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Iraolyn S.

Humphreys Grad School Personal Statement Writing Sample

Someone once told me that you will find your true livelihood when you discover what it is that you do with ease, what you would do for free, and what it is that moves you to the point of going against the grain, taking leaps of faith, and challenging yourself beyond all previously set, self imposed boundaries. For me, its applying the writing gift that Ive developed over the years towards a lucrative career as a communications specialist. Most of my writing experience is derived from drafting effective correspondence to clients and colleagues, helping peers with their writing, providing insight on how to intelligently convey thoughts and ideas to senior level management, and developing solid business relationships among chief level executives. Pursuing a masters degree in communications would not only allow me the opportunity to utilize my gift as a writer on a more broader, professional scale, but Id also evolve into a more natural and crafted communications specialist by delving into every area of the communication spectrum. I really do believe that the best barometer of what we ought to be doing with our lives is locked up in our hearts, in our passions. The ability to speak and to write congruently has always come rather naturally for me, thus causing me to take it for granted, and never really considering it as a gifting or a talent. Needless to say, I was never driven by my ability to write well or to work in public communications until my last semester in college. Before then, partying and other various forms of immaturity distracted me from taking my future seriously; consequently, my grades suffered. The summer before, I had taken an expository writing course and was taken aback by the many distinct writing styles that there were and how I was able to quickly grasp them, and successfully communicate messages by using more concise, yet detailed writing variations. Even though I didnt pursue a graduate education right away, the longing for a more agreeable, suitable career never dissipated. Upon graduating, I took the time to reflect on what I had learned, and whether or not I wanted to pursue the usual career paths of a political science

Iraolyn S. Humphreys
major. The answer was no. Its comical to me how one often searches scrupulously for their purpose and passion, only to inevitably find that it was right in front of them all along. Naturally, as a political science major I took quite a few courses within comparative politics and international relations, and became aware that the worlds prosperous, diverse, yet oftentimes conflicting political systems rarely agreed upon topics that were intended to impact the good of the world. So once the revelation set in (and it did take some time) that my ability to write well was actually a Godsend, I became consumedalmost to the point of an obsession with figuring out what exactly my writing niche was and exactly what I needed to do to perfect it and turn it into a budding career. The more I wrote, the more praises I received for my writing, the more driven and determined I became. Most of us thrive in the job or career that opens the door to our creative zeal and deep fascinationwhen we can enjoy our employ and see our salary as a benefit rather than the objective. It was coherent communication, both oral and written, which allowed me to excel in business development by building lasting rapports between Fortune 100 companies and consulting firms. Through studying and understanding the attitudes, practices, and concerns of both the client and the customer, I developed business, and generated and increased revenue. My post undergraduate accomplishments are completely opposite of what my degree suggests that they may have been. Having a work history comprised of mostly business development positions; I think its reasonable to assert that Ive gained the foundational skills necessary to become an accomplished public relations specialist. While I have made a decent living working in that field, the idea of acclimating it as my permanent career has never been an option for me. I wasnt getting the sense of fulfillment that one should gain from a career. The pining for more, which I have oftentimes delayed confronting, remained a sputter that permeated the truth of my dreams and desires. I dont believe that the things we are good at are all a matter of happenstance. I believe that they all intertwined in order to reach a desired outcome, a purpose. It was a light bulb

Iraolyn S. Humphreys
moment for me when I realized that I shouldnt categorize my success in business development, my ability to effectively communicate, and the happiness that I feel when motivating and uplifting others as random things that I happen to do well. They are all fundamental elements of a clear, efficient communications specialist. I assert that these attributes have laid a solid, forthcoming underpinning which will soundly lead to a gratifying career in public relations. As a business development professional working in the helm of the political landscape, witnessing the influence and persuasiveness of effective of political communication, I more than welcome the chance to study at one of the areas most prominent and revered learning institutions. Entering the masters communication program will perfectly position me to transition careers and become a better rounded communicator. The program affords working professionals and alike the chance to get ahead and to go after those dreams and ambitions that may have lain dormant, or that they may not have otherwise had an opportunity to pursue. With its diversity among students and faculty, Trinity Washington University differentiates itself by offering a rigorous, comprehensive program designed to help students excel, all while ensuring that they are well equipped to address the demanding and ever-changing public relations arena. My determination to succeed in this program is fueled by a passion that demands more from me than the mundane and mediocre. Moreover, I am driven by a passion that wont allow me to become deterred by the incessant demands of life. In retrospect, I believe that it is the zest that I have for my purpose and my destiny that qualifies me as being capable of successfully tackling the challenges that will undeniably come with all of the rewards that the communication program will bring. Ive recently taken a couple of major steps that are strategically aligned with my decision to change career paths. I have started writing for the Magnificent View magazine, which is a quarterly published Christian magazine produced by Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D.C. There is no pay associated with writing for the magazine. The fulfillment is in being able to serve, without pretense, while simultaneously crafting my writing skills.

Iraolyn S. Humphreys
I am also involved with a local Toastmasters Club. Their commitment of helping people to develop and refine their oratorical and speechwriting skills has helped me to more aptly deliver speeches and sales presentations. I am hopeful that the skill set that I am gaining and the graduate program will place me at a great advantage to compete with some of the best PR specialists in the DC metropolitan area. I respectfully look forward to the challenge ahead.