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General SAP SD Questions 1. What is PGI ? What is the significance of PGI ? 2.

What is the highest Organization element in SAP SD ? 3. How many Sales Organizations have you configured in your previous company ? 4. My customer requires to consolidate multiple deliveries. How should this scenario be configured ? 5. I want to configure the Customer Master for a Non-profit company which has taxexemption certificate. How should this scenario be configured ? 6. Is there a limit on the number of line items in the sales order ? 7. Does Availability Check happen in Inquiry ? ( If not, why ? ) 8. Does Transfer of Requirements happen in Quotation ? ( If not, why ? ) 9. Are schedule Lines Created for an SAP Quotation ? ( If not, why ? ) 10. What is the Transaction code to Create/Change Display Deliveries ? 11. What is the Transaction code used to create a Return Delivery ? ( Is it different from standard delivery ? ) 12. What kind of organizational structures did you create during your last projects and why ? 13. Where would you use an SAP Return Order and SAP Credit Memo ? ( Business Scenario Differences ) 14. How many different distribution channels and divisions did you create for your last client and why ? 15. Who creates the Company Code data in the Customer Master ? 16. Can a Customer Belong to multiple Sales Groups / Sales Offices ? 17. Can you give me some examples of Shipping Conditions you configured ? 18. What are payment terms ? 19. What are the different kind of Partner Functions you configured and why ? 20. Can a material belong to more than 1 division ? 21. Why are common distribution Channel maintained ? 22. What is the difference between Individual Requirements vs Collective Requirements in SAP ? 23. What is the difference between a cash sale ( CS ) and Rush Order ( RO ) ? 24. What is the difference between commercial invoice & Proforma Invoice ? 25. Can proforma Invoices be created with reference to order ? 26. Why would you want to create a new SAP Pricing Procedure ? 27. How to view the Transaction Code associated with a Program in SAP ? 28. What is the Difference between Consignment Special Stock and Regular Stock 29. What is your SAP System Landcape ? 30. What is the difference between Golden Client and Sandbox Client ?

31. Why is the Quality Server used in SAP Landscape ? 32. What is the difference between SAP Proforma Invoice Types F5 and F8 ? 33. What is Delivery Splitting in SAP ? 34. Can you delete a Customer Master in SAP ? 35. Can you split a single line item into multiple line items manually ? 36. What are the advantages of SAP Milestone Billing vs SAP Periodic Billing ? 37. What is the difference between a Rush order and a Cash Sale ? 38. What is the SAP item category for Cash Sales ? 39. What is Scrap Sales in SAP ? 40. What is Contract to Order ? 41. What is the use of Requirement field in SAP Pricing ? 42. What is Intercompany Stock Transfer Order ( STO ) ? 43. What are the major configuration settings around an STO ? 44. How to do STO in SD ? 45. How to do STO in MM ? 46. What is a Horizon in SAP Credit Management ? 47. Can billing be done in SAP without PGI ? 48. Can Sales order, delivery and billing be done for an item quantity of Zero ? 49. What is third party sales ? What settings are required to trigger this ? 50. What is Individual Purchase Order ? What settings are required to trigger this ? 51. What is consignment process in SAP ? 52. Can a Sales order have more than 1 pricing procedure associated with it ? 53. What kind of SD-FI interface configuration have you done ? 54. How do I perform Credit Management without Open Orders ? 55. Can a Plant be associated with multiple company codes in SAP ? 56. Give me some examples of some of the fields you have used in SAP Condition Technique ? 57. What is the difference between Simple & Automatic Credit Check ? 58. What is the difference between Static & Dynamic Credit Check ? 59. What is Credit Exposure ? 60. Give some examples of Data Migration Techniques other than SAP LSMW ? 61. How to configure FREE Goods with SAP Consignments ? 62. Can you have 2 pricing procedures in a single SAP Sales Order ? 63. Can a pricing procedure in a sales document be different from the pricing procedure in a billing document ? 64. What is the purpose of SAP Delivery Item Category ? 65. Can a Sales Org belong to 2 different company codes ? 66. What are Copy Control Requirement Routines ?

67. What is the difference between SAP Material Groups and Product Hierarchy ? SAP SD Project Questions 68. What is GAP Analysis ? 69. What is an SAP Blueprint Document ? 70. What is the difference between a Blueprint Document and a Functional Specification document ? 71. SAP SD General Interview Questions 72. How do you adapt to new changes in the Project ? 73. How do you push back on changes from the user ? 74. How do you manage tough deadlines ? 75. What was your team size ? 76. What was the location of your project ? 77. Why did you leave your current project ? 78. Whom did you report to in your last project ? 79. How did you communicate with your user groups across different geographical locations ? 80. What was your specific role in the last project ? 81. How do you push back on changes and rationally explain the same to your manager ? 82. Give some examples of a project with tough deadlines that you have done ? 83. If your manager/users ask you to move the project without proper testing, how would you handle the situation ? 84. Your queue is filled-up and over-flowing and you are not able to handle the work ( tickets for example in a production support project ). How do you handle the situation ? 85. Given a task, how do you manage it through its life cycle ? 86. How do you handle situations where a power user/process owner is not signing off on a blueprint/UAT and forcing you to do more than you you had to ? 87. What kind of Data Migration did you do in your last projects ? 88. Tell me about your SAP Skills ** ? Real Time SAP SD Interview Questions 89. Can you give a scenario in your project where you have used the help of SAP ABAP consultant to do the customization 90. Explain some of the gaps that you have found in your recent GAP Analysis and how you proposed the solution to fill the gap ? 91. Can you explain the most complex situation you faced in the project and discuss the proposed solution ? 92. Give me a couple of examples of the latest product support tickets you got and the resolution if any ? 93. What are the ways in which you can block a material from being ordered ?

94. Give me one example of a functional requirement that you mapped in SAP and explain how you have documented in an SAP Functional Specification document 95. In your last project, can you give a description of the SAP team structure ?