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Executive Summary Fraser &Neave Holdings Bhd(F&N) is focus on the production, sale and marketing of soft drinks, dairy

products, and offer services relate to property development and sale. F&N have many brand used to emphasize the well-built category brands such as Fruit Tree, 100 Plus, Seasons, Nutrisoy, Ice mountain and etc. In order to promote the brand of F&N, our advertising agency decides to launch guerilla advertising campaign. Guerilla advertising campaign is a strategy which is low cost unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service. Besides that, the guerrilla advertising campaigns use by advertising agency are unexpected, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted in an unexpected places. So, our advertising agency plans to target the places at bus stop, lift, and street and so on. We choose the places such as bus stop are because these places are mostly people will pass by and easy notice by people. In addition, our advertising agency uses outdoor advertising and transit advertising to support guerilla advertising campaign. We create 3 Dimensional advertisements and the transit advertisement can move around the intercity. Moreover, we also use all the media such as internet advertisement to let people know about our campaign. The clients of guerilla advertising campaign are including 13 years old to 40 years old. F&N have famous carbonated isotonic sports drinks like 100 PLUS. Therefore, the clients also include athletes. Furthermore, our advertising agency always have meeting to discuss and identify this advertising campaign to satisfy the needs and wants of client. Besides that, we plan to launch guerilla advertising campaign is to attract people attention. It also can create a memorable brand experience.

Key Planning Decision The target audience of this guerilla advertising campaign is focus to teenagers who are pursuing excitement from 13 years old to 19 years old and it also focus to the adults who are 20 years old to 40 years old. Besides that, this guerilla advertising campaign also focus to the athletes. It is because this advertising campaign prefers carbonated isotonic sports drinks like 100 PLUS. The F&N products of 100 PLUS can helps body to achieve hydration and electrolyte loses. When the athletes drink 100 PLUS, they can feel refresh and it can help their body full of energy. The objective of the guerilla advertising campaign is wanted to maintain brand positioning F&N in order to improve F&N's awareness. F&N will become more famous and also can let all Malaysian know the products of F&N through the creative and interesting advertisement. Our advertising campaign provides 3 Dimensional advertisements to attract attention of audience. These 3 Dimensional advertisements will be place at whole Malaysia and so every state will have our F&N advertisement. We will separate into 2 group of advertising, there are out-door advertising and transit advertising, the advertisement will place at bus stop, lift and street. Both of advertising at the places are easy see by consumers and can give them a stronger impression. Moreover, they also can easy recognize the brand of F&N. "The early bird gets the worm". We held the advertising campaign also wants F&N to become first mover that creates the 3Dimensional drink advertisement in the Malaysia. If F&N become the first mover to create the 3Dimensional advertisement of F&N, it can be the first company to offer a product in a marketplace. Besides that, F&N also can be long-term market winner. Furthermore, due to F&N is the first mover to create 3Dimensional advertisement, so it can stimulate human senses and whole target audiences will pleasantly surprise. According to that, F&N can build a customer base though guerilla advertising campaign. Consumers can also realize the brand of product F&N and they will always buy it. Other than that, first mover also can make F&N become a strong brand. The brand of F&N can also become more famous than other drinks brand. Its position will become steadier in the selling market and it can defeat its competitors.

Malaysia is a tropical country. It also located at equator so recently the weather is hot and Malaysian always live in the hot situation. Though held the advertising campaign of F&N, we can emphasis the product of F&N which can reduce the summer heat such as 100 PLUS, ICE MOUNTAIN and FRUIT TREE to the consumers. This type of drink can make consumers to refresh their body, give them energy and reduce hotness feeling. So, we encourage consumers can purchase this type of F&N products.

Creative Strategy The main theme of the F&N is Close to it, Feel it. It means to persuade consumer to try it and feel the cool and refreshing that F&N provides during the summer season. It will be a regretting choice of not choosing F&N as your first choice of beverages. Types of flavor and taste allow consumer to choose at their preferred. The main concept of the F&N is to provide satisfaction to the summers consumer. It is a cooling beverage and is suitable to consume it during summer season. It is a very good cooling machine to cool down your body during this hot season. F&N has come out with the drinks named SEASONS under its product line. These SEASONS drinks are mainly focused on the summer and hot countries. The products of SEASONS are such as SEASONS Soya Bean Milk, SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea, SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea and SEASONS Asian Drinks. Another concept for the F&N is also provides rehydration for the sportsman. F&N comes out with 100PLUS that is scientifically-tested isotonic formulation of carbohydrates, electrolytes and water that enables faster and more effective hydration. Thus, it also enhances a persons capability to perform at his or her peak. The rationale of the strategy is to attract consumers to the F&N drinks during summer season. There will be outdoor advertising and transit advertising. Poster panels will be advertising on the town areas which have the most population of people. Our billboard is created 40 feet off the ground so that it can get people to interact with it. Besides, it actually gets people to take pictures to ensure longevity beyond the time period that the company bought the space for. Transit advertising is also being used at every transit shelters, terminals and subways. Other than that, TVC, radio advertisement and internet advertisement will be used as well.

Summer Day Guerilla Advertising Campaign Week 1 January February March April May June July August September October November December O, T O, T, TV, R O, T, TV, R, W TV, R, W O, T O, T, TV, R, W O, T, TV, R, W O, T O, T, TV, R, W O, T, TV, R, W O, T O, T, TV, R, W O, T, TV, R, W Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

O - Outdoor Advertising T - Transit Advertising TV - Television Commercial R - Radio W - Internet Advertising

Scheduling Rationale Outdoor Advertising and Transit Advertising start on week 1 of June since summer days are started on week 3 of June. This advertising campaign start early 2 week is because it need to give the target audience a period time early to recognize that there will be a special form of outdoor advertising that was using 3 Dimensional advertisement and the transit advertisement can moving around intercity, so it can increase the reveal to the target audience. After 1 month of outdoor advertising and transit advertising, the television and radio will start to broadcast the TVC and radio advertisement on week 1 of July. Besides that, the outdoor advertisement and transit advertisement will still continue running due to continue appealing in target audience mind. This is because after a month of outdoor and transit advertisement start, the target audience will be have a concept of F&N advertisement. Then after they have the concept then F&N can start the TVC and radio advertisement to give more impression to the target audience. Start on week 2 of July, F&N will add in the internet advertisement to support the guerilla advertising campaign. All the media include outdoor advertisement, transit advertisement, TVC, radio advertisement and internet advertisement will run together continues until end of August. At the week 1 of September, there will be just TVC, radio advertisement and internet advertisement continues to run until end of the week. Due to the reason that Autumn season is coming next in week 3 of September, so that F&N can prepare new campaign for the coming season.

Appendix 1. An actual a) Three print advertisements

b) One billboard