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No Title 1 Application webhosting , centralization of application on one management system 2 Case indexing using Bayeslan method on case based

reasoning, case study on primary school selection 3 Detection on deviance of toddlers growth & development using Ganfis 4 Security in private cloud computing 5 Cloud CRM model design for pharmacy using service oriented architecture 6 Cloud computing business model - Lintasarta/Lmd 7 Selection of algorithm encryption-decryption which save energy for mobile devices 8 Framework development on three dimension book system for dissemination of information 9 Design of information technology governance on non-ministerial government, case study central of science documentation and information 10 E-archives security using public key infrastructure 11 Weblog and chatting technology as learning tools for children with special needs, case study on inclusion school in Bandung 12 Social networking as a symbol for shifting in public spaces 13 Governance and regulation of Information & Communication Technology (TIK) through act of Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE) 14 Internalization of food knowledge for learning center of food health in Indonesia 15 Koperasi Simpan Pinjam (koperasi = business organization specific in Indonesia, simpan pinjam = for saving and loan) services and enterprise resource planning using cloud computing infrastructure 16 Design of quality service regulation framework in Indonesia on the era of convergense 17 Teacher's candidates perspective towards visual basic programming for teacher capability to design education software as learning media 18 Design Software As A Service (SAAS) for patient care system on hospital installation 19 Telematics policy and media conglomerates in Indonesia 20 Telematics policy and citizen rights 21 Design of information technology organization design for local/rural governments to support egovernment application 22 Design of services model based on e-commerce to increase public service quality in government agencies 23 Design of set top box iptv (internet tv) prototype for distance learning application 24 Digital music store based on e-commerce using musician based model (mbm): new channel distribution for digital music in Indonesia 25 Proposal of academic school information system modeling based on cloud SAAS as solution to save national education budget 26 Architecture design Software As A Service (SAAS) on cloud learning 27 Development of health social media to improve the quality of patient recovery expectancy 28 Information security consciousness model in government agencies based on ISO SNI / LEC 27001: 2009 Information Security Management System 29 Utilization of information technology systems and facilities for education in East Sumba 30 clear 31 clear 32 clear 33 Freemium application on cloud computing business 34 Design of development its indonesia communication model with social networking concept 35 Intelligent Driver Assistance System Architecture based on cloud computing 36 Information technology risk management PT Telkom, case study phone cables thievery 37 Measuring the maturity of information technology governance for the management process of information technology interference services using COBIT maturity measurement of information technology governance for the management of lay 38 Information technology quality service management development to ensure IT quality service in organization, case study large centre of leather, rubber and plastic

39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Co-design: Product service system as integrated series of producer and consumer needs value chain Implementation of cloud computing to support e-research in BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) Collaboration of event schedulling through social networking Supporting application of knowledge management, case study Operational unit PT Telkom Indonesia Measurement of e-learning capability based on e-learning maturiry model (emm) case study Malang state university Pre-evaluation towards e-ktp production implementation in the field Frequency synchronization of dolphin sonar with brains frequency of autistic children Development of train position tracking system using gps to reduce train crash risk Requirement community cloud medical record government as patient care service support E-government application in local goods management Private cloud government as a form of regional autonomy Design of information requirements on mobile computing, case study location of health services Wavelet transformation for stock price trend analysis Secure and legal digital prescription application: Prototype of Patient Prescription Service system in national health assurance system Study of information and communicaiton technology governance implementation on treasury system of Indonesia's finance ministry Passenger information system based on gps, case study commuter line Analysis of channel allocation using distributed dynamic channel assigment scheme on mikcrosel cdma 2000 Analysis of handover parameter simulation on long term evolution (LTE) Government's website quality design, case study ministry of agriculture Information and communication technology application on "learning teachers" community development in Bandung Really simple service syndication (RS3) Application of e-trip with GIS features to determine tourism route in Bandung based on android mobile devices