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Bharati V Vidyapeeth C College of Engineering Sector-7, C.B.D.

, Belp pada, Navi M Mumbai 400 0614

P Petrochem EPC Infra Pvt. Ltd. .

Professio onal Course on Pi iping Eng gineering g

Course is con nducted by M Kailash Gaekwad, a renowned name in p Mr. d piping indus stry Mr. K Kailash Gae ekwad has t date trai till ined more th 4000 su han uccessful p piping engin neers
Bharati V Vidyapeeth C College of Engineering & Petrochem EPC Infra Pv Ltd. have joined hands to offer a E vt. j profession course on piping engineering to grad nal n duate & diplo oma engineers s em Petroche EPC Infra Pvt. Ltd Petrochem EPC Infra P Ltd. is a multi-disciplin engineering consulting c m Pvt. m ne g company Objective e This cours aims at eq se quipping the s students to be ecome more e employable in the lucrative oil & gas sec n e ctor. y Eligibility Degree or Diploma in M r Mechanical/C Chemical on Motivatio &Scope The use o computers by engineers has greatly r of revolutionized the design o piping used forplants and d of d d equipmen in the chem nts mical process industries. In addition, the availability o simulation software has reduced s n e of to a great extent the re equirements o the program of mming langua ages. In this c course, we wil learn use of ll f softwares for different kinds of Pipin Engineerin design prob ng ng blems. Who Will Benefit? se who ain gineering. The people from e m This cours is designed for those, w wish to ga expertise in Piping Eng Mechanic cal/Chemical/I Instrumentatio industries as well as ac on cademicians f from Mechani ical/Chemical l/ Instrumen ntation engine eering discipline would der rive maximum benefit from this course. m Contents Course C The progr ram has 240 h hours of lectu ures and practical sessions s. 1 Scope of Pipin Engineerin S ng ng 9 Equip pment Layout t 2 Codes & Standards C 10 Proce & Utility P ess Piping Layout 3 Piping Materia Specificatio (PMS) P al ons 11 MTO & Isometrics s 4 Valve Material Specification V ns s 12 Flexibility Analysis 13 Selec 5 Datasheets & Details of spe D ecial parts ction of Suppo & Expans orts sion Joints 6 Mechanical de M esign fundamentals 14 Basic of Civil & In cs nstrumentatio on 7 Piping drafting basics P g 15 Weld ding 8 Plot P Plan Deve elopment 16 Cons struction Requ uirement Fees The cour fees is Rs 30,000/- only rse s Each part ticipant will re eceive course material, the cost of which is included i the course fee. Fees will be h in accepted by cash or DD payable a Mumbai. D at day day Duration : Six months ( only Saturd and Sund ) vi 00614 and for hands on Venue: Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering,Sector-7, C.B.D., Belpada, Nav Mumbai 40 e umbai experience at Petrochem EPC Infra Pvt. Ltd, Mu Correspo ondence Add dress
Shri. R. K Agrawal - Coordinator K. C Assistant professor, Me t echanical Engg. Department. Bharati V Vidyapeeth Coll lege of Enginee ering, Sector-7, C.B.D., Belpada, Navi Mumb 400614 bai -9594028444 / Tel 022-27572 2140, Cell: +91Email: rk. .agrawal@redif a rdinator Ms. Namita Gupta - Coor Director P Petrochem EPC Infra Pvt. Ltd. C Cell: +91-98 867564509 / Te 022-25740794, el Email: namita@petrochem

Lim mited Seat : Last D ts Date for r registrati ion -15th J July