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1. SIP parser 2. LDAP for LTSP 3. SMS on land line telephony system guide and GUI on CPE 4.

Authentication using signature identification and confirmation 6. Tweak TCP/IP for wireless LANS 7. Lexicon E-books suite 8. Fusion embedded flash file system 9. Virtual network computing 10. Distant login utility 11. Process activation through mobile devices using J2ME 12. Multiple electronic network instruments 13. XML based configuration interface library for x-ray software system 14. Network intrusion detection system15. Crypt services16. Network management s tation17. Cryptanalysis of GSM wireless networks18. Dynamic control firewall 19. E log analyzer 20. Controlling remote computer through cell-phone 21. Cellular bidding system 22. Large display driver 23. Computer mouse atlas 24. Combat (caller origin message oriented middleware broadcasting authenticatio n and server script tool) 25. Rule-based text mining for intelligent document search and summary gathering 26. Electronic network monitoring and management station 27. Online blood bank and eye contribution 28. Applications programme of mobile agent technology in e-learning environment 29. Development of HTTP caching proxy server 30. Development of web repository and search engine for alumni of a college 31. Development of automatic text abstraction tool 32. Parallel computing utilising JAVA mobile agents 33. Intelligence based document summing up 34. Internet booking for hotels and travelling 35. Trespasser alarming systems 36. Instant messengers systems 37. C-compiler and programming tools 38. Implementation of dynamic travelling salesperson problem using hopfield recu rrent neural network model 39. Wireless LAN supervising systems 40. Artificial intelligence in routing systems 41. Design and development of authentication and recognition system using biomet rics 42. Melody info retrieval systems 43. PC based home automatisation 44. PC based satellite signal measurement 45. Home media server using UPNP 46. Computer simulation of codecs in MFP 47. Face recognition systems 48. Socio-certificate internet systems 49. Wireless PC manager systems 50. Face detection using HSV algorithmic program (complexion analysis) 51. RFID systems for libraries 52. Bluetooth based mobile campus 53. Server room supervising systems 54. EZW encoding and decoding 55. Morphing software 56. Determination of grain quality using AI and image processing programs 57. Database designer tools 58. Finger print authentication for ATM machine 59. Gas cylinder booking via SMS 60. Parallel genetic algorithm for scheduling parallel applications on grid 61. Information management and impact analysis systems

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