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(The Disbelievers)

(Muhammad), tell the disbelievers, (1) "I do not worship what you worship, (2) nor
do you worship what I worship (3) I have not been worshipping what you
worshipped, (4) nor will you worship what I shall worship. (5) You follow your
religion and I follow mine. (6)

Some key words and their meanings


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( , |e|||~.

1. Name of the Surah comes from its first ayah
2. This surah was revealed in Makkah, it has six ayt. It is placed in the 30
portion of Quran at number
3. Surah al-Kfirn is considered symbolically as one fourth of Quran.
4. The messenger of Allah highly recommended reciting this surah in daily prayers, and before going to
5. A man came to Prophet Muammad ( ) and complained that he forgets in his prayers. Prophet
recommended him to recite surah al-Kfirn and surah al-Ikhl in his maghrib prayers.
6. Messenger of Allah said: if you are going on a trip and want it to be successful, then recite surah al-
Kfirn, Nar, Lahab, Ikhl, Falaq and Ns prior to your departure.
7. A group of leaders of Quraysh came to holy Prophet and made him an offer; that if he stops preaching
his religion, they can give him so much wealth which will make him the wealthiest man in the
community. Moreover, they can marry him to whoever he wished among the women of Quraysh.
Prophet didnt accept either one these offers.
8. They came with another offer later, to make peace and compromise with one another. So, in result, one
year you worship our gods (idols) and one year we will worship your God. In this way we will share our
religions, and it will benefit both sides.
In this context Surah al-Kfirn was revealed. a ibn Wil, Wald ibn Mughayrah and Ummayah
ibn Khalaf were the main characters who brought this offer to the Prophet.


1. The word () lowers some animosity of Kuffar towards Prophet, because it reminds them that
Prophet is not alone and they are dealing with Allah.
2. Allah speaks to mominn and Muslimn directly without Prophet, yet He uses Prophet to convey His
message to disbelievers. This shows that He doesnt even consider them worthy of being addressed
directly by Him.

3. Sometimes we should let the opposition alone on its condition

, thats why we see in Surah

Qaa ayah 55 , its a type of degradation and a challenge, rather than permission
to do anything.
4. Sometimes we see words are repeated in back to back ayt, here a whole ayah is being repeated.
Repetition is for emphasis here so that Kfirn may understand that Muslims are firm in their beliefs.


1. Prophet is the protector of revelation, whatever is revealed onto him, he says, .
2. Muslims must reply with authority and clarity when posed with illogical proposals.
3. Kfir must feel despair from the hands of Muslims.
4. Ibdat and obedience to Allah, distinguishes a Momin from Kfir.
5. Insn is free to choose religion/deen

Lessons learned:
We learn from this surah that there is no compromise on principles. People can give and take or
negotiate with one another in their personal worldly affairs, but not in religious affairs.
We must have the courage to disagree with whats not right.
We must have the courage to be different than the majority on the basis of our beliefs and principles,
even if it may come at the cost of giving away worldly goods, or by facing criticism and


From Imm Jafar diq (as): Whoever recites Surah al-Kfirn and al-Ikhl in one of their
wjib prayers, Allah forgives him, his parents and children. And if they were miserable and
wretched Allah will remove their names from that list and include in the list of good people. He
will live a joyful life, die and rise as a martyr. [Wasil al-Shiah, vol.6, p.82]

Whoever recites Surah al-Kfirn is safeguarded from disbelief, and stays firm on faith.
Whoever recites Surah al-Falaq has cure from sorcery and magic and will remain healthy.
Whoever recites Surah an-Ns will find cure from the traps of Shain and blessing with
inspiration. [Mustadrak al-Wasil, vol.4, p.371]

Whoever recites Surah al-Kfirn once it is as if he has recited one fourth of Quran. [Bir al-
Anwr, vol.89, p.302]

, (
Whoso recites Surah al-Kfirn in their nights becomes pleasant and increases in numbers.

By: Syed Rizwan Arslan Rizvi