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Ahmed 1 Shahana Ahmed Mr.

French AP Language and Composition 16 March 2012 Hamlet's Theme of Political Gain on the Family Dynamic Man is a creature of reason, and as such, can gain enlightenment in many different ways. Especially through literature. In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, by observing the outcomes the characters actions, the character's flaws, and the underlying themes, man may consider the consequences of his own actions, acquiring a new approach to life and self-knowledge. One particularly theme that strikes a chord in human understanding is the influence of political gain on the family dynamic. Shakespeare continually connotes to the disintegration of the royal family due to the crazy political ambitions of one power hungry character: Claudius. Therefore, with GOP candidate Newt Gingrich, understanding the consequences of putting political ambitions over family relationships can benefit Gingrich as he tries to become a better family man. He can put more importance on his family, his marriage, his life as a man, not a politician. Politician Newt Gingrich can achieve a deeper understanding of the human condition through the many themes of Hamlet. But by closely understanding the theme of political gain on family relationships, Gingrich can gain self-knowledge as a family man as he learns that family might disappear if he continues to hold his political desires above all else. For example, after their 1999 divorce, Gingrich's second wife, Marianne Ginther, stated that Gingrich was impressed easily by position, status and money and that he has to be politically historic to justify his life. Instead of including his family in his dreams from life, Gingrich held political power in importance

Ahmed 2 above everything else. Gingrich can learn from this mistake by observing the actions of Claudius in Hamlet. Claudius murders his own brother to gain the throne of Denmark. His actions forever disrupted the domestic harmony among the royal family and eventually led to the death of all the main characters. Unlike Claudius, Gingrich can prevent the death of his family if he realizes that political status is fleeting. His ambitions can only take him so far, and if family-oriented, Gingrich can learn to be a better husband, father, and man. Therefore, using Claudius as an example, Gingrich can learn to put family dynamics over everything else, specifically politics. An individual may gain enlightenment through various sources, and GOP candidate Newt Gingrich can benefit from reading Hamlet by understanding the importance of family over power. As seen in many scenarios involving political power, domesticity is often put to the side. With better human understanding, Gingrich can learn and prevent any further failures in his current marriage, and learn to become a better husband, father, and potentially a better politician.