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By: Sunilkumar Dubey, Contact: 8007846661 Email: dubey.sunilk@hotmail.


Creating Sea in PhotoShoP

Do the following STEPS: File New

Click on Rectangular Marquee Tools to select it, and make a rectangular selection at bottom of the Canvas as below:

Move Mouse cursor over the color button at bottom of Toolbar.

Select Deep Dark Blue color and click on Ok.


Press Alt + Backspace to fill with blue color selected. Press D button on keyboard to change default color as Black & White (foreground & Background). Press X key on keyboard to inverse default color for foreground and background i.e. White & Black. Now select Brush Toll.

Change the Brush Size to 504 px so that brush size could cover fill area on canvas.

Change the Mode value on Option Bar to Dissolve.

Add some pixels on the selection as shown.


Click on Filter Blur Motion Blur

Apply Filter Blur Gaussian Blur


Apply Filter Distort Ripple

Apply Select Inverse

Add New Layer. Layer New Layer


Change Foreground & Background to White & Sky Blue.

Select Gradient Tool on Tool Bar.

Select the Gradient as shown on option bar.

Drag to Fill in Selection Box.


Select Deselect

Layer New Layer

Select Elliptical Marquee Tool

Change Feather Value to 20 px on Option Bar.

Draw a Circle on Sun Layer.


Edit Fill Color. Select and Fill with Yellow Color.

Edit Stroke.


Select Delect. OR Press Ctrl + D on the Keyboard to deselect.

Press Ctrl + T on Keyboard to transform. Drage Diagonal downward to reduce the size.

Hit Enter Key to remove selection box.


Add New Layer and name it Bird. Layer New layer

Slect Brush Tool on Toolbar.

Load Calligraphy Brushes as Shown Below.

Select Calligraphy Brush and reduce its size to 2 or 3 Px.


Change to default color by pressing D on the keyboard. i.e. Black & White color. Now draw birds as shown below. Draw few Black Birds and then press X on keyboard to inverse foreground color to white and background to Black. Now with Whilte color draw few White Birds.

Add New layer with name Boat. Layer New layer

Select Elliptical Marquee tool on the Tool Bar and draw a elliptical shape. Keep Feather value to Zero on option bar.

- 10 -

Select Subtract Selection option on Option Bar and drage overelliption shape to make it like a boat.

Press D on Keybord to select default color as Black & White. Fill this Boat shape selection with Black color by pressing Alt + Backspace Keys.

Select Deselect (OR Ctrl + D).

- 11 -

Layer New Layer.

Using Elliptical Marquee Tools draw a man shape as show below and fill with black color.

Layer New Layer.

Draw a stick using Rectangular Marquee Tool on Tool bar and Fill with black color.

- 12 -

Press Ctrl + T to transform the shape and turn as shown below graging outside of top edge and hit Enter key to deselect.

Select Deselect.

Using Move Tool drag stick and align with mans body.

- 13 -

Let the Stick Layer be selecte and press Ctrl + E to Merge down with with Man layer. This will merge Stick Layer with man on Boat layer. Again Press Ctrl + E to merge down Man on boat layer with Boat layer. Now Press Ctrl + T to tranform and resize the shape as you like and move it and place wherever you want it to appear and hit Enter key to remove bounding box.

If you want more boat then let the boat layer be selected. Press and hold Alt key on Keyboard. Drag the boat and release it at some distance while holding down Alt key. Below is the final output.

- 14 -


- 15 -