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Pennys Porsches Website Project Charter

Project Title: Pennys Porsches Customer Portal Date of Authorization: Feb 10, 2012 Project Start Date: Feb 13, 2012 Project Completion Date: July 31, 2012 Key Schedule Milestones: Requirements - March 1 Design and Mock Ups - April 1 Development - May 1 Regression, SI, and UA testing - May31 User Training - June 21 Go live - June 30 Control - July 31

Budget Information: One time capital costs of $515k have been put forward for implementation. Approximately $50K annually has been budgeted to support ongoing operating expenses for hosting and maintenance

Project Manager: Matthew C. Miller Project Objectives: The customer portal for Pennys Porsches will be this organizations initial foray into establishing a web presence to support its commercial operations. The primary objective is to create a customer portal in which existing and potential customers may obtain information about the companys products and make inquiries related to the same. This project is a significant component to the organizations larger growth strategy to penetrate new markets and develop fresh ways of conducting business. Main Project Success Criteria: The website will meet industry standards for usability and performance and provide a rich experience for PPs customers. Additionally, the project will be completed in the time allotted as other activities in the above mentioned growth strategy rely on timely completion. Approach: Requirement gathering will begin on the appointed start date which will better refine required scope. At this point, any adjustments to timeline based on this refinement will be addressed.

Development will occur via the staff at mattweb on the mattweb DEV, QAS, and production environments. Upon completion of Regression testing, the customer will be responsible for execution of SI and UA testing with the support of mattweb professional services staff. Training and use of the solution will be performed by the customer. In post go live; monitoring will occur as part of warranty period to ensure proper operation.

Roles and Responsibilities: Name John Johnson Tom Jeffries Matthew Miller Ron Tenney Amit Khare Imran Vohra Role Project Sponsor Customer IT Proj Mgr Project Manager Project Support Project Support Project Support Position Commercial Director IT Project Manager Project Manager Analyst Web Developer DBA Email

Stakeholder Sign Off: Matthew C. Miller John Johnson Tom Jeffries