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April 20, 2012 Alex Olsen 60 Arthur St. Fort Worth, Colorado 57834 TO TENANT(S) AND ALL OTHERS IN POSSESSION OF THE PREMISES LOCATED AT: 60 Arthur St., Fort Worth, Darum Colorado 57834 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that you have violated the following term(s) in your lease and/or rental agreement dated June 16, 2011: Section 3. Tenant has kept numerous pets on the property. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that within THREE (3) days after service of this notice, you are hereby required to perform the aforesaid covenant(s) OR quit the subject premises, move out, and deliver up possession of the same to Maria Pedula. Failure to perform aforesaid covenant (s) OR vacate the premises WITHIN THREE (3) days as required by this notice will result in forfeiture of the lease and/or rental agreement and will institute a Forcible Entry & Detainer lawsuit against you to recover rent, damages and possession of said premises. THIS IS INTENDED AS A THREE (3) DAY NOTICE TO DEMAND COMPLIANCE. THIS NOTICE IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH COLORADO REVISED STATUTES 13-40-104. LANDLORD RESERVES ALL THE RIGHTS AND REMEDIES PROVIDED UNDER THE RENTAL AGREEMENT AND UNDER APPLICABLE LAWS OF THE STATE OF COLORADO INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES FOR UNPAID RENT OR PROPERTY AND NOTHING IN THIS NOTICE MAY BE CONSTRUED AS A WAIVER OF SUCH RIGHTS AND REMEDIES. Dated: April 20, 2012 By: ______________________________ Maria Pedula Premium Properties, Inc 440 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, CO 57834 (734) 192-1234

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RETURN OF SERVICE I hereby certify that I served this notice on __________________ (date), in __________________ (County), Colorado by my selection below:

By leaving a true copy with _______________________________________ (Full Name)

By posting in a conspicuous place on the premises at _____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Served by ______________________ Signature ____________________

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