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Monday September 19, 2011

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TO SUBJECT DATE : All Career Service Examination Computer-Assisted Test (CSE-CAT) Applicants : CSE-CAT Schedule for Fourth Quarter of 2011 and the Re-Opening of the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System : September 15, 2011

Schedule of Examination & CSE-CAT Quota for the Fourth Quarter of 2011 The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Central Office, through the Examination, Recruitment and Placement Office (ERPO), is opening a total of twenty-two (22) schedules for the Career Service Examinations Computer-Assisted Test (CSE-CAT) for both Professional and Subprofessional levels for the fourth quarter of 2011, on the dates indicated below.

Dates of Examination October

AM 15 17

PM 15 17 18 22 24 25

Maintenance Period


18 22 24 25

29 1 December 2 6 7

29 1 2 6 7

REMINDER: The CSC reserves the right to cancel any of the above schedules as may be necessary.
Passers of this examination shall be granted the corresponding Career Service Professional or Subprofessional Eligibilities and their names shall be entered in the Register of Eligibles. The Eligibles shall be qualified for appointment in government provided they meet the qualifications and other requirements of the position. Please be advised that the venue for the CSE-CAT can only accommodate thirty (30) examinees per schedule; hence, we shall accept a total of six hundred sixty (660) qualified CSE-CAT applicants through our Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS). Link to the OCARS Please click the following link: Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS) to request for an appointment date for the actual filing and processing of your application form, beginning 3:00 PM on September 19, 2011 (Monday).

ATTENTION: You may check the status of your online reservation from time to time using this link: OCARS Check Schedule of Appearance. The same link can also be found in the Examination Announcement webpage of the CSC website.
To know more about this reservation system, please click the following link: General Information on the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System. Please refer to the website or click on the following link:, for the questions regarding the requirements of your CSE-CAT application. ERPO

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