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RB20DET into a S13 with CA18DET Wiring Loom

By: Johnny La a.k.a. Johnnilicte
Note: I take no responsibility for damages/problems that might be inflicted on your vehicle, this is purely just a guide for those who are technically minded, if you are incompetent please do not use this guide, but rather provide this guide to a competent automotive electrician to follow. Happy RBing your S13!

ENGINE BAY HARNESSES CA18 Loom on body of the car, you will need to connect your RB20 loom to these plugs. These will all be male plugs, just extend them or just cut them off (I just chopped them off and cut the wires to length). Connector F10 1: N/C 2: N/C 3: N/C 4:12V when ign on/start (via 10A fuse) 5: N/C 6: Signal wire to enable fuel pump 7: Signal wire to enable air-con Relay 8: N/C, RB has it own relay, so don’t worry about it

Connector F8 9:12V when aircon is activated (connect to A/C compressor) 10: N/C 11: N/C RB has separate knock sensor wire 12: +12V IGN Power 13: +12V constant (ECU memory) 14: N/C, RB has it own relay 15: N/C RB has separate knock sensor wire 16: +12V when IGN on/start

i. run a wire from the pink cable (the fuel pump trigger) to the engine bay and connect it to the black/pink on the CA18 loom. they are fucken stupid. and scrap the CA18 Ign relay as the RB20 has its own. splice that directly with the Ign Power. Please do not connect this directly to the ground like AutoSports Engineering.e.HARNESS CONVERSION TABLE S13 vs RB Follow the top table. Pin 40 is the thick black wire in the far left hand side of this image. The pin diagram is ‘Terminal Side’ – meaning that’s how they’re numbered when you hold the pins/sockets to face you. but where it says Ign Relay. And finally connect your battery backup for the ECU. From your ECU. Pins 1 to Pin 32 are the little pins on the grey side. F4. To be sure. just use the chart above and you should be sweet. RB20 Loom (White/purple & Black/red) connect to CA18 Loom (Black/red) this will give your ECU power when you turn on the key. RB CABIN HARNESS Harness Wires Yellow / Red stripe Yellow / Green stripe Orange Black Blue / Green stripe Blue / Black stripe Definition Tachometer signal Speedometer signal Ignition start Ground AC signal (extend this wire into the engine bay and connect it to Pin #7) Water temp signal . S13 CABIN HARNESS Connector F3 17: Output from speedometer 18: Tachometer 19: Water temp gauge 20: Start 12V signal.

. most people in Europe just slap a 10k resister from Pin45 to the tacho line Pin 7. mine was already modified to read the RB20. I haven’t tested it so it might not work.TACHOMETER MODIFICATION FOR S13 With your tacho. Best bet is to go to Jaycar and pick up a tacho mod kit which allows you to tweak your stock tacho to read out the signal from the RB20 motor.