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M.U.P./J. Exam.833-50,000 x 4pp.

-12-09 Duration 3 hrs

Page no 1 Total marks assigned to the paper 100

1. Q.No.1 is compulsory. 2. Answer any 4 of the remaining questions 3. Assume suitable data, if necessary Q.No.1 1. Discuss the phenomena of rotating stall and surge in a centrifugal blower. 2. On an enthalpy-entropy diagram plot the actual and isentropic compression process for an entire compressor stage comprising of the inlet element, the rotor and the exit diffuser. Describe the process and give the expression for total-total isentropic efficiency. 3. Discuss the various losses that take place in an axial flow compressor 20 Q.No.2 1. Define the following terms for an axial turbine stage a. Blade loading factor b. Work done factor c. Degree of reaction 2. Prove that the degree of reaction for an axial flow turbine is given by R = 0.5 + Cx ( Tan 3 Tan 2 ) 2U 3. Draw the velocity diagrams for the following types of axial flow turbines a. Zero reaction stage b. 50% reaction stage c. 100% reaction stage 7 3

Show the energy conversion process through these stages on an enthalpy-entropy diagram Q.No.3 1. Prove the following for an axial flow compressor cascade ( a) CL = 2 ( s / L ) ( Tan 1 - Tan 2) Cos m - CD Tan m ( b) CD = ( P0. s . Cos3 m ) / ( 0.5 . C12 . L . Cos2 1 ) ( c) Cascade efficiency = 1- 2 ( CD / CL ) Sin 2 m 2. Write a brief note on any one of the following: (a) (b) Q.No.4 1. A centrifugal compressor compresses air at ambient temperature and pressure of 288 K and 1 bar respectively. The impeller tip speed is 364 m/s, the radial velocity at the exit from the impeller is 28 m/s, and the slip factor is 0.89. Calculate the Mach no.of the flow at the impeller tip. If the impeller total-to total efficiency is 0.88 and the flow area from the impeller is 0.85 m2, calculate the mass flow rate of air. Assume axial entrance at the impeller eye and radial blades (blade angle at impeller exit, 2 = 900). 2. 12 Testing of fans Fan selection 8 12 10

Prove that for choking in the inlet passage of the centrifugal compressor the

mass flow rate can be expressed as ( m/A ) = a0 0 [ 2 / +1 ] ( +1) / 2 ( -1) where a0 and 0 refer to the inlet stagnation conditions and A is the inlet area. 8

Q.No.5 1. Prove the following similarity relations for a turbomachine handling compressible fluids: (a) (b) N / (T01 ) = Constant m (T01) / 01 = Constant 8

2. An axial flow compressor handling air and designed to run at 5000 rpm at ambient pressure and temperature of 1.013 bar and 180C respectively. The performance characteristic of the compressor is obtained at the temperature of 280C. What is the correct speed at which the compressor must run? If an entry pressure of 65kPa is obtained at the point where the mass flow rate would be 64 kg/s, calculate the expected mass flow rate obtained in the test. 6 3. Prove that the expression for work done per unit mass for a centrifugal compressor can be given as Work done/ mass = 0.5 (U22-U12) +(V22-V12) + (W12-W22) Q.No.6 1.An axial flow compressor has a tip diameter of 0.95 m and a hub diameter of 0.85 m. At inlet to the rotor the absolute velocity of air makes an angle of 280 measured from the axial direction and the relative velocity angle is 560.At exit the absolute velocity angle is 560 and relative velocity angle is 280. The rotor rotates at 5000 rpm and the density of air is 1.2 kg/m3. Determine 1. The axial velocity 2. the mass flow rate 6

3. the power required 4. The flow angles at the hub and 5. the degree of reaction at the hub Assume free vortex conditions at inlet i.e. Cm x r = Cm hub x r hub = Cm tip x r tip = constant to calculate the angles at hub and tip. 20

Q.No.7 1. A fifty percent reaction stage of a gas turbine has the following data Pressure and temperature at entry are 10 bar and 1500 K, speed is 12000 rpm. Mass flow rate of gas is 70 Kg/s. The stage pressure ratio is 2.0 and the stage efficiency ( static-to static) is 87%. The exit air angles for the fixed and moving blades measured with reference to the axial direction is 600.The blade speed to gas speed ratio ( U / C2) is 0.866. cp is 1.005 kJ/kg K and = 1.4. Determine the following: (a)Flow coefficient (b) Mean diameter of the stage (c)Power developed 12

2. Write a brief note on any one of the following (a) Turbochargers (b) Turbine blade cooling 8