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Election Communication Edinburgh North And Leith Constituency Liberal Party in Scotland Candidate

John Hein

* Identity Cards are the key to a totalitarian state * Peace - Pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq * Legalise drugs and cut out the gangsters * Common ownership nationalisation is not a four-letter word! * EU - For a more democratic Europe but Stuff the Euro! * Education - no to tuition fees and full student grants for all over 16 * Housing - more low cost housing and use of empty properties * Asylum seekers are welcome here * Voting - An end to the X of illiteracy with Single Transferable Vote for all elections * PFI - we seek an end to this rip off * Transport - no more new road schemes - but maintain what we have properly * Post Office - retain and expand the sub office network, and restore late posting facilities and second delivery * Internet - Dont criminalise downloaders * Radio - Retain analogue FM and MW/LW services * Progressive Taxation - Tax Credit System (12K), Universal Inheritance and Site Value Rating


real change not small change!

The Liberal Party has a distinct and radical set of policies. Included in this leaflet are our three P's of politics - Peace, People and the Planet. At a national level, the Liberal Party has a heritage of radical ideas such as the NHS and state pensions. Let others squabble over the centre ground of Scottish politics. Liberals have a different vision of society. Taxation should be progressive and redistributive, paid by those who actually have the money. We should support small businesses with tax breaks whilst energy conservation work and essential commodities should by zero-rated for VAT. We're growing steadily as like-minded individuals join together in an increasingly potent force in politics, and throughout society.
Peace - the ultimate aim Liberals believe that we should be more flexible and open-minded in our approach to security. We propose: * immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq; * opposing USAnian interference in other countries; * an end to the international arms trade; * transferring resources and effort to non-military security; * the scrapping of the UK's nuclear arsenal and other weapons of mass destruction.

People - civil liberties Liberals are committed to advancing the rights and opportunities of the individual. We propose: * a Bill of Rights including rights of freedom of association, lawful demonstration, privacy and abortion; * no detention without trial or "house arrest"; * a fundamental right to privacy including a right to use strong encryption; * freedom to use Imperial or Metric measures; * gender-free domestic partnership laws; * high speed Internet access for all. Liberals oppose identity cards, both voluntary and compulsory.

Planet - our responsibility Liberals believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of the Earth. We must ensure that resources are conserved for future generations. We propose: * a return to traditional and sustainable farming; * a pan-European "pollution police force"; * research into non-polluting forms of energy and an end to power generation by nuclear fission; * increase in recycling, reduction of pollution during manufacture and an end to planned obsolescence.

Your local Liberal Party in Scotland Candidate can be contacted at: 78 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh. EH7 5JA. Phone: 0131-538 7300. Fax: 0131-539 2999. E-mail:

Promoted by Roy Isserlis on behalf of John Hein both at 78 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh. EH7 5JA. Printed by Ivanhoe Printing Company Limited, Eskmills Industrial Estate, Musselburgh. EH21 7PE.