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Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem


Asservation L.S._________________________________
Signed only in correct public capacity As beneficiary to the Original 1786/1836 Treaty Trust Jurisdiction

NOTICE. The term “Original Jurisdiction” herein and in all other documents issued by Menes Ankh-El (ex. rel. Wendell L. Brown) means the constitution for the united States of America, anno Domini 1787, and articles of amendment anno Domini 1791 and other original parent agreements as indexed in Paragraph Number 12 below. FIAT JUSTITIA, RUAT COELUM Let Right Be Done, Though The Heavens Should Fall I, Menes Ankh-El (ex. rel. Wendell L. Brown) in public capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction, being of majority in age, competent to testify, a self-realized entity, a free Man upon his inherit soil, a Moor Autochthon National of the North Amexem [American] Republic, human upon the free soil, a Moroccan American National Citizen of the American Republic My yeas being yeas, My nays being nays, do hereby state that the truths and facts herein are of first hand personal research, true, correct, complete, certain, and not misleading. PUBLIC NOTICE THIS DOCUMENT GIVES NOTICE TO all Public Officials by and through the Office of the Secretary of State, the United States of America a/k/a UNITED STATES a/k/a U.S. a/k/a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the Office of the Secretary of State, the State of Indiana a/k/a STATE OF INDIANA a/k/a IN a/k/a "this State" and to all whom it may concern, of the DECLARATIONS, LAWFUL PROTESTS and other matters contained herein. WHEN THIS NOTICE IS AFFIXED TO PREMISES, all property therein and attached thereto is under the custody and control of the above-noted foreign official and not subject to intrusion or seizure. THE BEARER OF THIS NOTICE has been duly notified to the Department of State pursuant to International law and enjoys immunity from criminal and civil jurisdiction, arrest and detention. Under international convention, the bearer should be treated with respect and steps should be taken to prevent attack on the bearer‘s freedom, mobility interests and property.

Noble Menes Ankh-El

c/o P.O. BOX 88045

Indianapolis, Indiana [46208]

P age |1

5. rel.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem DECLARATIONS APPELATION. 4. as trustee. rel. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. or contract to being identified as. written or electronic. Wendell L. Section 7701 or elsewhere. Remedies and Defenses nor yields imprescriptibly Rights including. notwithstanding the reproduction of any such fictions in any media. 6. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. permission or license in any conveyance of His choosing on 'any public roadway in America. a family name by a mark of punctuation or the words "of the family". KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS. subject.O. any institutional. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. States Code. Wendell L. computer. with the first letter of each given and family name being capitalized and all other letters being written in lower case fully in accord with the Rules of English Grammar. printed. 3. entity. surety. Remedies and Defenses granted to Him by The Creator and memorialized by Menes Ankh-El correct public capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction. rel. Brown) is foreign to the United States and retains official treatyprotected authority within His chosen jurisdiction. Brown) does not volunteer. without limitation. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. or connected by any nexus to. of. public cestui que trust or other fictional construction of law or ens legis entity of a political state or subdivision thereof. Wendell L. Brown) is a living. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. rel. rel. Wendell L. Wendell L. Wendell L. individual. formatted. 8. an Ipso Jure Moor and Autochthon National of the Amexem [America} Republic. and the right to bear arms for the protection of His family. friends and neighbors without restriction. unless such waiver is specifically done so in writing. Brown) waives no Rights. co-trustee. assert and aver all of the following: 2. STATUS. rel. in any capacity including. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. As beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction. Citizen. Wendell L. Wendell L. fiduciary or co-fiduciary. and joined to. rel. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. co-surety. vessel or "person" as defined in Title 26 United. consent. He is not subject to nor does He volunteer to submit to or contract with any ens legis artificial or corporate jurisdiction to which a United States person may be subject. breathing free Man upon inherit soil. record or instrument. bifurcated. fiction of law. Brown) the nature and character of his exact and proper designation as: ™Menes Ankh-El® Shall be written. de jure beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction. Brown) is not and cannot be a U. the Right to movement and travel without restriction. Brown) reserves all Rights. princeps: Menes Ankh-El(ex. procedural phantom or juristic personality. without limitation. 7. Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. Brown) of the family „El‟ meaning „Of God‟ does herby state. rel. officer co-officer. AND FACTS 1. Indiana [46208] P age |2 . or any other ens legis artificial person.S. engraved and inscribed now and in perpetuity in all media exactly and precisely as just above-written with a first and second given name separated from.

1200) E. or silver. Clause I. capitalization. D. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. The U. The Northwest Ordinance. 79 L.O.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem 9. 13. Ch 6 p266267. 294 US 330-381 (1935). Section 10. rel. 11. H. A Trade Mark infringement fee in the sum certain of ten thousand dollars ($10. The use thereof without the express written permission of Menes Ankh-El(ex. Article I. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. Wendell L. rel. Funds. B. rel. Brown) to whom all rights are reserved. Wendell L. C. The said Federal Reserve Bank Act comprises a contractual granting by Congress to the Federal Reserve Bank of a paramount and enduring (ex-warranto 1913-1933) lien on the assets of the United States and all parties who would use bank notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank pursuant to 38 Stat 265. Brown) does hereby further state. Constitution for the united States of America. reversal of parts. D. rel.k. distortion and/or misnomer whether by improper spelling. initializing. United States is an obligor/grantor to the Federal Reserve Bank pursuant to the Federal Reserve Bank Act of December 23. 1786 Treaty of Peace and Friendship at Morocco with the seal of the Emperor of Morocco June 23.000) lawful specie. to wit: A.a.1913. the United States is defined as a federal corporation at Title 28 USC 3002(15). gold. 1786 (25 Shaban.38 Stat 265. shall apply to each unauthorized use of the designation Menes Ankh-El and to each attempt or event of conversion. anno Domini 1787. E. Lawful coin money at current spot market price pursuant to the Constitution for the united States of America. Ed 912. National Bill of Rights. Indiana [46208] P age |3 . amended anno Domini 1791.S.S. It is well established under public policy that citations. a. Ch 6. The legal doctrine of idem sonans is inapposite to Menes Ankh-El (ex. Wendell L. anno Domini 1776. Brown) creates a voluntary an informed consensual contract obligating the unauthorized user to the payment of a Trade Mark infringement fee as follows: 10. The name Menes Ankh-El by common law is Trade Marked ™ and all trade names and derivatives thereof. whether or not registered. Amendment V (5) (Liberty clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the People). United States Republic Constitution: Article III (3). or certified bullion. prescriptions and other presentments issued by government bodies politic on the alleged authority of State codes comprise a cloak to disguise collateral undertaking in U. Articles of Amendment anno Domini 1791. Section two (2). Trade Mark notice. legislations. American mint. all such improper usages and misnomers comprising infringement on the above-noticed copyright. are Trade Marked™ by and property of Menes ankh-El(ex. The United States is bankrupt pursuant to Perry v. B. A. Brown) whether oral or written. or conversion to a fiction of law or other juristic personality or artificial being. 1787 anno Domini. Menes Ankh-El (ex. United States. C. Wendell L. assert and aver the following facts: A. alteration. abbreviation. an no Domini 1787. Wendell L. All such offers want for authority under original organic State Constitutions pursuant to which they are forbidden and can never be duly enacted. 12. Menes Ankh-El (ex. Brown) does hereby accept the Original Jurisdiction. rel.

99 Stat 1177 has decreed its intention that all Americans can no longer be forced into an obligor/grantor status in relation to said Federal Reserve Bank Notes. rel. Clause 2 (1856) states that Congress shall assemble at least once in every year." 14. Notwithstanding. The de jure private Moors who. Section 4. 15. and documents regardless of kind arising from or relating to the Federal Reserve Bank/System which are held. Brown) in his rightful capacity as beneficiary of the Original Jurisdiction by an extraordinary and persistent policy of covin. Section 2 (1933) states: "The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. representatives. The labor of Menes Ankh-El (ex. 1913. rel. Wendell L. by authority of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. nunc pro tunc to December 23. obligors and grantors thereof. Evidence of its reconvening in the absence of a congressional quorum has not been exhibited by the United States. It is well settled in law that "no right. assigns. acts and whims of the ens legis Congress of the corporate UNITED STATES. 1985. Section 2 first appeared in 1863 by executive resolution as a department of the Executive Branch of government pursuant to "Emergency War Powers. and collusion constructed and condoned by the UNITED STATES Congress. in gold and silver coin. L 99-185. ratification or other means. As the value of such labor is tangible. the following addendum is attached by reference herein in its entirety to any and all Federal Reserve Notes. rel." 18. Section 4. received or used by Menes Ankh-El (ex. ·1913 which wants for force and effect of law in the Original Jurisdiction. Accordingly. conspiracy. heirs. living Men in rerum natura are not subject to the Federal Reserve Bank Act of December 23. and that such meeting shall begin at noon on the third day of January. successors." 19.O. Clause 2 (1856) adjourned "sine die" in 1861. Wendell L. 17.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem F. which shall be the first Monday of December. in the absence of a reasonable alternative. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. Article I. public policy instruments. Brown) is measured and valued quantum merit exclusively. Disclosure of the facts and frauds stated herein has been denied to Menes Ankh-El (ex. the Federal Reserve Bank/System. December 17. By this PUBLIC NOTICE. by their inherent character in rerum natura. The national legislative body discernible in Amendment XX. Amendment XX. Amendment XX. agents. Brown) now and in perpetuity: "The use of this instrument/conveyance by Menes Ankh-El (ex. The de jure legislature of the united States of America identified as "Congress" in the aforementioned Article I. 1787. Pub. can arise out of fraud. 16. unless they by law appoint a different day. Indiana [46208] P age |4 . The Congress of the United States. and contractors. it cannot be measured by any instrument which serves as evidence of debt. DECLARATIONS AND LAWFUL PROTEST." This de facto "Congress" was conceived and continues to sit at the pleasure of the president of the corporate ens legis UNITED STATES. Wendell L. The Constitution cannot be in conflict with itself. G. are foreign to and wholly without the corporate ens legis United States are not subject to the actions. rel. Wendell L. The Constitution for the united States of America. notwithstanding that the operational currency of the corporate UNITED STATES consists exclusively of instruments noted thereon to be evidence of liability. Brown) is of necessity only and Under Lawful Protest.

The forced involuntary use of U. denounces. Wendell L. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. Wendell L.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem 20. 27. 23. bifurcated. takes exception and does not assent to: 26. March 6. Ct. cestui que trust in violation of the copyright of Menes AnkhEl (ex. that court citing U. and neighbors. Wendell L. 333. refuses. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. rel. 21. Brown) makes Lawful Protest against. Menes Ankh-El specifically disavows the use of "discharge" as a fraudulent transaction which implies payment but serves to covertly transfer the debts of Menes Ankh-El to other parties contrary to Menes Ankh-El‟s held beliefs. Any allegation or presumption that Menes Ankh-El (ex. Ed. public. 1925) No. funds such as Federal Reserve Bank/System notes. lien or encumbrance by the Council of State Governors. 28. Wendell L.O. carriage or conveyance of transportation He may choose. Bank of Georgia. Bank v. notwithstanding any failures to properly pass the said amendment into law. Wendell L. Wendell L. bills of rights. Louisiana. commercial liability instruments and electronic liability transactions as part of a scheme to compel the principals to impart artificial commodity value to the liability evidenced thereon. 105 S. in whatever mode. Brown) has consented expressly or tacitly to being a Citizen pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment of the ens legis Constitution of the UNITED STATES. Brown) has the absolute unalienable Divine right to move and travel upon all public roadways in America. rel. 24. Menes Ankh-El (ex. rel. by His own will and this DECLARATION. Wendell L. As it is a crime to conceal a crime and a fraud to conceal a fraud. 6 L. 22. Indiana [46208] P age |5 .S. rel. Brown) is not now and has never been a United States Citizen under the Fourteenth Amendment of the ens legis Constitution for the corporate UNITED STATES. In addition to all of the above. Menes Ankh-El (ex. 23 U. Brown) has the absolute unalienable Divine right to keep and bear arms of any kind for protection of Self. surety. Wendell L. 26395.S. The formation of any institutional. 29. (June 22. rel. 1933 which would identify Menes Ankh-El (ex. Wendell L. on the authority of MacLeod v. Menes Ankh-El (ex. by His own will and this DECLARATION. Menes Ankh-El (ex. Menes Ankh-El (ex. without license or permission or any other infringement of that right. Hoover. extinguish and satisfy all of His obligations and make all parties whole. rel. S. 10 W heat. Brown) retains all of the Rights as enumerated and protected by the constitutions. 34. family. of whatever kind and nature. Accordingly. Rep. Any pledge.S. 305. abjures. rel. Brown) as a security. and ordinance pursuant to the Original Jurisdiction. rel. mortgage. 333. Brown) hereby expressly states his intention to pay. co-surety or collateral for any part or portion of the public debt which has been hypothecated by the use of counterfeited Federal Reserve securities. LAWFUL PROTEST 25. rel. Brown) previously declared herein. Menes Ankh-El (ex.

rel. confederation or joint business Venture operated by the de facto STATE OF INDIANA and the corporate ens legis UNITED STATES as a surety. now and in perpetuity.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem 30. September 17. Brown) as repository trustee for the Original public Trust. Wendell L. rel. Wendell L. contractors.emit bills of credit. Clause I of the Original Grant against his will by Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. exception and does not assent to the calculated use of legal fictions to undermine and convert the political Will of the People on the free soil of the organic country known as Indiana into a legislative democracy that transforms the free People into subjects of the municipal law of foreigners within the geographical exterior boundary of Indiana and contrary to the Northwest Ordinance and the original Grant of the People. rel. scheme. Menes Ankh-El (ex. covin. abjures. assigns. Brown) has at any time expressed or implied a promise to guarantee the debt hypothecated by the said Federal Reserve Act. 37. a party to the failure of public officials and Federal Reserve principles to provide full disclosure of the liabilities and perils of using private scrip. exceptions and reservations contained within the Original Grant. Brown) can be compelled. conditions. forced cestui que use whereby paper wanting inherent value is placed into circulation by the Federal Reserve Banks in lieu of Constitutionally required gold or silver. 31. RECOGNITION AND RETURN BY THE BAILEE OF THE SAID DEPOSITUM OF BAILMENT to Menes Ankh-El (ex. make anything but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in payment of debts. corporate U. Brown) has volunteered to be a debtor in possession of Federal Reserve Notes with expectation of a quid pro quo. Brown) to act as a tort feasor to the Constitution for the united States of America. conspiracy. Any attempt to induce Menes Ankh-El (ex. Section 10. instruments of debt.S. 1913. denounces. rel. refuses. DEMANDS 35. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. a party to any confidence game. collusion.. Brown) has at any time volunteered expressly or tacitly to join as a co-conspirator in any fraud. the private debt of the corporate UNITED STATES. Indiana [46208] P age |6 . as amended 1791. guarantor or other obligor.. where at Article I. successors.O. Brown) in His capacity as descendent by blood of the original Bailor/Grantor/Settlor and His endowment to warrant same by the Universe. Wendell L. anno Domini. anno Domini. RETURN THE DEPOITUM FOR BAILMENT to Menes Ankh-El (ex. and Federal Reserve Notes as inauthentic replacements for lawful money. 34. agents. rel. co-surety. Any presumption that Menes Ankh-El (ex." all such offers being refused for fraud. EXHIBIT THE AUTHORITY whereby Menes Ankh-El (ex. 33. Section 10. rel. it states "No state shall . ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. rel. Pursuant to the Original Grant of Depositum for Bailment via the 1789 Constitution of Indiana. heirs and grantors thereof. Wendell L. obligations. DEMAND IS HEREBY EXPRESSLY MADE TO IMMEDIATELY: 36. anno Domini 1787. 38. 1787. Any presumption that Menes Ankh-El (ex. forced or enticed to falsely act as a tort feasor to Article 1. stipulations. pursuant to the terms. a guarantor/surety/co-surety on the lien created by the Federal Reserve Bank Act of December 23. Wendell L. Wendell L. Wendell L. or any obligations of the Federal Reserve Banks. 32. Brown) makes Lawful Protest against. Wendell L. takes. Any presumption that Menes Ankh-El (ex. rel.

290 US 504. rel.S. place and nature of full disclosure of the benefits.. supra. hence the fraud of which we complain was not susceptible to insulation. rel. Failure to respond within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises admission of an ongoing Fraud against the beneficiaries of the Original Jurisdiction. It was part and parcel to a scheme whereby the form of a judicial remedy was to supply a protective cover for a fraudulent is obvious that the fraud did not occur in open court nor in that sense enter into the decrees under attack.. 39. supra Flersham. 65. 44. Brown) of the aforesaid cestui que trust. Wilgus. 43. Failure to so exhibit within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises stipulation that no such disclosure was made. risks and perils by which Menes Ankh-El (ex. EXHIBIT VERIFIED EVIDENCE proving the knowledgeable and voluntary ratification and acceptance by Menes Ankh-El (ex. 287 US 348. ADMIT OR DENY that Menes Ankh-El (ex. 77 L." Also. 142. Brown) can be compelled forced or enticed to falsely present himself as a United States Citizen/person in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment prohibition against slavery and involuntary servitude. "'That in the absence of an adversary trial or decision the distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic fraud becomes immaterial and made clear by the following from Throckmorton opinion. EXHIBIT THE AUTHORITY whereby Menes Ankh-El (ex. "Suits as well as transfers may be the protective coverings of fraud. Brown) did in fact knowingly and voluntarily ratify the cestui que trust created by the UNITED STATES through the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 which resulted in the use of grammatical derivations of Menes Ankh-El’s nomen in a scheme of intentional misnomer for profit and gain. supra. Failure to respond within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises denial that the cestui que trust created by the UNITED STATES through the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 was ever duly ratified by Menes Ankh-El and any assumption of such ratification is false. 465.85 AL. 128. 81 L.R. 301 US 278. ADMIT OR DENY that all actions of the UNITED STATES.O. county or otherwise are by their nature actions indebitatus assumpsit. All Continent Corp. Ed 355. Flershem. EXHIBIT VERIFIED EVIDENCE proving the granting of a copyright license by Menes Ankh-El (ex. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. Wilgus. Wendell L. Ed 1085: Shapiro v.. Brown) could knowingly volunteer to submit to the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913. Failure to respond within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises stipulation that all such misnomers and uses of the aforesaid cestui que trust comprise intentional copyright infringement. Indiana [46208] P age |7 . rel. Wendell L. EXHIBIT VERIFIED EVIDENCE proving the time. 41. 355. supra. Failure to do so exhibit within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises stipulation that no such authority exists." Steelman v. Braun. Wendell L. 144. Failure to so exhibit within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises stipulation that the said cestui que trust was never ratified by Menes Ankh-El and any assumption of such ratification is false. In the language of Shapiro v. Steelman. “. 40. 78 L. 348."98 US 61. 42. Ct.. Failure to so exhibit within thirty (30) days of PUBLIC NOTICE comprises stipulation that no such authority exists. Ed. Wendell L. Braun. 53 S. Brown) expressly conveying to the licensee the authority to use the grammatical derivations of the proper name belonging to Menes Ankh-El in a scheme of intentional misnomer for profit and gain through an unauthorized cestui que trust. "The fact that the means employed to effect the Fraudulent conveyance was the judgment of a court and not a voluntary transfer does not remove the taint of illegality. administrative. Wendell L." First National Bank v. 287 U. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. rel. rel. the STATE OF INDIANA and all political subdivisions thereof whether judicial. municipal.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem using the aforementioned fictional bank notes within a scheme of discharge disguised as payment.

99 S. (7th ed). Hoe. denounce. Griffin v. Ed 153. are under ministerial duty. US 196. Swartwout. The maxim 'ignorantis legis excusat neminem' cannot be invoked in such a case.." Tracy v. Williams v. U. v Carter. Arkansas. 30 S.. "in equity. 851 " .S. risks and perils of a cestui que trust named derivatively at any time. Thomas. rel. 2895." Lyle v. where his acts are clearly against the law.S. The cestui que trust must therefore not only have been acquainted with the facts. 2264. 'Ed 1140. Davis v Passman (1979. 9 Howe 314. "It is a maxim of the law. The cestui que trust·must also know the Law. Butterworth v U. wherein it further states "Being fiduciaries. "The law will protect an individual who. 34 Ariz 245. fiduciary/trustees. must obey the law. when set up in equity by a trustee against his cestui que trust. obstruct or defeat the due course of justice in a State or Territory. 94 S. waiver. cited Braun v.O. 3044 at page 1052 quotes thus from Adair v Brimmer. Ct 515. Wendell L. must be proved. in all branches/departments. by the existence of an agreement between two or more persons. bonded to fidelity. 25. 669. All that is implied in the act of ratification. From Perry on Trusts. 74 NY 539 "Confirmation and ratification imply to legal minds. v. I. Wright (1976). or having been asked to ratify the said trust. U. there are certain rules prohibiting parties bearing such relations enter into contracts with each other.S. Officers. Hamen. authority. 270 P. adjure and disavow having ever ratified any such trust. The cestui que trust must be shown to have been apprised of his Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. deprivation of due process. Littleton.. Under the doctrines of res gestue. Peter Barceloux Co. 91 S Ct.S. or other. Ed 354. Legislative." The Supreme Court of Arizona in Garrett v Reid Cashion Land. Officers of government bodies politic.C.. and convert fraudulent party into a trustee. is enforceable by judicial process". Ed 656. Butz v. 217 US 286. Ct. 71 U.S. confirmation. 237: 77 L. opportunity to prevent or aid in preventing injury. or acquiescence may have any effect . damage having been or about to be committed. that every duty laid upon a public officer for the benefit of a private person. Menes Ankh-El (ex. Consequently. Executive. Section 1986. benefits. "A ministerial officer is liable for an injury done. 43 L. 80. JO Pet. legislative or executive orders does not reach so far as to immunize criminal conduct prescribed by an Act of Congress. in order that the release. 48. Ed 820. Ct549. knowledge of a defect in the act to be confirmed. 15 Wall 337. 289 US 227. 49. power. Ct. 9 L." Buffum v. Duluth & Iron Range Co. and what his rights are. even by federal officials. courts of equity presume them to be fraudulent. 19 S. do hereby deny having received disclosure of the existence.S. U. I do hereby deny. and the right to reject or ratify it. 1790. acting in a private conspiracy. v Roy. 435. under color of State law or authority. 173 US 587. and will not be assumed. Ct. 55." O'Shea·v. Federal Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice Act (Title 42 USCS Section 1985(2). US) 442 US 226.4 Wall 435.. 1146. ex reI. Economou. 103 P 2d 685 (1939). respondeat superior. (US) 98 S Ct. admitting few if any exceptions. CAVEAT----LAW 46. in the prosecution of a right does everything which the law requires him to do but fails to obtain his right by the misconduct or neglect of a public officer.. and how they would be dealt with by the court. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. to impede or hinder. or Judicial. "The implication of a trust is the implication of every duty proper to a trust . through said conspiracy. as applies to public officials. 194. United States ex reI." Perry on Trusts (7th Ed) Sec.. Supervisors v. of how these facts would be dealt with by a court of equity. with the purposeful intent to deny the equal protection of the law. Title 42 U. Sec.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem 45. Ct 240. depriving of having or exercising a Right. Indiana [46208] P age |8 . 112 US 50. 47. in Braun v Hansen (1939) 103 F 2d 685. 106. All public officials. 1 S. as now having prior knowledge. 13 L. 414 US 488. res ipsa loquitur. Whoever is a fiduciary or in conscience chargeable as a fiduciary is expected to live up to them. the ordinary rules of evidence are reversed". Breckenridge (197 I) 403 US 88. v Lee. 28 L. but appraised by the law. "The judicially fashioned doctrine of official immunity of judicial. being of Oath of Office. Brown).

. Federal Crop Insurance v Merrill (1947) 332 US 380. even though the contract has been performed.O." 13 C. It is the settled doctrine of this court that no rights arise on an ultra vires contract. 3'" Ed Sec. Any party or public official wishing to answer. 542. 217 US 286. Notification of legal responsibility is "the first essential of due process of law" Connally v General Construction Co. laches or otherwise." And from US v Grossmayer.S." U. declaration. 6 Wheat 481." As said long ago by the great Justice Story in Prevost v Gratz. 440. Clyatt v US. denial or provision in Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. @ 561. person or public official who would or conspire to traffic in slaves or participate in aiding or abetting. 6 R. 163 US 537. The period for Respondents to respond to this notice is thirty (30) days.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem legal rights. the following is quoted in Thompson on Corporations. Michaud v Girod." (Emphasis added.C. "Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or when an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading. the International Monetary Fund. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. 385. All public officials in receipt of this notice are required by their Oath of Office to answer. supra. or arrests any person with the intent of placing him in or returning him to a condition of peonage. 550 F." 52. It is the ministerial fiduciary/trustee duty of each and every government official. and from Texas & Pacific Ry. Leach v Leach. "A transaction originally unlawful cannot be made any better by being ratified. the International Finance Corporation." And. to be admitted to repel relief. v Pullman Palace Car Co. L.) 234 NY 439." Likewise. 2828. 92 L Ed 10. "No performance of either side can give the lawful contract any validity. in Braun. real or imagined. 65 Wis.. rebut.C. by ratification or other means. supra. 4 How 503. as established doctrine of the Supreme Court. 54 L Ed 769. from Central Transportation Co. Wendt v Fisher (Cardozo.J. 492.497. object or protest any statement. and immunity is denied to any party. 26 NW 754. US v Carter. 391. can arise out of a fraud. v Pottorff. length of time ought not.etseq. v. the United Nations and any and all other obligors/grantors who view this notice ("Respondents") to timely and fully answer. 315.E. shall be fined not more than $5. 175 ALR 1075. 9 Wall 72. The delay in discovery of the Frauds stated herein pursuant to Amendment XX provides no defense to the remedy. or be the foundation of any right of action upon it. and calls more loudly upon a court of equity to grant ample and decisive relief. and in a case where fraud is imputed and proved. agent. following Braun. Wiget v Rockwood 69 F @d326. "Whoever [Title 18 U. contractor and assign of tile UNITED STATES. the Federal Reserve Bank/System.2d. 53. refute. 139 US 24. is rather an aggravation of the offense. 154 N. p 698.68 S Ct I. 5 L Ed 311. the Commission of the European Communities. Sec. Pomeroy's Equity. II LEd 1076. term. and how such facts would be dealt with by a court of equity. 847. the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 417. upon principles of eternal justice.) Also from Ungrich v Ungrich 115 NYS 413. Thaw v Thaw. THE STATE OF INDIANA. and this conclusion cannot be circumvented by erecting and estoppel which would prevent challenging the legality of a power exercised. 27 Fed 2d 729. "the doctrine is thus affirmed. "The rule (is) that to fasten ratification upon a cestui que trust he must not only have been acquainted with all the facts. it would seem that the length of time during which the fraud has been successfully concealed and practiced. Sec. "It is held axiomatic that no right. 197 US 207 (1905). officer.000. 19 L Ed 6 27. Indiana [46208] P age |9 . Tweel.00 or imprisoned not more than five years. It is a maxim of law that peonage and involuntary servitude are forbidden. "It is currently true that length of time is no bar to a trust clearly established. On the contrary.S." (Emphasis added. the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. respond. 291 US 245. the World Bank. See 1581] holds or returns any person to a condition of peonage. further. 297. 50. but apprised also in the law. 284. deny. Plessy v Ferguson.. J. 303.S.) 51. 78 L Ed 777. 269 U. the Inter-American Development Bank.

Failure to timely respond to all such terms and provisions with which Respondents disagree comprises Respondents' stipulation and confession jointly and severally to acceptance of all statements. Default comprises Respondents consent jointly and severally to be named as defendants(s) in various actions. rel. 97. creating ignorance of facts. All such responses must be verified and have exhibitions and factual evidence in support of annexed thereto. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. to the RIGHTFUL HEIR APPARENT.128 P 2d 600. declarations.O. 57. Brown). DECLARATION OF FREEHOLD HOMESTEAD Between UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION (de facto Trustee).6FT W & 78. Codd v Westchester Fire Ins. Harvey v Richard. 99 US 78@ 581. 257. and an opportunity to act upon it. Indiana [46208] P a g e | 10 . declarations.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem this presentment must do so by Lawful Protest within thirty (30) days of the date of issuance or forever lose all rights. 18 F Supp 83. et seq. Freking. denials and provisions herein as facts.15 FT SE34FT SW 300. denials. Notice of Default shall be issued no sooner than three (3) days after Notice of Fault. Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P.422AC AND Parcel # 8049642 PT SE1/4 S16 T16 R3 BEG 1216. the princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. Pomeroy. INDIANA 46228] Northwest Amexem. In Propia Persona. Default is final three (3) days after Notice of Fault is issued. 140 Misc. and the opportunity to plead. terms. 192. 258 NW 892. Lenconi v Fidelity Trust & Savings Bank of Fresno.14FT NW IRR 423. Cushing v US Mas s.47FT IRR NE 51. Noble Drew Ali (Trustor) and Menes Ankh-El (ex. Default comprises an estoppel of all actions.6FT W & NRLY72. Wendell L.. 58. 38 F Supp 13'0.518AC [Property Locations: W 39 th St. Brown) (Heir Beneficiary/Aboriginal Indigenous National Moor/jus in re(m)/ lpso Jure Moorish National/Heir/Moabite) Land and Resources At Parcel #8005039 PT S1/2 SE1/4 S16 T16 R3 BEG 1266. at 59. 490. 134. Wise v USDC Ky. supra. 124-125 (1935). 7 So. Equity Jurisprudence Section 805. Brown). Wilbur National Bank v US 294 US 120. to work estoppel.128 P 2d 968.71FT SE 340 CURVE SW 258. Restatement 2d of Torts Section 894 (I) (1979). p. This document serves as Notice of Fault in the event Respondents fail to timely respond. Respondents may agree with all statements.16FT NE 130FT NW429. 54. by Respondents against the Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. 3J.87FT TO BEG 1. Sui Heredes. 55. titles. This transfer agreement is a transfer instrument from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ET AL. correct and fully binding on all parties. 96 Cal. Co.48FT IRR SW 146. 467 US 51. due to misconduct by Government agents Heckler v Community Health Services.18FT E136. rel. 56. “Silence" implies knowledge. Pence v Langdon. administrative and judicial.69FT TO BEG 2. knowledge of facts and of rights by person estopped. Upon Default. the whole truth. willful! or culpable silence. "It [the doctrine of Estoppel by Silence) arises where a person is under duty to another to speak or failure to speak is inconsistent with honest dealings.. 60. terms. rel. administrative and judicial. Wendell L. App.5FT NERLY 183. 2d 600. and now reasonably relied on. 273 P.not taxed.03FTN OF SE COR CURVE NE 206. Federal Crop ins. 103 et seq. 14 Wash. and Silence.. where duty and opportunity to speak.151 ALR 316. 2d 674. interests. all matters are settled res judicata and stare decisis. 200 La. must amount to bad faith. 219 Iowa 556. and provisions herein by remaining silent." In Re McArdles Estate. Braunch v.. INDIANAPOLIS. et seq. Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Person of the Land . Wendell L. inducing person claiming estoppel to alter his position.

specifically complete implementations of Sections Sixteen and Seventeen of said Amendment(38th Congress. Treaty of Marrakesh[Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786/1836 7.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem In the matter of 'Rights of Parties' and. 4. Article 26. Article 26. Washington. Section 6. United States Republic Constitution: Thirteenth Amendment withal twenty sections. 1971. D. Amendment V (5) (Liberty clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the People).63. and intends to remedy these wrongs by addressing Personum Jurisdiction. The Divine Constitution By-Laws of Moorish America.) 15. 94. Resolution Number Seventy-Five (75): Dated Apdll7. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – United Nations – Human Rights [Article Fifteen (15)J . Executive Order Number: 13107. 5. 1948 at Article 5. Acts IV.1970. General Jurisdiction. Section two (2). 1933 A. Federal Register.D. this instrument obtains justice for the Natural Divine Being Manifest in Human Flesh. Chapter 2: Consular Courts. Page 954. V and VI 18.991 (1998) -Implementation of Human Rights Treaties 16. FILE #5-39. 1948 at Article 5. rel. United States Classified Code: Title 22. and is competent from this day forth to take his seat amongst the affairs of Men and handle the affairs of his Nation – the Moors of Northwest Amexem – Northwest Africa – North America – North Gate. Declaration on the Principles of International Law 10. 68. This transfer invokes his unalienable /inalienable secured rights and authority as a lord bailiff . Article 17. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. New Series No. Ipso Jure Moorish National. United States Republic Constitution: Article III (3). Wendell L. 13. Our Authority Copy Book 5-21. This agreement between THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the king: Menes Ankh-El (ex. Divine Instructions CHAPTER XLVII of The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Holy Temple of Science verses 6-11. Article 17. Brown) is forever cured as princeps: Menes Ankh-El is not a minor. 1864 The Congressional Globe. Columbia. Sections 141-143. (Moorish-American Society of Philadelphia and The Use of Their Names) 14. Record Group 147 (National Archives).) 9. In force July I. Indiana [46208] P a g e | 11 . 12.1970. United States Supreme Court: Supreme Law – Acts of State 3.Powers of Home Rule Units Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. rel. the princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man‟ (Adopted by the Ninth International Conference of American States Bogota. . Operating and navigating in a colorable status is dishonorable and injurious to the Natural Divine Being Manifest In Human Flesh. by John C. Constitution of The State of Illinois. 11. Rives. “Social Security Administration Form 7003. Article 4.C. 6. 1st Session). 'Rights of Property'. The Declaration of the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People United Nations General Assembly #1514 8. Columbia. Adopted in Convention at Springfield.” 2. December 15. Declaration on the Principles of International Law 17. which is jurisdiction over the person.. Rights of Indigenous Peoples – UN: General Assembly – Part 1. Moor and AI Maurikanos Estados National and beneficiary: 1. Article VII.O. September 3. Foreign Relations And Intercourse. not a ward of the state. The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man‟ (Adopted' by the Ninth International Conference of American States Bogota. Wendell L.Ratified by the People. Brown). Published Saturday April 9.

Notice to principal is notice to all agents.O. Declarations. in proper person. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. enacted. This document was prepared by Menes Ankh-El. . and Lawful Protests the world is now informed. proper identity for the princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. two thousand and twelve. United States of America. pre-1933 issue. etc. 59. decreed. in-deed. This the __________ day of the ______________________month. anno Domini. AND STANDS SO UNLESS LAWFULLY PROTESTED BY ANY CONCERNED PARTY(IES).___________________________________ Signed in correct public capacity as Beneficiary JURAT Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. rel. unless required by law. Indiana [46208] P a g e | 12 . or persons alleging anything to the contrary. Wendell L. be made to appear. 61. public or private.999 fine. This action is bonded by a third party surety holding twenty-one dollars in silver coinage. or On his part as an heir to his vast heritage and responsibility to his people. sui juris DISCLAIMER THE QUOTATION OF THE PRIVATELY COPYRIGHTED STATUTORY LEGISLATIVELY CREATED CASE LAW AND STATE AND FEDERAL STATUTES PURSUANT TO PL 88-244. OR GIVE LEGAL ADVICE TO ANYONE. private foreign unions. 1963. rel. Brown). IS DONE WITHOUT INTENT TO CREATE A "USE". VIOLATE ANY PRIVATE COPYRIGHT. The use of a notary public herein is of necessity and under LAWFUL PROTEST without the creating or implying the existence of any contract or contracts between Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex. minted by the American Treasury. DECEMBER 30. the UNITED STATES. BE IT SO EXECUTED. establishes and removes for the record any and all misrepresentation of abandonment by any foreign entities. guilds. The said bond is annexed hereto and incorporated verbatim herein in its entirety by reference as if fully reproduced herein. __________________________ Noble Menes Ankh-El. Notice to an agent is notice to all principals. 60. L. that I have taken reasonable care to redact each social security number in this document.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem With this document in place. the STATE OF INDIANA or agents thereof. and I affirm under the penalties for perjury.S. Wendell L. legal entities. Brown) and any other parties. By this Public Notice. and by this execution.

sui heredes c/o P. a notary public in and for the said City and territory. personally appeared the above named. I have hereunto set my hand and official seal this _____day of ______________. Indiana [46208] P a g e | 13 . My commission expires______________________ #_______________ Noble Menes Ankh-El c/o P. BOX 88045 Marion County. and that the same is his free and voluntary act and deed. 2012.Moorish Americans – Northwest Amexem Menes Ankh-El. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. Wendell L. the Princeps: Menes Ankh-El (ex.O. Brown) who acknowledged that he did sign the foregoing instrument.O. BOX 88045 Indianapolis. rel. Indiana [46208] COUNTY OF MARION STATE OF INDIANA ) )ss: ) Before me. Moorish Deed Of Secondary Conveyance or Incorporeal Hereditaments. in propria persona.