time and talents, "... The opportunities, capabilities and choices they are memorable, desirable

and make them happy ... "(Sen, 1999) ... DIALOGUES ON GLOCALIZE, focusing on evidence ... Thats It ALL ... "Let a thousand schools flourish", but for the welfare of humanity and solidarity with the vulnerable citizen, that is a real authentic positioning and differentiating proposal of value, on chain values and information and communication sciences, for improve culture of peace .... as a matter for everyday life. THIS IS A PROFILE OF HEARING, more precise on this channel as an option B2B, our values, visions and priorities and so, almost, arrived at the 45,000 readers on the eve of the 28th anniversary of CCIAV, CC4AVE ... in texts, but were originally designed for working papers, more or less internal CCIAV, CC4AVE in terms of motivating people to creativity and volunteerism ... indeed, in very different worlds LIVE. Cyberspace April 10 th, 2012 World Day of Science and Technology. Longer texts, not always easy to read, they say,

once again, as we told our good friend Clodomiro Moquete "The real meaning and value for Ideas, and the way show if are useful, or not, just happens when IDEAS move, across borders, in different contexts, languages, cultures, economies.." ... Last Updated: Cyberspace April, 23th 2012 _ XV. Annex Unique From the album: Wall Photos By United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) "Discover the totally unique "Index Translationum", a list of books translated in the world. We use it to keep a tab on translation rates in GLOBALIZED CULTURAL INDUSTRIES. You can just have fun & find out quirky facts, like who the most translated authors are in your country, or in what languages your own language IS TRANSLATED INTO. Tell us what you found out right here! WE WANT TO KNOW! "