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Monthly Newsletter May 2012

Volunteer Day
Clouds and cool weather didnt hamper anyones fun at the Volunteer Day held at the U.S. Consulate on April 21. The American Societys Community Action Committee and the Consulate invited nearly 80 children from six different charitable institutions to a day of sports, arts and crafts and just plain fun. With 100 volunteers (more volunteers than kids!), there was plenty of opportunity for the children to meet new people and for our volunteers to get to know the incredible children the American Society helps support. The children arrived at noon and were able to choose from several sports to play, including American-style football hosted by the Corinthians Steamrollers football club. Guilherme Lima and Gerao Vida Nova ran soccer games with the kids and the Graded Scouts paddled around

The Tablet Issue

Page 6: A round-up of the best applications for kids, entertainment and productivity!

(continued on page 9)

Page 10: There are plenty of choices for those wishing to get their hands on a tablet.

You Are Invited!

Travel apps
Page 12: How travel apps can help you out in many situations before or during your next trip!

Our Mission
The American Society of So Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

(see more about the Gala on page 3)

Presidents Corner
Last month I commented on how amazing it is that due to the strong Real the cost of living in Brazil is very expensive Brazilians are travelling to the U.S. to shop. The By Joe Sherman, AmSoc president E c o n o m i s t magazine uses the MacDonalds Big Mac index as a simple comparison to measure purchasing power parity. The base is the cost of a Big Mac in the U.S which is US$4.20. The most expensive Big Mac is in Switzerland at US$6.81- or the Swiss Franc is 62% overvalued compared to the U.S. dollar. The Big Mac in Switzerland is followed by those in Norway and Sweden. The Brazilian Big Mac cost is US$5.68, Brazil is the fourth most expensive! If you want to plan a vacation based on Big Mac dinners - Hong Kong works best at US$2.12! So based on the Economist index the Real is 35% overvalued, or the exchange parity should be about R$2.40. I dont know what the exchange rate should be, but Brazil, as a developing economy, following Switzerland, Norway and Sweden on the Big Mac index doesnt seem right. So, I am packing my suitcase for a short trip to the States. Based on the above analysis and many newspaper articles on Brazilians shopping in the U.S., my suitcase is empty. I need to take advantage of the exchange rate and the lower prices in the U.S. I dont need anything but might as well buy something. OK, I will be bringing back a new golf bag which is important, maybe a new putter... The AmSoc Gala event team continues working around the clock to put together a memorable dinner/dance on May 11th. This includes finalizing the selection of a DJ, the appropriate lighting/decorations, and the donations for the silent and live auctions. We are very fortunate to have GM as our major sponsor and you will have the opportunity to view several of their latest models at the event. Also, do not forget to mark down June 30th on your calendar to celebrate the 4th of July in style at the consulate facility! See on page 8 for more details of this event. Abraos, Joe

CAC News
The AmSoc Community Action Committee informs about news within the community and supported charities and asks for your active participation Vivenda da Criana Congratulations to the young adults in Menor Aprendiz Program. 8 apprentices are currently working at La Selva Bookstore Headquarters. If you are looking for apprentices for your company. (You know it is required by Brazilian law.) Keep our young adults at Vivenda in mind. Please contact the office of the American Society. Moving Are you moving? Do you have items you cant take with you? Dont throw them away!! Our AmSoc Charities can take them off your hands. Clothes, appliances, furniture, kitchen items, cleaning supplies, anything you have and cant use anymore! Please contact Eileen Tasso,

About Forum

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Lynn Cordeiro, editor and layout Ernest White II, staff writer Forum is printed by EGB. ( Views expressed in Forum do not necessarily reflect those of the American Society board of governors, members, or staff. Forum reserves the right to edit content for brevity and/or clarity.

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The American Society of So Paulo

Have Some Fun at the AmSoc Gala Auction

Want the chance to win a piece of beautiful Brazilian art, a weekend getaway, jewelry, or dinner at a top restaurant all while raising money for a great cause? Then dont miss the silent and live auctions at the American Society Annual Gala on May 11th. The auctions will feature fabulous and unique items that youll definitely want to bid on. The silent auction will take place during the cocktail hour. Heres how it works: 1) Look for the number written on your invitation. That is your silent auction number. 2) Write your auction number and bid on the sheet next to the item you want to win. The highest bid wins. 3) As you leave the dinner dance, the winning auction numbers will be posted on a large Board. If your number is listed, proceed to the table to collect your prize and pay with credit card, cash or check. The live auction, which takes place during dinner, will feature eight larger items. To get in on the action, raise your hand when you want to bid. If you win, one of our assistants will come to your table to collect your payment and give you the item right then and there. The silent and live auctions are easy and fun, besides knowing that the proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. The following is just a taste of some of the amazing auction items that will be available: ART Paulo Van Poser/10 prints Gregory Fink/painting Galina/painting David Dalmau/painting Nadja Venezian/framed mask Aline Fontaine/sculpture Dominique/old prints Jean Rosenthal/sculpture HOTELS Estancia Santa Clara/ 2 weekends Hotel Shangrala Juma Lodge Marriot Bueno Aires/2 nights Barbizon,Miami/1 week 2 bedroom apt Chapada Diamantina Resort/Bahia Marriot/New Orleans/3 nights SpaMed/Sorocaba Pousada Canto do Camburi/1 weekend Lapinha/5 nights Marriot/Orlando/3 nights Marriot/Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach/3 nights Marriot Marco Island Beach Resort/Spa/3 nights Marriot/Tampa/3 nights JW Marriot/Lima Peru/3 nights Marriot Miami Biscayne Bay/3 nights Marriot Aruba & Stellaris Casino Resort/3 nights Renaissance So Paulo/2 nights JW Marriot Rio de Janeiro/2 nights Marriot Executive Apts.Ibirpuera Park/2 nights Renaissance Jaragua H&C S.Domingo/3 nights Marriot, Irvine, Calif/3 nights The Westin/Aspen/4 nights The Gant/Aspen/4 nights RESTAURANTS Fogo de Cho/ 1 dinner Proto Rubayat/dinner for 2 Figueira Rubayat/dinner for 2 AIRTICKETS AA/2 USA tickets Gol/2 international tickets Gol/2 domestic tickets MISC 3 weekday golf green fees at Guarapiranga Golf Club Weekend photo session with FalaPhoto Outing for one at the SP golf club Necklace from Preludio Haircut by Marcos Proena 1 hr massage 6 private yoga lessons White gold watch by Invicta One-month unlimited pass to Yoga Flow Massage at QPostura

Get Lucky
If you like immediate gratification, be sure to find the Lucky Box in the cocktail area during drinks before dinner. With this game of chance, you are guaranteed to win something. Simply pay R$50 to randomly choose an item from the closed Lucky Box. The items are valued from R$50-R$150 so you can literally triple your money.



American Society 2012 Corporate Sponsors

The American Society of So Paulo is delighted to announce our 2012 corporate sponsors to date. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these companies, whose generous support allows us to continue our work in helping improve the lives of So Paulos neediest children and being a trusted resource for the many international families living in the city. ALSCO Toalheiro Brasil Cabot Brasil Fundico Balancins General Motors Chevrolet Lear Corporation Opice Blum Advogados PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Serasa Experian If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Celina Sampaio at 5182-2074.



The American Society of So Paulo

Welcome to our New Members

Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support! Last Name BOTELHO DAVIES DESA JANER MURPHY Name Andrea Jesse Christopher Montserrat David Dbora Sebastian MIGNOLA Snia Spouse Membership Family Membership Junior Membership Family Patron Membership Family Membership Family Patron Membership Nationality Brazilian American American Spanish American Control Risks JP Morgan DJM Consulting Company

Consulate Corner: Births Abroad

By Amy Graddon One of the most memorable services that we provide in American Citizen Services is documenting children born to American parent(s) in Brazil as U.S. Citizens. It is a proud moment for the parents when they receive that first passport and certificate of birth abroad which verifies that their child is an American Citizen. To make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible, here are some guidelines and tips for parents who wish to apply for citizenship for their child. Although citizenship laws are complex and we cannot address all possible variations here, in general if two U.S. Citizen parents have previously resided in the United States and then give birth to a child abroad, that child is a U.S. Citizen. If one parent is a U.S. Citizen and one parent is not, then the U.S. Citizen parent must prove that he or she has lived in the U.S. for a certain amount of time, generally five years, two of which must be after the age of 14. The child and both parents are required to come in person to the U.S. Consulate (unless the absent parent has given signed notarized consent), so it is helpful to have as much of the paperwork completed in advance as possible to minimize the time the family spends at the Consulate. The required forms and list of supporting documents can be found on our website, at http://brazil. html Some of the required supporting documents include the childs Brazilian birth certificate, the parents marriage certificate, proof of termination of any prior marriages, U.S. and/or foreign passport of the parents, proof of the time the U.S. citizen parent has lived in the U.S., and prenatal or hospital records from the childs birth. Children born in Brazil to American parents, except for parents in diplomatic or official status, acquire Brazilian Citizenship at birth as well as a possible claim to American Citizenship. As dual nationals they are required to have Brazilian passports to leave Brazil but will need American passports to enter the United States. Under current U.S. law, it is not necessary for children or adults to choose a single nationality there is no prohibition against holding dual U.S. and Brazilian citizenship. We encourage any parent who believes their child has a claim to American Citizenship to register the child soon after the birth, and as always please email us with any questions at



Best Of Tablet Applications

By Lynn Cordeiro, editor

Things For iPhone and iPad, $19.99 Things is a task management app that satisfies all your needs. It is simple to use yet has a lot of great features to keep you organized. It is not cheap for what it is, but you are paying for an interface that is clean and efficient. I use it every day! Pocket Informant HD For iPhone and iPad, $14.99 If you are looking for an app that has it all in one place: tasks, calendar, notes and contacts, give this a try. It synchs with a variety of online calendars over the air and is easy to setup. DocsToGo For iPhone and iPad, $16.99 If you need to edit, create or view Word, Powerpoint or Excel files, you need this app. You can also use this to view a variety of text formats, even pdfs, that otherwise would go unopened on your device. Indispensable if you work cross-platform. iThoughtsHD / Mindnode For iPhone and iPad, $9.99 For iPhone and iPad, $9.99 Mindmapping apps. What, you dont know what mindmapping is? Mindmapping allows you to create visual maps of whatever your project is. You can use it to organise your thinking about tasks, brainstorming, project planning or even goal setting. iThoughts HD gives you the more options of the two. Instapaper For Kindle, iPhone and iPad, $4.99 Save articles and webpages for later

reading with the click of a button. It saves and formats the text for you, so you wont be bogged down by graphics and ads by the time you get around to read your saved articles. Very useful for when you dont have a wifi connection.

Not for slow thinkers - you have been warned! Blueprint HD For iPhone and iPad, $0.99 A novelty game that lets you use your touchscreen to the max by twisting a 3D painting into place. You turn and drag disconnected lines in 3D until they reveal a structure or object. Fun for a while for you and a great way to show off your shiny new tablet to other people.

Spelltower For iPhone and iPad, $0.99 My new favorite! Spelltower is a mix of Scrabble and Tetris and is very addictive. Find words in a grid not just the usual way but you can crossover, go in a circle, anything is allowed as long as the letters touch corners. It is a great game for young and old that like puzzles. Mahjongg Artifacts For Android, Nook, Kindle, PSP, iPhone and iPad, $4.99 I am a Mahjongg fan and this was the nicest looking tablet app that I found. You can customise sets and backgrounds as well as board layouts. But be careful, you might get hooked! Scrabble For Android, Kindle, iPhone and iPad, $9.99 The tablet version of this crossword game lets you play by yourself against the computer, with people on a local network, your Facebook friends or simply by passing the tablet back and forth to a friend. There is much feedback in terms of stats that makes this a truly interactive version of the board game classic. Pictureka! For iPhone and iPad, $4.99 Another boardgame-come-tablet app from Hasbro. You search one painting for certain objects that the computer throws at you with breakneck speed.

Epicurious For Android, Nook, Kindle, PSP, iPhone and iPad, $Free You know those moments when you look at the contents of your fridge but have no idea how they can be turned into a meal? Enter Epicurious! This neat app lets you enter the ingredients you have and gives you a variety of recipes. It is also great just for browsing recipes. You can then add all the required ingredients to a shopping list too! Flipboard For iPhone and iPad, $Free Neat application that you can customise to aggregate news from a variety of sites, blogs and other sources into one very readable format. You flip the pages like a magazine and just open an article if the headline and first few paragraphs interest you. Goodreads For Android, Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone and iPad, $Free If you like to read Goodreads is the app for you. Browse for books, read reviews, see what your friends are reading and saying about their books,



The American Society of So Paulo

join genre interest groups and much more. Their site at www.goodreads. com is a great way to start out. rather than just a word kids learn. Also available: Intro to Geography, Intro to Letters and Alphawriter. Give it a go! Shapes For iPhone and iPad, $1.99 Shapes is a great game to improve your kids visual thinking. Find all the versions of one shape in a painting. Sounds easy, but requires some detailed examination since the paintings are quite complex. Toca Apps For iPhone and iPad, $1.99 Enough of the learning already? Want your preschoolers to have some real fun now? Then have a look at Toca applications. They are simple games that somehow manage to provide hours of fun and a happy kid when you need to finally have dinner! Hair Salon got the approval from my 3 old - again and again and again! Bugs & Buttons For iPhone and iPad, $2.99 At my house, this is the hands-down favorite. Bugs & Buttons contains a total of 18 games for kids of various ages, some easier than others. There are sorting games, counting games, a maze, pattern games, connecting the dots and much more. All beautifully designed for kids, with loads of bugs and buttons. The best mix of balanced learning and entertainment. Disney digital books For Nook, iPhone and iPad, $0.99 - $3.99 Disney publishes a whole array of interactive books. We tested Read & Race and Cars 2. These books have two parts: the first is more like a real book that is read out aloud to the child, the second offering games and puzzles, such as customization of race cars and actually racing. My daughter quickly lost interest in the book part of the applications but was interested in the games section. These books are probably worthwhile for kids who like a certain Disney movie or character. In terms of interactive learning I would look elsewhere. Disneys Its a small world For Nook, iPhone and iPad, $3.99 This app is designed for the smallest of tablet users and suits its audience very well with a very gentle way of movement and sounds that are triggered by little fingers touching elements in a variety of different worlds. Id say your kid will enjoy this up to the age of 3. It is a great app to introduce your baby to touch and feedback technology. For more reviews of childrens applications try where you can search apps by age group. All iPhone, iPad and Android apps have been played by the editors and rated which makes this site a very useful resource for parents. *** Please note that many of the iPad and iPhone applications mentioned here are only available in the US iTunes store. To download them you need a US iTunes account and pay with either a US credit card or with iTunes gift cards that you bought in the US.

For Kids
Where is Waldo? For iPhone and iPad, Wii, DS, $0.99 Now Waldo is hiding on your tablet! I found it a little strange that the app is not making use of the zoom functionality, you just pan the image to look for Waldo, but for kids this works just fine. My PlayHome For iPhone and iPad, $3.99 Perfect for little girls that like to play house. There is something to touch and move around in every room of the house and great attention has been paid to detail, even the washing machine can be switched on or off! Amazonas For iPad, $4.99 Interactive storybook about the flora and fauna of the Amazon. Nice graphics and fun activities make this a great book for kids. As a bonus you can choose to use (or should I say play) the book in English, Portuguese or Spanish! Gube For iPhone and iPad, $3.99 Sometimes you just need a video for your kids. But then you dont really know what clips they might look at if you leave the tablet with them for 15 minutes and if they are appropriate. Gube solves this by only displaying previously vetted child-friendly YouTube videos. Simple and genius! Montessorium learning apps For iPhone and iPad, $1.99 to $4.99 If it comes to learning apps for preschoolers I have looked long and wide and I can with conviction say that Montessorium makes the best learning apps for that age group. Intro to Math deserves a special mention since it illustrates very well what numbers mean

Mothers Day gift vouchers available!

2010 2012


Congratulations to the Erik Poliak Award Winner

This year the Eric Poliak award for outstanding community service was given at the Annual General Meeting to Marlene Rubeiz. Marlene Chumo Rubeiz was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She studied at USC and after a year abroad, she earned her masters degree in biochemistry. Upon her return, she also met a handsome Brazilian foreign student who was studying on a scholarship at USC. After a whirlwind courtship, she and Ricardo Rubeiz, a native of Salvador, Bahia, married and moved to Bahia. Ricardo became a professor of Economics at the University Federal da Bahia and Marlene became his helpmate, mother to Ricky, Jr. and Natalia, and vital member of the community. Life in Bahia was challenging but exciting. Between learning Portuguese and raising her family, Marlene found time to work on many volunteer projects. She was President of the Womens Club and focused her efforts on social work with the poor in Salvador. She also worked with Elsimar Coutinho in setting up a clinic to promote reproduo assistida. She was one of the founding members of the American School in Bahia as well. Upon retirement in 2000, Ricardo opened his own business which necessitated his moving to So Paulo. After so many years in Salvador, it was difficult to leave family and friends behind and move to the business hub of Brazil. But, Marlene never looked back. As Marlene said to Ricardo, I married you, not Bahia. They were here to stay. Life in So Paulo was busy as Marlene , very involved in conserving the natural resources of Brazil, was hired as Diretor of the Nature Conservancy based in So Paulo. Her job entailed lots of traveling and at least eight studies of future conservation projects in the Pantanal and the Caatinga especially involving sustainability. She was a busy lady. Marlene was not too busy, however, to become involved in her new community in a big way. She immediately joined the board of the American Society and worked on every event that she was asked to help with and volunteered for others. Everyone relied on her good humor, organizational skills and her knowledge of how to get the job done in a friendly and efficient way: She played major roles : on the Community Action Commitee, the Angel Party( her main job to get Santa Claus Ricardo there on time), 60th Anniversary Gala Chairman, fundraiser extraordinaire, acquiring countless donations for the live auction fund-raisers, and of course, President of the American Society for two years. She brought new ideas and new energy to the Society during her terms of office. In 2010, she heard about a raffle opportunity sponsored by Tiffanys and in just 2 weeks, Marlene had orgnized the sale of all the raffle tickets which raised a great deal of money for charity. She is a real Go Getter!. On a personal level, invitations to her typical and always exquisite Bahian meals are much sought after. She is a very warm and gracious hostess, as well as a super involved grandmother with her two grandsons in So Paulo and her granddaughter and grandson in LA. In closing, we would like to quote an AmSoc Board members poignant evaluation of Marlene Rubeiz, overheard at the Egg Nog Christmas Party: I want to be just like Marlene when I grow up. That says it all! Thank you Marlene Rubeiz for being such an important and vital part of our So Paulo community. A job well done and much appreciated by all! Sculpture by Lee Shattuck,
given to the award winner

Get Ready for the AmSoc 4th July Party

Our annual Fourth of July Celebration will be held on Saturday June 30th this year because the holiday falls on a Wednesday and we know most people cant take time off from work for hot dogs and hamburgers in the middle of the week. The party will be held at the American Consulate, our co-host for the event. There will be lots of food, games for kids (and adults), and if we can find a generous sponsor, fireworks. We have been told that the US Ambassador Thomas Shannon has set the time aside on his calendar to attend this event. Remember, this is a Members Only party, so invite your friends to join AmSoc and come to one of the best events of the year. If you know of an individual or corporation that would like to sponsor the fireworks, please contact the AmSoc office at 5182-2074; we need financial support to make the fireworks happen! Ticket and Reservation details will be posted on our website and printed in the June Forum. See you all soon. Your Fourth of July Committee



The American Society of So Paulo

Little League Soccer AmSoc vs. SPAC!

By John Kennedy, AmSoc board member On Saturday April 14, AmSocs Little League ventured to the southern limits of So Paulo City to the spacious So Paulo Athletic Club (SPAC) which is located just off the banks of the Guarapiranga Reservoir. Nestled amongst the tall pine trees, the SPAC and AmSoc soccer teams of various age groups squared off on beautifully manicured fields. The tiny tots of ages 5 to 8 years played on a mini field, whereas the older kids played on a larger field adjacent to them. Here parents enjoyed the comfortable and immaculate surroundings while watching their kids play in a soccer matches, some for the first time! And what a morning of soccer it was! The tiny tots (only boys) played with great intensity and emotion in all three of their 20 minute games, each time handily beating a nicely uniformed SPAC team! lost their 2 matches of age groups 9-10 and ages 11-13. Even though AmSocs older kids were often out-matched against a well-schooled and deep SPAC team, the AmSoc players (playing with 2 assistant coaches of 20 years old!) gave SPAC a solid match that ended in only a respectable 4-2 defeat. The star performers for the SPAC team were Jackson (Jake) Kerr, Diego Garmani, Charlotte Kennedy, and Kilian De Lambert. Many thanks goes out to AmSocs Little League coach, Aldo Petrolinio and his assistant coaches who have done a remarkable job with the older kids in developing their skills, which certainly prepared them very well for this first match (in picture)!

Our older kids, boys joined with girls, played with equal intensity but without the same outcome, for they

Volunteer Day
and the Hyatt sent a team of cooks to help grill the lunch: hamburgers and hot dogs. Event organizer Eileen Tasso thrilled with the opportunity to run around in such a large open space and swim in a pool (some for the very first time), came from the following institutions: ABBA, Lar Tia Edna, Vida Jovem, SPACE, Abrigo Analia Franco and Casa Limiar.

(continued from front page) the swimming pool helping our guests stay safe. When they werent out being active, the kids could make bracelets, necklaces and picture frames at the arts and crafts table. AmSoc received donations of food from several sources, including the Graded PTA for soda, Guadalupe Alas for chips, Kraft for 80 Easter bunnies, Hersheys for chocolate and beautiful cupcakes from Jamie Lynn Chamberlin. Nancy and Darek Villeneuve kindly donated cash which went towards lunch

said, The food was great but the kids were having such a blast we could barely get them to come over to get something to eat! The Community Action Committee would like to extend special thanks to the U.S. Consulate for offering its beautiful grounds for the event and for sending so many enthusiastic volunteers. Invited guests, who were



Hottest Tablets of 2012

By Ernest White II, Staff Writer the tablet. E-book readers, originally designed strictly for, well, reading, have evolved from their black-and-white displays to full color, while still maintaining their relatively small screen size and limited storage capacity. Still, these devices are all evolving and each year promises a new crop of state-of-the-art playthings for you to flash around at the local Starbucks. Internet electronic shopping resource reviewed almost every tablet on the market, over 100, and came up with a list of the five best tablets that debuted at the beginning of 2012. Weve compiled a quick summary so that youll be in the know when snagging that snazzy tableton your next trip to the States, of course (though prices in Brazil have come down a little, you can still sometimes fly to New York and buy a tablet for the same cost as buying one in So Paulo). As we already mentioned, Apples iPad is the industry leader. The new version, which was released back in March, features a breathtaking new screen, a quad-core graphic processor, and the worlds largest app and media store available for you to download content. This new model beats the iPad 2 (not exactly cut glass itself) with faster graphics, 4G wireless options, a stunning high-resolution screen, and a better built-in camera. The screen is, indeed, the most notable difference, with a resolution twice that of the iPad 22,048 x 1,536 pixels, which would make it the highest-resolution screen in your possession, even beating that 1,080-pixel high-definition TV you schlepped down here. The tablets dimensions are a tiny bit bulkier than the iPad 2s, at 9.5 inches tall, 7.31 inches wide, 0.37 of an inch thick, and 1.44 pounds (only 0.11 pounds heavier than the iPad 2 and still lighter than the original iPad). The introductory price for the new iPad is the same as the original version that debuted in 2010, $499, which gets you 16 GB of built-in storage. This isnt very much space, and the 32 GB version will cost you $599, or you can double that to 64 GB for $699. Each model comes in either black or white and is capable of accessing in Internet via Wi-Fi. For an extra $130, you can get online by way of Verizon or AT&Ts 3G or 4G cellular network in the US, or try popping in a pre-paid SIM card from TIM to get online access here in Brazil at only 50 centavos a day. Remember that iPads run on the iOS operating system, which requires exclusive Apple mobile softwareMac and Windows software isnt supported. A distant second place, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is a pretty nifty device that compares nicely with the iPad 2, being both thinner and nearly as light, with a clear 1,080-pixel screen and 8-megapixel camera which is actually better than that of the iPad. The Asus is an Android tablet, which means it works exclusively with Googles Android OS and is integrated with all of Googles web-based services, including search, Google Maps, and Gmail. The Asus Prime comes in two colorsamethyst gray (a blend of gray and purple) and champagne gold (a blend of silver and gold)and has a bit of an edgier look to it than the iPad. You can also purchase the keyboard/ dock (for $150) that turns the tablet into an Android laptop, though this addition makes the device top-heavy, which could cause it to slide off an uneven surface unexpectedly. In addition to the 34 GB of storage that comes with this version of the Asus Transformer Prime, Asus offers you 8 GB of free cloudbased storage space for the lifetime of your tablet, once registered. The Asus hit shelves in December and runs about $500 for the 32 GB version and $600

Apple iPad

Occupying a broad and middle ground between tiny smart phones and clunky laptops, tablet computers have become the most exciting thing in personal technology over the past couple of years. Of course, the Apple iPad was the first and continues to be at the forefront of the tablet boom, and other manufacturers are just playing catch-up. Still, Apple isnt the only game in townAndroid tablets and e-readers offer different functions at different price points, and there is always something to be found for anyone interested in either upgrading their existing tablet or jumping into the fray for the first time. Tablets burst on the scene in a big way in 2010 with the first Apple iPad, which sold more than a million units within the first month of its release. Ease of use and the incredible selection of apps, games, and media have become the hallmark of the iPad and set an industry standard that still hasnt been touched. Android tablets, developed to run on Googles Android operating system, offers the widest range of alternatives in price, size, and capabilities. Windows tablets, which use Microsofts Windows software, have been around since the 1990s and come as close to the laptop experience is you can get without actually getting a laptop. These PC tablets are called convertibles and have physical keyboards stashed within




The American Society of So Paulo

for the 64 GB version. Next, the Sony Tablet S, another Android tablet, offers exclusive apps, ergonomic design, PlayStation certification for gaming, and a universal remote control. The Sony has an unusual wedge shape that gives it a futuristic look, even compared with the iPad, with the screen slanted forward just a bit to minimize glare and increase comfort while typing. The screen is a bit smaller, at 9.4 inches instead of the standard 10.1-inch panel, and isnt as bright as it could be, but Sonys history of industrial design and product development is evident in the software and app optimizations. The Sony tablet starts at $499 for the 16 GB version and $599 for the 32 GB version, but lacks cellular data capability, so keep that in mind when considering your particular usage needs. If mobile games are what youre after, this is the tablet to get. The third Android tablet on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is as thin as the iPad and even lighter, high-powered speakers. The Samsung is just as sleek and minimalist as the iPad, with no extra ports or external accoutrements to fiddle with (unless you buy them, of course). The Galaxy offers very good screen brightness and exceptional sound, with a clean design that is perfect if you dont need a whole lot of connection options. This is definitely the best-looking Android tablet around. Last in our series of the hottest tablets in 2012, but certainly not least, is the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Expanding beyond the boundaries of earlier e-readers, the Nook is a fullfeatured tablet with a 7-inch touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi, and 16 GB of built-in storage space. In addition to its expansive collection of books and magazines, it offers over a thousand apps through its integrated Nook Store, in addition to being optimized to play videos from Netflix and Hulu Plus. The Nook runs head-to-head against the Amazon Kindle Fire, as both are multimedia tablets that let you read e-books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books, as well as watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, check email, and run apps. The Nook edges out over the Kindle Fire in screen brightness and performance, and especially in storage space, as the nonexpandable 8 GB capacity of the Kindle Fire pales in comparison to the 16 GB that automatically comes with the Nook and can be doubled to 32 GB with the addition of a microSD storage device. Also, the Nook gives you access to Barnes & Nobles 2 million-plus volume library, which Amazon cant compete with, though it offers an additional free borrowed book per month if youre an Amazon Prime member (which requires an annual fee of $79.99). Both tablets offer limited lending between friends and access to free public library titles, but the Nook also has an in-store feature which allows you to stream and sample titles for up to an hour each via Barnes & Nobles in-store Wi-Fi. At $249, the Nook is missing a few of the bells and whistles featured on other tablets, most notably GPS, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera. Still, if youre looking for a multimedia device that offers millions of books and magazines, web browsing, email, and a few apps, the Nook meets all those needs and more. Remember that not all tablets can be all things to all people at all prices. Consider that types of activities that youll use your tablet for before dropping $600 on a device with 100 apps and extended storage space that you wont ever use. Take a look at the manufacturers websites and think about the extras that are offered for each tablet. Do they fit your needs? If you do a little comparison shopping before taking the plunge, youll soon find yourself r i d i n g squarely atop this latest digital wave.

Sony Tablet S

featuring a 3-megapixel back camera and a 2-megapixel front camera and




Travel Applications
By Melissa Harkin, AmSoc member Smartphones have been to the Noughties what the internet was to the Nineties nothing short of revolutionary. If you dont already have one, you soon will. And with a smartphone comes its innovative addons apps, or applications. Ten billion apps have been downloaded in the past three years. There are 17,000 travel apps on the market, and 160 million app-compatible devices are owned worldwide iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys and tablet devices such as the iPad. There are apps that can make our holidays a little easier, others that are just a bit of fun, and many that are thoroughly pointless. The best let you do anything you can do online or with a guidebook, but more quickly and easily and while youre on the move with maps and GPS to tell you where you are. You can search for flights, book a hotel, see the exact location of your accommodation you can even talk into an app and let it translate your words instantly. Here are some of the best travel apps on the market. Slick, user-friendly guides to UK destinations, covering more than 30 towns and cities. The brainchild of Mark Ellingham, the founder of Rough Guides, they offer an excellent selection of expert-picked highlights in easy-todigest nuggets, with lots of attractive photographs. There is a useful map, too. Cond Nast Traveller City Guides iPhone/iPod Touch Bright and stylish guides split each city into districts, with color-coded reviews and a clever to-do list tool, but the app is slightly let down by its clunky filters. Current guides include New York, Rome, Barcelona and Paris. Lonely Planet - Android, iPhone/ iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia The best breadth of content, with 125 easy-to-use city guides and phrase books for iPhones and 25 Compass Guides, augmented-reality apps for Android, plus five e-books for the iPad. Footprint iPhone/iPod Touch and Android Footprint has gone for a more exotic spread: 51 destinations, including Havana, Hanoi and La Paz, as well as more popular cities such as Cape Town and Sydney. Clear, simple listings, attractive photography, and reader reviews.

Planning and booking

Google Earth (Free) Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch, Nokia This brilliant app lets users fly to their holiday location for a birds-eye view of where they will be staying, or simply use it as an armchair tool to explore the world. Kayak (Free) Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile One of the first searching apps, and still probably the best, with clear, quick flight, hotel and car hire results, and links to allow for booking. The Trainline (Free) Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone/iPod Touch Timetables and fares, with live search and bookings, plus useful favorites tool. Tripit (Free) Android, iPhone/iPod touch and BlackBerry A handy all-in-one app that collates all your holiday and flight confirmation emails into one travel itinerary. Worldmate (Free) Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile Flights and hotels search, plus collating of travel itineraries and clever click-throughs (such as flight status

Destination guides
Cool places iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad and Android




The American Society of So Paulo

and check-ins), maps and currency converter. Live snow reports, webcams and ski-related news Weather Pro Android, iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry Most smartphones have their own in-built weather apps, but a good addon is this, with worldwide forecasts, satellite images and charts.

Currency exchange
Xe (Free) Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch A simple, live currency converter that lets you choose your favorite currencies for comparison. Thomas Cook What Rate (Free) Android, iPhone/iPod Touch An easy-to-use converter, with simplified charts and pleasant, clean design.

On the road
Wikitude (Free) Android, iPhone/iPod touch One of the best augmented reality apps available, which lets you point your phones camera at your surroundings and then annotates the screen with notes on local accommodation, restaurants and sites. TomTom iPhone/iPod touch and Windows Mobile The well-known satellite navigation brand is available for mobile downloads. Google Sky Map (Free) Android, iPhone/iPod Touch A bit of fun when youre away; simply point your phone at the night sky and it will show the planets and constellations. Off Exploring (Free) iPhone and iPod Touch This lets you quickly and easily type up a blog, add a location and photographs and post your latest on the website for friends and family to see.

Earworms iPhone/iPod Touch Self-styled revolutionary language learning apps, these 70-minute audio lessons use mesmerizing music and repetition to get your brain to remember key words and phrases. Weirdly effective. Lonely Planet Phrasebooks Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch, Nokia, Windows Mobile Easy-to-use, comprehensive phrase books with more than 600 spoken and phonetically written phrases for each guide, organized into subsections. Google translate (Free) iPhone/iPod Touch and Android Type or speak into your phone and let it instantly translate into 15 languages (with mixed success if you dont speak clearly).

Fellowship Community Church

The Welcome Place since 1921
Phone (11) 3253-7609

09:00 am - Walking in Faith Classes (English and Portuguese)


10:30 am Worship Service (English only) 06:00 pm Culto em portugus

Conveniently located on Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 Bela Vista Just a block and a half from the Brigadeiro Metro station on the Avenida Paulista




H ousing
Vila Nova Conceio So Paulos best place to live. Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all Sports facilities, heated swimming pool, gym, play room, barbecue, multi purpose sports court. Three bedrooms (1 suite), living room with terrace, complete kitchen,maids bedroom and bath, big service area, two parking spaces. Fully furnished,with allappliances. Call Ana Beatriz or Eliane Phone (011) 3849.7085 or (011) 96266229-mail to: Looking for apartments Looking for furnished, fully equipped apartments in So Paulo. Offer management, promotion, purchasing, remodeling and decoration services for your property. We will rent your flat to foreign tourists & executives visiting the city looking for alternative accommodations. Highly experienced specialized international group. Contact: Paola B. de Estrada 92102201, or Qualified Learning Specialist Success in school leads to success in life. Areas of expertise include in-home support for academics, behavior modification, and intensive preparation for SSAT, PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, TOIEC, IGCSE, and IB Diploma Programme. References furnished upon request. Dr. Wendy M. Smith can be reached at: 3885.7256 [office] or 9236.5267 [mobile]. Math and Science Tutor Teacher with 25-plus years of experience, tutors Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Science for all levels, including but not limited to the IB, IGCSE, SAT-I & II, ACT, AP and Brazilian vestibular. Elementary and middle school students are also welcome (all subjects). Currently St. Francis School, formerly Chapel and Graded. Call Fernando Knijnik at (11) 9134-6700. Selling Up Go with a pro! We have been selling household goods for families, individuals, and companies for more than 20 years in So Paulo and Brasilia for embassies. We have hundreds of preselected clients wanting to buy from you, safe and sound! Send an e-mail to meredithsales@ or or call (11) 5908-1144 or (11) 7997-8808. Ask for Ms. Zaquie Meredith. Personal Trainer I will come to your home, office, or workout facility and create an exercise/fitness program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and schedule. For adults and children, individuals or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. For more information please contact Daniela Franco at (11) 9739-6191 or dsf29@ Argos Dog Kennel Traveling? What about your dog? Argos Kennel Hotel could be his second home in the country. Food, water, and shelter with lots of love and personal care. No lonely kennel for him, but our home and the freedom of a spacious garden. Fetch and carry service. English and French spoken. Call Jean or Christiane at (11) 4661-1430 or (11) 7230-3369 or send an e-mail to Jean. Embu Guau, SP. For Sale - 2008 GM Zafira Expression 2.0 Flex engine automatic (mint condition), ABS, airbag, alarm, on board computer, cruise control, digital air conditioner, power steering, antivandalism insulfilm protection. 7 seats, 78.000 KM, single owner, all maintenance done at dealer, new brakes, tires, oil change with filter, kept in covered garage. Price R$ 41.000,00. Please contact Eileen Tasso 11-5644-5482 (h) American-Licensed Expat Psychologist Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psychotherapy for children and adults. He also provides complete diagnostic evaluations in English for children with academic or behavioral difficulties, featuring individualized recommendations for school and home. For more information, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or 9669-8057 or visit American-Licensed Psychotherapist In this busy and ever-changing world, people often feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place to turn. Psychotherapy/counseling can provide a safe place to receive professional guidance and support. Brief or longer-term therapy offered depending on your needs, goals and expectations. Services: individual, couples, child/adolescent. Certified to conduct Adoption Home Study for American Citizens. Contact: Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 5051-5988 or 9656-2106 or send an e-mail to Located in Moema.

S ervices
Pet Sitter Pets can make travel difficult. If youre traveling, you need someone to take care of your pets. Kennels can be stressful and upsetting. Let your pets stay in the comfort and surroundings of your home. At My Pets Nanny, we come to your home to take care of your pets. Get peace of mind when youre on vacation. Contact a pet sitter from My Pets Nanny today at / Vet Housecalls Homevets offers veterinary services for Dogs, Cats, Birds and exotic pets all in the comfort of your own home. We provide examinations, vaccinations, physical therapy, preventive care, as well as quality care for sick animals. Veterinary housecalls are more convenient for you and more comfortable for your pets. Call us today at 9667-0056 or /

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May 2012
5 5e6 Saturday Saturday and Sunday

The American Society of So Paulo

Learn more about this months AmSoc events (highlighted) at
Important Dates: 1 Labor Day (br), 13 mothers Day (br & Us), 28 memorIaL Day (Us)

Tennis Matches + Churrasco Virada Cultural SP

Come play tennis and enjoy a Brazilian Barbecue at 10 am at the So Paulo Athletic Club SPAC. Call John Kennedy: (11) 9951-9103 A free event that attracts millions of people to the streets every year with 24 hours of cultural schedule. To check the schedule: Time: 9h00 - 12h00 / Location: Espao Escandinavo. Rua Job Lane, 1030 - Alto da Boa Vista. Please RSVP to: Dance the night away at our premiere charity dinner dance on May 11, with silent and live auction. To buy tickets access: or Call us at the Office: (11) 5182-2074 Time: 9h00 - 12h00. Location: Given upon RVSP Please RSVP to The US Band that got known with All Star comes to Brazil! 10pm at Via Funchal. To buy your tickets you can go to Via Funchal or buy online After Mamma Mia!, the Band Rod Hanna comes back to the Teatro Bradesco Stage to show its most recent presentation. The show brings new versions of Priscilla, Mamma Mia, Saturday Night Fever and others! At Teatro Bradesco: Shopping Bourbon So Paulo - Rua Turiassu, - Piso Perdizes, 2100 - Perdizes The British band comes to Brazil to a free show! At Parque da Independncia: Av. Nazareth, s/n - Ipiranga. Time TBD. For more in information: A virtuous violinist, Andr Rieu and his Orchestra come to So Paulo Ginsio do Ibirapuera: Rua Manoel da Nbrega, 1361 - Paraso

9 11

Wednesday Friday

INC Monthly Coffee & Bazaar Gala Event

16 20

Wednesday Sunday

INC Red Rose Smash Mouth Show



Rod Hanna on Broadway



Franz Ferdinand Show

29 to june 10th Every day except Monday

Andr Rieu Concert

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General Motors Chevrolet Major Sponsor of the AmSoc Gala

It is with great pleasure that the American Society of So Paulo announces General Motors do Brasil Chevrolet as the major sponsor of our Annual Gala 2012. Chevrolet a brand of GM has made a generous donation of R$40,000 to help us reach our charitable goals for the event, which includes a substantial donation to Associaao Maria Helen Drexel an organization that provides a home-like environment and education for more than 70 at-risk children in So Paulo. Part of our culture is to be very active in our communities. GM wants to be and strives to be everywhere we are operating, said GM Communications Director Pedro Dias. Working together with the American Society on this event, we are certain well make a difference. GM has been producing Chevrolet vehicles in Brazil for 87 years, during which time the company has made social responsibility a priority. Every year, the Instituto General Motors provides financial support to a number of social projects in and around the communities where the company operates, with a focus on educational and health initiatives that help people increase their standard of living and improve their way of life. GMs social responsibility program aligns well with the American Societys philanthropic efforts. The American Society supports 10 institutions in So Paulo that focus on children and education. Generous corporate donations like the one from Chevrolet have helped us invest more than R$8.000.000 in these organizations over the past five years. We are extremely grateful for Chevrolets donation to the Gala event, said American Society President Joe Sherman. And we look forward to our continued relationship with GM and Chevrolet in helping to build a better future for So Paulos children. General Motors do Brasil operates three factories that produce cars in Brazil, including one in Caetano do Sul and one in So Jose dos Campos, both of which are in the state of So Paulo. The company is the largest GM subsidiary in South America, selling more than 630,000 Chevrolets in Brazil last year alone, and is one of five centers worldwide involved with the engineering, design and manufacturing of GM vehicles. For more information about General Motors do Brasil, visit brasil or follow them on Twitter at www.

Mariott and PWC Sponsor Gala

It was an exciting day for the American Society when General Motors Chevrolet became a major sponsor of our Annual Gala on May 11th. The excitement built even more when Pricewaterhouse Coopers joined the boat. And we were thrilled when Marriott, through the hard work of their Brazil country manager and American Society member, Gil Zachi, sent us a list of more than 10 hotel and resort stays (in Rio, Buenos Aires, Miami, Orlando, Aruba and New Orleans, to name just a few) for our auction. These generous donations are helping us achieve our financial goals for the Gala - raising money for Associao Maria Helen Drexel and supporting other American Society charitable work.The price of tickets just covers the cost of the event; it is only through corporate sponsorships and auction donations that we can make money to give to our charities. Donations like the ones from GM, PwC and Marriott help us ensure the success of our mission. We are still hoping for more so help us if you can!