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By Rajendra Singh Chauhan -- Vyakhyan delivered at Alaknanda annual function 2012

God sends us in this world with the five treasures ( koshas) . These are

1. Body (Annamaya kosha),

2. Nervous system or Pranas (Pranamaya kosha),

3. Mind (Manomaya kosha),

4. Intelligence (Jananamaya kosha) and

5. Soul (Anandamaya kosha)

With these five koshas; one can either rise to the extent of oneness with the Absolute, attain the form of Supreme Soul (moksha), or one may degrade and ruin oneself.

1. Body ‘Annamaya Kosha’: Anna means food, we get energy from food, it is necessary for the growth and strength of the body, but the body by its very nature is prone to sickness and weakness. Then, how to keep it intact? Here comes in Yoga, it provides various means of shat-karmas and asanas to keep the body clean and healthy naturally. Therefore, it is the first and foremost religious duty of everyone to keep the body fit.

2. Nervous System (Pranamaya Kosha): Next is the ‘Pranamaya kosha’. A question may be asked, from where the body gets the strength. The entire net of nerves or the network in which the pranas flow through is called the nervous system. Life is not possible without pranas, anything without pranas is dead.

We have to strengthen this treasure also, if it fails then everything fails. If the ‘pranamaya kosha’ in the body partially fails it would lead to paralysis, the limbs tremble or one is unable to move the limbs at all, the whole control of the limbs is lost. A weak nervous system may cause other problems such as headache, epilepsy, loss of memory, feeling of heaviness in of the body, hypertension etc. Doctors do not have exact cure for such problems. Yoga alone comprises the means of Pranayama and dugdh neti etc to strengthen the nervous system.

3. Mind (Manomaya Kosha): Pranas are deeply associated with the mind; it is the source from where the pranas derive strength. No matter, how strong is the body and nervous system, all the strength fails, if the mind is weak.

This can be understood from the common incidents, when a person gets some bad news, one becomes pale, feels giddiness, breaths upsets and one falls also. It is because of the weak mind, which results in weakness of the pranas and the body collapses. Why the mind becomes weak? It is because of its very nature, mind is fickle and so its energy remains scattered. A fickle or capricious mind can never be strong, and a weak mind can never do great deeds.

Yoga comprises various means to stabilize and strengthen the mind. When wavering of the mind stops, it settles down in its own form and realizes soul, which is fraction of the Absolute and the real form of the person. Thus the mind starts getting energy from there and attains

Rajendra Singh Chauhan Hamirpur

strength. But, who helps the mind in this pursuit, curbs it from going astray and guides to the right course? It is the next treasure, the intelligence.

4. Intelligence (Vijnanamaya Kosha): We noticed the sequence that body works under pranas,

pranas work under mind and mind is under the control of intelligence. The body may be considered as a chariot, the senses as the horses, mind is the rein in the hands of the charioteer that is intelligence and soul is the passenger quietly seated within. It depends on the charioteer, which way it takes the chariot. If the intelligence goes astray; the consequences would be

disastrous. These very instruments lift the soul to higher worlds and may lead to utter degradation also.

It is done by going to a Yogi Guru, obeying his words, purity of thoughts and study of Yogic scriptures such as the ‘Gita’ or ‘Shri Yoga Mahadivya Ramayana’ etc, for knowledge first goes to intelligence, it directs the mind which informs the pranas and the body acts accordingly.

These four are deeply associated with one another.


The Gita tells two branches of knowledge; the knowledge of nature that is called science (Vijnana), and knowledge of God (the Lord of Nature) is called wisdom (jnana). Wisdom is the light, Guru kindles within, it evolves further by Yogic practices and a stage comes, when a yogi sees and knows the entire universe or realizes the soul as well as the Lord of Nature (God) within him. Then there remains nothing else to know in the universe, but it is not possible without Yoga and guidance of the Guru.

5. Soul (Ananandmaya Kosha): The final asset that stands even higher than the intelligence is Soul; the unborn, undying and eternal, remains unaltered and unassailed ever, it is called Anandmaya kosha’, the treasure of the purest joy. Soul is beyond the intelligence, also known as the supreme reality, for it is the fraction of the Supreme Soul, which is the ultimate source of energy, wisdom and the purest eternal joy. Hence, soul and the Supreme Soul are the same, like fire, no matter whether it is a small candle-fire or a huge flare; its characteristics are the same.

When one finds shelter of the yogi Guru and follows his instructions with utmost faith and diligence, then, the intelligence stabilizes and sets in the soul. Thus, one attains the state of Samadhi, in which one finds a unique joy, and all the treasures (intelligence, mind, pranas and body) get strengthened. A person in this state is said to be in ‘Anandmaya kosha’, the ultimate joy or union with the Absolute.

Our endeavors and achievements in this life determine the state of our next life. All the worldly wealth and power is only up to this world, whereas Yoga shows the ways to enhance the wealth of these treasures, which would benefit us not only in this life but beyond it as well. All that we get is according to our thoughts, efforts and deeds.

Yoga alone imparts the most comprehensive education for the complete development of man, showing the way to lead a happy life not only in this world but beyond it as well. Yoga shows the means, right from cleaning of the nose to realization of self and the Absolute, which is the ultimate aim of human life. Therefore, the first thing is to determine the aim of life.

Rajendra Singh Chauhan Hamirpur