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Conventional medicine does not address the underlying cause and CAN have dangerous side effects Everybody is different, and therefore will need a different natural treatment protocol. How different ? not sure yet This guy had patients (whom im guessing he treated) For example, you might watch a health segment on a television show that tells you that whole wheat pasta and whole grain cereals are healthy choices. Then you might read a book that tells you to avoid any product with wheat or dairy. Then you might browse through a health magazine that tells you to avoid gluten products altogether. First of all, there is little argument that the best foods to eat are whole foods. So ideally, you want to do everything you can to avoid eating refined and processed foods. ^diet Keep in mind that Im not asking you to give up fast food forever, but only to begin making healthier choices and minimize your intake of junk food. Besides the quality of the foods you eat, how frequently you eat will also have a big effect on your blood sugar levels. For example, some people skip breakfast, which is a big mistake. Not only do you not want to do this, but you ideally should make breakfast the biggest meal of the day, consisting of a good amount of healthy proteins.I personally make my own smoothies where I add a cup of frozen berries(blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries) with two cups of purified water, a small scoop of quality whole food powder, a small amount of flaxs oil, and a raw, organic egg (I realize this might sound disgusting to some, but it actually tastes pretty decent, and provides me with a good amount of energy to start the morning). Besides eating a big breakfast, you also want to eat every two to three hours during the day. In fact, I would advise you that once you wake up in the morning, until you go to bed, dont go more than three, and ideally two hours between eating. And try to include some protein with any meal or snack you eat. Should You Avoid Gluten? There are books and other resources out there that will recommend that anyone with an autoimmune thyroid disorder should eat a gluten free diet. Im not sure that I agree with this, as while it is true that many people are allergic to gluten, the fact remains that I didnt give up gluten completely throughout my natural treatment protocol, and I did just fine. Thats not to suggest that I frequently ate foods that were refined and foods that contained gluten, as I tried to avoid these foods the best I could. And to be honest, in the initial part of the program I did in fact avoid gluten, but then after the first three weeks I slowly began incorporating some foods which contained gluten. While I dont necessarily recommend that everyone who has an

autoimmune thyroid disorder avoid gluten forever, there are of course exceptions. One obvious exception is if someone is allergic to gluten. Im not just talking about an obvious case, such as someone who has Celiac Disease (these people need to avoid gluten for the rest of their life), but someone whose body just doesnt tolerate it well. Now this might very well mean they wont be able to eat gluten again, or they might need to go on a detoxification and eventually be able to incorporate gluten into their diet. Speaking of detoxifications, this is another exception which I spoke about briefly before. For example, with some of my patients I recommend a purification program, which does involve avoiding all products with gluten for 21 days. After this period, if they decide they want to eat foods that contain gluten, I suggest that they reintroduce certain foods slowly and see if their body has a poor reaction to it. While people with Celiac Disease probably will have to continue to avoid gluten after this period of time, other people who were allergic to gluten can slowly begin reintroducing it to see if they have any type of reaction. However, its important to understand that not everyone with a gluten sensitivity problem will experience overt symptoms. Plus, even though I did fine avoiding gluten for just 21 days, some people should avoid gluten for at least three to six months upon following a natural treatment protocol. Is Eating Organic Food Necessary? You might wonder whether it is necessary to eat organic foods. These days you can buy just about any type of organic food, from organic meats, to organic cereals, organic pizza and potato chips, etc. And of course there are also organic fruits and vegetables. It is obviously more expensive to purchase organic foods, but the good news is that you dont need to eat a 100% organic diet. When it comes to eating meats, I definitely recommend eating organic, as while it no doubt will cost more to buy organic beef, chicken, or turkey, you wont subject yourself to the hormones and/or antibiotics that are frequently present in non-organic meat. If you eat eggs, then I also recommend purchasing organic eggs. With regards to fruits and vegetables, you dont have to eat 100% organic fruits and vegetables. For example, when it comes to fruits, you dont need to eat organic bananas and cantaloupe, but you should try to avoid eating non-organic strawberries, as most contain high amounts of pesticides. The goal of this guide isnt to list all of the foods that you should buy organic, as there are plenty of free resources that you can find on the Internet that will inform you which foods you should eat organic, and which ones arent important. Foods People With Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders Should Avoid The final topic Id like to discuss in this chapter has to do with certain foods that people with autoimmune thyroid disorders should try to avoid. This is especially true if you have hypothyroid condition, such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis. This group of foods is called goitrogenic foods, and they include foods such as broccoli, kale, and soy. Once again, there are plenty of books and sites on the internet that list many specific foods that fall under this category, so Im not going to list them all here. In any case, these goitrogenic foods can impair the thyroid glands ability to produce thyroid hormone, which of course isnt a good thing.

This can be especially detrimental if you have a hypothyroid condition, since this condition involves a decrease in the production of thyroid hormone. For people with a hyperthyroid disorder, while you dont have to completely avoid these goitrogenic foods, you still should try to minimize your consumption of them. Getting back to the topic of a gluten free diet, some sources list gluten as being a goitrogen, while others do not label it as being such. While I dont necessarily recommend that all my patients with autoimmune thyroid disorders completely eliminate gluten from their diet forever, its a good idea to see if you have a gluten sensitivity. And a good way to determine this is simply to eliminate gluten from your diet for a period of 21 days, and then slowly introduce foods that contain gluten, and see how you respond. Some people do need to avoid gluten for a longer period of time before taking this approach, as sometimes they need to avoid gluten and other foods for 30 to 90 days in order to completely heal their digestive system. Then at this point they can reintroduce gluten into their diet. CHAPTER 8: STEP #4: Consider Nutritional Supplements Supplements and Herbs for Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease: Im not going to discuss specific dosages with regards to nutritional supplements and herbs, mainly because everyone is different and therefore has different requirements. But here is a list of some of the supplements and herbs that many people with hyperthyroidism and/or Graves Disease can benefit from: Bugleweed Motherwort B vitamins Selenium Eleuthero Magnesium Iodine Supplements and herbs for hypothyroidism and Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Once again, Im not going to discuss specific dosages, but here are some supplements and herbs that can help people with hypothyroidism and Hashimotos Thyroiditis: B Vitamins Selenium Echinacea Eleuthero Magnesium Ashwaganda Bladderwrack Supplements and herbs for immune system support: Here are some of the nutritional supplements that can help provide immune system support. Youll notice that some of these supplements were already listed: Rehmannia Complex (a product from Standard Process) Selenium

Garlic Astragalus Echinacea The Role Of Iodine In Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders There is a great deal of confusion when it comes to taking iodine for a thyroid disorder. Many people with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are iodine deficient. However, a person who has Hashimotos Thyroiditis cant just begin taking large amounts of iodine, as this can cause more harm than good. On the other hand, someone with a non-autoimmune case of hypothyroidism, or any type of hyperthyroid condition can usually begin taking iodine right from the start, as I did when I began my natural treatment program. Many assume that you can get all the iodine you need by ingesting iodized salt. But even if you use iodized salt frequently, it usually isnt enough to prevent a deficiency in iodine. Some natural doctors will actually recommend that people with thyroid disorders avoid taking iodine. Once again, for people with Hashimotos Thyroiditis this is true, at least in the initial phase of the natural treatment protocol. But for those with this condition, who are deficient in iodine, eventually they can also benefit from being put on an iodine supplementation program if they want to fully recover. The two keys are to introduce iodine at the right time, and in the right amounts. For more information on the importance of iodine, you can refer to the book Iodine: Why you need it, why you cant live without it, which was written by David Brownstein. the quality of any other supplement or herb you purchase is very important. CHAPTER 9: STEP #5: Other Factors To Consider There are five specific factors Id like to discuss, all of which are important to your recovery:

Factor #1: You need to get quality sleep. This is extremely important, as in order to restore your health back to normal you should be getting at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night, and probably more like eight or nine hours. Of course for many autoimmune thyroid sufferers this is easier said than done, as many people with autoimmune thyroid conditions have difficulty falling to sleep, and/or going back to sleep if waking up during the night. One big factor in getting quality sleep is regulating your blood sugar levels, as if youre accustomed to eating a lot of refined carbohydrates, especially within a few hours of going to bed, this could affect your cortisol levels, which can prevent you from falling asleep, and/or cause you to wake up during the night. So in addition to eating healthier, you also want to avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime. If you really feel hungry, eat a small snack that is high in protein, such as a handful of raw seeds or nuts. Sometimes nutritional supplements can help aid in someones sleep. As for some thyroid sufferers, taking some melatonin 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime can not only help them fall asleep, but can also result in a deeper, refreshing sleep. Make sure you consult with a competent healthcare professional about melatonin, or any other natural sleep aid. Factor #2: Exercise regularly. Many people with thyroid disorders want to exercise, but just cant find the energy to be active on a regular basis. When first beginning your natural treatment program, if you can find the energy to walk for 20 to 30 minutes each day then this will be beneficial. If not, then once the natural treatment methods begin to kick in you should notice an increase in energy and soon enough be able to start doing some light exercise on a daily basis. And over a period of weeks and months you will be able to increase both the intensity and duration of exercising. Factor #3: Dealing with stress. In many cases, stress can actually be a cause of someone developing an autoimmune thyroid disorder. One reason for this is due to the impact that stress can have on the adrenals and the immune system. While our bodies are able to handle acute stress situations, they werent designed to handle chronic, prolonged stress over a period of weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Just like many of the other topics discussed in this guide, dealing with stress isnt something that I can adequately cover in a few paragraphs. There are a number of good books on stress management that you can get from your local library, or purchase from a bookstore, such as Stress Management for Dummies, and The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook, just to name a couple. You can also find some good information on dealing with stress in some of the thyroid recovery books that are out there. Of course just reading books on managing stress alone wont be enough, as you do need to take action. In this day and age, just

about all of us have things that stress us out on a daily basis, whether its our job, relationships, finances, etc. Its safe to say that you cant eliminate the stress in your life, but if youre determined then you can learn how to handle these stressors much better, which is not only important in your recovery, but in preventing a future relapse as well. Checking for thyroid nodules, with the thyroid palpation is recommended BOOKS AND TREATMENTS BY OTHERS A good example of this is Mary Shomon, who has some great books about thyroid health and is very knowledgeable about these conditions. Elaine Moore is another good example, as she has written a wonderful book on Graves Disease. Nevertheless, you do need to be cautious. -----------

From some Youtube vids made by eric : ####################################

Supplements : bugleweed the main herb that helped eric manage his symptoms Bugleweed helped with the palpitations Eleuthero (siberian ginseng) this one is really effective to cope with daily stress Vitamin D Iodine (si tipa africana luase iodine) Selenium since its important regarding immunity (raw brazil nuts a handful per day would fix this) B vitamins a whole food supplement (which I think is a multivitamin) Eating plenty of vegetables Some fish oil (quality one) A supplement of magnesium is recommended since most people are mag deficient ^some of these supplements would have/should be taken on a regular basis like fatty acids (omega), but others dont need to be taken regularly

When people with hashimotos take iodine, their symptoms get worse, however iodine is still vital for health Other vid : eric again talks about bugleweed, and now also the motherwort , he says both help treat symptoms of hypot In some cases strenghtening the immune system alone can restore the patient echinacea and selenium strenghten the immune system Eric recommends standard process company to buy supplements from them cause they have a good quality Taking herbs/supplements alone might not be enough to treat hypert ; one also needs to get proper nutrition, ample sleep, maybe also exercise, and managing stress Eric checked the blood tests and they confirmed he didnt have hyperthyroid anymore ; erics last symptom to dissapear was increased appetite Strenghtening the immune system is very important for erics treatment, he says Mb researching adrenal fatigue might b helpful Supplements for immune system support : echinacea , selenium astragalus erics insist on the idea of having quality supplements Eating healthy ! is a rule At least 8 hours of quality sleep Eleuthero (also called siberian gin seng I think) supplement for stress management not sure about the dosage Avoid going for long periods of time without eating ! important this can cause adrenal fatigue and thus minimize the effectiveness of the rest of the program Some have an intestinal tract disorder that is the cause of their hypot Others have a hormonal imbalance Thyroid gland support : many people with Ashwaganda and bladderwrack (ONLY use this for HYPOthyroidism !! eric ) also help the thyroid gland Eric says that someone who has a hypothyroidism needs to be careful about eating goitogenic foods, which when eaten in large quantities can inhibit thyroid function ; examples : broccoli, cauliflower, and soy Eat every 2-3 hours this helps keep blood sugar level also helps adrenal glands !

In the thyroid diet list eric made he didnt mention bread on his daily food list, maybe he eats it other days , although he did say he takes protein shake, so mb he doesnt eat bread Eric does eats pizza and desert every now and then In most cases the thyroid gland is not the cause (of this disease hypot- or the symptoms) but it could more likely be weak adrenals, immune system problems, hormone imbalance, etc It took a few weeks for eric to notice improvement in symptoms such as palpitations it takes 12 months to see dramatic improvement says eric Stop eating gluten for at least 30 days or idealy 3 to 6 months ; some doctors would recommend never taking in gluten at all reintroducing gluten after the glutenfree period is what hsould be done to see whether there is any symptom when gluten is reintroduced Eric doesnt do the gluten avoidance test on ALL patients, so im guessing it is not THAT important Gluten sensitivity eric belives is not the most common cause of hypert in most people Some people were completely healed when they went off gluten I do recommend my patients to avoid gluten initially , but not always on a permanent basis Most people need to minimize gluten based foods I really dont think I have a gluten sensitivity During the 3-6 months gluten avoidance , the patient should avoid other common allergens, they may require certain supplements, to help restore their digestive health ; once their digestive tract is healthy, some people can tolerate gluten Sleeping well is important Eric recommends D3 when it comes to vitamin D Since eric recommends getting selenium from diet, I checked and if I take sunflower seeds and meat daily then i`ll have more than enough Eric says an imbalance in sex hormones (estrogen) can lead to a thyroid issue many people with adrenal gland fatigue have hashimotos Eric had stressed out adrenals, and restored them 3 common causes of adrenal fatigue : chronic stress Eric says that eating white flour creates spikes in the sugar level and this puts some stress on the adrenal glands Not eating in the morning puts some stress on the adrenal glands

Not getting enough sleep can lead to, more or less, adrenal f Managing stress is a must if one wants to restore their adrenal glands back to normal Eric says to eat some protein with each meal Eat regularly to restore adrenal gland Eat every 2 hours to balance blood sugar levels (dont know about snacks) Treating adrenal fatigue removes fatigue, sleep will be better, and overall one will feel better Just looking at the thyroid results is not enough to conclude that hyperthyroidism has been cured If huge stress and really bad diet appears again, a remission can appear even after a cure(or rather remission) The so called goitrogenic food inhibits the function of the thyroid gland from erics vid entitled 12 goitrogens people with HYPOthyroidism should avoid Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, peaches, peanuts, radishes, soy based foods, spinach, strawberries these are the common ones, there are others, eric says ^some of these are mildly goitrogenic, while others not so mild eric Some mild ones are strawberries peaches and spinach even tho these are mild, they need to be eaten in small ammounts Removing these foods completely is not necessary One should stop eating these foods completely for at least 21 to 30 when following a natural thyroid treatment protocol , sometimes even for a few months-> I think this one also is adressed to hypert patients Eric says that even people without hypot should minimize their consumption of soy many people are allergic to soy The people with hypert should not wilfully increase their goitrogenic foods to treat hypert , eric thinks, even tho this might work eric says theres no point in doing that since the natural treatments will restore the thyroid function back to normal\ People with hypert can eat giotrogenic foods whenever however, but without excess For hypert people eric said : feel free to eat these foods in moderation Hypot can be caused by a problem in the digestive tract , so im thinking maybe hypert can also be caused by that A compromised immune sistem can be another cause of hypot (so mb hypert also) ; then theres poor eating habits as another possible cause ; also environmental toxins can play a role

Doctors say an excess in iodine can cause hypert , but I dont remember eating excess iodine to triger this, nor do I take excess iodine now Eric says that vitamin d (the rda?) can prevent or stop an auto immune response Other trace minerals that one should have in the diet, (or take as supplement?): zinc, copper etc Many people are defficient in iodine (so im guessing a supplement would be good, as that woman took, and as eric talked about earlier, not sure exactly what he said tho) BUGLEWEED LIQUID form is what eric took Eric recommends eleuthero and echinacea following a strict diet can restore your health back to normal

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Mercola says that vitamin d blood tests (not sure which one is good) are very important when taking oral vitamin d supplements, because there is a wide range of what an individual may need on a daily basis it is fat soluble so there are some concerns Mercola is very emphatic about taking vitamin D3 , NOT D2, dont know why He says that an average adult should take 5000 units (UI?) per day Some doctor says that 5000IU of vitamin D per day is very safe, and said that no one reported toxicity from this dose, nor 10.000, or even 20.000 Some guy in the comments section said he takes 15000 UI and feels fantastic

Hoffer ABOUT VITAMIN D (ortho for every1 book) ########

is evidence that D3 is more efficiently utilized in animals and humans.[2] There are two commercial sources of natural vitamin D3: fish liver oil and an oil extracted from wool. If a label lists vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), then it is from wool oil. This is considered a vegetarian source (the animal is just sheared), but not vegan. Fish liver oil will be listed in parentheses if it is the source. Animals can obtain vitamin D from licking their fur, and in humans, rickets can be successfully treated by rubbing cod liver oil into the skin. With the exception of oily fish, foods do not contain a significant amount of vitamin D. Because of concern over mercury levels, eating the flesh of fish may not be practical advice and, while it contains no mercury, there is widespread dislike for cod liver oil. Since the 1930s, vitamin D has been added to fluid milk but not to other milk products. More recently, it has also been added to flour to reduce rickets among immigrants to Britain.[3]

It is cheap and reliable for people to get their vitamin D from enriched foods. Iodine, iron, and some of the B vitamins are other examples of nutrients that have been added to foods for decades. That action should be seen for what it is: a national policy acknowledging that the masses eat so inadequately that they are unable to avoid the ramifications of classic nutrient deficiencies, including iodine-deficiency goiter, iron-deficiency anemia, and pellagra. In the case of vitamin D, it is a tacit statement about safety as well. With 400 International Units (IU) added per quart, it is easy for a milk-drinking teenager to quadruple the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) of 200IU per day. Few dietitians appear worried that many people are routinely and substantially exceeding the governments recommended dose for vitamin D. It is well established that insufficient quantities of the vitamin contribute to osteopenia, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis. Vitamin D deficiency is, of course, found in people who do not take supplements, who receive little sun exposure, and who do not drink vitamin D-fortified milk. Vitamin d works as an antidepressant Not only is vitamin D necessary for calcium absorption in the body, it is necessary for getting calcium into the body in the first place.[7] Most persons with osteoporosis have low vitamin D levels. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Persons with multiple sclerosis typically are vitamin D deficient and demonstrate dramatically reduced bone mass. Unsurprisingly, such bone loss appears to be directly caused by insufficient vitamin D and can be safely and inexpensively corrected with routine vitamin D supplementation.[14] More importantly, vitamin D may have a key role in the progression of multiple sclerosis itself. According to studies, the hormonal form of vitamin D3 can prevent experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a widely accepted mouse model of MS. Vitamin D3 acts as an immune system regulator, inhibiting this autoimmune disease. Thus, under low-sunlight conditions, insufficient vitamin D3 is produced, which may be a risk factor for MS. This may explain the geographic distribution of MS, which is almost nonexistent in equatorial regions and increases dramatically with latitude. MS may be preventable in genetically susceptible individuals with early intervention using adequate levels of hormonally active D3 (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3).[15] Researchers have long postulated a close correspondence between low sunlight and MS, and that this was due to low vitamin D production. Also, in areas of low sunlight, such as Norway, differences in MS prevalence could be explained by dietary factors affecting vitamin D production: the amount of fish (increases vitamin D) and grains (reduces vitamin D levels due to the action of phytates) consumed. It is possible that individuals genetically susceptible to MS may need larger than normal amounts of vitamin Dinsufficient vitamin D during childhood might result in defective myelin.[16] A clinical study has shown that vitamin D, along with calcium and magnesium, reduced the relapse rate in humans with MS.[17] Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., reported success using vitamin and mineral therapy for multiple sclerosis over thirty years ago.[18] I (A.W.S.) observed how effective Dr. Klenners protocol can be when an MS patient, previously in a wheelchair, was up and walking with a walker within two weeks of beginning high-dose nutritional therapy. Recently, I (A.H.) witnessed the full recovery of a man with MS after one year of orthomolecular

nutritional treatment, which included 12,000IU per day of vitamin D3. The MS lesions in his brain cleared completely and he remains well. TAKING VITAMIN D Vitamin D deficiency is a cause or a contributor to a wide variety of diseases, many of which appear unrelated to bone problems. So important is this vitamin for the entire population that it is necessary for milk to be enriched with it. Most persons do not get adequate vitamin D from sunlight, and the problem is compounded for the obese and for the elderly. For those individuals, and for any person on any of a number of commonly prescribed medications, vitamin D supplementation is mandatory. The current U.S. Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for vitamin D is as follows.[35] Government recommended dietary intakes of 200 to 600IU per day are too low, according to the weight of clinical evidence. Government tolerable or safe upper intake levels (UL) of 1,000 to 2,000IU per day are likewise too low, and largely unsupported by toxicological evidence. the modern clinical studies have shown that we need much more, like the 10,000 to 20,000IU that is synthesized in the skin if one is exposed to ultraviolet rays in sunlight during the day. An optimum health recommendation of 1,000 to 4,000IU per day, in total from all sources, is not unreasonable for the vast majority of healthy adults. This estimate, however, applies to healthy people. For patients, requirements vary widely, as they do for any nutrient, and the physician must determine what is the optimum dose for each patient. Safe doses are up to 10,000IU daily and even more for certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis. The DRI levels are certainly not therapeutic levels, as the treatment of rickets generally requires a dose of 1,600IU per day and may require a daily dosage of 50,000 to as much as 300,000IU in resistant cases.[37] When high doses are used, appropriate testing and monitoring is recommended. avoidance of sunlight, and sensational but unscientific dread of relatively high-dose vitamin D side effects does more than merely set the stage for a population of rickety children and fracture-ridden elderly. Overestimates and outright misstatements of vitamin Ds potential toxicity open new marketing avenues for the development of vitamin D-like drugs, a commercial opportunity that the pharmaceutical industry has not overlooked. SIDE EFFECTS Almost all published accounts of vitamin D toxicity deal with vitamin D2 (ergosterol). These accounts began to appear shortly after irradiated ergosterol became available commercially. Vitamin D2 was used in all vitamin D-fortified foods as well as in most multivitamin supplements. A number of physicians have provided evidence that vitamin D2 excess is implicated in atherosclerosis, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, hypercalcemia, imbalances in magnesium and phosphate metabolism, and in heavy metal poisoning. Vitamin D3, which is present in fish oils, apparently has not been implicated in these toxicities and there have been very few accounts of harmful effects from fish liver oil. As with all vitamins, there is ongoing debate about vitamin Ds safety and effectiveness. In the end, the issue really boils down to dosage. Because vitamin D can be made in the body, given sufficient sunlight, it has been considered more of a hormone than a vitamin. This designation is likely to prejudice any consideration of megadoses, and that is unfortunate. It is instructive to note that as far back as 1939, some truly enormous doses of vitamin D were found to be far less deadly than one might expect. In several countries, most infants, including premature babies, survived 200,000 to 600,000 units of vitamin D given in a single injected or oral dose. These are incredibly high quantities, especially when they are considered in relation to a premature infants

body weight.[38] Pregnant women have likewise been given two huge oral doses of vitamin D (600,000IU) during the seventh and eighth months.[39] Recently, the British Medical Journal published a double-blind, controlled trial of 100,000IU of vitamin D3 given orally to over 2,000 elderly patients once every four months, for a period of five years. The authors reported, in addition to greatly reduced fracture rates, that the high-dose therapy was without adverse effects in men and women.[40] Vitamin D has sometimes been regarded as the most potentially dangerous vitamin. In a 2001 article, Mark Rosenbloom, M.D., who did not cite any fatalities from the vitamin, wrote that the single-dose toxic level for vitamin D is unknown and estimated the chronic toxic dose to be over 50,000IU per day for adults. However, he stated that for children, 400IU per day is potentially toxic.[41] The Merck Manual has a somewhat different take, stating that 40,000IU per day of vitamin D produces toxicity within 14 months in infants, and as little as 3,000IU per day can produce toxicity over years. Thus, their lowest toxicity figure for infants is substantially higher than Dr. Rosenblooms potentially toxic figure of 400IU. Potentially toxic is very different from toxic. Moreover, toxic is very different from death. Using the word toxic may convey a false impression of immediate and mortal danger, but there are numerous symptomatic warnings before serious toxic effects occur. may be readily conceded that huge, but occasional, doses are insufficient to produce toxicity because vitamin D is fat-soluble, stored by the body, and it thus takes many months of very high doses to produce calcification of soft tissues, such as the lung and kidneys. Overdose, toxic, and fatal are strong yet very different terms that are used interchangeably by critics of vitamin supplementation. Most overdoses are not toxic, and most toxicities are not fatal. Total-body sun exposure easily provides the equivalent of 10,000IU of vitamin D per day, suggesting that this may be a physiologic limit. Nutrition Desk Reference states that, for vitamin D, the threshold for toxicity is 500 to 600 micrograms per kilogram body weight per day.[42] Toxic in this particular instance must mean death, as this figure is presumably based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys published oral LD50 (lethal dose) for female rats of 619mg/kg, the equivalent of 20,000 to 24,000IU per kilogram of body weight, per day.[43] By comparison, this would mean that for an average (70kg) adult human, toxicity would occur at an astounding 1,400,000-1,680,000IU per day! Even if such figures are not directly applicable to humans, vitamin D remains one of the most nontoxic substances imaginable. There are, of course, some reasonable cautions with its use. Persons with hyperparathyroidism, lymphoma, lupus erythematosus, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, kidney disease, or those taking digitalis, calcium channel blockers, or thiazide diuretics, should have physician supervision before and while taking extra vitamin D. When employing large doses of vitamin periodic testing is highly advisable. ^MS patients need more vitamin D than the rest ; 5000IU is safe ; periodic testing is highly advisable nontheless Eric estrogen dominance as a possible cause for hypot or hypert, dont remember estrogen dominance is mainy found in women from what im seeing On the other hand, eating a lot of meats with added hormones can increase the amount of estrogen in the body,

How Can Estrogen Dominance Be Corrected? since chronic stress and poor eating habits contribute to estrogen dominance, then it makes sense that eating well and doing a good job of managing stress will help with this condition, as well as taking quality nutritional supplements of the right type and dosage. If the estrogen levels are high, then one also might need to do a liver detoxification in order to help eliminate the excess estrogen, which along with modifying the lifestyle and environmental factors (eating well, managing stress, reducing exposure to xenohormones, etc.), will help to balance the hormone levels. If the estrogen levels are normal and the person is deficient in progesterone, then frequently the person will need to take certain nutritional supplements and/or herbs to help raise the progesterone levels, and sometimes will need to take bioidentical progesterone for a short period if time. Eric mentions Xenohormones and Xenoestrogens (a possible cause, but unlikely I think this article explains what these are, they are basically environmental toxins, plastic containers , added hormones in animals, etc Eric says it might be a good idea to write down the ingredients in the products I use (like soap) and do some search on the internet to read about them Un site din ro zice asta despre bungleweed : Tratamentul cu plante pentru tiroid dureaz n general ntre 1-3 luni. Pentru hipertiroidie este recomandat bugleweed sub form de tinctur o linguri n ap, de 3 ori/zi. Eric said apples have quite a few pesticides on them, so im thinking I should remove the outer layer and eat them so, it will have less fiber this way also Shower filter is recommended walk for about 30 minutes daily. 5. Manage Your Stress Effectively. its impossible to completely avoid environmental toxins. However, one can definitely minimize their exposure to them recommended tests : vitamin D Test ; 24 hour urine loading test ; adrenal stress index test or a hormone panel Which one of these tests you do depends upon which symptoms you have. The truth is that most people have adrenal problems, and so if you deal with chronic stress, and eat a lot of refined foods and sugars, then you probably should have this test done. On the other hand, someone with estrogen dominance needs to get this addressed as well before they can get better. If youre having symptoms of estrogen dominance (read my blog post on this) then you probably will want to get a hormone panel done first, and perhaps down the road you can obtain an adrenal stress index test. Im pretty sure it wasnt each specific supplment and herb that was the problem, but the combination of them that produced the problematic side effects [eric and his urination story, he combined some supplements and herbs and thinks this is the reason that it happened) even nih talks about this, its been on oz doc show

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Like magnesium, taking B vitamins is important for anyone supplementing with iodine. The reason for this is because the B Vitamins (specifically B2 and B3) help with the utilization of iodine at the cellular level. The quality of the supplement is important, and I used an iodine supplement called Prolamine Iodine, which is manufactured by Standard Process. IODINE SUPPLEMENT It's not that easy, as it usually takes months to correct such a deficiency. I personally began by taking a 3 mg tablet daily for one week, and then added an additional 3 mg tablet each week. According to "iodine expert" Dr. David Brownstein, you can take up to 50 mg of iodine per day, and even higher than this if you have an extremely severe deficiency. Iodine book - Dr. David Brownstein has written a book called, "Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It". Even though it might sound like a boring book to read, it actually is very interesting, plus it's an easy-to-read book. In any case, Dr. Brownstein has done a lot of research with iodine, and has determined that most people are iodine deficient. Eric says that this can happen, but I think its rare - 3. a nodule or cyst is causing the thyroid gland to secrete an excess amount of thyroid hormone. While natural thyroid treatment methods can potentially help to shrink thyroid nodules, there is no guarantee this will happen. and even when it is successful in doing this, it will of course take time for this to occur. But there is no specific supplement or herb which shrinks thyroid nodules. So I received an ultrasound, which showed that there were no nodules, and so fortunately I didnt need to receive a fine needle aspiration. so this is either THE way or one way to check for nodules 2. When the thyroid nodule is causing an obstruction. If the thyroid nodule is benign but is causing some type of obstruction, then this is yet another good reason to have it removed. People with Hashimotos Thyroiditis need to avoid taking iodine until the autoimmune response is eliminated. If they take iodine while their immune system is still malfunctioning, their symptoms most likely will worsen. How To Correct An Iodine Deficiency Once an iodine deficiency is detected, the best method of correcting such a deficiency is by taking daily iodine supplements. While you can consume foods which are rich in iodine, doing this usually wont correct an iodine deficiency. When I was first diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition, I began taking an iodine supplement called Prolamine Iodine, which is a supplement from Standard Process. I began by taking one 3 mg tablet each day for the first week, and then each week I would increase the dosage by one tablet. Once I reached 8 tablets (24 mg) I switched to a product called Iodoral, which is another high quality iodine supplement, but it comes in higher dosages. So instead of taking eight 3 mg tablets each day, I took two 12.5 mg tablets.

How Can You Detect an Iodine Deficiency? There are a couple of different methods of determining whether someone has an iodine deficiency. The first, and least reliable method is through an Iodine Patch test. This test involves taking a 2% tincture of iodine, and essentially drawing a 2 x 2 patch on your forearm. If a person has a sufficient amount of iodine in their body, then the patch shouldnt begin to fade significantly until after 24 hours. If it fades between 19 and 24 hours, then the person is considered to have a mild iodine deficiency. If it fades between 13 and 18 hours, then the person is said to have a moderate iodine deficiency. And if it disappears in 12 hours or less then the person is said to have a more severe iodine deficiency. As you might have guessed, this isnt a very accurate way of detecting an iodine deficiency, although I do think it does have some value, especially as a follow up procedure. But why is iodine important when it comes to thyroid health? The main reason is because iodine is important in the formation of thyroid hormone. So a deficiency in iodine can lead to a deficiency in thyroid hormone, which is why many assume that someone with hyperthyroidism cant have an iodine deficiency, which simply isnt true. In any case, in order to restore thyroid health, one needs to detect and then correct such a deficiency. This of course isnt to suggest that an iodine deficiency alone is responsible for a thyroid condition, but it can be a big factor. As a result, people who eat a lot of bread are more likely to be iodine deficient.

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[Some people ]they might just want to try out different thyroid support supplements in order to find one that will do a good job of managing their symptoms. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. About allergies I think I should do this, eliminate these foods mentioned down and take supplements like b complex , and a protein shake of some sort For those people who have a thyroid condition and would like to restore their health back to normal using natural thyroid treatment methods, not addressing ones food allergies can create a lot of problems. This is why when someone initially follows a natural treatment protocol I will recommend they avoid just about all of the common foods they might be allergic to. The following represents the primary foods I will advise them to avoid during this initial period: Gluten Dairy Soy Peanuts Beef Eggs I pretty much recommend that for the first 21 to 30 days of the protocol they only eat whole foods, consisting mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables, some organic chicken and turkey, certain types of fish, and to completely avoid the foods I listed above.

Eliminating all of these foods is extremely important when trying to recover from a thyroid condition, as eating these foods will continue to cause inflammation, and will therefore impede the healing process. One of the reasons for this is because eating foods youre allergic to will affect digestion, and if you cant digest the foods and nutritional supplements you consume while following a natural thyroid treatment protocol, you simply wont recover. The truth is that most people who begin a natural thyroid treatment protocol dont digest their food well. And while avoiding these foods alone isnt the sole answer to addressing these digestive issues, doing this without question is very important. If the body has a leaky gut or any other health problem that is affecting digestion, eating well and eliminating any foods the person is allergic to are vital steps to fixing their digestive issues. I will have them avoid all of the common food allergens. Now you may argue that they might be allergic to a non-common allergen which I am giving them permission to eat, and this is true. But this is rare, and I find that most people who go through the thyroid diet I recommend do fine. For those who dont, and if it appears they might be allergic to a non-common food allergen, then at that point I will recommend a food allergy test such as the Elisa Panel. !!!!!! important For example, once someone goes through the initial thyroid diet that consists of avoiding all of the common allergens, they can gradually reintroduce one food at a time. If taking this approach then its important to only reintroduce a single food at a time, and the process involves eating the food for three days, and then seeing how your body reacts. So if someone wanted to begin by reintroducing gluten into their diet, they would eat gluten based foods for three days, and see how their body reacts. Its probably a good idea to keep track of this, so that whenever you ate gluten, you would actually document how you felt immediately after eating it, as well as 30 and 60 minutes thereafter. You dont want to go overboard though, as you wouldnt want to constantly eat gluten throughout the day during this 3-day period, but instead would want to consume gluten at a few different intervals throughout the day. SUPPLEMENTS 3. Selenium. In order for T4 to get converted to T3, an enzyme that contains selenium is necessary. As a result, a deficiency in selenium can affect this conversion process, and thus impair thyroid function. On the other hand, most people really can benefit from a quality detoxification program. Step # 1: Eat Well. All of the detoxification programs I have gone through in the past involved eating a very strict diet during this time. Water - The rule I like to follow is to drink at least half your weight in ounces. So for example, if you weight 150 pounds, then you would drink 75 ounces of water each day. CLEANSING Step # 4: Make Sure Proper Elimination Is Taking Place. In order for any detoxification program to work, you need to make sure that you are eliminating the toxins that you are trying to clean out. This might sound like common sense, but its amazing how many people who begin a

detoxification program remain constipated, and therefore dont move their bowels on a regular basis. Eating healthy and taking the actual detoxifying supplement will of course help, but it still might not be enough, and you might need to take one or two other nutritional supplements or herbs to temporarily help with this. Maintain Your Health With An Annual Detoxification Once you have gone through your very first detoxification program, its a good idea to go through at least one of these programs each year. Some people can even benefit from detoxifying every six months. It all depends on your eating habits after the detoxification is over with, although those who think they can eat junk food all of the time and just detox a couple of times each year are not really incorporating a health lifestyle. In summary, detoxifying your body can help to improve the function of your adrenal glands, digestive system, immune system, and other areas of your body. This in turn can not only help to restore the function of your thyroid gland , but along with eating healthy, it will also help to keep your thyroid gland in a healthy state. Possible causes of graves disease Weak adrenal glands (likely the cause, I think) A compromised immune system Poor digestion Hormonal imbalances Nutritional deficiencies Exposure to environmental toxins Problems with other areas of the body Usually it's a combination of some of these factors that lead to the development of an autoimmune thyroid condition. So when someone with Graves' Disease consults with a natural endocrine doctor, not only will they look at the thyroid blood tests that other healthcare professionals evaluate, but they most likely will recommend one or more additional tests to determine whether the person has one or more of these problems. For example, everyone with Graves' Disease has a compromised immune system. However, not everyone has the same factors which cause the immune system to become weakened. Many people who eat a lot of refined foods and sugars and/or do a poor job of handling stress develop weak adrenal glands, which in turn can cause the autoimmune response and thyroid malfunction and lead to an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Another person might have an imbalance with the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can create havoc in the body, and lead to problems with the immune system as well. 1.Bugleweed. Bugleweed is a great herbal remedy for most hyperthyroid conditions, as this was perhaps the main herb that helped manage my symptoms when I first began my natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol. 2.Eleuthero. Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this herb is not just specific for those who have a hyperthyroid condition. However, for someone that has adrenal problems and deals with a lot of chronic stress (which seems to describe most people these days), taking Eleuthero daily can really be beneficial, and make it easier to cope with the stress in your life.

List of causes Cause #1: Lifestyle Factors. Lifestyle factors are perhaps the biggest factor that leads to a hyperthyroid condition. Two of the biggest lifestyle factors are chronic stress and poor eating habits. With regards to stress, while there is nothing we can do to eliminate the stress in our lives, most people can do a much better job of handling stress. Too much stress can create problems with the adrenal glands, as while they are designed to handle acute stress situations, they cannot adequately handle chronic, prolonged stress. Problems with the adrenal glands will eventually affect other areas of the body, including the thyroid gland. Poor eating habits can also stress out the adrenals, as when we eat too many refined foods and sugars this causes problems with the blood sugar levels, which once again over time will affect the adrenal glands, and can also cause malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. Cause #2: Environmental toxins. It is no coincidence that over the last half-century we have had a dramatic increase in the number of thyroid conditions, and at the same time have had a huge increase in the amount of toxins we are exposed to. Although we can't eliminate all of the toxins we're exposed to, there are some things we can do to reduce our exposure to them. One of the things we can do is reduce the number of toxins used in the home, as this is where a good amount of our exposure to toxins comes from. Just think about all of the household products you use that contain chemicals your body doesn't know how to handle. Most people don't think twice about using such products, figuring that they wouldn't be on the market if they were unsafe. But the fact is that most of these products aren't being regulated, so it is up to you to familiarize yourself with the ingredients and understand which products are safe to use in your home. I recommend visiting your local health food store and purchase some natural household products, once again making sure to familiarize yourself with the ingredients so that you know whether or not they are safe. TESTS ERIC THINKS WOULD BE USEFUL 1. Adrenal Stress Index (ASI). This test determines the health of your adrenal glands. The reason this test is so valuable is because just about everyone has stressed out adrenals these days. The way this test works is through saliva testing, as you need to collect four samples at different times throughout the day, which help determine the pattern of your cortisol levels. This test is performed by Diagnos-Techs, and it measures more than just the cortisol levels, as it consists of other saliva tests, including 17-OH Progesterone, DHEA, Gliadin AB, Secretory IgA, and Insulin. 2. Hair Analysis. The benefits of a hair analysis test is that it will tell you whats happening at the cellular level. This isnt only helpful from a treatment standpoint with regards to Graves Disease, but this test can also be used to help prevent conditions from developing in the future. Most medical doctors would laugh at the thought of having their patients receive such a test, but it can really be a valuable diagnostic tool for those who know how to interpret the results. 3. Hormone Panel. Many people have hormone imbalances, and addressing such imbalances is essential with any autoimmune thyroid condition such as Graves Disease. Diagnos-Techs also performs this type of testing, as they offer both both male and female hormone panels that are measured through the saliva.

There are obviously other companies that perform these tests other than Diagnos-Techs, but this is one of the better companies out there with regards to saliva testing. There are also numerous companies that perform hair analysis, but once again, you do need to be careful when choosing a company, as not all of them are the same. The truth is that when conducted right, these tests can be very accurate, and will give a lot of valuable information that can tell a great deal about your health. POSSIBLE CAUSES Graves Disease Cause #1: inability to handle stress. Although most people know that stress can cause a lot of problems, most don't truly understand the impact that chronic stress can have on one's health over a period of many months or years. Our bodies were designed to handle acute stress situations, but not with chronic stress. As a result, a person who deals with chronic stress and does a poor job of managing it will most likely develop adrenal issues, which in turn can affect immunity, and over a period of time can lead to the development of an autoimmune condition. Obviously it is not possible to completely eliminate the stress from your life. But most of us can do a much better job of handling stress. In fact, for anyone with Graves' Disease looking to restore their health, stress management is a key component. Cause #2: Nutritional deficiencies : some of them : vitamin D and iodine So while it took only a few weeks before I began feeling better once I started my natural treatment protocol, it took a few months before the lab results were normal. And even once someone with Graves Disease has restored their health back to normal, it is of course important to continue maintaining their health so they wont suffer a relapse in the future. About allergy self test There are different ways of doing this, but here is an example. You can go on a purification program (described shortly), and then once the purification program is completed, introduce wheat for 3 days, and see how your body reacts. Just make sure you don't add more than one potential allergen, as if you were to add both wheat and dairy for example, and had a bad reaction, you wouldn't know which allergen was responsible. A Purification Program Can Be Beneficial As I just mentioned, many people can benefit from a purification program. There are different types of these programs, and when doing one it is wise to be under the guidance of a competent healthcare professional. When I put one of my patients on a purification program, I prefer having them avoid gluten, dairy, soy, and other common allergens for at least twenty one days. Once again, the reason for this is because they are common allergens. On the other hand, I encourage them to eat plenty of vegetables, some fruits, as well as chicken, turkey, and certain types of fish. I do recommend that they purchase organic food, at least with regards to the meats. While it would be great if they can buy everything organic, I realize some people can't afford this, and so if you must pick and choose, I'd recommend to eat organic meat, and try to stay away from non-organic vegetables and fruits that are high in pesticides. These aren't necessarily the only foods I recommend, as most people can consume a small quantity of raw nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.), as well as some other foods.

New info about erics diet Breakfast: Protein drink which contained 2 cups of purified water, I cup of mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries), a healthy form of protein powder, and 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil (after one month I added one raw organic egg to this). Motherwort is another herbal remedy that can help with the symptoms of Graves' Disease. [talks about the immune sistem] And in some cases, strengthening the immune system alone can restore someone's health back to normal. Echinacea and Selenium can help strengthen the immune system. When I began my natural treatment protocol I also took a product called Rehmannia Complex, which is a product from the nutritional company Standard Process. About the adrenal glands treatment : The adrenal glands are usually affected too, and therefore should also be evaluated. Since most medical doctors don't properly evaluate the adrenals (and most won't attempt to evaluate this area at all), I ordered an Adrenal Stress Index test for myself, which is a saliva-based test that measures the cortisol levels at different times of the day. Initially when I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease, I had low cortisol levels in the morning and early afternoon. But the natural treatment protocol helped bring my cortisol levels back to normal. Some supplements I took to help with the adrenals included an adrenal support formula (also manufactured by Standard Process), as well as Eleuthero. There are actually five main factors to help aid the recovery process for someone that has an autoimmune thyroid disorder. These include 1) having a good attitude, 2) proper nutrition, 3) getting ample sleep, 4) regular exercise, and 5) doing a good job of managing stress. All of these are important if you want to use natural treatment methods to restore the function of your thyroid gland back to normal, assuming this is possible. The last symptom to disappear was the increased appetite, as after a few months I had a regular pulse rate, no palpitations or shakiness, and was gaining weight. But I still had a voracious appetite. But eventually this symptom disappeared too, and along with not having any more symptoms, it was of course great to see the blood tests confirm that I no longer was hyperthyroid. iodine tests, eric recommends to take an iodine patch test ^ This test involves taking a 2% tincture of iodine, and essentially drawing a 2 x 2 patch on your forearm. If a person has a sufficient amount of iodine in their body, then the patch shouldnt begin to fade significantly until after 24 hours. If it fades between 19 and 24 hours, then the person is considered to have a mild iodine deficiency. If it fades between 13 and 18 hours, then the person is said to have a moderate iodine deficiency. And if it disappears in 12 hours or less then the person is said to have a more severe iodine deficiency. As you might have guessed, this isnt a very accurate way of detecting an iodine deficiency, although I do think it does have some value, especially as a follow up procedure. Important : the herb Bladderwrack can be taken by people who have a hypothyroid condition, but is contraindicated for someone who has hyperthyroidism.

SOME SUPPLEMENTS 1Eleuthero. This herb is one that people with both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can take (including both Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Graves Disease). The herb doesnt directly affect the thyroid gland, but instead helps the body to adapt to stressful situations, and also helps with boosting the immune system. For people with adrenal problems, which is common in people with thyroid conditions, this is a very beneficial herb. This is one of the herbs I took when I was initially diagnosed with Graves Disease, and many people who have problems with their adrenal glands can benefit from taking this herb. 2. Echinacea. This is very popular herb, and is responsible for enhancing the immune system function. People with Graves Disease or Hashimotos Thyroiditis can of course benefit from this herb, since it will help boost their immune system. However, one needs to realize that the quality of the herb you take is important. This of course is the case with all of these herbs Im discussing. But the reason why I brought this up now is because Echinacea can be purchased in many different places, including health food stores, nutrition stores, retail stores such as WalMart and Target, as well as most pharmacies. So its important to make sure that you purchase a high quality product in order to receive optimal results. 3. Bugleweed. This is my favorite herb for hyperthyroidism, as when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease this herb did a great job to help manage the hyperthyroid symptoms I was experiencing. Once again, this isnt to suggest that everyone with a hyperthyroid condition should purchase Bugleweed, as you do want to consult with a holistic doctor first. But as someone who decided not to take any anti-thyroid drugs or beta blockers, I will admit that I might have not been able to avoid taking prescription drugs if it wasnt for this herb. As mentioned earlier, this herb is contraindicated for people who have hypothyroidism. These complexes are manufactured by the company Standard Process, and can be taken by either people with hypothyroidism, as well as those with a hyperthyroid condition. : 1. Adrenal Complex. As the name implies, Adrenal Complex is a great product for people who have adrenal problems. It consists of a combination of different herbs which actually does more than just help with your adrenal problems, although this is the primary benefit. I took both Eleuthero and this complex to help strengthen my adrenal glands. Of course just taking these two herbs alone wasnt responsible for strengthening my adrenals. Eating well, getting sufficient sleep, and doing a good job of managing stress are all important lifestyle factors when it comes to adrenal gland health. 2. Rehmannia Complex. This is another complex that consists of numerous herbs, and just like some of the other herbs I mentioned, this complex also helps with the immune system, as well as offering some support to the adrenal glands and liver. In addition, another benefit is that it helps remove toxins. This is a great supplement, and is especially helpful for someone who has an autoimmune thyroid condition. Common Factors That Can Lead To Weakened Adrenal Glands Factor #2: Getting Insufficient Sleep Each Night. Most people need to get at least seven to eight hours sleep, and some research shows that even more sleep than this is required each night. Many people try to get by with five or six hours of sleep on a nightly basis. Once again, doing this every now and then is fine, but if you make it a habit of staying up late to watch television or surf the internet, and then wake up early to go to work, or if you do anything else which causes you to sacrifice quality sleep, then this will eventually stress out your adrenal glands.

Chronic stress : Another example involves a person who argues with their spouse on a frequent basis. Once again, doing this occasionally usually wont cause any problems, but if this happens routinely then it very well can affect your adrenal glands, and lead to the development to a thyroid condition over a prolonged period of time. And if you already have a thyroid disorder, then continuing to argue with your spouse, or any other family member on a regular basis, can prevent you from restoring your health back to normal due to exacerbating the stress response. Some book eric recommends Book #1: Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, by Dr. James L. Wilson & Johnathan V. Wright. Can A Gallbladder Cleanse Help? A gallbladder cleanse can definitely help some people who already have gallstones. However, with my patients I will usually first put them on a purification program, as this frequently will correct the problem, and will help them overall with their health. If this isnt effective, then I will recommend a gallbladder cleanse. How To Determine If You Have A Gallbladder Problem Some people already know they have a gallbladder issue. Some of the common symptoms of gallbladder problems include bloating, gas, and stomach pain, with these symptoms being more common after eating. Another common cause of gallbladder issues is estrogen dominance. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is a hormonal imbalance involving estrogen and progesterone. In any case, one needs to obtain a male or female hormone panel to determine if estrogen dominance is the cause of their gallbladder issue, as well as their thyroid condition. About sleep Even if you have difficulty sleeping, try to lay in bed for a minimum of seven to eight hours each night with your eyes closed. And try to go to bed no later than 10:30 pm at night (assuming youre not working an odd shift), and then stay in bed as long as you possibly can. This is not only important in order to obtain sufficient sleep, but it will help to keep your cortisol levels balanced as well, as they should be lower at night and higher in the morning. But if you constantly force yourself to stay up late each night and then wake up early the next day, while getting less than seven hours of sleep, this will most likely cause an imbalance in the cortisol levels. 5. Exercise daily. You want to engage in 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity at least three days per week, and preferably more than this. In fact, its a good idea to exercise daily, even if it only consists of 30 minutes of walking. Of course if you havent exercised in awhile then you will probably need to build up your endurance until you reach this point. But besides benefiting your overall health, being active daily and getting regular exercise will probably help you sleep better. you will want to aim for exercising in the morning or early afternoon.

Protein synthesis is essential for tissue growth and repair, the synthesis of enzymes, and has many other functions. so eric decided to take between 60 to 70 g of protein per day The problem with taking too much protein is that this can lead to calcium loss, Lets begin by talking about some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. There are many different symptoms people can experience, but here are some of the more common ones: Extremely tired, especially in the morning Find it difficult to obtain quality sleep Crave sweet and salty foods Feel stressed out most of the time Decreased sex drive Once again, there are other symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue, but the ones listed above are some of the more common ones. What Causes Adrenal Fatigue? As for what causes adrenal fatigue, in most cases this condition develops over a period of years due to lifestyle problems, most commonly due to poor eating habits and/or chronic stress. For example, someone who eats a lot of refined foods and sugars will have an imbalance in the hormones insulin and cortisol. As you probably know, insulin is secreted by the pancreas, and over time eating poorly can lead to insulin resistance and eventually diabetes, although this of course takes years to develop. As for the impact on the adrenal glands, the constant secretion of cortisol in response to eating poorly and/or dealing with chronic stress can weaken the adrenal glands, and eventually lead to adrenal fatigue. Im obviously presenting a very basic scenario here, as the actual process is more complex than this. If you want to learn about adrenal fatigue in greater detail, I highly recommend reading the book Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Syndrome, written by James L. Wilson. In addition to lifestyle factors, one can also develop adrenal fatigue as a result of a severe trauma, which can be either physical or emotional in nature. For example, a car accident can trigger this disorder, as can the death of a loved one. This doesnt mean that such traumas cause the immediate development of adrenal fatigue, but they can simply be the trigger that over time leads to the development of this condition. As a result, most of the time its a hypothyroid condition that results when the adrenals are affected, since hypothyroidism slows down the metabolism. However, being that the body isnt entirely predictable, there are people with hyperthyroidism who have adrenal fatigue as well. Although I personally never had what I would consider to be full blown adrenal fatigue, when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (an autoimmune hyperthyroid condition), I had an adrenal stress index test performed that clearly indicated problems with my adrenal glands, specifically low cortisol levels. Adrenal gladn treatment (part of it I think) When I followed a natural treatment protocol for Graves Disease, while I took some supplements and herbs aimed at the thyroid gland, I also took some adrenal support supplements. A great herb for adrenal problems is Eleuthero, which really can help people who

deal with chronic stress. This was one of the herbs I took, and it helped a great deal with my recovery. A refacut eric meniul cu ce manca , asta e nou, dar si ala vechi e valabil, asta e doar asa sa vad cat mananca el pe zi Here Is The Modified Thyroid Diet: 6am: Breakfast: One or two slices of whole wheat toast with organic butter; 2 organic eggs cooked the way you like 8am: Mid-morning snack #1: one serving of organic apples or another fruit of your choice 10am: Mid-morning snack #2: cup of raw sunflower seeds or walnuts Noon: Lunch: Grilled chicken salad (with organic chicken, romaine lettuce or mixed greens) 2pm: Mid-afternoon snack #1: a healthy protein drink or protein bar 4pm: Mid-afternoon snack # 2: one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables 6pm: Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with organic tomato sauce, along with some organic meatballs, and two servings of vegetables 7:30pm: Snack: cup of raw almonds While this isnt as strict as the previous thyroid diet I listed, it still is relatively healthy. WEANING OFF THE SUPPLEMENTS AND/OR HERBS AFTER TREATMENT ################## In fact, the ultimate goal is to wean them off of the supplements and herbs. After restoring their health back to normal, for most people it is a good idea to continue taking some supplements on a continuous basis as part of a maintenance program. While eating a diet consisting mostly of whole foods will help someone to get many of the vitamins and nutrients they need, most people still wont get everything they need through their diet. And as the person begins responding to the natural treatment protocol they can then eventually begin weaning off the supplements and herbs theyre taking, and perhaps just take a few supplements on a daily basis to help maintain their health. How To Overcome Your Sweet & Carb Cravings About CORTISOL For example, someone who has low cortisol levels might be able to strengthen their adrenal glands by modifying certain lifestyle factors, but if the problem is severe then they might require additional adrenal support in the form of certain supplements or herbs. On the other hand, if the cortisol levels are high, then there are other supplements they will need to take in order to address this.

In summary, fluoride can potentially cause hypothyroidism, and can lead to other health issues as well. So even though fluoride might help to prevent tooth decay, one needs to consider the potential risks involved. In summary, if you eat a diet consisting primarily of whole foods, then you shouldnt need to pay too much attention to the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Just make sure you dont intentionally eat large quantities of any type of food, and you should be in good shape. DHEA - A HORMONE ERIC TOOK and helped his patients How Much DHEA Should You Take? I personally follow the guidelines given by Dr. Janet Lang, and it seems to have worked well for my patients. She recommends 4-16 mg of sublingual DHEA for women, and 8-20 mg of sublingual DHEA for men. Once again, this isnt suggesting that everyone with low DHEA should take bioidentical DHEA, as each person needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. If the person is extremely deficient in DHEA then its not a bad idea to give them DHEA on a temporary basis. If their DHEA is borderline low then they might be able to restore their DHEA levels naturally, without taking bioidentical DHEA. Some sources claim that people should take 25mg to 50mg of DHEA daily. In fact, some medical and holistic doctors will recommend that their patients take such a high dosage. The problem is that if you take too much DHEA it will convert to estradiol in men, and testosterone in women. In summary, although a deficiency in DHEA wont necessarily lead to a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition, many people with thyroid disorders have a deficiency in DHEA. About HORMONAL BALANCE and CLEANSING As for the length of the detoxification, most programs are usually between two and four weeks in length. If someone has an extreme condition, such as a severe hormone imbalance, then they might need be on a detoxification program for a longer period of time. Most people who follow the Standard Process purification program need to be on the program for three weeks. !!!!!!! Whole Food Fiber. This is a good source of fiber from nutrient-rich whole foods in order to help you have regular bowel movements, which is extremely important when following any detoxification program. Like any other detoxification program, this involves changing ones diet during this period. Some people think they can just take detoxification supplements and continue eating junk food during this period. But to really clean out your system thoroughly you should eat healthy, and try to avoid the common food allergens during this time (wheat, dairy, etc.). You of course also want to drink plenty of purified water during this time. So cleansing can happen while eating normally ? but just taking a supplement ? COGNITION hyperthyroid cand cause problems with memory and concentration by eliminating any foods you are allergic to you will mostly likely notice an improvement in your memory and concentration. Brain Fog Factor #2: Get more sleep. Brain Fog Factor #3: Take herbs. Ginkgo: This is probably my favorite herb when it comes to helping with memory and concentration. In fact, even though I dont have memory or concentration problems, I do use this herb on a regular basis to help me focus better. Bacopa. This is yet another herb that can help with brain fog, as taking it should help you think clearer, and it also provides memory support.

Korean Ginseng. This herb is used primarily for increased energy and stamina, but it also can help to improve mental clarity as well. This herb actually has numerous functions, as it can also help to improve immunity. an imbalance in the sex hormones (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, etc.) can lead to memory and concentration problems. Adrenal glands : Im not going to go into great detail regarding the physiology of the adrenals, but Ill briefly explain why poor adrenal health is so common in our society. There are actually two main reasons: eating refined foods and sugars on a consistent basis, as well as dealing with chronic stress. How People With Hyperthyroidism Can Develop Osteoporosis: Some thrustworthy guy said adrenal fatigue is/most likely is caused by bacterial infection or inflamation or neurotransmiter imbalance