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OF THE FACULTY: B.Umasankar BRANCH: Electronics and communication engineering YEAR: II/IV B-tech II-Sem 1. With necessary expressions, waveforms and spectrums, explain AM for an arbitrary baseband signal m (t).
Ap r/May -10 regular, set-1 2. The output power of an AM transmitter is 1KW when sinusoidally modulated to a depth of

100.calculate the power in each sideband when the modulation depth is reduced to 50
Ap r/May -10 regular, set-1 3. What are the main objectives and primary Resources of a communication system? Ap r/May -10 regular, set-2 4. A broadcast AM Transmitter radiates 50 KW of carrier power what will be the radiated

power at 85of Modulation and what is the sideband power

Ap r/May -10 regular, set-2 5. Draw the one cycle of AM wave and calculate the modulation index of it in terms of Vmax

and Vmin voltages

-08 regular, set-3&4, Aug/sep-08 supply, set-4 6. The RMS current of an AM Transmitter is 10A when un-modulated and 12A when

Ap r/May

sinusoidally modulated calculate the modulation index.

-08 regular, set-3&4, Aug/sep-08 supply, set-4

Ap r/May

7. Explain the collector modulation method for generating AM wave with a neat circuit

diagram and waveforms.

supply, set-1, 2


8. An AM amplifier provides an output of 106W at 100 modulation. The internal loss is 20w

(i) Find the UN modulated carrier power


(ii) What is the sideband power.

Aug/sep-08 supply,

9. Describe the phasor representation of AM wave and also explain the trapezoidal method

of finding modulation index.

supply, set-2


10. An AM voltage is given by s (t) =50(1+0.2 Cos 100t+0.01cos3500t) cos106t.state all the

frequency components (in HZ) present in the voltage, and find the modulation index for each modulating voltage term. Calculate the effective modulation index of s(t)
Aug/sep-08 supply, set-3


A carrier of frequency 10MHz and peak value of 10v is amplitude modulated by a

5KHz sine wave of amplitude 6v.determine the modulation index and draw the one sided spectrum of modulated wave.

Ap r/May -09 regular, set-2


Explain the operation of square law detector with circuit diagram and waveforms.
Ap r/May -09

regular, set-3 13. The UN modulated carrier power of an AM transmitter is can be modulated by

sinusoidal modulating voltage to a depth of 40 without overloading. If the maximum modulation index is reduced to 30, what is the extent up to which the UN modulated carrier power can be increased to avoid overloading?
Ap r/May -09 regular, set-3 14. An AM wave is given by s (t) =25(1+0.7cos5000t-0.3cos10000t) sin5*106t.

(i)What is the amplitude and frequencies of the carrier and sidebands? (ii) Determine the band width
regular, set-4

(iii)Draw the one sided spectrum

Ap r/May -07

15. (a)Write AM equation. Define modulation index and percentage modulation (b)Define under and over modulation. Explain why over modulation is undesirable.
Aug/sep-08 supply, set-2