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NUST Entrance Test

Sample Paper - SADA Cognitive and Aptitude Test (B Arch)

Part1: 2D Composition (20 minutes)

You are required to add to the shapes and lines to complete the composition/pattern. You are free to choose the placement of the objects according to their relative position on the sheet. The pattern must show a basic understanding of colour also. You must use minimum 2 and maximum 3 colours as part of your scheme.

Note: This composition must be made using a pencil/pen/coloured markers/pastels/colour pencils.

Part 2: 3D Visualisation/Drawing (1hour 40 minutes)

Choose 3-5 objects from your stationery box (pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers) and arrange them together as a single form. Now you are to draw this composition on the A3 sheet provided. > This drawing must be a freehand drawing (without the use of ruler/scale/set square).

Business Studies, Social & Natural Sciences and Architecture

> Careful analysis of the lines, shapes and depth of the model must be the basis of your drawing. > You must use HB and B series pencils to draw your form.

Note: You will be evaluated on the 3D form drawn, detail in drawing, understanding of form in 3D and line quality.



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Draw an imaginary table on which the arrangement is placed in your image. Use your creative skills to decide the shape, angle and texture of the table.


> Think of light and shadow which is created while drawing your form.


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