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Ulangan Umum Semester 1

Jalan Udayana 2A telp (0370)632606 Mataram LEMBAR SOAL Mata Pelajaran Kelas / Program Hari / Tanggal P u k u l



: MULOK (E.F.T) : X : Kamis/10 Desember 2009 : 10.30-12.00

PETUNJUK UMUM : 1. Tulislah identitas peserta Anda pada Lembar Jawab. 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya. 3. Laporkan kepada pengawas kalau terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau jumlah soal kurang. 4. Dahulukan mengerjakan soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah. 5. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas, bila diperlukan. 6. Selama mengikuti Ulangan Umum, peserta dilarang : a. Menanyakan jawaban soal kepada siapapun. b. Bekerja sama dengan peserta lain. c. Memberi dan atau menerima bantuan dalam menjawab soal. d. Memperlihatkan pekerjaan sendiri kepada peserta lain dan atau melihat pekerjaan peserta lain. 8. Periksa pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas


1. Here are some places you find in the airport, except.. a. Customs b. Luggage claim area c. Arrival lobby d. Hotel information e. Laboratory 2. A person who helps and serves you at the shop is called. a. Customer b. Shop assistant c. Shop director d. Shop owner e. Shopper 3. Which of the following sentence is the most correct one? a. How much it is? b. How much is these? c. How much is bag? d. How much is this bag? e. How much the price the bag? 4. Airport Staff : .? Passenger : Ill take the business \ one. a. Which airline will you take? b. Which one is yours? c. Which do you wish? d. What class would you take? e. What is your ticket? 5. Which airline would you..with? Garuda airline! a. Fly b. Flies c. Flew d. Flying e. Flight For question no 6-9 are based on this passage. Here are some regulations inside the plane. Fill the blanks with suitable words. Do not(6).in the lavatories or while standing in the aisles Radios or passengers cellular phone must not be (7)..during the flight Seatbelts must be (8) at all times in case of unexpected turbulence (9). must be

closed securely after use at all times 6. a . smoked b. smoke c. Smokes d. Smoking e. Smoky a. Operate b. Operates c. Operated d. Operating e. Operation a. fast b. Fasten c. Fastened d. Fastening e. Faster a. Doors b. Windows c. Exit doors d. Overhead bins e. Seatbelts A place where the passengers luggage is checked and the passenger can make a declaration about it is called a. Luggage claim area b. Transit lounge c. Domestic check in d. Arrival lobby e. Customs Question 11-15 based on the following text Text 1 Senggigi Beach Senggigi beach has been known either by foreigners or domestic visitors, since it is supported by its enchanting and beautiful sphere and panorama. It is decorated by white sand stretching along it. The waving coconut trees and the harmony of the natural sphere around the beautiful rocks also various kinds of decorative fish add the beauty of this beach. This place is very ideal for lovers




of waterskiing. For accommodations, many luxurious starry hotels are available around it, also restaurants and souvenirs shops. Senggigi beach is located 12 km from city centre; Mataram. If you want to visit Senggigi beach, it takes only about 20 minutes drive. 11. The main idea of the passage is found in the .line. a. first b. second c. third d. fourth e. fifth 12. We can find these things in Sengigi beach, except a. Beautiful panorama b. Coconut trees c. Luxurious starry hotels d. Burglar e. Decorative fish 13. You go to..if you want to buy traditional products for your friends. a. Market b. Lavatories c. Souvenir shops d. Antique shops e. Exhibition 14. The word enchanting can be replaced by these words, except.. a. Captivating b. Wonderful c. Attractive d. Amusing e. Delightful 15. Which sentence is not true according to the passage? a. The beach is suitable for waterskiing lover b. It needs 20 minutes drive to reach c. We can go there by riding or driving d. Water-ski is not allowed e. It has white sand

16. Passenger should make aif they bring some liquid or sharp things. a. Deal b. Declaration c. Bargain d. Note e. List X : .? Y : It is 25 km from Mataram. a. How long is it? b. How length is it? c. How far is it? d. How far it is? e. How high it is? Study this dialogue to answer question 18-21 Mr. Dawson Miq Mardi Mr. Dawson : Good Morning, can you help me? : Hello good Morning, what can I do for you? : I am Jack Dawson, Im Kiwi. I plan to spend my holiday in Lombok but I dont know where I should go. Miq Mardi : Here, there are many wonderful tourism objects, such as waterfall, park, mountain, temples and beach. So which one do you prefer? Mr. Dawson Miq Mardi : Waterfall sounds good : I see, you can visit Sendang Gile waterfall. It lies in Senaru village, northern part of west Lombok. The waterfalls is about 75 m high. It lies on the path to the Rinjani Mountain area.

Mr. Dawson

: Wow, 75 m high? Thats cool. How long can I get there?

At the information Center Mr. Brown AO Mr Brown : Good Morning sir! : Good morning can I help you? : Yes, could you give me information about (23)....? AO Mr. Brown AO : Sure! May I know the (24).. please? : Singapore. : There is a Singapore Airline which (25) at 3 pm. Would you like to make a (26)..? Mr. Brown AO a. The time? : Not now, thank you. : Youre welcome.

Miq Mardi Mr. Dawson

: It takes about 45 minutes drives. : Alright, thank you for your information, see you next time.

Miq Mardi

: Ok, enjoy your holiday sir !

18. Where is Mr. Dawson from. a. England b. China c. Japan d. New Zealand e. Australia 19. What is Mr. Dawson doing in Lombok? a. Looking for a job b. Looking for a friend c. Buying a house d. Buying a car e. Having vacation d. Todays flight schedule? 20. What tourism object does Miq Mardi recommend? a. Rinjani Mountain b. Senaru c. Bayan d. Narmada e. Sendang Gile 21. The word lies means the same as these words, except a. Located b. Positioned c. Situated d. Replaced e. Placed 22. Due to the bad weather, the flight will be .for 1 hour, we are sorry for the inconvenience a. Delay b. Delays c. Delayed d. Delaying e. Delayer Study this dialogue to answer question 23-26. Dialogue 2

a. Destination b. Change c. Name d. Flight e. Airline 25. a. takes on b. takes off c. puts on d. puts off e. turns on a. reserve b. reservoir c. reservatory d. reservation e. reserves The characteristics of a good brochure are a. Brief and interesting b. Long and interesting c. Clear and boring d. Persuading the reader e. Full of pictures



28. a. b. c. d. e. 29. a. b. c. d. e. 30. a. b. c. d. e.

In a hotel brochure, the content will cover these items, except.. The location The special offer The facilities The price The weakness To make a brochure interesting, it must. contains pictures and colors explains everything sells something contains puzzle gives door prize The main function of advertisement is. Delivering information Persuading the reader Asking question Helping the reader Selling the information an