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Zero Point Energy, Kundalini and Shaktipat Zero Point Energy

Quantum theory has revealed the presence of an all-pervasive background sea of quantum energy in the universe. Cambridge Universitys Dr. Harold Puthoff was one of the first to measure this energy. He found what he called a seething cauldron of energy and it was given the name zero point energy (ZPE). Harold Puthoff proved that the physical vacuum is not devoid of energy at all. Princeton Universitys John Wheeler and Richard Feynman valued the zero point energy and calculated that a cup of zero point energy is enough to bring all the oceans of the world to boiling point. The term "Zero-point" refers to zero degrees Kelvin and it means that the energy is not thermal in nature. Quantum electrodynamics theorizes that all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction with zeropoint energy. Ordinary electromagnetic waves are called transverse electromagnetic waves, to distinguish them from the new scalar longitudinal electromagnetic waves. These scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. The emptiness of the vacuum is in fact not empty, but is a vast ocean of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) that underlies all physical reality. The scalar energy ocean is sometimes called zero-point energy-the all-pervading energy that fills the fabric of space. In the early 20th century Nikola Tesla was the first to discover the scalar wave. He had conducted many experiments while sending scalar waves around the Earth proving that scalar waves propagate over long distances with no loss in field strength. Unlike our current familiar electromagnetic wave that dissipates and loses its energy at a rate equal to the square of the distance from the source, Teslas longitudinal waves could travel any distance with practically no loss of energy. A Russian scientist, Kozyrev, rediscovered Teslas new type of nonelectromagnetic energy that travels in spiraling waves and called it torsion waves. Scientists now believe that torsion waves can be regarded as information carrying waves rather than energy waves. It has been suggested that torsion waves are linked to human consciousness and are created by

2 human thought and emotions. Torsion waves are the interface between the mental and the physical world. Max Planck, the inventor of Quantum theory, had hinted at the existence of non-material force behind the universe of atoms. He said: All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. Einstein and Dr. Eli Cartan predicted the existence of static torsion fields in 1913 in a theory that became known as the Einstein-Cartan Theory or ECT for short. Torsion fields never got very much interest in physics until Kozyrev discovered their actual existence. Quantum physicist David Bohm also believes that the universe is holographic in nature and that there is an undivided wholeness of all things. It is useless to think in terms of separate particles since they are like little whirlpools in the river, you cant tell where the whirlpool starts and the river ends. Bohm goes on to say that consciousness is not only present in animate life forms but also in inanimate matter since, energy, space, time and consciousness are not separate things. Contemporary science is revealing that the firm belief in a distinction between the material and the spiritual world is false. There is no duality, the universe is constructed from one and one substance only and both the physical and mental world springs forth from this single substance called the aether. Many scientists have crossed the bridge between science and spirituality and now believe that the primordial conscious energy of the universe is the first cause of creation. They believe that the empty space of the universe is not empty at all. It contains a spiritual energy that modern day science has rediscovered as the aether but this energy has been known for thousands of years in many ancient spiritual traditions by names such as the Prana, Chi, Ki and Akashic energy of the universe. In his book, The God Theory: Universes, Zero-point Fields, And What's Behind It All Bernard Haisch, an astrophysicist, suggests that the zero-point field (the quantum vacuum) relates to awareness: "The fact that the zero-point field is the lowest energy state makes it unobservable. We can only perceive it, as we perceive many things, by way of contrast. Your

3 eye works by letting light fall on an otherwise-dark retina. But if your eye were filled with light, there would be no darkness to afford the contrast" (page 71). Haisch also writes: "Einstein's special relativity theory tells us that light propagation defines the properties of space and time. I argue that light propagation may actually create space and time. The zero-point field inertia hypothesis implies that the most fundamental property of matter, namely mass, is also created by light" (page 119). Bernard Haisch provides additional points to substantiate his views in another book, The PurposeGuided Universe: Believing in Einstein, Darwin and God. He has concluded that the origin of this universe and all others that may exist lies in the will of a supreme consciousness, a consciousness that we all possess, in varying degrees. He believes that we will discover in this century that we shape our reality via consciousness to a much greater degree than is presently acknowledged. Erwin Laszlo, Hungarian born philosopher of Science, in his book Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything presents the idea that all knowledge in the universe (or more accurately, the metaverse) is carried as an energy wave in, or as a part of, the quantum vacuum. This is called Akashic Field Theory. It is an interesting blending of philosophy and physics in an attempt to provide a deeper understanding of consciousness. Laszlo claims that his Akashic Field Theory provides solutions to many of quantum physics larger theoretical problems, such as non-locality and quantum entanglement. In her book The Field, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart provides an overview of recent scientific discoveries that demonstrate that there is an all-encompassing energy field connecting man and matter. In their search for the smallest particle, scientists discovered the fields special characteristics and potential. The Zero Point Field appears to provide the explanation for countless known phenomena and processes that had stumped the scientific community for generations. Gravity, electromagnetism, clairvoyance, telepathy and the spontaneous healing of wounds: the origins of these diverse phenomena can all be traced back to this quantum field. She writes: Researchers discovered that the Zero Point Field contains the blueprint for our existence. Everything and everyone is connected with one another through this field in which all information from all time is said to be stored. Ultimately, everything from man to matter can be traced back to a collection of electric charges that are continually in

4 contact with this endless sea of energy. Our interaction with this field determines who we are, will become and have been. The field is the alpha and omega of our existence. Richard Maurice Bucke, a Canadian doctor, in his book Cosmic Consciousness, which was published in 1901, rationally examined the concept of cosmic consciousness. According to Bucke, cosmic consciousness implied human awareness of the cosmic order of the universe. This awareness is preceded by change in the state of mind and awareness of an individual. Along with the awareness comes intellectual enlightenment or illumination which is followed by a state of moral exultation and a feeling of joyfulness. A person having attained this awareness also realizes immortality and gets the feeling that life is eternal. In the history of mankind there have been some persons such as Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed and others who had attained cosmic consciousness. In fact, the attainment of cosmic consciousness can be compared to the awakening of the Kundalini. Gabriel and Wagner, in their book Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing (1999) have suggested that tachyon energy comes from the zero-point-energy. According to them, the scientific community has shown that matter is nothing more than the condensation of a vibrating, universal substrate of subtle energy. This is the virtual condition that is known as zero-point-energy. Matter is created when zero-point-energy is transformed into tachyon energy. The tachyon energy is then transformed by the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF'S). In spiritual terminology, 'pure consciousness', 'cosmic energy' and 'universal prana' correspond with this perfect organized, non-manifested state. A video describing Tachyon energy and how it relates to the Zero Point Field is available on the following webpage: Some medical practitioners have concluded that AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) based on Zero Point Energy enables an ailing person to bring his or her Bio Energetic Field to homeostasis (original state) through a natural process. To assist the process, they suggest to use Zero Point Energy. Amega Global, a commercial company, deals with bio energetic products that claim to tap the zero point field energy. A video on explanation of The Zero Point Field from AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) perspective is available on the following webpage:

5 The Hutchison effect based on zero point energy is a collection of phenomena that were discovered by John Hutchison in 1979. Hutchison has been experimenting in his apartment with scalar waves using Tesla coils and a Van de Graaff generator. Using radio wave interference of low energy input but at high voltages of hundreds of kilo Volts, he discovered amazing effects on levitation of heavy metals, fusion of dissimilar materials, anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material and fracturing metals in a strange way. His experiments defy all common laws of nature! His anomalous waves having anti-gravity abilities seem to alter space-time itself. A video on John Hutchinsons experiments is available on the following webpage: Some other medical practitioners and doctors are suggesting use of zero point energy wand for reducing pain and inflammation, relieving arthritis, improving fat loss, decreasing stress, detoxing the body, reducing fatigue, improving sleep etc. There are over 300 zero point energy wands in the market including all the different brands out there such as the Iyashi Wand, AM Amega wand, Free The Wand, Nano wand Original Japanese Energy Wand etc. Dr. Ross Andersen and Jean Perrins claim to have invented the Iyashi Wand by enhancing and re-engineering the standard zero point energy wands through Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. Several books written by them and others explain how the wands work and the science behind this phenomena. More information on Iyashi Wand is available on the following website:

Sir John Woodroffe (pen name Arthur Avalon) was one of the first western scholar to bring to limelight the notion of kundalini in early 20th century. As High Court Judge in Calcutta, he became interested in Shaktism

6 (devotion to goddess or shakti and Hindu Tantra. His translation of and commentary on two texts (the Shat-chkra-nirpana and Pduk-Panchaka) on Kundalini Yoga was published as The Serpent Power. Woodroffe called kundalini as "Serpent Power" for lack of a better term in the English language but "kundala" in Sanskrit means "coiled". Western awareness of the idea of kundalini was strengthened by the Theosophical Society and the interest of the psychoanalyst Carl Jung (1875 1961). Jung's seminar on kundalini yoga, presented to the Psychological Club in Zurich in 1932, has been widely regarded as a milestone in the psychological understanding of Kundalini. To Carl Jung, Kundalini yoga presented with a model for the development of higher consciousness. Sri Ramana Maharshi maintained that the kundalini energy is nothing but the natural energy of the Self, where Self is the universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness present in every being, and that the individual mind of thoughts cloaks this natural energy from unadulterated expression. Gopi Krishna described kundalini as a strong current of psychic energy that ascends from the base of the spine to the head. In this way consciousness transcends the ordinary limits. There is an inborn evolutionary power that awakens during one's spiritual development. In the Western world, the Kundalini is symbolized by the medical symbol of the caduceus, the rod with two snakes coiled around it in spirals. At the top are two wings, which are images of Mercury or Hermes who are the messengers of the Gods. The caduceus is the symbol for healing, health, and transformation. The center rod symbolizes the spinal cord. In Yoga philosophy the center cord is called the Sushumna and it represents the grounding, neutral cord of the three parts of the rising Kundalini. There are two nerve currents called Pingal and Id, and a hollow canal called Sushumn running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal, there is a coiled up power called the Kundalini. When that Kundalini awakes, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the person. When it reaches the brain, the person is perfectly detached from the body and mind; the soul finds itself free.

7 Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness. Practitioners call Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness because they claim it expands sensory sensitivity, enhances intuition, and merges individual consciousness with the infinite consciousness of God. Considered an advanced form of yoga and meditation, its goal is to cultivate and harness the unlimited creative and spiritual potential that exists within every human being. Kundalini is the highest energy of the infinite, coiled up at the base of the human spine. It is within the kundalini where contact is made between the infinite divine creative energy and the finite psychic energy. For the Soul to gain its highest spiritual potential while incarnated in a physical form, the great mass of Kundalini energy locked in the root chakra must be released to travel up to the crown chakra. The root chakra, at the base of the spine, represents our connection to the feminine Goddess energy, or Shakti, that is manifest in the body of planet Earth. The crown chakra, at the top of our head, represents the masculine God energy, or Shiva, that exists as pure potential in the nonphysical dimensions. When the Goddess Kundalini has traveled up the spine to meet her Divine Mate, the union of Spirit and Matter are consummated. When Goddess Shakti is awakened, She sweeps us up in Her tremendous passion to reunite with Her Lord Shiva in the crown chakra. This Mystical Marriage symbolizes the combining of the male and female energies within our bodies and the awakening of our multidimensional consciousness. When our Kundalini awakens it turns our awareness inward to our Source. It offers us an opportunity to uncover who we are, where we come from, and where our true Home is. It is the beginning of the spiritual journey that enables us to regain our multidimensional consciousness. However, in order for the latent Kundalini energy to rise up the spinal cord without physical incident, our male and female energies must be balanced and our chakras must be clear. When the Kundalini awakens it is a dramatic transformational force that flows through the nadis, the nerve channels of the body, and rises up from the base of the spine via the Sushumna. As this force enters each chakra it increases their spin. The experience is a mix of bliss, joy, terror, and rage. Each memory and emotion trapped within every chakra must be cleared. This clearing can be painful, but as it is completed

8 we can experience life with a level of peace and joy that was once unimaginable.

Although the Serpent Power (Kundalini Shakti) is all pervading and eternal, it remains dormant in the human body. By the grace of the spiritual master the dormant Kundalini Shakti becomes active. The layers over the Kundalini are removed and she merges into her original form of the Divine Entity by the transmission of spiritual power. Owing to the awakening of the Kundalini, the vital Life Force (Prana) rises upward and consequently mind and Life Force (Prana) both merge into one. Shaktipat (shower of energy), also known as Kundalini Maha-yoga is a self-perfecting spiritual practice, in which the Kundalini power causes an initiate to perform kriyas (automatic movements) through the power of Kundalini itself. Therefore, its other name is Siddha-yoga, or "the selfproven path of meditation," in which it is the Shakti itself that performs the meditation. Shaktipat has been described as the projection of the guru's "aura" on the disciple who thereby acquires the higher mental state, hence the importance of the high spiritual level of the guru. The physiological phenomena of rising kundalini then naturally manifest. Shaktipat is also considered an act of divine grace through a guru. Its reception cannot be forced though the recipient must be open to such an influx since it also cannot be imposed by force. The very consciousness of the guru is held to enter into the self of the disciple, constituting awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. In the system of the Siddha Yoga the initiated has to make no efforts to achieve his final goal. Hence it is called the Siddha Yoga. The follower of this path starts experiencing various involuntarily movements of the mind and body due to the will power of the spiritual master. The tendencies of the mind towards the external worldly pleasures of the aspirant are slowly reverted to inner bliss of the Soul. The extrovert aspirant gradually becomes introvert by the grace of his spiritual master. Through Sushumna from the

9 base of the spinal cord (Mooladhara Chakra), current of the Life Force (Prana), moves upward towards Sahasrara Chakra. It is felt by the initiated and he also starts getting various spiritual experiences. Just as a lamp is kindled by another lamp, a spiritual master awakens the serpent power (Kundalini) of the aspirant. Shaktipat may be compared to jump start of the spiritual energy that lies dormant in a person like the weak battery in the car. When the spiritual power is activated by the spiritual master, it starts functioning for the progress of the awakened Serpent Power (Kundalini). It is therefore important to let the involuntary physical actions move freely, and to control the wandering thoughts the mind should be left on the automatic and natural breathing process. The pleasant impact holds the aspirant firmly towards the inner blissful experience. It is said that Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa by merely a touch graced Shri Vivekananda with the spiritual power which led him to achieve his life's ultimate goal of Self-Realization. To achieve one's life's goal (SelfRealization) it is important to have recourse to the Siddha Yoga for his spiritual progress. The follower of this path can maintain the equilibrium of his mind and body in these circumstances of stress and strain. He can easily attain the stage of a person with a steady mind. Shaktipat is the descent of the spiritual energy. Since energy is all pervading and is present in every particle of nature, the question arises, "Where does this energy come from and where does it go?" The interpenetration of spiritual energy occurs through quantum waves, electromagnetic waves, scalar waves, light waves, acoustic waves and through the super conduction of consciousness. For spiritualists, awkening of the kundalini or Shaktipat is attaining higher level of consciousness. A scientist could say that this is the state of reaching the Zero Point Energy Field. In reality, both are the expressions of one reality, the spiritual enlightenment. --O--