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TEST #02 CH # 3,4


Time Allowed: 20 minutes Q # 1 Choose the best option. (1) When velocity time graph is a straight line parallel to time axis then. (a) (b) (c) (d) acceleration is const acceleration is variable acceleration is zero velocity is zero

Total Marks: 11

c. d.

Tan-1 1/2 Tan-1 2

(7) A football player will throw a football at maximum distance if the angle of projection is: (a) 300 (c) 600 (b) 450 (d) 900

(2) When body is in motion its ___ always changes. (a) (b) (c) (d) (3) Velocity Acceleration Position vector Momentum

(8) Range of a projectile on a horizontal plane is same for the following pair of angles: (a) 300 and 600 (c) 00 and 450 (b) 200 and 800 (d) 10 and 900

Area under velocity time graph represent. (a) (b) (c) (d) force momentum distance acceleration

(9) A missile is fired with 98 m/sec at 30o with the horizontal. It reaches a maximum height of (a) 196 m (c) 122.5 m (b) 98 m (d) 2940 m

(4) Which law of motion is also called law of inertia?

(10) The path folled by a projectile is known as (a) range (b) Cycle (c) height (d) trajectory (11) The range of a projectile is 8000 m and its summit is 3000 m high. How far is the summit from the point of projection?. (a) 3000 m (c) 5000 m (b) 8000 m (d) 11000 m

(a) (b) (c) (d)

1st law 2nd law 3rd law 4th law

(5) The collision between two bodies be elastic if bodies are. a. b. c. d. solid and soft soft and elastic solid and hard hard and elastic

(6) What is the angle of projection for which the range and maximum height become equal?

a. b.

Tan-1 1/4 Tan-1 4

29-Nov- 2011

NAME: ..............................

TEST #02 CH # 3,4


Time Allowed: 01 hour 10 minutes Instructions: Attempt Any 5 Questions From Section I Attempt Any 3 Questions From Section II SECTION I Q # 2 Write short answers to any ten of the following questions: 1. Define linear momentum and its unit? 2. Define impulse? How it is related with momentum? 3. An athlete wishes to generate a long jump. At what angle he should jump? 4. Define work, write down its formula? 5. Prove the relation P = F.V ? 6. Define Instantaneous velocity, write down formula? 7. At what points in its path does projectile have its minimum speed, its maximum speed? 8. State the term rest and motion? 9. Can magnitude of a vector have a negative value? 10. Can the velocity of an object reverse the direction when acceleration is constant? 11. How impulse is related to linear momentum? 12. What is conservative field? 13. Prove 1rad = 57.30 ? 14. Derive v = w .t 15. Explain moment of inertia? 16. Show that P = F . V? 17. Define angular displacement and give its unit? 18. An object has 1J energy? What did it mean? 19. A cup is droped from a height and break into pieces. What energy changes are involved? 20. A car of mass 800 kg is moving with velocity 54 kmh-1 .calculate its K.E ? 21. An object of 5 kg is placed at the height of 5 m find P.E? 22. What sort of energy is in the compressed spring and water in high dam? 23. Define centripetal acceleration and write down its formula? 24. SECTION II

Total Marks: 39

5 3 = 15

1. Describe elastic collision in one dimension, find final velocities of objects? 3 8 = 24 2. Derive an expression to find out i) Height of projectile ii) Range of projectile 3. A block of mass 2.0 kg and 0.5 kg are attached at the end of a compressed spring. The elastic potential energy stored in the spring is 10 J. Find the velocities of blocks, if spring delivers its energy to the blocks. 4. Derive a relation between force and momentum? 5. A 70 g ball moving with velocity 9 ms-1 collides with another ball of mass 140 g at rest. If the collision is perfectly elastic then find the final velocities of two balls?