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PATHOLOGY NOTES DR. GOLJAN GENERAL PATH Note: Tihis material is copyrighted. All rights reserved TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR GENERAL PATHOLOGY NOTES Prepared by Edward Goljan, M.D. Subject i : Pages — General Principles of Lab Medicine 1-8 Cell Injury i 19-2 | Inflammation Immunopathology Fluids and Hemodynamics/Acid-Base 60-92 | Nutrition 7 7 193-1 17 Genetics —_ a 118-158 1159-186 Te 8 Environmental Pathology Jeoplasia Note: This material is copyri GOLJAN HIGH YIELD NOTES FOR USMLE STEP 1 Note: Thi is copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may i ny form or by any menns, electror mechanical. includin cording, or fi storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher (Edward F. Galjan, M.L tions commonly used: AD = autosomal dominam, AR = autosomal recessive, COD = ¢ = diagnosis, MC = most common, MCC = most common cause, Rx = treatment, S/S = si High Yield Concepts in General Pathology General Principles of Lab Medicine Sensitivity of a test positivity in disease A. TP = patient with the dise B. FN =patient with diseas ve test rest CC. formula for sensitivity TP use of a test with 100 % sensitivity A. best used to sereen for discas B. excludes disease wh tive C._ ineludes people with ¢ D. catch words: exclud 3. interpretation of a test with 100% sensitivity when it returns normal in a patient TN/TN+EN) disease) since there are no FNs: a TN is a true fe or a normal test result in a person without disease rum ANA has 100% sensitivity for SLE: a interpretation of a test with 100% sensitivity when it returns positive in a patient \, may be a TP or FP: gative serui (1) FP= false positive or a positive test result in a normal person note that FPs are not in the formula for sensitivity 5 ne disease are always included @.g., a positive serum ANA result includes all people with SLE: it does not confirm SLE ° since other diseases also have a positive ANA (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, progressiv a Disease No Disease Positive test (TP) 100 (FP) 10 5 Negative test. (FN) 0 (TN) 90 @ Calculate sensitivity of the test; TP / TP + FN = 100/ 100 Loo» @ Calculate PV: TN / TN + FN =90 /90+0-= 1008 Specificity of a test 1. "negativity in health A. TN = normal test result in a person without disease B. FP = patient without disease who has a positive res!