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STOPPER Plain Red Lavendar Light Blue Green Gray Yellow Royal Blue

ADDITIVE ADDITIVE FUNCTION CONSIDERATIONS None Contains no anticoagulants Sterile with no additive and no additives. best choice for blood Serology banking. EDTA Removes calcium to Should be well mixed; prevent clotting. invert 6-8 times Sodium Citrate Removes calcium to Tube should be full .105M or .129 M prevent clotting. and mixed well. Blood to anticoagulant ratio very import. careful of the type Sodium heparin Inhibits thrombin Be Lithium heparin formation to prevent of heparin that is being Ammonium clotting used for what type of heparin testing Sodium fluoride Inhibits glycoysis. Should not be used Potassium Remove calcium to for other chemistries. oxalate prevent clotting. Sodium Prevents blood from Invert 8 times. polyanethoie- clotting and stabilizes sulfonate (SPS) bacterial growth None Contains no anticoagulant Chemically cleaned and Sodium heparin Anticoagulant. rubber stoppers contain EDTA low levels of metals.

LABORATORY USE Serum chemistries Blood Bank Whole blood hematology cell counting CBC Coagulation studies PT, APTT, Factor assay Plasma chemistries Glucose testing usu. Glucose tolerances Alcohol levels Blood cultures. Toxicology Trace Metals

Gold/ Marbled Red Green/ Marbled L. Green Orange/ Marbled Yellow Black Brown Plain Pink

Gel separator/ clot activator separator/ Gel lithium heparin Thrombin Sodium citrate Sodium heparin None

Clot activators shorten the time for clot formation. The gel forms a barrier btwn cells and serum. Heparin prevents clotting. Gel separator prevents cell contamination. Thrombin is a clot activator for faster clot formation, usu. w/ 5 min. Binds calcium Inhibits thrombin formation. None

Tubes should be inverted 5 times to expose the blood to the activator. Should be inverted 8 times. ratio of blood to 4:1 coagulant. Less than 0.1 mcg/mL of lead.

Most chemistry testing. Not suitable for blood banking testing. Potassium determinations. STAT chemistries. Westergren sedimentation rates Lead determinations. Used for blood banking.