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NURSING THEORIES Theories into Definition Kingss theory offers insight nurses interaction King indicates with the indiciduals and groups within the environment. assessment occur during interaction. The nure brings spcial knowledge and skills whereas client brings knowledge Rationale Goal attainment is explained as a general method to evaluate the outcome of a health treatment to a client. Kings Theory of goal attainment will gear the student nurse with principle of quality of patient care.

Imogene King Theory Attainment of

of self and perception of problems of LOLA is diagnosed with Nephrolithiasis, the goal of concerns, to this interaction. During the proponents is to save and assessment nurse collects data further improve the quality of Goal regarding client (her growth and life LOLA has now. Hence, caring is a partnership by the development, perception of self and patient and nurse Kings theory current health status, roles etc.) It will guide us during the whole highlights the importance of clients duration of care. The middle range Theory of Goal participation in decision that influences Attainment converge the care and focuses in both the process of attainment goals, or outcomes, nurse-client interaction and the by nurse-patient partnerships. outcomes of care. Communication is required perception, transaction. to verify for accuracy interactio Normally, When a patient is of admitted to the hospital, is and often very anxious and worried about what will happen during stay in the hospital. As early as the time of admission, we try to create a relationship with LOLA that will last while she is under our care. We talk to her in a form of interview and find out whats her expectations are, what she knows about his

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problem and what she needs to do to get better. Through this, w can create a mutual goal that will help us in dealing and caring LOLA. This is also the time to clear any misconceptions LOLA has with her condition. There must be cooperation between the healthcare staff and the patient for her care to be successful. In this theory, the client and nurse both determine the needs and set the goals as well as the way they will meet those goals. It is a mutual decision that both the nurse and patient make. When we give our clients a sense of independence and importance, when we consider their needs and plan with them their care, they are more likely to cooperate with us so we can achieve a mutually set goal.

Halls interlocking

theory circles;

presents each


Since LOLA is diagnosed

circle with Nephrolithiasis and the

presents a particular aspect of nursing. possibility of opertion seems

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The three circles represent care, core, inevitable. She is currently in and cure. The care circle represents the the process of recovery, this is nurturing component of nursing. The applicable in her plan of care. nurse provides bodily care for the Based on the Care circle, it is patient and helps her to complete such the nurses responsibility to basic daily biological functions to provide bodily and help her promote care and comfort. The Core complete such basic daily circle involves the therapeutic use of biologic functions such as Lydia E Halls Theory of Care, Core and Cure Circles self, and is shared with the other eating, bathing, dressing, and members of the health team. The nurse elimination. motivates the patient to explore feelings and be able to express it Making the patient feel cared freely. The Cure Circle is based in the for enabled us to earn her trust pathological therapeutic sciences and and develop closeness. As is shared with other health team closeness responsibilities is to assists the patient sharing developed, her thoughts the and members. Here, on of the nurses patient became more open in through her medical prescriptions and feelings without hesitation. to become active advocate of the The second part of this theory, patient. the Core circle, emphasizes on the nurses task to help her verbally express her feelings regarding level of the upcoming throgh surgery. We want to assess her otivation asking questions that is related to her situation and about possible plans. In this stage, it is necessary for us student nurse to be emphatic.

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Lastly, the Cure circle suggest that one of the nurses tasks is to assist LOLA and her family. condition constant follow-up Our is of in patients need of and



laboratory assessments. With this, we made sure that we are present to assist her during the procedure, willing to entertain every questions or classifications, and monitor of certain tests necessary for her recovery.

Florence Nightingale did not limit her views on nursing as a mere and

LOLA who was admitted diagnosed of

means of medications and treatment Nephrolithiasis, it is a must to but rather it was oriented towards prioritize her comfort. Thus providing patients with 5 essential reducing strains such as

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elements. These essential elements are difficulty in sleeping. As a fresh air, light warmth, cleanliness and nurse it is essential to address adequate nutrition. Nightingale linked her needs to be able to achieve clients health status with the the optimum level of environment factors that would yield functioning. into improved hygiene and sanitary conditions. Her descriptive theory It is a common knwledge that helped the nurses to focus on patients our surroundings has impact Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory and the environment around them. Her to the recovery of any client. principles encompass patience, Given the hospital setting, the research and education geared towards environement is not conducive the sake of saving lives and increasing to a recvering patient, like health and comfort. LOLA. The institution has no proper ventilation which sometimes it is soffucating and unpleasant odor is present. The area is jam pack with people and lacks privacy. Noise adds up to the unnecessesary stimuli. And there is an issue of sanitation; it is not significant to bring everything in the hospital because it will only add up to the chaos. There are some watchers who do not now how to segregate and throw their wastes. As nurses, we were able to

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alleviate suffering setbacks

the despite by

patients these promoting

comfort by all means possible, assisting her with her daily activities, doing bedside care including stretching of linens and keeping and the sheets clean, dry, and wrinkle-free, encouraging cleanliness observance and of proper

hygiene, ensuring safety to avoid risk for injury and complying compensate environments promote giving to prescribed for inability to to the to the the treatment. It was our goal to

comfort attention

patient. We believe that by sanitation of the environment would promote fast recovery for the patient. For example, the lighting of the environment, the sanitation, the drainage, pure air if any of these factors are missing then it would lead to diminished health status. It is important to supply every factor in order to provide health status.

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(Cardillo, J. and Kiresuk, T. Goal Attainment Scale, 2010).

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