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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Greener City has developed an event concept, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst the local community. The event concept will be focused around an environmentally sustainable furniture design competition. Greener City will use channels such as; online, social media and direct mail to communicate the key communication messages and generate interest, for the competition and event day.

The event will be supported by a strong public relations campaign to gain maximum exposure for the event and the primary sponsor. The committee is able to leverage from the strong relationships with the local print, radio, and magazine and television stations to ensure ample media coverage of the event. The target market for the campaign is, 18-32 year olds living in urban Sydney residing in apartments. The target market care about the environment but are unsure how to make a difference. Greener City also aims to target design students who are the future of the furniture industry. The event aims to target spectators who have a passion for the environment and society, and believe that by changing their ways in the home they are making a difference to society.

We believe that both parties will gain through this sponsorship program, as Greener City will have the financial support and IKEA will have a strong marketing opportunity to a relevant target audience. In order for the event to be possible Greener City requires assistance from IKEA for funding and marketing support. For their commitment IKEA will receive ample exposure. Overall, the proposed event provides the perfect platform for Greener City to educate the community about the environment. It will provide IKEA with access to a highly relevant target audience and the opportunity to communicate their environmental message.

INTRODUCTION The City of Sydney Councils Greener City board is dedicated to local environmental issues and projects. The board consists of four volunteer members of the local community who are well respected for their work for the environment. This year Greener City is committed to raising awareness of the innovative ways that todays younger generation can attribute to making our community more environmentally sustainable. Greener City plans to achieve the following goals via the proposed event:

1. Raise awareness of environmental issues amongst residents of the City of Sydney Council region.

2. Encourage and support students and younger community members to consider sustainability and the environment at home, work and school.

3. Create a community that is more conscious about the importance of environmental sustainability.

The council is proposing a sponsorship for this event to IKEA, as we believe the event aligns perfectly with the brands environmental and business goals. It is crucial that the main sponsor of the event has a strong environmental focus. We believe IKEA is the ideal partner as the brands mission is to help create a world where we take better care of the environment, the earths resources, and each other. We know this continuous improvement is a never-ending job, and that we are sometimes part of the problem. But we work hard to be part of the solution.1 IKEAs global initiative to install solar panels in their stores to save on energy consumption is a prime example of the brands efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.2

IKEA, 2011, People and the Environment, Available at:, Accessed: 13/01/2012

Charlotte Business Journal, December 2011, IKEA will install solar panels on Charlotte store, nine others, Available at, Accessed 15/01/ 2012

EVENT PLAN Event Overview The proposed event entitled Sustainability in the City aims to provide the local community of Sydney with inspiration for making the community a more sustainable place to live. The local community will be engaged by creating a competition for entrants to design an environmentally friendly piece of furniture. To ensure we gage the interest of the wider community we will make it possible for the general public to view and vote for their favourite entries.

The competition will ask entrants to provide: o Presentation sketches o Description of function and usage o Description of material, its origin and environmental and/or social benefits o Specification of production methods or processes o Description of recycling procedures o Construction drawings showing main design

Event Promotion To generate interest of the event and use it as a vehicle to communicate our key messages Greener City will use the below channels:

Website Greener City will create a micro site (, to provide the community with inspirations for how they can be more environmentally friendly at home, in the office and for the local community. The website will list other local events happening in the city and news about the environment. The website will also be the main driver for the event day and competition. We also advise IKEA to create a tab on their website which provides ideas and inspirations for environmentally friendly furniture.

Social Media Greener City will set up a Facebook page for the event to allow the community to interact with the project by posting ideas, comments and questions about the competition. We also recommend that IKEA use Facebook and Twitter to promote the event to their existing social media community. The committee infers, IKEA will gain success with the social media campaign as they have done so in past. For example social media was successfully used as the major promotional platform for IKEAs Brand Evangelists event in New York in 2010, which was a photo contest to celebrate the new catalogue.

Direct Mail & Poster Advertising As the competition is focused on targeting the local community. Direct mails and posters placed in suitable locations is a valuable advertising medium that can be used to attract attention for the competition. Flyers including information about the competition will be letterbox dropped to residents and distributed to university students by placing them in public locations on campus. Greener City will also place posters in the local area and around university and college campuses.

Exhibition Day in Martin Place Once all entries have been received thirty entries will be selected by the panel of judges to display in Martin Place for one week. This will allow the community to view the pieces in person and vote for their favourite online. This will also attract additional attention from the media and from people who are in the city during the week.

Event Day The final event will be hosted in front of IKEAs new Tempe store. Based on the public votes, ten entrants will be selected. The final ten pieces will be set up on stage. The constants be asked to answer a series of questions by the judges. The judges will then deliberate to decide on the final five contestants. IKEA will assign tasks and material to the final contestants and ask they create a piece of furniture using the provided materials. Finally, the judging panel will vote to elect a final winner based on their

original piece and final piece constructed on the day. Talent from a home renovator show and home magazine will both provide judges for the panel and media coverage of the event. This will provide extra credibility and media exposure.

PUBLIC RELATIONS The aim for the public relations strategy is to publicize the competition and increase the involvement of the community in the sustainability of our local environment. This will be achieved by linking this message to the event hosted in association with IKEA. The exhibitor stands, signage, take-away coffee cups and any other relevant collateral will be created from sustainable materials. In addition, one of the criterions of the competition is that furniture is made from sustainable materials. IKEA will also have the opportunity to work with the committee on communication to the press to ensure the brand is correctly presented.

Media Contacts In order to ensure correct media messages are presented to the target audience the committee will include media cooperation and communication at all times. Greener City will provide complimentary media passes to ensure all areas are covered and the competition has maximum exposure. The local council is able to leverage from the strong relationships with the local print, radio, magazine, television and internet media to ensure ample media coverage of the event. However, in accordance to the marketing strategy Greener City will be select channels that substantially reach the desired target market. For example, we would expect ample coverage in City Wentworth Courier, Sydney Morning Herald and radio stations such as Nova.


Target Participants The event will target the urban youth, i.e. 18-32 year olds living in urban Sydney residing in apartments. Our target market cares about the environment to a degree but is unsure how they can make a difference. Design students who are the future of the furniture industry will also be targeted. The aim is to encourage their participation in the event using the skills they have acquired from their course of study.

Target Spectators Target spectators have a passion for the environment and society, and believe that by

changing their ways in the home they are making a difference to society. Families and friends of the competitors will be invited to be part of the event.

SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL Greener City proposes to IKEA a sponsorship program contract which combines elements of the two sponsorship models outlined below:

1. Sponsorship program: a corporation gives a negotiated sum of money to another company, and in return the corporation receives advertising, exclusive use of their logo on materials, naming rights etc. Negotiations of this kind are different and depend on the companies and what they do, what they are looking for and who their target market is.3

2. Public Private Partnership (PPP): a company funded by the government or a government service has created a monetary contract with the company, and the company provides a public service.4

Due to the importance placed on educating the environment to the local community the City of Sydney Council will partially fund the event. This investment is a testament to the believe the Council has in this project. As mentioned previously a PPP is when the government provides a monetary support in exchange for a public service. In this case the public service will be an event, which aims to make the community more environmentally sustainable and aware of what can be done to make a difference.

The City of Sydney Council will provide funding for the following: o Website/Micro site o Social media development and management o Public Relations Officers and media collateral o Advertising banners in Sydney CBD o Free usage of Martin Place to host community event

Meenaghan, T. (2001) Psychology and Marketing: Understanding sponsorship effects. Vol 18 (2) Pg. 95-122. London.

English, L. (2006) UNSW Law Journal: Public Private Partnerships in Australia: An overview of their nature, purpose, incidence and oversight. Vol 29 (3). Sydney.

SPONSORSHIP RECOMMENDATIONS As part of the sponsorship agreement Greener City is requesting the following support from IKEA: o Funds for marketing collateral such as flyers, posters and banners o Funds to support infrastructure for main event costs and exhibition in Martin Place o Cross promotion on IKEA website and social media assets o Flyer mail outs to IKEA database o Prize for competition winner

Please see Appendix A for the proposed financial schedule for IKEA.

For their commitment IKEA will receive the following exposure: o Streamline marketing to target audience o Opportunity to communicate IKEAs environmental messages o Naming rights for competition and finalist award o Branded banners and posters at the event o Preferred supplier status o Increase customer traffic on the event day o Ample media coverage o Increase in social media engagement o Logos and trademarks on all advertising materials Further sponsorship opportunities are open for negotiation in order for both IKEA and Greener City to get maximum exposure from the partnership.

SPONSORSHIP COMMUNICATION PROCESS On acceptance of the sponsorship process the committee will ensure that a seamless line of communication exists between IKEA and Greener City. Katrina Micallef, Greener City Communication Officer will be assigned as the main point of contact for IKEA on this project. Katrina will liaise directly with IKEA on all aspects of the event. Katrina will be readily available on a daily basis to provide assistance and answer any questions IKEA may have. Before the commencement of the Sustainability in the City campaign relevant representatives from IKEA will meet with the Greener City Committee. The following points will be discussed regarding the event: The most appropriate date for the event Most relevant media to target for coverage Ideas for press release Most appropriate advertising mediums print, radio and online Creative Concepts for the advertising campaign Assign key responsibilities for managing the event

Ikea and Greener will review concepts and provide feedback to one another to arrive to decisions concerning the implementation of the campaign. Ikea representatives and Greener City Committee will meet once per week to discuss the progress of the event and raise any issues. This will also be an opportunity to allocate tasks for the week ahead. Greener City will also report on the progress the following elements concerning the event campaign: press coverage, advertising, social media, registrations and any other key news surrounding the campaign.


EVALUATION PROCESS It is very important to Greener City that an effective evaluation process is put in place. This will ensure the campaign is on track, is meeting objectives for both parties and maximising all opportunities. As part of the process Greener city proposes three main stages of evaluation: Stage one (mid campaign) The following will be evaluated: Number of social media followers Media coverage secured for the event promotion Number of competition registrations Number of universities and colleges in support of the event

Stage two (immediately following event) The following will be monitored: Total number of competition entrants Total number of spectators at the final event Total number of media present at the final event Sales on the day of the final event

Stage three (two weeks post event) The following will be monitored: Post media coverage of the event Total number of social media followers after the final event

Appendix B: please see attached evaluation tools for each stage


CONCLUSION Greener City believes the proposed event will be mutually beneficial for both the local council and IKEA. This is a great opportunity for IKEA to promote the new Tempe store, generate public attention and increase store visits on the event day. The right sponsor is a strong accompaniment for events marketing as the correct sponsor fit can create a positive image to the public and therefore its customers.5 As this event is focused on the environment and sustainability the association provides a positive image for IKEA. From the sponsorship IKEA will receive ample pubic relations coverage in print, online, social media and broadcast media. They will also receive ample exposure through all collateral surrounding the event such as; flyers, posters and banners. The design element of the competition aligns well with IKEAs vision, to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them 6 Another advantage is that target audience for the campaign is suitable for IKEA as many of the younger members of the community reside in rented apartments. IKEA provides furniture that modern and affordable and therefore an ideal option for the target market In conclusion, the proposed event provides the perfect platform for Greener City to increase awareness of the environment amongst the community and offers IKEA ample exposure, the right target audience and the ability to communicate their environmental message.

Meenaghan, T. (2001) Psychology and Marketing: Understanding sponsorship effects. Vol 18 (2) Pg. 95-122. London.

IKEA, 2011, Our Business Idea




Approximate sponsorship funding cost (GST inclusive)

$15, 000

Marketing collateral; flyers (incuding mail out costs), posters and banners Infrastructure and exhibition expenditures Cross promotion on IKEA media outlets Prizes for competition Total

Advertising competition, IKEA logo prominent on marketing Stage, banners, scaffolding, securtiy for event IKEA to advertise competition as proud sponsors Prize for winner, IKEA logo on prize.

$60, 000 $0 IKEA to arrange this on their end. $10, 000 $85, 000

Appendix A Proposed Financial Schedule for IKEA


Stage One Evaluation What is being evaluated? KPI Social Media Media Coverage Competition Entrants University and College support 4 colleges in support of the event. Including promotion on campus and directly to students.

Generate 5000 followers of Facebook and Twitter

Media within 5 print publications, 1 radio station and 2 television networks, equating to coverage to the value of $100, 000 Total amount of media coverage and total value

50 competition entrants


Total number of followers and quality of community engagement

Actual number of entrants and quality of entrants

Actual number of colleges and universities in support and quality of support

Stage Two Evaluation


What is being evaluated? KPI

Competitio Event n Entrants spectators

Media in attendance

Sales on the event day

150 entrants A total of for the 5000 event competition spectators

Journalists from five print publications, one television stations and one radio station. Number of media present at the event and quality of coverage

Total of $20, 000 additional sales compared to average daily Saturday sales


Total number of entrants and quality of entrants

Number of spectators at the event and spectator engagement

Actual sales figures achieved compared to average daily Saturday sales

Stage Three Evaluation What is being evaluated? KPI Media Coverage Social Media

Coverage of the event in; five print publications, one television network and one radio station equating to the the value of $100, 000 Media coverage received and total dollar value

Generate 20, 000 followers on Facebook and twitter


Actual number of and followers and quality of user engagement



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