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~ & F E I N
Leon Fein (1917 - 1981)
Sidney Eagle'"
*Admined fO practice only in Nc, .. Vnrk
Madison County Election Board
16 E. 9th Street
Anderson, IN 46016
Madison County Election Board:
8500 Keystone Crossing, Suite 555
Indianapolis, IN 46240
April 12, 2012
TEL 3177261714
FAX 3174751270
Brian A. Eagle
Lucy A. Khairy
By way of this letter, [am hereby filing a complaint against David McIntosh, on behalf on my
client, Greg Wright, for vote fraud and perjury occurring, at a minimum, during the 2008 and 2010
election cycles. I hereby request that the Madison County Election Board conduct an investigation by
way of a public hearing to confirm that vote fraud and perjury have occurred.
As the accompanying timeline and documents show, David McIntosh has been working for a
Washington DC law firm since 2001. McIntosh purchased a new home in Arlington, Virginia in July
of2005 and promptly moved his family to Virginia (where they are still living and his children are
attending school).
Upon leaving for Virginia (or some time shortly thereafter), McIntosh rented his Muncie home
to another family. While he claims to have "maintained" an "upper floor" to preserve his "residency,"
McIntosh does not claim that he ever lived there after moving to Virginia. Yet, while his wife, Ruthie
ceased voting from the Muncie address after she moved to Virginia. David McIntosh continued to vote
from the Muncie address.
After losing the tenant, McIntosh sold the Muncie home in 2008. He claims to have "rented
housing space" in Pendleton from a fjiend. The home was owned and occupied by Randall and Brenda
Wilson and their children and McIntosh did not claim to live there (since he was living in Virginia with
his family). Again, only David (and not his wife Ruthie) registered to vote from the address owned
and occupied by the Wilsons (swearing that he would "live" there for at least 30 days before the fall
election. Mcintosh never lived there.
Even after obtaining a Virginia driver's license and affirming under penalties of peljury that he
resided in Virginia, McIntosh continued to vote from a home owned and occupied by another family
while his wife, Rutllie, declined to participate in the fraud.
In short, McIntosh worked in the DC area while living in Virginia with his family in Arlington,
Virginia. After 2005, neither McIntosh nor his family lived or resided anywhere in the State of
Indiana, let alone the Muncie home he was renting to another family or the Pendleton home owned and
occupied by another family. Without living or residing in his Muncie precinct or his Pendleton
precinct, he could not legally vote in those precincts. After FeblUary of2008, McIntosh did not even

Leon Fein (1917 - 1981)
Sidney Eagle*
Admitred to practice only in New York
8500 Keystone Crossing, Suite 555
Indianapolis, IN 46240
TEL 3177261714
FAX 3174751270
Brian A. Eagle
Lucy A. Khairy
own property in Indiana (and still does not). As such, at a minimum, McIntosh committed vote fraud
in 2008 and 2010, and, further, committed peljury on his voter registration in 2008.
Most of us know where we live and reside-and we vote there. This apparently holds true for
Ruthie McIntosh, but apparently not for David McIntosh who had the highly suspect need to
repeatedly consult attorneys to avoid the obvious.
Given this clear and convincing evidence, you now have substantial reason to believe an
election law has been violated. As such, you are required to hold a public hearing after affording due
notice and make a determination.
In representing the rights and interests of Greg Wright, we would respectfully request that you
would please forward your response and all notices to our attention. Should you have any questions or
comments, please contact me at my office.
Very truly yours,