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Political Status: Classified-Truth A-1 Freehold by Inheritance Registration No: AA222141 Recorded with: The United States Department

of Justice Notice to all Federal and State public corporate officials TITLE 22 > CHAPTER 2 > 141 to 143 141 to 143. Repealed. Aug. 1, 1956, ch. 807, 70 Stat. 774 Act Aug. 1, 1956, repealed sections 141 to 143 effective upon the date which the President determined to be appropriate for the relinquishment of jurisdiction of the United States in Morocco. Jurisdiction of the United States in Morocco was relinquished by memorandum of President Eisenhower dated Sept. 15, 1956. Notice was given to Morocco on Oct. 6, 1956, and all pending cases were disposed of by 1960. See Bulletin of the State Department Vol. 35:909, page 844. Section 141, R.S. 4083, 4125, 4126, 4127; act June 14, 1878, ch. 193, 20 Stat. 131, related to judicial authority generally of ministers and consuls of United States in China, Siam, Turkey, Morocco, Muscat, Abyssinia, Persia, and territories formerly part of Ottoman Empire including Egypt. Section 142, R.S. 4084, related to general criminal jurisdiction of ministers and consuls of United States. Section 143, R.S. 4085, related to general jurisdiction of ministers and consuls of United States and venue in civil cases. -CITE22 USC CHAPTER 2 - CONSULAR COURTS 01/03/2007 -EXPCITETITLE 22 - FOREIGN RELATIONS AND INTERCOURSE CHAPTER 2 - CONSULAR COURTS