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At Odell Brewing, play isnt a distraction from work. Its an important part of everything we do and lets us try new things. Thats why we started UnBottled a movement that celebrates it. Join us by grabbing a few friends and some tasty brews and find your own secret ingredient.

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Take a sniff of five wintry flavors, then find them in your beer.


A new generation of beer series spawned from science and nature.



Bitter, smooth, traditional, avantgardeand everything in between.


Hops and craft beers bloom in Argentinas El Bolsn.

Sixer: Smoke beers Pubs We Love: Bowling bars Brewery Spotlight: Lavery Brewing


Funkwerks Tropic King

The seriously booming beer scenes St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Traverse City.



10 Places to Drink a Beer Beertown: Indianapolis

Wood-aged beers, imperial IPAs, strong Scotch ales, wheat wines, smoked porters, American ambers, black IPAs

Follow the can from Napoleons request to Coors color-changers.


Beer Revolution, p. 67



Pairs: Beer & Wings la Beer: Pancakes The Morning After: Silver Lake



EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Erika Ann Rietz MANAGING EDITOR Jessica Daynor BEER EDITOR Christopher Staten COPYEDITOR Scott Verbout

What cheese loves your libation? What libation loves your cheese? These are the age-old questions haunting humankind since the dawn of eating and drinking. Questions that can nally be answered with the guidance of Cheese Cupid. No longer will you question if merlot plays nice with Cheddar. Or if cabernet has romantic inclinations toward Asiago. Yes, love is in the air. Can you feel it? Or shall we say, taste it?

DESIGN DIRECTOR Kevin M. Robie ASSOCIATE DESIGNER John Walters CONTRIBUTORS Morgan Chidsey, Tim Cigelske, Noah Davis, Amy Lynch, Carolyn Malcoun, Ted McGrath, Tien Nguyen, Alexandra Pecci, Laraine Perri, Mike Riccetti, Ellen Ross, Joe Stange, Nate Storey, Ruth Tobias, Miles Van Dusen PRESIDENT & C.O.O. Trevor Cravens PUBLISHER Evan M. Hughes V.P. SALES Mark Nugent V.P. SALES: IMPORTS Erik Laudenschlager SALES EXECUTIVE Bryce McDonald WEB DIRECTOR Jonathan Surratt CIRCULATION MANAGER Lori Day ADMINISTRATION Aimee Mowbray SUBSCRIPTIONS AND BILLING 888.806.4677, ext. 1, ADVERTISING INQUIRIES 888.806.4677, ext. 2, MARKETING, EVENTS OR TO CARRY DRAFT 888.806.4677 ARTICLE REPRINTS Bryan Durham 800.382.0808, ext. 111,

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W iNe, B eer, ANd S piriTS W iTh W iSCONSiN C heeSe.

2012 Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.



adjective : when food is so delicious that it is savored for as long as possible before being swallowed. The last bite of Wisconsin Gouda always proves to be the most chewlicious.

2012 Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.

Wisconsin Cheese

Outdo Ordinary


n an overcast Sunday afternoon in New Orleans, I wandered into Avenue Pub and sat at the bar next to a couple of scruffy-faced guys, slowly sipping 11.11.11 Stone Anniversary brew (it was 11/12/11). They eyed me for a few minutes while I settled in, before one leaned over, halfsmiled and asked, And where are you from? Theres something almost precarious about stopping by beloved local beer bars, inadvertently stepping on the turf of guys whose names are practically tattooed on the barstools. But a bit of amicable deference can go a long way, and (as happened that day at Avenue Pub) youll quickly find yourself getting an unequaled insiders guide to a citys beer scene. In traveling across the country searching for the best beer bars in America (p. 66), we had quite a bit of spontaneous help from friendly locals and bartenders, eager to chat about the bars and beers they love. And this is part of what makes a good beer bar great. Sure, there are objective criteria: A commitment to craft beer shown through a thoughtful selection, a knowledgeable staff and educational components like pint nights and food pairings. But then theres the X factor. Whether its an upscale urbanite hot spot or a grungy corner dive, the best beer bars are the kind of places that draw the people youd want to chat about beer with, that want to chat about beer with you; somehow, you all end up in a row, sipping on pints and swapping thoughts about them. Along the way, we found more than just beer bars: We explored three new towns worth having a pint in (p. 38), tasted 13 different versions of IPAs (p. 14), and, to recover from it all, perfected the Bloody Mary (p. 22). Wherever youre a regular, whether its on our list or not, we hope you tell us about it. And in the spirit of the New Year, we also hope 2012 finds you in a few new favorite barstools. Cheers, Erika A. Rietz


Paring down our annual Top 100 Beer Bars list gets tougher every year; our editors share their favorite spots that didnt quite make the cut.
The South has seriously stepped up its beer-bar game: Aromas in Athens, Ga., has taps from The Bruery and Stillwater, plus a nice bottle list. And The Beer Trappe in Lexington, Ky., is really more of a beer store, but it has killer bottle offerings you can only sip there. Jessica Daynor, managing editor Every beertown needs a sports-friendly bar like the Concordia Alehouse in Portland, Ore. Tipping back a hoppy pint of Laurelwood Free Range Red while watching a weekends worth of football is absolute bliss. Christopher Staten, beer editor I love the way things are going in Dallas beer-wise. The Libertine is a classic, excellent beer bar. One of my new favorite stops is the year-old Anvil Pub; its a place to keep an eye on. The building was reportedly quite a sketchy establishment before the new owner gutted it and turned it into this cool, industrial space with an urban vibe and an awesome beer list. Erika Rietz, Editor-in-chief



TOP BEERS OF THE YEAR Good to see my local Crooked Stave getting some love on your Top 25 Beers of the Year list (November/December, 2011). The things Chad Yakobson is doing with Brett are unreal. D. Wolski, Ft. Collins, Co. I have only had the privilege of trying four beers from your Top 25 Beers of the Year list, one of them being Brooklyn Concoction. I didnt care for it. But I also didnt know it was based on a cocktail; Id like to try to find it again and give it another taste. And I hope to make it through at least half of your list. Next up, White Birch Tavern Ale! Si Goldstein, New York City Your Beers of the Year list looks great, but Newcastle? Really? There are so many better beers out there. Chris Locke, Joliet, Ill. Editors note: In that list, we explain that the new canned version of Newcastle Brown Ale sent the stalwart beer to new heights, far above the beer in those old clear bottles; the

new packaging shields the beer from light, and lets the beers stellar toastiness and nut accents shine through. We maintain the classic brown ales an of-the-moment testament to how the right vessel can make a beer sing. STAYING SAFE As a longtime craft beer enthusiast and avid road cyclist, I dove into your article, Mountain Men (September/October 2011), with great expectations. My excitment, however, quickly turned to indignation as I discovered the ill-advised nature of their trip. Really? Four pints of IPA before a day of riding the Blue Ridge Parkway? I wonder if your three adventurers realize that they were legally drunk in most states? After logging well over 10,000 miles in the saddle, I know how fast things can happen on the road when Im totally sober. Please print articles that showcase the responsible side of beer drinking. Craig Sutherland RIGHT-ON RECIPES Thanks for printing your beernog recipe (Use Your Noggin, November/December 2011). My

grandfather used to make a nearly identical recipe, but it was lost over the years. He made his with a Trappist ale and probably double the liquor, but this one could be our new holiday tradition. Aaron Hernandez, Philadelphia Your smoked gouda soup (Soups On!, November/December 2011) might be the best beer soup Ive ever madeand also one of the easiest. Definitely a new regular in our house! Misty Burke, San Antonio, Texas NEW BEER IN THE OLD SOUTH Thanks for your story on beer in Atlanta (Beertown: Atlanta, November/December 2011), and for pointing out Wrecking Bar. Ive been to The Porter and Brick Store several times, but Wrecking Bar was simply awesome. My wife and I will definitely be back. Mason Preta, Hoboken, N.J. Questions? Comments? Send your thoughts to and include your full name, city and state. Letters may be edited for space and clarity.





Our favorite truffles & chocolaty beers






At your next beer tasting, hold off on sipping and sniff instead: Novices and pros alike can refine their tasting vocab by smelling beers alongside their corresponding scents.

COCONUT Maui hand-toasts the coconut in its CoCoNut Porter; toast a bit of shredded coconut in a warm pan to get an identical smell.

VANILLA Smooth, sweet vanilla creeps through Breckenridges Vanilla Porter; smelling real beans makes their scent stand out against the beers natural nut and chocolate notes.

MAPLE Life and Limb, a Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada collaboration, is brewed with birch syrup, too, but its maple syrup weaves through wafts of booze to shine in the aroma.

CHOCOLATE The best-selling Youngs Double Chocolate Stout oozes sinful sweetness. Smell a rich milk chocolate; bitter dark chocolates wont connect with this brew.

CLOVE 21st Amendment loads its seasonal Fireside Chat with a spice rack full of ingredients, but the dose of Madagascar cloves is easy to spot among the allspice, orange peel, white peppercorn and the rest.

SNIFFING TIP: Letting beer warm heightens its aroma; dont open brews straight from the fridge.


Test newly nuanced noses with Ommegang Adoration. Its multifaceted smell begins with zesty coriander, orange peel and grains of paradise, but dig deeper to find darker cardamom and mace.




seldom seen

never duplicated

B re c k B m

Fo l l ow u s


b SPRING: Liopard Oir This is our spring seasonal fermented with French saison yeast and bottled with Brettanomyces. We wanted to brew a beer the way a farmer would have hundreds of years ago. You get a little tartness and must, and some great fruitiness with bracing bitterness and Brett flavor. b SUMMER: Imperial French Ale Its 11.5%-ABV, and hopped with the four American C hops: Columbus, Chinook, Centennial and Cascade. Its also fermented with French saison yeast, so its kind of a blend of a double IPA and French IPA. b AUTUMN: Stingy Jack Pumpkin Ale We wanted to make it a beer, first and foremost. Its about 7.5% ABV and fermented dry with a restrained spice profile of classic cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and clove. Its a simple malt bill and has a restrained hoppiness. We put a decent amount of pumpkin in the mash, which adds a slight nuttiness. b EARLY WINTER: Belfast Black This smoked porter inspired the whole brewery. Its malty, and has a lot of Scottish chocolate malts for a nice chocolate and coffee flavor. We use Northern Brewer hops for their woodsy, minty flavors. The German smoked malts give a restrained smoked flavor that goes really well with the dark chocolaty malts; some people think it tastes like bacon.



Co-owner and brewmaster Jason Lavery gives us a snapshot of his ephemeral beers: Be warned, theyre only here for the season, and next year, they might not be the same.
August, the flavors of Laverys seven seasonal beers mark the time of yearand for him, they keep the days from rolling into one another: If you brew the same brews over and over, you get bored, he says. This year hell augment his seasonals with remixed sour versions. That Belfast Black? Well omit the smoked malt and age it in our barrels with the dregs from some of our favorite sour beers, he notes. And then, with perfect timing, he jokes, Well see how many good beers I can ruin.


b LATE WINTER: Devil Bird This winter seasonal changes every year. This year, its an imperial porter aged in fresh bourbon barrels. Maybe next year well do a golden barleywine with just pale malt and New Zealand hops. Maybe well age it in neutral oak barrels and pitch it with Brett.

onventional wisdom suggests a new businesswhether brewery, bakery or biotech companyshould settle on a flagship product, then promote the hell out of it. Jason Lavery, who co-owns Lavery Brewing with his wife, Nicole, disagrees. People told us we had to stick to one style, but would a painter stick to one color? From the wintry Belfast Black, a rich, malty ale with hints of bacony smoke, to Liopard Oir, a French-style saison available from April through

Jason Laverys father planted a half-acre of hops on the family farm, including Cascade, Centennial and Willamette varieties, which Lavery hopes to incorporate into his beers one day: Its a romantic idea to use hops from my Dads land, says Lavery.

BOOK NOW: Nestled in rural Missouri, Crown Country is an agri-tourists dream. Stay at one of seven onsite B&Bs, and visit the Crown Valley winery, distillery and brewery; fruit tree farm and greenhouse gardens; black angus cattle and bison operations and tiger sanctuary.


Enjoy the Return of


Our Handcrafted Abbey-style Ale
This historic beer style is traditionally brewed by Trappist Monks in Belgium. BJs Abbey Normal is a full-bodied, light brown ale with a sweet and malty avor prole. The unique bouquet of fruit and spice comes from fermentation with an authentic Trappist yeast.

BJs Abbey Normal may not be brewed in an abbey, but it sure tastes like it!

Available for a limited time in February and March

Enjoy BJs Award-Winning Handcrafted Beers All Year Long:


BJs BREWHOUSE BLONDE German-Style Kolsch

HARVEST HEFEWEIZEN Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen

PIRANHA PALE ALE American Pale Ale

BJs JEREMIAH RED Irish-Style Ale

NUTTY BREWNETTE American Brown Ale

BJs P.M. PORTER Robust Porter

TATONKA STOUT Imperial Stout







IMPERIAL IPA: A perpetual loud-mouth, this near-barleywine style spews a mlange of hop flavors, then obliterates the tongue with bitterness. WET HOP IPA: Hop porn in a bottle: Using freshly picked, wet hops preserves essential oils. BLACK IPA: A dose of roasted malt sharpens the bitter bite of these dark, brooding beers.

SESSION IPA: This en vogue, low-ABV style lacks in malt, so its hop flavors stand out.

SPICE/HERB/ VEGETABLE IPA: Jasmine? Why not? This green thumb IPAs brewed with garden ingredients.

BRETTANOMYCES IPA: As extreme as they come (so far), these beers blend the barnyard funk of Brettanomyces yeast with citrusy and piney hop profiles.


AMERICAN IPA: Brasher than its English cousin, its aggressive bitterness and citrusy, piney hops redefined the style.

SINGLE HOP IPA: This solo act showcases just one hop variety for hop connoisseurs.

WHITE IPA: A Belgian witbier on hop steroids, this new style merges coriander and orange zest with piney, citrusy American hops.


IPAS 13 WAYS you. Discover which IPA variety best suits

WOOD-AGED IPA: A wood barrels vanilla smoothes an IPAs rough edges.

BELGIAN IPA: Fruity, spicy Belgian yeast refines the brazenness of the style.

ENGLISH IPA: The OG IPA: Its moderate bitterness and earthy, fruity hops were revolutionaryin the 1800s.

RED IPA: A fruity, toffeeladen malt cushion softens an IPA's hop edge; think hoppy Irish red ale.


How do you turn a stout Belgian? With Belgian yeast, of course. Belgiums iconic Brasserie DuPont injects its house yeast strain into a roasty, coffee-laden version of the English style, lending DuPonts signature thirst-quenching quality to Monks Stouts charred finish.
Drink Monks Stout along with our beer editor at /video





Sweet Cans!
Beer: Carling Black Label Analysis: Like so many preProhibition breweries, the Carling Brewery has a tumultuous history. Originated in Ontario, Canada, in the mid-1800s, the brewery weathered both the Noble Experiment and World War II. Black Label lager, released after Prohibition, mirrors the ups and downs of the brewery itself: The beer was discontinued during World War II, only to be reintroduced in the 1950s to high acclaim, according to Robert Fondren, vice president of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America. At its peak during the early 60s, Black Label was available in every state and nearly 50 countries; a decade later, sales sharply declined, but the brand still survives today. Since the sale of Carling in 1979, the beer has been produced by Heilman, Stroh, Pabst and now MillerCoors. The can pictured is from the brands heyday, between the 50s and 60s. Estimated value: $20 in mint condition


16 9



t its peak, the Eichinger family in rural northeast Wisconsin was more than 20 strong. There was Tim and Toni, their son Jake, and a slew of colorful characters: Lothar, the bitterest of the brood; Creek, the familys hard-nosed staff sergeant; Doris, the sweetheart; and Howler, the cool-headed womanizer. These other family members were of the four-legged variety: The Eichingers once owned a sled dog kennel in Pembine, Wis., which is now more of a retirement home for huskies in their twilight. But these old dogs still inspire Tim when he rolls up his sleeves in the brewery adjacent to the kennel. The brewery itself is named for Howler, the philandering black husky who Tim says owned him,and each beer is a representation of one of the Eichingers litter. Take Lothar, the acerbic dog prone to biting, who is naturally the face of Black Huskys Sproose Joose II IPA, a bitter, high-alpha beer made with local spruce tips. The kennel has slowed recently, but the nanobrewery is ramping up: This year, the Eichingers will quadruple their capacity with a 5-barrel system, expand their line of 22-ounce bottled beers and release a smoked beer and an imperial redinspired by dogs Smoki and Harold, respectively. Christopher Staten




Craft brewers are realizing the benefits of canning their wares (cheaper to ship, no chance of lightstrike) and jumping on the aluminum bandwagon. Heres a rundown of how the humble can got to where it is today.



The stage is set for the first can when Napoleon offers a 12,000-franc reward for a way to preserve food for his military. Thank the little guy the next time you pop open a cold one.

The American Can Co. submits a patent for its new process of lining cans with tarlike brewers pitch. Within a year, the substance is replaced by enamel, and the beer-ready keglined can is born.

1999 1962
The lowly can becomes high art with Andy Warhols Campbells Soup Cans.


1969 1937
Americas favorite block of canned meat, SPAM, debuts. The first SPAM joke is created shortly thereafter.

British inventor and merchant Peter Durand patents the tin can. He brings his idea overseas, and Americans finally get their hands on some cans.

The times, they are a-changin: canned beer outsells bottled beer for the first time. The war between glass and aluminum gets serious.

Aluminum gets a new twist when Big Sky Brewing bottles its popular Moose Drool brown ale in the United States first aluminum bottle.



Colorados Oskar Blues becomes the first American craft brewer to can its beers exclusively.

In September, Great Crescent Brewery canned its Bourbons Barrel Stout; one month later, Tallgrass Brewing released the first canned tripel, Velvet Rooster, challenging the stigma of the packaging and the preconceptions of beer connoisseurs everywhere.


Gail Borden receives a patent for the first canned liquid: condensed milk.


Krueger Brewing sells the nations first canned brews: Kruegers Cream Ale and Kruegers Finest Beer. Its the greatest thing since sliced bread which was only seven years old at the time.

The canning craze continues. First out: aluminum-clad Sierra Nevada launches in California.




Troops fighting in WWII rely heavily on canned rations. Back home, Americans do their patriotic duty and take their cans to be melted down and used in the war effort.

Ermal Fraze replaces the cumbersome pull-tab by creating the pop-top that still graces cans to this day. The reign of the can opener is destroyed in one fell swoop.


Coca-Cola becomes the first canned beverage to be consumed in outer space aboard the Challenger space shuttle.

2009 2000
Tempra Technology creates a selfchilling can that drops its own temperature 30 degrees in three minutes. Twelve years later and were still waiting.


Napoleons challenge is met by the father of canning, Nicolas Appert. The Frenchmans simple glass sterilization process quickly spreads, setting the stage for tin canners yet to come.

The worlds largest celebration of canned beer, appropriately named CANFEST, debuts. Coors Light introduces color-changing mountains on Cold Activated cans; you know youre good to go when the Rockies change from white to blue. And launches to track the rising popularity of canned beer; more than 400 canned brews are currently available for can fans to tick.

In what is certainly the worlds biggest ode to the beer can, John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, began covering his Houston home with beer cans in 1968. Over the years, he added curtains, fencing and artwork made from cans, too, and the completed Beer Can House is estimated to contain more than 50,000 empties. Milkovisch died in 1988, but the house lives on as a tribute to recycling, and is open for tours.




To smoke their malt, brewers draw on a variety of woods and earthy ingredients that lend intriguing nuances to the beers flavor.


RAecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Mrzen Originated in Bamberg, Germany, the classic rauchbier is famous for its beechwoodsmoked malts that weave a smoky, baconlike flavor through the crisp, malty beer.

RRanger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter Mesquite is a powerful wood, and needs a robust beer to support its aggressive flavor. Here, the wood imparts rich, roasted smoke with chipotlelike flavors.

RAlaskan Smoked Porter Often credited with starting the smoked malt craze Stateside, Alaskans porter uses local alder (a deciduous tree thats popular for smoking salmon) to develop a sweet, deep smoke flavor.

RStone Smoked Porter Peat may be the most famous smoking element in the beverage world thanks to the centuries-old distilling traditions in Ireland and Scotland. Here, it imbues Stones porter with rich, toasted earthiness and a slight twang.

RNew Holland Charkoota Rye Smoked Doppelbock Cherrywood produces a bold smoke accented by subtle, sweet fruity notes a thoughtful pairing for this malt-forward beers dark fruit flavors.

RBlind Bat Vlad the Inhaler This smoked wheat ale, a style native to Poland, gets its clean campfire notes from oak.

The Perfect Storm was renamed Mother of All Storms in 2010, and the names not the only thing thats changed about this bourbon-barrel-aged, English-style barleywine: After three years in our cellar, the once hot brew turned luscious. A slight booziness tickles the nose as sweet caramel and cherry scents pair with refined tobacco and almonds. A slick, sherrylike mouthfeel carries elegant aged notes across the tongue; a sweet caramel base pulls dark cherries, vanilla, tobacco and pepper together. Despite this beers age, alcohol still snakes through its cohesive ensemble of scents and flavors, and while it could rest for another year or two, The Perfect Storms swell seems to be at its peak.



Smoke at home

Add the right wood to your smoker box for full-flavored meat.
Pork: From roast to chops, pig pairs perfectly with smoked beechwoods baconlike flavor. Brisket: The smooth, clean smoke of oak perfectly accentuates the beefs charred edges. Salmon: Stay true to alders most popular use and smoke it alongside a fresh salmon steak. Ribs: Take a tip from Texas pit masters and slow-cook beef ribs with hickory smoke. Chicken: Cherrywoods subtle fruit notes work best with tame poultry.

This bourbon-barrel-aged version of Brrr Seasonal Ale (a hopped-up amber) is like a race through the mouth among four contestants: citrusy hops, bready malts, woody tannins and spicy, hot bourbon. Tasted fresh, its a palate pleaser, but after a year in the cellar its threads will fuse into a rich profile. The bright orange hop notes will fade, but Brrrbon will emerge with more developed barrel notes: Likely, coconut and vanilla will accent pronounced caramel sweetness, while the bourbons heat will bow to a pleasant peppery spice. Put one away this winter, and youll have a stunning barrel-aged beer waiting next year.




Over 2,500 Different Beers from More Than 250 Breweries.

Total Wine & More. The Selection is Ridiculous .

Over 75 superstores throughout Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Build Your Own Six Pack!

Cold Kegs Always Available!

Not all beers shown are available in all markets. Visit your nearest store for their complete selection. *Spirits not available in all markets.


LONGMAN & EAGLE BLOODY MARY MIX Serves 10 16 ounces McAuslin St. Ambroise oatmeal stout 11 ounces tomato juice 1 can V8 3 tablespoons pickle juice 3 tablespoons horseradish 3 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning 11/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 11/2 tablespoons Franks hot sauce 2 teaspoons minced onion 2 teaspoons grated fresh garlic juice and zest of 1/2 lemon pinch kosher salt dash Sriracha chili sauce Combine all ingredients, in order, in a large pitcher. Pour into ice-filled pint glasses, filling them of the way, and top with 2 ounces of vodka, white whiskey or blanco tequila.

File this bottle under unexpectedly delightful: Shorts Bloody Beer is everything you love about a Bloody Mary Roma tomatoes, horseradish, black peppercorns and morein a beer thats decidedly sweet and surprisingly drinkable.

Vodka and a celery stalk? Not in this Bloody Mary. You can do the ubiquitous breakfast cocktail a zillion ways, but the best weve seen comes from Chicago bar and inn Longman & Eagle, whose zingy, briny version gets its smoothness from a secret ingredient: oatmeal stout. We suggest serving it with the biggest skewer you can handle and, like the bar does, a sidecar of Old Style.




Fat & Juicy + Upslope Top Rope A Mexican-style craft lager gives a carbonated lift to a well-balanced mix.

McClures + Uncommon Siamese Twin Ale The famous pickle makers briny blend clings to this dubbels lime, coriander and lemongrass.

Demitris Chilies & Peppers + Ft. Collins Z Lager Add tomato juice, and the mixs megaspice and beers smoky notes read like a Southwestern burger.




Line em up and put em downthe pins, that is at these Midwestern beer bars with bowling lanes.

WHERE CHICAGO Southport Lanes 3325 N. Southport Ave., ST. LOUIS Pin-Up Bowl 6191 Delmar Blvd. DETAILS Chicagos fun-loving Lakeview crowd hits this corner bar for its four bowling lanes and 32 craft taps. This St. Louis bowling institution boasts about its creative cocktails, but the real treat is the small but wonderful beer menu that pairs disturbingly well with the cherry and blueberry Pop Tarts on offer. DRINK The handles read like a whos-who of Chicago brewing: Half Acre, Revolution, Metropolitan, Goose Island theyre all here. Opt for a pint of 5 Rabbit Golden Ale. Local gem Schlafly rules the handful of taps; the bottle list, though, is full of surprises like Mikkeller Green Gold and TOL Black Ball Porter. The taps are always changing; right now, the here today, gone tomorrow winter seasonals (think hard-to-come-by kegs like Alaskan Smoked Porter and Great Lakes Nosferatu) are your best bet. A bowling alley that celebrates Surly Darkness Day and scores rare kegs of Alaskan Smoked Porter? Were in. MINNEAPOLIS Bryant Lake Bowl 810 W. Lake St.


BOWL Here, the bowling pins are still set the old-fashioned way: by hand. Weeknights, lanes go for just $15 per hour, and shoes are always $3. Rent one of eight lanes by the hour, or play by the game: On weekends, a round of ten-pin runs you $4.50. Bring your sweetie on Mondays, aka Cheap Date Night, and get two pints, dinner and bowling for $28.

Two Brothers takes the guesswork out of beer aging with a smart barrel icon on the back of its labels; an empty barrel means drink now, while a full one tells you the beer should take a nice, long nap. Hoodwink, the brewerys brand-new, fantastically creamy dark sour, shows a barrel nearly fullthat means you can let the cherry-veiled sweet and sour notes sting your cheeks today, or stick it in the cellar for five to 10 years and let those dark malts take the edge off the pucker.





VinniBags store flat, then inflate to immobilize and protect bottles in your suitcasethat means no more broken beers and saison-soaked luggage. $28,



Wed trade cream-filled hearts and plain old caramels any day of the week for this dream-box of our favorite artisan chocolates crafted with innovative ingredients.
MARIZPAN SICILIAN PISTACHIO Knipschildt, $9 for 5, LAVENDER HONEY John & Kiras, $32 for 15 (assorted), WHITE RUSSIAN Sweet Shop USA, $27 for 18 (assorted), CRME BRULEE Lindt, $32 for 41 (assorted),

WHITE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY Godiva, $32 for 24 (assorted),

TOFFEE-COATED FRENCH CARAMEL Julia Baker, $21 for 10, juliabaker

MACALLAN SCOTCH Valerie Confections, $15 for 32 (assorted),

REBEL ROCKY ROAD Droga, $28 for 12,

SEXUAL CHOCOLATE This chocolatecharged North Carolina seasonal reappears in February. Brewed with organic Peruvian cocoa nibs, this stouts completely chocolaty, but there are swirls of toffee, coffee and dark fruit, too. At 9.7% ABV, itll certainly put you in the mood.


For the second year, brewer Steven Pauwels teamed up with chocolatier Christopher Elbow to brew this specialty beer "dryhopped" with Dominican cocoa nibs. It pours orange, but tastes like chocolate milk laced with strawberry, chilies and a little bitterness.


CHOCOLATE OATMEAL STOUT Oatmeal and Valrhona cocoa powder in the brew evoke chocolatechip cookies; perky carbonation and a little roast keep the mouthfeel light.


This 10.5%-ABV Belgian-style quadrupels the ultimate aperitif: The aroma simply oozes chocolate, and on the tongue, its a dead ringer for liqueur truffles.



#1 Prague beer in the world

Imported by S & H Independent Premium Brands, LLC Denver, CO.

The spirit of Prague



Science and nature inspire a new generation of beer series.

very fall, when the air turned crisp and the central North Carolina landscape shed its green hue for a shimmering gold, the McConnell family watched as the ripened fruit of its two persimmon trees dropped to the groundmuch to the delight of the McConnells two dogs. Wed talked about making persimmon pudding, but never actually did anything with them, remembers Sharon McConnell. That is, until Fullsteam brewery founder Sean Lilly Wilson began changing the way local residents view the flora around them. Wilsons a rare breed, a natural leader bursting with enthusiastic creativity and magnetic charm; through the power of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, he had the Internet buzzing about Fullsteam years before it ever poured its first drop of beer. A North Carolina native, Wilson remembers his first job waiting tables at a high-end restaurant, where seasonal, locally sourced dishes were the chefs raison detre. That notion stuck with him, and when he began hashing out Fullsteam, he made it his mission to treat beer-making agriculturally, using local Southern food traditions to remind [people] that beer is agriculture, he notes. So, two years ago, to the dismay of her dogs, McConnell responded to a Facebook post from Wilson inquiring about where he could find locally grown persimmons. In my backyard, she wrote. A few days later, Wilson was crouched beneath the McConnells persimmon trees, scrounging up the fruit that would go into his first batch of Forager beer, a series of beer brewed with local fruits and vegetables. Today, locals dont wait for Wilson to ask before bringing over baskets of their fallen fruit.

Fullsteams Sean Lilly Wilson

On its surface, Fullsteams Forager series is something of a grassroots, local movement; Wilson puts out a call for a local wild fruit and offers market price to anyone who delivers. The project is a culmination of his passions: Southern brewing tradition, social networking, micro-commerce and North Carolinas oft-overlooked bounty. Its really rewarding for us because people dont know what persimmons or pawpaws are, and they should, says Wilson. Thats what gets us excited about the Forager serieswere getting them to discover what grows in the earth around them. Like the McConnells, families hear about the Forager collection through Twitter, Facebook, Fullsteam blog posts, or simply word of mouth. During harvest, they deliver bags and buckets of produce, such as figs for Wilsons Surprise Fig Beer, to the brewery, where the fruit is inspected and weighed.


Watch for these new beer series this year.

Aspen Brewing launches its Temerity Series this spring, a collection of sour, Brett and spirit-aged brews. _______________________________________ Elysian Brewing preps for the end of the world with its new Twelve Beers of the Apocalypse, released on the 21st of each month. _______________________________________ Great Divides Yeti beersall riffs on the famous imperial stout of the same name transition into an official series this year, with new packaging and a formal release schedule. _______________________________________ Thirsty Dog releases the big guns with a new barrel-aged series in 750mL bottles, including a Belgian-style tripel, dubbel, imperial stout and strong Scotch ale. _______________________________________



Wilson then cuts them a checka major part right now, a years-in-the-making series is of his mission to build what he calls a quietly unfolding in Fort Collins, Colo., under Southern beer economy. Should a family the microscope of Crooked Staves Chad decline the offer, he donates the money to a Yakobson. local community garden. A few years back, if you wanted to find Its nice we have a useful thing to do Yakobson, the best place to look was in his with the fruit of a tree weve always admired, makeshift laboratory at Heriot-Watt notes McConnell. For years our property was Universitys International Centre for Brewing a farm, and in a small way its agriculturally and Distilling in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the productive again. time, he was slogging his way Specialty beer series, through a masters dissertaSpecialty beer series collections of beers brewed tion even his professors didnt by one brewer around a understand: Pure Culture have captured the theme, have captured imagiFermentation Characteristics imagination since nations since brewers began of Brettanomyces Yeast brewers began releasing limited-edition botSpecies and Their Use in the experimenting with tles of their barrel-aged Brewing Industry. In short, it experiments in the early was a trailblazing study on barrel-aging in the 2000s. But the most interesthow Brettanomycesa wild early 2000s and ing serieslike the Forager yeast used sparingly in beer releasing limited-edition styles like Belgian lambics, lineoften speak to brewers personal passions, and let and considered a rogue agent bottles to consumers. them step away from their in brewhousescan be harless creative but more lucranessed as a sole fermenting tive flagship beers. Dogfish yeast. Anyone schooled in Heads Sam Calagione and University of brewing science and having an abundance of Pennsylvanias Patrick McGovern galavant free time should peek at the research, posted around the world Indiana Jones-style, resuropen-source-style on his Brettanomyces recting historic and pre-historic fermented Project website. beverages. Brooklyn Brewerys Garrett Oliver He opened Crooked Stave brewery last manipulates his beer ingredients to replicate year, and his Wild Wild Brett (W.W.B.) series is classic cocktails, while Flying Fishs Gene his first achievement: Its a collection of 100Muller is well on his way to brewing a beer for percent Brett beers brewed with ingredients every exit on the New Jersey Turnpike. And inspired by the color spectrum. Beer primarily

fermented with Brett is a whole new beer; its not an ale or a lager, its a style or category of its own that doesnt really exist yet, explains Yakobson. Right now, Ive got 10 different types of Brett yeast, and Im choosing different strains that pair with the colors and ingredients. First came Rouge, brewed with two Brett strains, rose hips, hibiscus and Hawthorn berries, giving the final brew a reddish hue. Next was Orange, brewed with four Brett strains, fresh tangelos, bitter orange peel and citrusy Indian coriander. Yellow was inspired by the flavors of Indian cuisine, with turmeric, tart mangos and corianderand so forth. Yakobsons experiments have allowed him to pull out flavors from the yeast that were once unimaginable. Im selecting Brett for its fruit-forwardness, and less of the barnyard characteristics, he points out. His scientific wizardry shines in beers like the one-off experiment Petite Sour, packed with fresh guava notes derived from the yeast. Im trying to reeducate. People automatically assume Brett is sour, and while it will produce a tiny bit of tartness, its a clean yeast that can produce fruity esters, he says. Its diversity is even greater than Saccharomyces [the genus of ale and lager yeast], and theres a potential to have 1,000 different yeast strains. In a way, all of the brewers are scientists, testing their theses with each new batch. The takeaway for drinkers is the opportunity to explore a single theme with every installment.


Here are some of the most intriguing bottled series on shelves.
CULINARY Belgiums Brouwerij De Troch fuses sweet fruit with funky lambics in its Chapeau series, which launched Stateside late last year. Sip its lemon, apricot and banana lambics, made with real fruit and natural fruit juices. ROMANTIC Stillwaters Brian Strumke crisscrosses Europe to brew his Import Series, and each beer feels like a postcard from abroad. Of Love & Regret, a saison brewed in Antwerp, Belgium, evokes springtime with heather, chamomile, lavender and dandelion additions. STOGIE-INSPIRED Cigar City stays true to its name with its Humidor Series, a growing collection of beers aged on Spanish cedrela, a wood commonly used for cigar boxes. Installments include a Scottish gruit, imperial stout and the exquisite year-round Humidor India Pale Ale.




TOURISTY Ever wonder whats beyond the New Jersey Turnpike exits? Each beer in Flying Fishs Exit Series is brewed as a nod to a piece of culture from every stop, like Exit 9, a hoppy red ale commemorating the home of Rutgers University.

HISTORIC If youre curious about what people imbibed during the Neolithic period, grab a bottle of Chateau Jiahu, one installment of Dogfish Heads Ancient Ales series. From King Midas meadlike tipple to an ancient Honduras chocolate beer, these brews are a trip back in time.


Inspired by the great Belgian brewing tradition of Trappist monks established over the centuries, Unibroue 17 was first brewed in 2007 to celebrate our brewerys 17th anniversary. However, the overwhelming success of this specialty brew made it obvious that we could not let such a great ale slip into the anonymity of retirement. As testimony to its remarkable flavor profile which increases in complexity as it ages, the original batch bottled in 2007 was awarded an international platinum medal three years in a row, and the prestigious title of Worlds Best Dark Ale when it was well past three years in the bottle! So in 2011, we proudly brought back this French Oak aged, bottle refermented dark ale, with the Grande Rserve appellation as a fitting endorsement of its exceptional quality for aging. Brewed only once a year, in limited quantities, and individually numbered brasseur bottles, this is truly a flavorful delight for the specialty beer enthusiast. Tasting notes on



January / February 2012



Bill Speidels Underground Tour weaves through Seattles original downtown district, which was destroyed by fire in 1889 and later built over. See old storefronts and passageways underneath the now bustling Pioneer Square, then reemerge and head a few blocks to Elysian Fields, Elysian Brewerys stadium district brewpub. There, youll find The Trip, an ongoing collaboration series with New Belgium that recently spotlighted Australian and New Zealand hops in The Trip IX Down Under IPA.

Portlands iconic Rogue-operated Green Dragon pub is known for its regional focus, but nothings as local as Buckman Botanical beers, brewed behind the bar. Depart from the Northwests hopmonsters with Buckmans Chamomellow, a pale ale with a chamomile twist.

On Feb. 9, The Lost Abbey releases its limitededition Red Poppy, a Flanders-style red ale that not only garnered a 99-point review, but also made our 2011 Beers of the Year list. Sip this king of sours at the source, or scour shelves for a bottle.

T Weve fantasized about fast food and beer ever since John Travolta waxed poetic about European McDonalds locations in Pulp Fiction. Miamis Sonic Beach, a branch of the fast food joint, is the closest thing stateside: Chow down on a Carolina pulled-pork sandwich alongside a cool pint of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA. Y After a day of hunting down prehistoric relics like the Standing Stones of Stenness on Scotlands Orkney Islands, warm your bones inside The Orkney Hotels Victoria Restaurant with a steaming plate of lobster and a pint of Orkney Brewings rare Dark Island Reserve, a malty old ale aged in local whiskey casks.

Sate your carnie appetite at San Frans STRAW, where gourmet, state-fairstyle dishes like rosemary turkey legs and pints of Cucup Chupacabra Pale Ale create pure carnival bliss.

Whisk your valentine to the source of all things chocolate: Hershey, Penn., home of Hershey Park. Start with Hersheys Great American Chocolate Tour, a free ride that tracks the cocoa bean from rain forest to factory, then create a custom chocolate bar. Unwrap your creation alongside a coffeepacked pint of Tregs JavaHead Stout, just down the road at the brewerys new tasting room.
O Stock up on local truffles at the Oregon Truffle Marketplace, part of Eugenes annual Oregon Truffle Festival on Jan. 29. Then head over to nearby Oakshire Brewing in search of the best beer to pair with your fungi: Try the savory winter seasonal brown, Ill Tempered Gnome Winter Ale.

Proving you can never milk a cow dry, George Lucas Star Wars saga returns to theaters in February with the 3D version of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Purists take note: Spend your ticket money on New Englands Imperial Stout Trooper winter seasonal, dust off your original Star Wars VHS tapes and spend the night watching the series in the seclusion of your basement.

Embrace Vermonts epic snowfall at the Stowe Winter Carnival, Jan. 16 to 29, where events like Snowvolleyball and ice sculpting draw throngs of visitors. Dont miss the Norwegian Ice Music Festival, featuring actual instruments made from ice, before retreating inside the quaint Shed Restaurant & Brewery with a pint of Mountain Ale, a malt-packed strong ale.




Six German beers launch in an unlikely spot.

t seemed like a smart move for Germanys Radeberger Gruppe to test six of its authentic German beers outside of a beer hall, in the shadow of a Germanic castle. Throw in the fact that both the castle and the beer hall are in Disney World? Genius. During last falls Epcot Food and Wine Festival, streams of stroller-pushing parents, grandparents and young couples sporting mouse ears stopped outside of Epcots German Pavilion to taste schnitzel and fill their cups with a few German beers at the only place you could find them stateside. With the resounding success of the launch, Radeberger will be rolling out these beers more broadly across the country.

NEW IN 2012: Look for these Radeberger beers around the states
This amber-color specialty beer comes from Dortmund, Germany, and the recipe dates back to 1893. A rich blend of light and dark barley malt, wheat malt and roasted malt creates a complex profile: Thick caramel and bread flavor are ornamented with sweet raisin fruitiness.


This complex smoked wheat beer from Bamberg, Germany, gets its campfire flavors from malts roasted over a beechwood fire. Soft wheat and banana address the tongue first before the smoky character emerges and fills the mouth; it finishes clean with a touch of bitterness in the back.


A German twist on an American-style IPA, this unfiltered wheat version has traditional wheat beer signatures like banana and clove in the nose, and honey-orange sweetness on the tongue; eventually, they give way to classic IPA citric hop bite, grassiness and bitterness.


B U P & Y R W E BR


D W , L U Q G I T B S A H R E C O N K Y M TO

4 9 1 U M Y K R O C H T N I S E L A D AN

r e c n k y m o t . w ww



Once a year, New Hampshires Portsmouth Brewery releases its illustrious Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout to hordes of thirsty beer geeks on the morning of Kate Daythis year, on March 5. Score Kate on tap until the kegs run dry, or if you hold a winning scratch ticket, buy a bottle; when youre stouted out, explore this little city by the sea and the big flavors waiting at every turn.
P DRINK: Sidle up to
the snooker table and grab a pint at the Coat of Arms (174 Fleet St.,, a British pub where the cask ales and specialty imports pair up great with the bangers and mash and tartan dcor. Beers like Belhaven Stout and Twisted Thistle IPA are on draft, and the always-changing casks include treats like the English-born, Shipyard-brewed Old Thumper ESB. Black Trumpet Bistro (29 Ceres St., black is a culinary adventure where even simple ingredients get the superstar treatment. Chef Evan Mallett, a 2011 James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef, Northeast, might elevate the humble cabbage by stuffing it with rye berry and pine nut risotto or pair potato chips with truffle-whipped foie gras. The restaurant uses localand sometimes even foragedingredients for innovative dishes that change every few weeks to reflect seasonality.


P EAT: Dinner at

retro Ale House Inn (121 Bow St., alehouse has a sophisticated vibe and dcor thats nautical without hitting you over the head with a buoy. Located in a former brewery warehouse, the inn has iPads loaded with local menus in every room; energy-efficient flatscreen TVs; bikes to borrow; and free tickets to the adjacent theater when theres a show going on. Plus, two complementary Smuttynose beers await thirsty travelers at check-in. Alexandra Pecci

P STAY: The sleekly


Beyond THIRST Lab, Discovery World offers Legacies of Milwaukee Brewing tours around the city, guiding participants through Milwaukees current brewing meccas and historic beer hideaways.



Where theres good water, theres good beer, and Milwaukees primo location at the confluence of three rivers certainly had a hand in its vibrant brewing culture. In celebration of the citys watery abundance, Milwaukees Discovery World science center recently unveiled THIRST Lab for Freshwater Innovation. While its dedicated to all things that freshwater can become (like tea and perfume), THIRST Labs most extensive program is all about the brew: Visitors are invited to tinker with ingredients and play on a one-barrel system with guest brewers from the MillerCoors Pilot Brewery, Lakefront Brewery and Leinenkugels. For those interested in the roots of beer, staff archeologist and ancient brewing scholar Kevin Cullen heads up Ales Through the Ages this spring, an adult education program where guests explore, brew and bottle historic beverages like ancient Egyptian ale and old Irish curim ale.




For a 3.2 state, Oklahomas firing on all four cylinders. The hub of the action is OKC, but from Marshall Brewing in Tulsa to Choc Beer Co. in Krebs, local craft producers have suddenly found themselves in good company.
RePUBlic Gastropub


Housed in an old Bricktown factory, Tapwerks looks every bit the well-worn U.K. pub. But the globe-spanning 212 taps themselves (along with the sizable bottle selection) are skewing more toward American craft beers every day, explains GM/buyer Greg Powelland so are his customers. Case in point: COOPs superhoppy F-5 IPA is selling right up there with Guinness. Powells so optimistic hes launching a cellaring programstarting with bombers of COOP DNR. 121 E. Sheridan Ave.,


All black panels and glass panes, this ultrasleek gastropub on Classen Curve backs up its style with substance. Beverage director Jason Ewald oversees a list of some 250 bottles and 100 drafts, rounded out by flights and beer cocktails that the pros behind the stick will gladly customize. The food, meanwhile, is as fresh as the space: Dont miss the burger with white Cheddar and porter-hickory sauce, or the spiced donuts with a trio of dipping sauces. 5830 N. Classen Blvd.,


Founded in early 2011 by former COOP brewer Chase Healey, Redbud has only just begun to sproutbut its sure to bloom big and bright. The flagship Pale Ale is already a local cult favorite, while the Cuve series is a study in Belgian-inspired richness; in the works are an imperial chocolate stout, a barrel-aged barleywine, and monthly one-offs. 421 S.W. 26th St.,



Im not here to make geriatric, coffee-table beer, vows Battered Boars Edmond-born brewmaster, Mike Sandefur. Beers as diverse as the brewers imagination. That much is clear with a single sip of not only flagships like fruity Briarpatch Amber Ale but the funky, toasty Coconut Cream Stout and newcomers ranging from chocolate-cherry porter to homegrown dandelion ale. 14801 Metro Plaza Blvd. Unit 6,


Like Tapwerks, this comfy, memorabilia-filled, multilevel Midtown hang boasts a hundreds-strong selection of drafts and bottles from 26 countries, as well as flights and mixes like the Oklahoma Yellow Jacket (half Guinness, half locally brewed Mustang Wheat). But it also serves up a slew of community events, from pint nights and Firkin Fridays to beer dinners and tasting seminars. 1100 Classen Dr.,

Farmhouse sours. Wheat wines brewed with local honey. Collaborations with Bulleit and Templeton. On the burgeoning OKC scene, COOP is the one to beat. Though quality over quantity, as partner J.D. Merryweather puts it, remains its simple formula for success, the results have been such that the brewerys currently moving from a seven- to a 30-barrel system. That means more of its distinctively citrusy Native Amber Ale for everyone. 1124 NW 51st St.,


True story: With wife Suzy Thompson, Steve Reynoldsor Wampus, as hes widely known to localsopened this one-stop shop for artisanal cheeses and gourmet accoutrements galore after winning big as a contestant on Jeopardy! in 2004. During regular in-store tutorials, he drops serious knowledge about beer-and-cheese pairings alongside McNellies resident expert, Adam Price. (And no, he doesnt do so in question form.) 5123 N. Western Ave.,





A new beer scene is emerging from the shadow of Americas most famous brewery.
Urban Chestnut

Open since January 2011, Urban Chestnuts tasting room hits many sweet spots at once. It offers wide variety, typically with around 14 of its beers on tap any given day. It offers full-flavored traditional German styles, like its rustic Zwickel, as well as more Americanstyle innovations, including a session-strength IPA and several heavily hopped lagers. And it has a small beer garden out front, complete with long tables imported from Germany. Old school for the new school. 3229 Washington Ave.,



After Jake Hafner sold his popular 33 Wine Bar to new owners in 2009 (it remains a local institution), he hit the roads of Europe looking for inspiration for lifes next chapter. He came back with the conviction to open a brewery. The Civil Lifes two-level pub is built into the side of the brew house and has stools that overlook the kit. Hafner designed the pub and its various cubbies to facilitate conversation, while brewer Dylan Mosley has designed the beersmany below 5% ABVto do the same. 3714 Holt Ave.,


Every major city worth its salt has a taphouse with 40plus drafts these days. St. Louis has a few, but downtowns Bridge is the most distinctive. Loft tables overlook the long bar and its Tim Burton-esque treebranch chandeliers. Beer sizes range from 4-ounce tasters to 64-ounce growlers to satisfy various thirsts and budgets. Nibbles run the gamut from chipotlehoney roasted nuts to a beef-bacon-manchego bolognese. The discerning wine list appeases our less beery friends. 1004 Locust St.,


Many St. Louis restaurants are beefing up their beer lists these days, but the first suggestion from many local geeks would be Iron Barley. Owner-chef Tom Coghills Midwestern oak-roasted pork and other comfort grub was made-from-scratch tasty enough to get a look-in from both Guy Fieri and Adam Richman. Coghill is also a longtime homebrewer and beer geek, and it shows in a smart list of 10 taps, including a cask selection, with strength in the locally brewed. 5510 Virginia,


Newcomers get all the buzz, but locals have cemented the Saint Louis Brewery as a Midwestern institution (file alongside Boulevard, Goose Island and New Glarus). Known for its Schlafly beers, its original home remains the Schlafly Tap Room downtown. This is where to taste the latest brewhouse experiments and pub fareooh, bacon-wrapped meatloaf muffin?that has gone from strength to strength over the years. 2100 Locust St.,


To say brewmaster Will Johnston is doing creative stuff would be an understatement: In the few short months 4 Hands tanks have been firing, hes already knocked out a fresh-hop saison, a dry-hopped rye wine and a few more regularsoh, and theres also that vanilla-beanand-coffee-brewed imperial stout sitting in Elijah Craig barrels. A sustainably-designed tasting room opened in late fall, just blocks from Busch Stadium. 1220 S. 8th St.,



Buffalo Brewing


The St. Louis barbecue scene has gained national attention thanks to a couple of smokehouses that happen to be within easy walking distance of some top-flight beer. The line is out the door at Pappys (3106 Olive St., when it opens at 11 a.m. in Midtown Alley, the same neighborhood that is home to Urban Chestnut (above), Six Row (3690 Forest Park Ave., and Buffalo (3100 Olive St., breweries. In the historic Soulard neighborhoodstill home to Anheuser-BuschBogarts (1627 S. 9th St., serves smoked prime rib a block from the International Tap House (1711 S. 9th St., and its 40 beer faucets.




Were proud to be part of the St. Louis craft brewing community. Learn more about Urban Chestnut & our new-world meets old-world brewing philosophy at





When it comes to the mitten, all the actions in the pinky: Northern Michigans largest city puts out plenty of beer and some sweet spots to sip it in.

Mission Table


Craft beers made with creative ingredients are the name of the game at this Warehouse District brewery. Brewer Corey Wentworth was a chef for 20 years, so he isnt afraid to put everything from cold-smoked pig bones to roasted asparagus and whole cherry pies into his beers. He aims to have at least 12 beers on tap every day, including standbys like Black Eye P.A., a hoppy stout, and Northern Hawk Owl Amber Ale, along with a handful of crazier beers. Business is so brisk, plans for a bigger brewery are in the works. 221 Garland St.,


A trip to Traverse City isnt complete without a visit to this airy, comfortable bar. The Shed prides itself on carrying at least one beer from every microbrewery in the state, including a handful on tap. If your stomachs growling, order a juicy burger, creative sandwich or a plate of smoked meat from the attached Blue Tractor Cook Shop. Dont miss the ultracreamy mac and cheese with smoked chicken, chilies and jack cheeseits fantastic paired with Shorts Huma Lupa Licious IPA. 423 S. Union St.,


Brewer John Neidermaier cut his brewing teeth at Traverse Brewing and Right Brain, all the while dreaming about opening his own farm-to-bottle brewery. With his new operation located on the outskirts of town, Niedermaier plans to grow most of what he needs to make his one-of-a-kind beers on the 10-acre property, and what he doesnt grow himself hell source from local farms. Right now, look for his take on a colonial ale, brewed with honey-baked parsnips, Indian corn, roasted pumpkin, black walnut and spices, and his fire-roasted sweet corn cream ale in the summer. 2951 Hartman Rd.,



If youre in the mood for a fine meal paired with local beer, wine and spirits, hop up the Old Mission Peninsula to Mission Table. Grab a seat on the expansive patio overlooking Grand Traverse Bay or dine insideeither way youll be treated to a divine meal inspired by the bounty of local fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood created with an expert touch by Chef Paul Olson. If its on the menu, dont miss the local lamb loin with house-made kimchi, a perfectly poached egg and potato pureeits just right with a glass of Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire, straight from the brewerys satellite location on the property. 13512 Peninsula Dr.,

North Peak has been brewing classic session beers like Diabolical IPA and Siren Amber Ale along with some inspired seasonal beers since 1995. Depending on the time of your visit, grab a pint of Archangel (summer wheat) or Darkangel (porter), both brewed with local sour cherries. Dont miss Hoodoo if its on tap; the brewers pick their own fresh hops for that one. Many of the brewpubs dishes feature North Peaks beer, too; try a bowl of cheddar-ale soup with mustard-pretzel croutons, or a slab of ribs glazed in cherry porter barbecue sauce. 400 W. Front St.,


A visit to this artisanal cidery is well worth the 30-minute detour out of Traverse City up the West Bay. Belly up to Tandems comfortable bar and let Dan Young or Nikki Rothwell, the dynamic husband-wife duo who run Tandem, pour you a glass of one of their many fine ciders made solely from locally grown apples. Sip on Pretty Penny, made from heritage and heirloom apples, or Cyser, a dry, lip-smacking cider, while you play darts with the locals or nosh on a plate of Leelanau Cheese Co. raclette and bagel chips from a local baker. 2055 N. Setterbo Rd., Suttons Bay,


The Shed

North Peak

Representing 10 hop growers, mostly from the Grand Traverse area, the Michigan Hop Alliance promotes brewing Michigan beers with Michigan hops. Members of the alliance sell their hops directly to breweries like Right Brain, Shorts and Jolly Pumpkin as well as local homebrew stores. About half of the hops are certified organic, and 14 varieties are available with more on the way in 2012.


St. Elmo (left) is an Indy institution. But after winning a record eight medals at this years GABF, Sun King Brewing (below) is, too.

With a booming slate of microbreweries, a diverse restaurant scene and its own distinctive brand of Hoosier hospitality, Naptown is anything but sleepy. Indianapolis proves its mettle this month by playing host to Super Bowl XLVI.


A microbrewing renaissance is underway in Indy, heralded by a handful of new operations within the past two years and more on deck. In July 2009, fun-loving Sun King Brewing (Downtown, became the citys first full-scale production brewery to open since Indianapolis Brewing closed in 1948. Creative quaffs like Crab Apple Wit and 2011 GABF medalist Popcorn Pilsner made from locally sourced ingredients keep fans coming back. Rob Caputo, head brewer at Flat12 Bierwerks (Downtown,, has a penchant for porters, so his beer lineup revolves around his smooth Pogues Run incarnation. Seasonal variations infuse the flavors of tangerine, black-rum-soaked oak chips and glazed ham spices. Bier Brewery (Binford Corridor, beat out more than 1,000 entries from throughout the country to win the coveted 2011 Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup. This sophisticated nanobrewery cranks out small batches each week for sampling and growler fills; the crisp klsch and


Belgian wit are standouts. Laid-back Thr3e Wise Men Brewing (Broad Ripple, thr3ewise concocts classic American-style beers for Scottys Brewhouse locations around the state. The Two Lucys Blackberry Wheat, made with Oregon-grown fruit and Cluster hops, packs a tangy punch. A 20-year-old mainstay, the Broad Ripple Brewpub (Broad Ripple, claims the title of Indianas oldest operating brewpub. Its ambiance calls to mind a traditional English pub, but caters to non-meat-eaters with a full menu heavy on vegetarian fare that complements the Lawn Mower Pale Ale and a balanced ESB. New kid on the block Triton Brewing (Fort Benjamin Harrison, triton cuts a dashing figure in a renovated 1920s brick barn on the grounds of a former military base; ask for an impromptu tour when you arrive. The family-friendly tasting room offers pours of reverse-osmosis-crafted beers including the citrusy Railsplitter IPA. Headquartered in Bloomington, Upland Brewing (South Broad Ripple, manages a popular outpost in Indianapolis where sippers can test-drive the wares, including the seasonal and superbly caramelly Ard Ri Irish red, within a cozy coffee-shop-style tasting room.

Tomlinson Tap Room (Downtown, tomlinson commandeers a sunny mezzanine corner of the historic City Market building to serve a rotating selection of Indiana-made microbrews. Selections change weekly, making




Thr3e Wise Men Brewing (top) makes innovative beer in modern digs, while Tomlinson Tap Room (center) serves only local brew inside the historic City Market.

showcase seasonal ingredients. Bon Appetit named the Batali sandwich at Goose the Market (Fall Creek Place, one of the best in the country, but theres also a deli counter packed with house-cured meats, cheeses and gelato to consider. Go online to track down Duos food truck ( for a short menu of hyperfresh organic sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts that changes each week. Caf Patachou (various locations, bills itself a student union for adults, where diners are encouraged to help themselves to gourmet coffee while they wait for a table. The broken-yolk egg sandwiches and the Hippie with a Benz omelet are satisfying choices for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

this a great place to sample some of the best beers the state has to offer. During warmweather months, the huge outdoor biergarten at the Rathskeller (Downtown, is a popular backdrop for live music; this time of year, stay inside the Bavarian-esque beer hall (one of many rooms in the 19th-century Athenaeum building) where patrons down German food and a vast beer selection. Opened last year, The Sinking Ship (South Broad Ripple, has quickly gained a following for its slightly raucous vibe, chatty servers and draft beer (including pours from local newbie Fountain Square) served in oldschool Mason jars. A few blocks north, Twenty Tap (South Broad Ripple, offers, yes, 20 taps of regional craft beers, along with a noteworthy Cuban sandwich.

visit is complete without a stop at St. Elmo Steak House (Downtown,, a local landmark since 1902 famous for its sinus-searing spicy shrimp cocktail. The new St. Elmo 1933 Lounge provides a speakeasy-style perch for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail. Across downtown, industrial-chic Black Market (Mass Ave., proffers a well-edited beer list and terrific gastropub grub; dont miss the unusually addictive house pickle plate with crunchy peanut butter for dipping. Diners never know what to expect at Recess (South Broad Ripple,, and thats the main attraction: Chef Greg Hardesty changes up his four-course prix-fixe menu daily to


Thirty-three floors earn the J.W. Marriott (Downtown, bragging rights as the tallest hotel in the state. This massive metallic blue monolith is positioned for prime access to White River State Park attractions, Circle Centre Mall and trendy downtown restaurants. Need pampering? The Conrad (Downtown, delivers with an on-site luxury spa/salon, Tastings wine bar and the splurge-worthy Capital Grille. Fresh off an $8 million renovation, the Omni Severin (Wholesale District, omni digs feature breathtaking views; request a room with a balcony, then pick up a growler to enjoy al fresco.


Although Indianapolis is home to an array of spectacular ethnic eateries, some of the best restaurants excel at putting modern spins on good old Midwestern comfort food. No Indy


Heading up to Indy for the Super Bowl? Better stock up on beer before the game. On Sundays, Indiana forbids selling beer in retail spots (bars and restaurants only), and every other day of the week, suds can only be sold at room temperature at most retailers. And because drinkers will cross state lines to buy booze, that means a loss of about $9 to $12 million in tax revenue for the state: Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is working to change Indianas beverage laws; contribute to the cause at


Epic Sour Ales


swanky steakhouse dinner reimagined your steak, your house, your style. Start with the premium cut of your choice (ribeye is ours, but youd do no wrong with a porterhouse, strip steak or tenderloin). Top your perfectly seared steak with a decadent Maytag blue cheese butter, then gild the lily with a luscious coffee porter-based jus. The beers roasted coffee and bittersweet notes make for a complex-tasting sauce that belies its mad simplicity. Now theres a steak worth its buzz. COFFEE PORTER RIBEYE WITH BLUE CHEESE-WALNUT BUTTER Serves 4 2 tablespoons walnuts 1 garlic clove, halved 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

11/2 ounces Maytag blue cheese 1 tablespoon minced fresh chives 4 12-ounce boneless ribeye steaks Kosher salt and fresh-ground black pepper 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 1/2 cup Philadelphia Brewing Joe Coffee Porter 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup 3/4 teaspoon cornstarch Heat a small skillet over medium heat until hot. Add the walnuts and cook, tossing, until fragrant and lightly toasted, about 3 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board. Cool completely, then finely chop. Rub the cut garlic clove over the bottom of a small bowl; discard garlic. Add the butter and blue cheese, and using a fork, blend together. Stir in the walnuts, chives, and a grind of black pepper. Transfer the mixture to a piece of plastic wrap, form into a log and chill. (The butter can be made up to

3 days ahead and refrigerated.) Let steaks stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. Heat two large heavy skillets (cast iron are best) over medium-high heat until very hot but not smoking. Season steaks very generously on both sides with salt and pepper. Add 1 teaspoon oil to each skillet, swirl to coat; place two steaks in each pan. Cook the steaks to desired doneness, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side for medium-rare, depending on thickness. Transfer the steaks to a platter, tent with foil, and let rest 5 minutes. While steaks rest, combine the porter and maple syrup in a small saucepan over medium heat; bring to a boil. In a small dish, combine the cornstarch with 1 teaspoon water; whisk into the porter mixture. Reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 2 minutes. Top each steak with a generous slice of the blue cheese butter, and spoon some of the porter sauce alongside them.


Get off the beaten trail . . .

Hand-Crafted Bottle Conditioned 8.59 % ABV

100 % Pure Ale

Black Imperial IPA Scotch Ale Tripel Hopped Rye Export Stout
Rocket Bike

5.5% ABV*


16 OZ


7% ABV*
*May vary by state


16 OZ




In Nashville, its not just the music thats hot: Theres also the sinus-searing, tongue-obliterating fried chicken that can only be cured with a quart of milk and a prayer. The local diet staple arrives on white bread with pickles, but youd do well to order a side of coleslaw, potato salador a fire hose.

Above: Hospodas all-foam sweet pour; Below: The headless neat version



ocated in Manhattans Bohemian National Hall (also the Czech consulate), Hospoda is an enchanting little spot dishing up small plates of contemporary Czech cuisine, like rabbit, smoked beef tongue and roasted squab. Though primarily a restaurant, Hospoda actually translates to beer house in Czech, and the man behind the brew here is none other than 2010s International Master Bartender of the Year, Prague native Lukas Svoboda. The beers impeccably fresh, typically less than three weeks old and always served at 44.5 degrees. The catch? The only beer on tap is Pilsner Urquell, but its served in four distinct ways: sweet, slice, crme and neat. Devised at a sibling location in Prague, the sweet (mliko) is nearly entirely foam: Drink it quickly, for a sweet, mouth-filling experience. Slice (snyt) features a substantial four-finger foam that has a smooth, refreshing mouthfeel, but a bit more bite. The creme (hladinka) is the normal pour with a standard head, while the neat (cochtan) features no head at all, allowing the Saaz hop bitterness to shine. Experience all four pours in 0.3 Liter mugs for $19. Mike Riccetti

Hospoda, 321 E. 73rd St., New York City,

BURNING Boltons Spicy Chicken and Fish Though the tiny pink room seems to say otherwise, one does indeed need to man up to order the skillet-fried mild, spicy or extra spicy chicken (the place also makes a mean hot fish). The spicy version has a dusting of peppery heat; co-owner Dolly Ingram says, It has a nice kick to it, but it doesnt make you lose your composure. 624 Main St., 615.254.8015 ..................................................................... SCORCHING Princes Hot Chicken Shack The chicken that started it all four generations ago is still available at this cash-only Nashville institution with a surly staff. Choose from mild, medium, hot and extra-hot; the hot style is seriously tongue-stinging, though the crispy crust gives the heat something to cling to. 123 Ewing Dr., 615.226.9442 ..................................................................... TEAR-INDUCING 400 Degrees Hot Chicken Most patrons are sane enough to order this dives 100 or 200 crusty, skillet-fried chicken, spiced up with paprika and cayenne; only the truly brave should attempt the deep-fried 400, an almost inhumane batch set ablaze with habanero. The burn hurts less if you get a smile and a bowl of sweet baked beans from gracious owner Aqui Simpson. 319 Peabody St.,



elbows with a glamorous, Who do you know? Hollywood crowd, come down to earth in Los Angeles artsy Silver Lake neighborhood. With a cool, low-key vibe, its the perfect spot for brunching yourself back to normal.

THE MORNING AFTER: LOS ANGELES After a night of rubbing

2943 W. Sunset Blvd., True to its name, Local proudly sources organic ingredients from nearby vendors and farmers. Lest you think this sustainable ethos translates to weak brunch fare, think again: The braised pork belly and eggs will battle the heaviest of budding hangovers, as will the BBQ pork hash and hearty whole-wheat, cast-iron banana walnut pancake. For something a little lighter, do as many locals do and order the chilaquiles with tofu, black beans, crme fraiche and salsa. The outdoor seating gives you full view of the hipsters motoring down Silver Lakes slice of Sunset Boulevard.

3219 Glendale Blvd., Caneles brick-lined interior is a perfect setting for the restaurants inspired interpretations of rustic California-Mediterranean cuisine. The mountainous slabs of crispy, custardy French toast, topped with poached prunes and mascarpone, might be the best in the city. On the savory side, the Fried Farro with bacon, egg and Sriracha sauce is an unusually kicky dish that works. Regardless of what you order, a side of the house-cured bacon is a must. For a morning-time spin on your nighttime activities, try the London Mary, which replaces the vodka in a traditional Bloody Mary with pale ale.

3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Cliffs Edge is hidden in plain sight on bustling Sunset Boulevard; its marked only by a sign pointing you to the parking lot. Follow that sign and youll soon find yourself walking through an enormous castlelike door into a gorgeous, sun-drenched patio lined with bamboo and small palm treesa garden oasis with a killer Me d i t e r ra n e a n - i n f l u e n c e d brunch menu. Here, the poached eggs are served with crab hash, and the Nutella-stuffed French toast arrives with a flaming brandy-soaked banana. Try the crepes with smoked salmon or Black Forest ham and eggs, and wash it down with mimosas, if youre up for a glass or two.


and by late night, we mean early morning.

Sometimes theres nothing better than late-night spice, which explains why Thai Towns Ruen Pair (5257 Hollywood Blvd., 323.466.0153) is bustling right until it closes at 3 a.m. on the weekends. The Thai omelet, Pad Thai and pad kee mow comfort the soul, while the spicy red curry keeps you on your toes.


Established in 1884 as Schlitz Sample House, Oblios is home to Northeast Central Wisconsins largest draft, micro and import beer selection with 27 beers on tap. Visit us and try some of the greatest beers found anywhere in the world.
434 N. Main Street, Oshkosh WI 920.426.1063




Aint no thing but our favorite wing and beer pairings.

GARLIC PARMESAN & Rio Grande Brewing Chili Cerveza Spice things up Southwestern style: A chili beer brings on the heat, while its green pepper flavor is a perfect pardner to garlic and parmesan.

SPICY ASIAN & Hoegaarden In this globalinspired pair, a traditional Belgian witbiers coriander and lemon draw out the wings ginger-and-redpepper sweetness, while refreshing, zippy wheat tames the sauces spice.

LEMON PEPPER & Boddingtons Pub Ale Mild-mannered Boddys politely steps aside for the wings lemon and pepper flavors, but its hop bite and soft, creamy mouthfeel tidy up the palate.

HONEY BARBECUE & Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA This wings tangy barbecue sauce gets fresh-off-the-grill credentials from a black IPAs roasted notes, which emulate a charred flavor.

HOT & Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier With a mouthfeel thick enough to battle this wings blaze, this rauchbiers smoky tones complement the heat to create a firestorm of flavor.






Eye-opening pancakes (and crepes!) get pumped up with a splash of beer.




OATMEAL PANCAKES WITH LA CHOUFFE SABAYON AND ORANGE MARMALADE SERVES 6 Chad Kelleys no stranger to pairing beer with breakfast: At Dallas Meddlesome Moth, he serves brunch items like bacon waffles and pork-belly Benedicts alongside the gastropubs 40 craft taps. Here, he tops hearty oatmeal pancakes with homemade orange marmalade and a frothy, faintly fruity La Chouffe sabayon. Make the marmalade ahead of time; itll keep in the pantry for a year. Orange Marmalade 1 pound oranges, sliced into half-wheels 1/4-inch thick and seeded 1/4 pound lemons, sliced into half-wheels 1/4-inch thick and seeded 8 cups water 31/2 cups white sugar 3 cups brown sugar In a large stock pot, combine all ingredients and bring to a boil, stirring frequently to ensure the sugars dont settle at the bottom of the pot and burn. Let cook over a rapid boil for 30 minutes until firm. If the marmalade seems thin, continue to cook until it reduces; if it appears too hard, add more water. Let cool and store in sealed mason jars for up to a year.

Serve the extra La Chouffe sabayon over ice cream or pound cake

La Chouffe Sabayon 5 egg yolks 1/2 cup La Chouffe Blond Ale 4 tablespoons sugar Boil a large pot of water over high heat. Combine all ingredients in a large metal bowl. Set the bowl over the boiling water and whisk briskly, using a figure 8 pattern and spinning the bowl as you work. About every 40 seconds, remove the bowl from over the water to keep the eggs from scrambling. Whisk constantly until thickened and frothy, 4 to 5 minutes. Oatmeal Pancakes 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 11/2 cup cooked oatmeal 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup milk 2 tablespoons plus additional butter, melted In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, add the eggs, oatmeal, milk and melted butter; stir until combined. Stir the oatmeal mixture into the flour mix until the batter is well-combined. Heat a griddle over medium heat and brush with additional melted butter. Working in batches, drop the pancake batter onto the hot griddle using about 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles form, 1 to 2 minutes; flip, then cook 1 to 2 minutes more, until both sides of the pancakes are light golden brown. Keep covered until ready to serve, then top each serving with orange marmalade and La Chouffe Sabayon.


TK 57


SPENT GRAIN PANCAKES SERVES 10 Chef Eduardo Camarena of Flossmoor Station, an award-winning brewpub in suburban Chicago, works the brewerys spent grain into pancakes spiked with vanilla and honey. (Score grain from a local brewery or a homebrewer friend; just be sure to press the grain in a mesh sieve to remove excess water before cooking.) Serve them sprinkled with chocolate chips, slathered in a berry compote or drizzled with old-fashioned maple syrup. 4 4 1/2 1 1 4 2 1 1 2 eggs cups buttermilk cup oil teaspoon vanilla ounce honey cups self-rising flour tablespoons sugar teaspoon baking soda teaspoon salt cups spent grain

bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture 1 cup at a time, stirring until wellcombined. Add the spent grain, and stir until just incorporated into the batter. Working in batches, drop the pancake batter onto the hot griddle using about 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles form, 1 to 2 minutes; flip, then cook 1 to 2 minutes more, until both sides of the pancakes are light golden brown. Keep covered until ready to serve. CORNMEAL-IPA CREPES SERVES 4-6 At Skinny Pancakea Montpelier, Vt., creperie with a small but serious beer listchef Jeremy Silansky morphs his arsenal of crepe batters into canneloni, Thai noodles, and even fish n chips. Here, he infuses a cornmeal crepe with the megahoppiness of Heady Topper DIPA from The Alchemy Pub & Brewery in nearby Waterbury (you can sub in your favorite imperial IPA): Stuff it with pulled pork, Cheddar and caramelized onions for a meaty meal that works for breakfast or lunch. 3 eggs cup milk

11/4 1/2 1 11/2 4

cups plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour cup fine-ground cornmeal teaspoons salt sticks butter, melted ounces imperial IPA

Heat a griddle over medium heat. In a large bowl, beat together the eggs, buttermilk, oil, vanilla and honey. In a separate


In a large mixing bowl, combine the eggs and milk; using a mixer, mix on low speed with a whisk attachment until thoroughly combined. Add the flour and salt; mix until combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, mix the batter at medium speed, and add the melted butter. Add the beer and mix by hand until wellincorporated. Batter should be thin with no lumps; add more beer if needed. Lightly oil a griddle or frying pan over medium heat. Making one crepe at a time, scoop about cup of the batter onto the griddle or pan; if using a pan, tilt it using a circular motion to coat the surface evenly. Cook about 2 minutes, until the bottom of the crepe is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, flip and cook the reverse side. Place fillings in the center of the crepe. Fold the crepe in half, then in half once more to form a quarter-circle; let sit 2 to 3 minutes to allow the fillings to melt, and serve. Repeat with remaining batter.





CHERRY PORTER PANCAKES SERVES 10 Every weekend, Chicagos beer-loving breakfasteaters head to Revolution Brewing for chef Jason Petries pancakes, loaded with the brewerys Eugene porter. Petrie tops the warm cakes with a slice of cinnamon-cherry compound butter; a handful of chopped tart, unsweetened Michigan cherries; candied pecans; and a dusting of powdered sugar, and serves a dose of maple syrup on the sidethough the pancakes are equally good crowned with fresh bananas and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Porter Pancakes 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon 1/2 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon baking soda 11/2 cups buttermilk 4 ounces Porter 3 eggs, lightly beaten 3 tablespoons butter, melted In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon, baking powder and baking soda. Add the buttermilk, porter and eggs, and whisk until smooth. Whisk in the melted butter until the batter is well-combined.

Heat a griddle over medium heat and brush with additional melted butter. Drop the pancake batter onto the hot griddle using about 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles form, 1 to 2 minutes; flip, then cook 1 to 2 minutes more, until both sides of the pancakes are light golden brown. Keep covered until ready to serve. Top each serving with cinnamon-cherry compound butter, candied pecans, chopped cherries and powdered sugar, or your choice of toppings. Candied Pecans 1 pound pecan pieces 11/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons salt Preheat an oven to 350 F. Spread the pecan pieces on a baking sheet, and bake about 5 minutes, until the nuts are just toasted. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, and lightly spray the paper with nonstick spray. Combine the sugar and water in a large saut pan. Turn on the heat to medium-high, and bring the mixture to a boil. Use a pastry brush dipped in water to frequently brush down the sides of the pan so sugar crystals dont form.

Heat the mixture until it reaches 250 to 265 F (use a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature); the syrup should drip from a wooden spoon in thick threads. Remove the pan from heat. Working quickly, add the nuts to the pan and stir to coat them with the syrup. Sprinkle on spices and stir to distribute evenly. Add salt and stir 1 minute more as the liquid begins to harden and nuts begin to separate. Transfer to the prepared baking sheet, and spray the top of the nuts very lightly with nonstick spray. Break any large clusters of nuts, and let cool until warm to the touch. Serve warm, or refrigerate for up to a week. Cinnamon-Cherry Compound Butter 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened 1/2 cup unsweetened cherries, softened and roughly chopped 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt Combine all ingredients in a medium glass bowl. Using the back of a fork, mash the ingredients together until well-combined. Spoon the butter onto a sheet of plastic wrap, roll into a log, and twist the ends; refrigerate until ready to use (up to 5 days), or freeze up to 1 month. Slice and use as needed.




One of the Premier Beer Events in Our Nations Capital!

BrewerS Ball
March 3, 2012
NatioNalS Park, StarS aNd StriPeS CluB

Handcrafted microbrews from more than a dozen of the regions best microbreweries Great food from several popular restaurants (and we arent talking nger foods we mean Braised Short Rib Sliders and a carving station!) Live entertainment
serving up hope, one pint at a time

A fantastic live and silent auction (Trips to Cabo and Europe; private brewery tours and much much more!)
Visit the website to view participating breweries and buy your tickets now!

Sold out the laSt 7 yearS!

Proceeds benet the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and our mission to cure and control cystic brosis and to improve the quality of life for those living with the disease.



In a humble Argentine valley, a small band of bohemian brewers are quietly changing the national face of beer.



eep inside Argentinas Patagoniaa windswept region of frosted peaks, massive glaciers, and crystalline riversundulating meadows of hops unfold around a glorified hippie commune in a valley sheltered by the hulking Mount Piltriquitrn. El Bolsn is an artisan outpost at the end of the Earth, where flower-power porteos went to find free love in the early 1970s. Its hippie roots are still evident at the weekly crafts markets, where longhaired townies hawk jams, produce, chocolates, fruits, trinkets and beer. Copious amounts of beer. Lagers. Ales. Raspberry-flavored brews. Chili-pepper pints. El Bolsn is where Argentinas beer story begins, like Mendozaits grape-shrouded counterpart to the northis for wine. Argentina is a vino country. Theres no disputing that. Flagons of Malbec grace every dinner table and accompany any asado. But Patagonia has a rich beer tradition as well. Its roots trace back to the late 19th century, when a German named Otto Tipp popped over the border from Chile and taught locals how to cultivate hops. But it wasnt until the early 1970s that anyone with a garage began churning out liters of beer by the caskload. The El Bolsn Regional Fair was conceived and quickly became a platform for neophyte beer makers to showcase their freshly brewed batches. Over the ensuing years, a few emerged as town staples, and to this day pour frothy mugs for natives and adventurists passing through this small town on the Pampas. The annual hops festival in February is a celebration of this legacy, drawing peripatetic beer mavens from across the globe. As beer goes, industry giants like Quilmes dominate the marketplace. Over the last decade, however, the winds of change have begun wafting microbrew into the countrys taps. Cervezas artesanales from diminutive breweries now stake shelf space at gastropubs in the Capital Federal. The conversation is changing. Quilmes rollout of new varieties like a stout, bock and red lager over the past few years is evidence enough that the brew behemoth doesnt view the craft revolution as a fleeting trend. Argentines are displaying a more persnickety palate with their brewskis, and why not? A deluge of options is pouring onto the scene. Whats happening in the valleys of El Bolsn has been decades in the making, and its namesake brewery is leading the charge. The eponymous El Bolsn brewery is the largest purveyor of these craft suds, a hop shop that has emerged as the regions most ubiquitous, reaching taps from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires to Tucumn. But while Cerveza El Bolsn may have the vastest reach, each and every one of the towns 30plus breweries has a compelling story to tell. Its difficult to walk two blocks in El Bolsn without stumbling across a brewing operation, makeshift or otherwise. There are a few bulwarks, though, that solidify the towns bona fides. Its only appropriate that the pioneer responsible for endowing Argentina with an alternative to the grape be honored with his own beverage. The mom-and-pop brewpub Otto Tipp does precisely that, paying homage to Mr. Tipp with six beers at its black-and-red chalet and pairing the draughts with fresh river trout dished out at the adjacent restaurant. Two blocks from the town center, passionate and humble Adolfo Acosta produces Araucanas collection, like the revered cloudy blond ale, in a remodeled auto repair shop. Acosta has the ath63

Argentinas hop-growing capital celebrates its bitter bounty with the El Bolsn Fiesta Nacional del Lpulo, held every February in conjunction with the hop harvest.
letic build of a hiker, short hair and a neatly kept graying beard. His brewery nonchalantly positioned off the shoulder of a dusty gravel road, Acostas ascendance from homebrewer to regional supplier has been nine years in the making; a testament to the creative spirit that channels through El Bolsns veins. On the towns southern outskirts, an amber wooden sign wedged between two narrow tree trunks points thirsty visitors in seek of a tipple down a road to nowhere. Cerveza Vikinga is run out of a tiny garage amid a cluster of pines. The husband-and-wife team behind the effort has been peddling their pale ale and stout at farmers markets since 2005. The ponytailed Gerardo has been honing his skills for 10 years out in the woods with his bohemian wife and their dog. They can be found doling out cold ones to hikers traversing the surrounding mountain trails or sightseers making a pitstop on their way to Parque Nacional Lago Puelo. The region is a cradle for these charming, hodgepodge breweries. But only Cerveza El Bolsn can claim to have made the leap from smalltown markets to big-city bars. The brand is the product of one mans hobby, started for friends and fun in the early 80s. Juan Carlos Bahlaj is a Ukrainian-born nomad whose campervan tour took him all over Europe and the Americas. A pudgy man with a scruffy Che Guevara beard, his globetrotting eventually landed him in El Bolsn after a stint in Buenos Aires as a window-and-door salesman. His salt-of-the-earth persona effortlessly meshed with his new surroundings and he soon took up the town trade. He didnt know at the time that his affinity for beer-making would later birth Argentinas first craft brewery in 1986. His family-owned operation grew into a national brewery by 1992 and, with his son Guillermo Bahlaj, a chemical engineer, running management, is thriving more than ever today. From his command post in the thin-aired Andes, Bahlaj creates 18 flavors sourced from local fruits (raspberries, cherries), vegetables (chili peppers), and even chocolateall brewed with the immaculate water from surrounding rivers and lakes. He also dabbles in saving the world as he sees itby producing three gluten-free beers for people with Celiac disease. His cases and kegs ship to every corner of the country. Businessmen sip them after work at beer halls in the capital. Farmers tip them back on their stoops in the northern jungles. Even Mendozas vintners pivot from their sumptuous reds when they need relief in the thick of the South American summer. Cerveza El Bolsn might not be a Quilmeskiller per se, but in concert with other budding microbreweries across the country, its giving Argentines a precious gift: options. On the northern edge of his hometown next to a rustic campsite, Bahlaj leads daily tours into his malting station, where guests can taste his collection directly from the maturation tanks. Revelers fill the indoor beer garden in the evenings as the sun creeps up the jagged

mountains outside the large windows, chomping on picadas and sausages bathed with housemade beer mustard. Times are good. Bahlaj claims he cant make enough beer to keep up with demand. Cerveza El Bolsns story mirrors Argentinas continuing beer evolution. Thanks to a bundle of ragtag brewers, an artsy mountain town abundant with hops meadows, and pioneers like Bahlaj, the progressive march forward seems keen to continue.


Jerome Cerveza Negra The only brewery in the Andes, Jerome exports crafts like this smooth stout. Quilmes This lagers ubiquitous in Argentina, and readily available across America. Barba Roja Barrel Aged Red Ale This fruity, high-ABV ale hails from Buenos Aires.




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Beer Revolution Oakland, Calif.

Apex Portland, Ore.



400+ BEERS



APEX Portland, Ore. Cruise down to bike-friendly Apex on your fixie and grab a seat at one of the many outdoor picnic tables: This is the perfect spot to people-watch Portlands hipster class while sipping on something hoppy from the rightfully named Hopworks Urban Brewery. Plot your next pours with Apexs sleek, real-time digital tap listing display, which showcases the bars thoughtfully compiled selection of 50 regional hop bombs and coveted brews from abroad. 1216 S.E. Division St.,

Dog bottles. 213 S.W. Broadway, .................................................................. BEER REVOLUTION Oakland, Calif. This low-key hole-in-the-wall is reshaping Oakland with more than 40 incredible taps and a wall of beer fridges housing one of the best beer selections in the city. Grab a spot at a barrel table and strike up a conversation with fellow revolutionaries, or stop by on one of the many brewer nights for special tastings with craft beer luminaries. 464 Third St.,

Then, roll yourself over to the bottle shop for a bomber to go. 4500 S.E. Stark St.,


P ..................................................................

BAILEYS TAPROOM Portland, Ore. Baileys exposed brick, timber pillars and windowed exterior give this downtown corner bar a lived-in coziness beyond its four years. Its not only the perfect location to unwind with Portlands working stiffs (it opens at 4 p.m.), but also a one-stop pub for sampling the best of Oregon, from Oakshires single-batch brews on tap to a healthy collection of Hair of the

P ..................................................................

.................................................................. BEVERIDGE PLACE PUB Seattle Comfy couches, borrowable books and chatty regulars make this sleepy West Seattle tavern more like a living room than a beer barbut a phenomenal spread of Northwestern beers and bartenders who are generous with samples and hell-bent on finding something you like put Beveridge Place among the beer bar elite. 6413 California Ave. S.W.,

lauded pizzas topped with organic ingredients from a local farm. Bonus: BLAHs owners opened sister bar Tiger! Tiger! just across the freeway in the fall. 3416 Adams Ave., blindlady

BELMONT STATION Portland, Ore. Bottle shop, biercaf and locally sourced cuisine: Belmont Station nails the beer geek/foodie trifecta. Nosh on corned beef with organic veggies and a helping of Oakshires Overcast Espresso Stout Ice Cream between sips of the neighborhood cafs cask-conditioned offering.

.................................................................. BLIND LADY ALE HOUSE San Diego BLAH is one of those big, cheery places that takes its beer pretty darn seriously. Its state-of-the-art draft system guarantees only the freshest pours from each of the 26 thoughtfully selected taps, and all of the liquid is served up in the right glass. Go for a pint, but stay for a slice; the highly


.................................................................. BLUE PALMS BREWHOUSE Hollywood, Calif. This unlikely little spot next to the Henry Fonda Theater has inspired sausage (alligator and pork andouille, anyone?), but its really all about doing beer right: The bartenders are all super-knowledgeable, and the brews are served in correct glassware at proper temperatures. Youll rarely find the same draft selection twice, and with consistent tap takeovers and a legion of beer fans parked on the barstools, theres always a reason to come back. 6124 Hollywood Blvd.,

.................................................................. THE DAILY PINT Santa Monica, Calif. If youre a jeans-and-T-shirt guy, pool shark, shuffleboard champ and foos67


Saraveza Portland, Ore. ball fanatic, then youre in the right place. But if you also happen to like beer, youve hit the jackpot. Daily Pints huge selection is ever-rotating: Just check out its Twitter account to see the latest local gems on the faucets, which include four cask engines. 2310 Pico Blvd., .................................................................. DRAUGHT HOUSE PUB & BREWERY Austin, Texas Forty-three years in, and this Texasbar-meets-Bavarian-looking-chalet is still pouring strong. With 70 taps, including a smattering of pretty darn good housemade beers, its got just about something for everyone. While the beers flowing over, so is the crowd, but thats OK: You can grab a stool at the bar or at an outdoor picnic bench; for a sure seat, bring your lawn chair and kick back in the parking lot. 4112 Medical Pkwy., draught FATHERS OFFICE Santa Monica, Calif. Open since 2000, Fathers Office is, for this city, an aging starlet, but in a Betty White sort of way. Yes, youll still wait shoulder-to-shoulder at the bustling long bar for your pint (36 taps and a super-knowledgeable staff make it worth your while); and yes, though the competitions fierce, the Office Burger is still one of the best uses of beef in town. 1018 Montana Ave., annual Great American Nano Fest, this bar is one of the most craftbeer-centric venues youll ever find. 928 S.E. Ninth St.,

.................................................................. FALLING ROCK TAP HOUSE Denver The unofficial outpost for Great American Beer Fest goers, the dimly lit, wood-dressed Falling Rock is one of those places that everyone who knows about beer knows about. Seventy-five taps draw a serious selection of the best in the West and beyond; stop in for regular visits by brewers, who know that this is the place to celebrate their beer in Denver. 1919 Blake St.,

.................................................................. FREAKIN FROG Las Vegas No sequins or Bengal tigers in sight, but this off-off-the-strip bars 1,000 glorious bottles make it one of the best beer shows in the West. Owned by UNLV beer and wine lecturer Adam Carmer, this bars the perfect spot to study up on beer and whiskey, with the latter topping off at 800 selections. 4700 S. Maryland Pkwy.,

.................................................................. HAMILTONS TAVERN San Diego The oldest beer and wine bar in San Diego is one of the best: This classic alehouse is barn-big and doesnt take itself too seriously, just lying low as a beloved neighborhood joint that honors its hometown with several of the 27 taps dedicated to SoCal favorites while the more than 200 bottles lean Belgian. The adjacent caf serves tasty eats (dont miss the grilled cheese), and two sister bars (Monkey Paw and Small Bar) let you keep your drinking in the family. 1521 30th St.,

Tonys Darts Away Burbank, Calif.

.................................................................. GREEN DRAGON Portland, Ore. Located on the fringe of Portlands warehouse district, the urbanesque Green Dragon tempts patrons through its garage door entrance, and keeps them hanging around with more than 50 ever-rotating tapsprobably none fresher than offerings from Buckman Botanical Brewery, a small-batch brewery set up inside the Dragon. From regular meet-the-brewer nights to the

.................................................................. HOPVINE PUB Seattle This quiet Capitol Hill bar is one of those spots thats ideal to visit alone; you can talk shop with even-keeled staffers over a small-batch Hilliards saison from across town, or read a book at the counter with a schooner of Hales Supergoose. The small but wellcurated beer selection leans local and changes daily, but somehow, every pint goes with the superb seasonal meatloaf sandwich-and-soup combo. Watch for a cask on most Mondays. 507 15th Ave. E,



HORSE BRASS PUB Portland, Ore. When founder Don Younger, who passed away last year, claimed, If it were any more authentic, youd need a passport, he wasnt kidding: Bric-abrac adorns the nicotine-stained walls (from the old smoking days) of this dimly lit, wood-paneled pub, perfectly re-creating the neighborhood haunts of England. Horse Brass has championed the craft beer movement since 1976, and with its legacy still intact as perhaps the best bar in the nation, it isnt just a destination in Portland, but a bucket-list item for any beer lover. 4534 S.E. Belmont St.,

.................................................................. HUMPYS GREAT ALASKAN ALEHOUSE Anchorage, Alaska This iconic bar boasts a patio that breathes in gorgeous Alaska scenery and the largest selection of draft beer in the snowy state. Here, you can nosh on fresh-from-the-sea eats while lingering over a slew of local brews. If youre less tundra and more tropical, theres a sister spot a few thousand miles away, in Kona, Hawaii. 610 W. Sixth Ave., .................................................................. LA TRAPPE CAF San Francisco While theres an upstairs bar, the dimly lit, intimate basement of this San Fran haunt is the best place to experience a taste of Belgium: 19 taps lean toward the motherland, with lovely choices from Cantillon and Affligem making frequent visits, while the twice-cooked frites are accompanied by your choice of 10 inspired dipping sauces. 800 Greenwich St., .................................................................. THE MAYOR OF OLD TOWN Fort Collins, Colo. Fort Collins is famous for its homegrown crafts; now, The Mayor of Old Town ups the beercentricity with 100 globe-spanning taps, about 30 of which favor northern Colorados best. The selection rotates pretty rapidly, but fear not: Every time a new brews put on tap, the list automatically updates (presto!) on three enormous HD projection screens above the bar, and on the bars Twitter feed and Facebook page. 632 S. Mason St., .................................................................. NAKED CITY BREWERY & TAPHOUSE Seattle Naked City unselfishly turns the spotlight away from its own worthy beers and dedicates most of the nearly 30 taps to brews that give a lesson in current Northwestern beerthink brandnew Sound Monks Indiscretion and Seattle stalwart Big Al IPA. The kitchen

The Surly Goat Hollywood, Calif. expanded in the fall, making more room on the soup/salad/sandwich menuthough you should still head straight for the crunchy-sour pickled hop shoots. 8564 Greenwood Ave. N., for Free Bacon Night, when your beers paired alongside house-smoked pork. 1004 N. Killingsworth St., THE TRAPPIST Oakland, Calif. A slice of Belgium is tucked away in Oakland; this quaint hallway-esque bar has all the charm of an Old World caf, with all the beer that makes its homeland the toast of connoisseurs. Find Belgian rarities on more than two dozen taps, served exactly as they are supposed to be (right down to the brewerys own glassware), or linger over the impressive beer list that boasts more than 100 bottles. 460 Eighth St.,

.................................................................. OBRIENS AMERICAN PUB San Diego The unadorned, regular Joe vibe is part of OBriens charm, but you have only to look at the tap and bottle lists to know that this is no ordinary strip-mall dive. Owner Tom Nickel is a San Diego beer legend who draws local breweries to regularly unleash their latest smallbatch wonders on his taps and favorite patrons to hop off the barstools and follow him on his Belgian beer adventures. 4646 Convoy St.,

.................................................................. PAPAGO BREWING CO. Scottsdale, Ariz. Newly expanded Papago celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year by hosting Hoppegeddon, dedicating all 30 taps to stellar IPAs. One of the first bars in the Valley to embrace craft, its the place where die-hard locals, brewers passing through and a young crowd converge to share a pint. The tap selection is always tempting, but drink local and dip into the house brews. 7107 E. McDowell Rd., .................................................................. SARAVEZA Portland, Ore. Fresh-baked beef pasties, kitschy vintage beer decorations, the Packers on TV: Saraveza is a Midwesterners bar away from home. This quaint northwest Portland pub may seem homely, but its nine taps and more than 200 bottles pack a big beer punch. Come on the second Monday of each month

.................................................................. STUMBLING MONK Seattle Cavernous lighting and utterly bare dcor dont do this place justice; then again, the hipsters and beer geeks who fill the stools are too absorbed in their Duchesse de Bourgogne to care. A whiteboard seduces with a treasure trove of straight-from-Belgium saisons, lambics, dubbels and tripels, plus American-made homages to the Belgian greatsall priced to sell and served in proper glassware. Its a raw, rare place for passionate drinkers. 1635 E. Olive Way, 206.860.0916 .................................................................. THE SURLY GOAT Hollywood, Calif. Sprung from the great minds behind legendary Verdugo, Surly Goat is a cool, dimly lit West Hollywood haunt where sometimes the music can get loud and sometimes the crowd can get thick. The 27 well-chosen taps give this place staying power, even if the beers themselves delightfully come and go as quickly as reality stardom. 7929 Santa Monica Blvd.,

.................................................................. TASTE OF TOPS Tempe, Ariz. Phoenixs swiftly escalating enthusiasm for craft beer is best observed at Taste of Tops, where 24 taps pour from around the worldif beers like Odell Hiveranno dont do the trick, mosey over to the adjacent shop and choose from more than 1,000 bottles to pop open in the bar. Legendary beer characters like Fritz Maytag, Ken Grossman and Jake Leinenkugel have all tipped back beers here, proof that you should, too. 403 W. University Dr.,

+P ..................................................................


.................................................................. TONYS DARTS AWAY Burbank, Calif. Tonys Darts Away is just so California, and were not even talking about the 38 taps wholly dedicated to the best of Cali brew (though that certainly helps). Its environmentally friendly ethos hugs every part of the place, from tap-only beer, soda and wine (not a bottle or can in sight), recycled napkins and hyperlocal, Cali-sourced fare. 1710 W. Magnolia Blvd.,

TORONADO San Francisco This crown jewel of American beer has been visited by every brewer youve heard of, and most of the guys seated at the bar, ogling the inimitable tap selection, are proudly wearing beer shirts. There are countless examples of what makes Toronado a pioneer, but we especially love that its hosted a Barleywine Festival for 18 years and been unwaveringly dedicated to quality craft before it was cool or profitable to do so. 547 Haight St.,


The beloved Flying Saucer Draught Emporiums ( empire stretches from Raleigh to San Antonio, with 15 locations and more than 240 beers at every one of them; the original still presides over Ft. Worth, Texas. Meanwhile, the original Ginger Man ( outpost in Houston just celebrated its 25th anniversary; there are five more in the Texas family, while a cousin location ( whets palates in NYC. Another Lone Star State favorite is Little Woodrows (, which boasts eight locations in Houston and Austin and more than 100 beersor, as Woodrows puts it, Mucho Cerveza, baby. In the beery Northwest, the all-encompassing McMenamins has more than 50 incredible beer bars, plus its own breweries, winery, distillery and hotels. Cathedral-themed newbie chain Congregation Ale House ( has three SoCal locations and a veritable Bible of beer for each; go during mass for happy hour specials.



The Muddy Pig St. Paul, Minn.



400+ BEERS



ASHLEYS Ann Arbor, Mich. Since 1983, this classic U of M hangout has been as smart as the grad students who frequent it. The 70-plus taps reflect a vast beer landscape, pouring local favorites like Bells Breakfast Stout, new releases like Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout and Belgian beauties like Tripel Karmeliet. 338 State St., .................................................................. BANGERS & LACE Chicago Barely a year old, this Wicker Park lounge teeming with young, sudssavvy patrons jettisoned to the top of the Windy City beer scene with a 32beer tap list that not only hits trends (de la Senne Equinox, BrewDog/ Mikkeller collaborations), but starts them (Frances Pietra Colomba Chestnut). A sausage-laden menu think rabbit links, veal brats and foie gras corn dogscomplements the beer beautifully. 1670 W. Division St., .................................................................. BOMB SHELTER Milwaukee Only in Beer City does a bar proudly stick a Schlitz Gusto spout next to an Oso Dominator Doppelbock handle. This dive pays homage to Milwaukees storied brewing history with a solid collection of local breweriana, and 70

carries the citys tastes forward with more than 360 brews and a weekly beer-tasting club. 1517 S. Second St.,

.................................................................. BRIDGE St. Louis A minimalist design concept starring warm wood and an eclectic collection of chandeliers and lamps sets an upscale tone and seals Bridge as one of the worlds prettiest places to drink. Two hundred worldly bottles and 55 Midwest-heavy taps give the place serious beer cred, and the elevated menu of cheese, charcuterie and creative snacks lets foodies play with pairings. 1004 Locust St., .................................................................. BUCKEYE BEER ENGINE Lakewood, Ohio This tried-and-true tavern gets better with age: The 200-plus beer list has grown in diversity (a zwickelbier on cask!), a sign this old haunt isnt past its prime. A topnotch burger menu keeps things interesting with wacky specials like the Xmas Dinner: a patty piled high with ham and sweet potatoes. 15315 Madison Ave.,

boasts a German beer hall, a Belgian tavern and a 600-bottle beer shop, but the crown jewel is the 50-tap Crescent Moon. The handles pour a little bit of everything: cask ales and nitro pulls, seasonals and regulars and best of all, an excellent sampling of Nebraskas notoriously limitedreach brews. 3578 Farnam St.,


.................................................................. EL BAIT SHOP Des Moines, Iowa Totally hodgepodge yet utterly homey, this mural-and-taxidermy-clad pubs a place you can (and should) spend entire days in. More than 100 taps and just as many bottles make the place a beer oasis, but 26 bike racks and a working shower draw in a chill crowd of cyclists who dont mind if you cant tell a stout from a wit. 200 S.W. Second St.,

THE HAPPY GNOME St. Paul, Minn. Regardless of your stature, you will indeed be happy at this former firehouse that now herds about 475 American craft beers and global delicacies. Exclusive pours, beer dinners and regular drop-ins by big-name brewers put the Gnome in the upper echelon of beer bars, but an energetic patio and chatty Midwesterners make the place feel like home. 498 Selby Ave.,


.................................................................. CRESCENT MOON ALE HOUSE Omaha, Neb. The corner of 36th and Farnam streets (aka Beer Corner, U.S.A.)

.................................................................. THE FOUNDRY AT MCCOYS Kansas City, Mo. A handful of house-made session brews joins a whos-who list of global artisan beers; they show up in pints as well as flights and quirky beer cocktails. The clean, retro-modernstyled setting makes a nice departure from the beer-signed and Belgianinspired haunts youre used to. 424 Westport Rd.,

.................................................................. HEOROT Muncie, Ind. Valhalla exists in the middle of Muncie, where this low-lit, Viking-inspired pub boasts one of the worlds greatest collections of beer, period. Scaldis Prestige, Viking Blod mead, multiple batches of BrewDogs Paradox beers theyre all there with a few hundred top-shelf friends that together make the middle of Indiana a serious beer destination. 219 S. Walnut, 765.287.0173



.................................................................. HOPCAT Grand Rapids, Mich. Never has a beer bar with so many offerings (about 200 here) been so unpretentious. Sure, the lineups stellarthink brand-new Greenbush brews on tap and bottles the likes of Norways HaandBryggeriet Dark


Forcebut beer dinners, group trips to area beerfests, Sunday jazz jams and a dog-friendly patio make it clear the place puts community before snobbery. 25 Ionia Ave. S.W., .................................................................. INTERNATIONAL TAP HOUSE St. Louis I-Taps Soulard locations an ideal library for beer tickers: 40-plus taps and more than 500 bottles collect of-theminute releases (Boulevard Tank 7 Saison) and the so-new-youve-neverheard-of-it stuff (Charleville Hoptimistic), plus all the classics you can think of. The bars Passport Program helps drinkers keep track of what theyve sipped, and throws a party when they hit the 500-beer mark. 1711 S. 9th St.,


blowing selection (De Struise Pannepeut on tap, Three Floyds Zombie Dust on cask) keeps it worldclass. 1949 N. Hoyne Ave., .................................................................. MCNULTYS BIER MARKT Cleveland, Ohio Belgian and Belgian-inspired brews remain the focus of this sleek, barebulbed bar, but the 20 taps also serve to test-drive beers from owner Sam McNultys Market Garden Brewery across the street. The crowds young and cool, the bottle list is long, and the prices are on point: $24 for a 10-beer sampler? Yes, please. 1948 W. 25th St.,

+P ..................................................................

LA CAVE DU VIN Cleveland Heights, Ohio This dark basement beer bars a stop on every brewers itinerary, so the taps are always spilling limited editions and rarities. Cellarmasters, take note: La Caves got an impressive vintage list that runs deep; visit often to make sure youre there when the management decides to dip into the archives. 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd.,

.................................................................. MICHAEL & LOUISES HOPLEAF BAR Chicago A $1.4 million expansion (the paints still wet) doubled the space and added 20 taps to this Chicago iconalthough how a tap list that already includes Goose Island Green Line and Dilewyns Vicardin Tripel Gueuze can be improved is beyond us. The kitchens bigger, too, which means more elbow room for chef Ben Sheagren and his outstanding Belgian cuisine. 5148 N. Clark St.,

Bangers & Lace Chicago THE MUDDY PIG St. Paul, Minn. A stop on every brewers trip to the Twin Citiesnot just for the expertly pared-down selection of about 100 Belgian-leaning brews priced to sell, but for the easygoing, board-gameplaying crowd of beer hobbyists that fill the friendly little dive. 162 Dale St., ting image of a British-born pub, with firkins full of Scotch ale and English pork pie; upstairs, the bar goes Belgian with 90 Belgo brews and abbey-style stained glass windows to match. Geeks and novices alike will appreciate the bars thorough digital beer library photos, stats and descriptions for every beer servedvisible on Royal Miles website and touchscreen ordering system. 210 Fourth St.,

.................................................................. LOCAL OPTION Chicago Each year, this hard-edged bar gets geekier, and proudly so. Thirty taps round up some of the worlds strongest, from a 10.5%-ABV Struise St. Amatus 12 to a nearly 12% De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis. (The selections balanced by a wide-reaching bottle list and DAB tallboys.) Po boys and tacos give the hard crowd a base for all that booze. 1102 W. Webster Ave., local .................................................................. MAP ROOM Chicago Billed as a travelers tavern, the Magellan of beer bars warns patrons dont be lostbut you never will be, even among more than 200 global brews; bar manager Jay Jankowski (a certified Cicerone) makes sure of that. An exploration theme keeps the small bar worldly, and the mind-

.................................................................. THE MITTEN BAR Ludington, Mich. By dedicating its beer list solely to Michigan-made brew, The Mitten Bar (named for the shape of its home state) has single-handedly developed an area culture centered on drinking local, all before its first birthday. And with New Holland firkins, Shorts special releases and mug-club-membersonly locavore dinners, its an easy movement to get behind. 109 W. Ludington Ave.,

.................................................................. MONKS HOUSE OF ALE REPUTE Sioux Falls, S.D. More than 200 bottles and 40-plus taps ranging from South Dakotas Crow Peak to Norways HaandBryggeriet is a windfall anywhere, but in the middle of the Great Plains, its a godsend. A cozy fireplace and comfy couches make it the ultimate spot to wile away the winter. 420 E. Eighth St.,

.................................................................. PALM TAVERN Milwaukee More than 250 of the worlds best artisan beers and an intimate setting that lets you discuss them in-depth are draws enough for beer loversbut all a true geek needs to know is that Palm Tavern was the only Wisconsin bar to score a keg of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. 2989 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 414.744.0393 .................................................................. ROMANS PUB Milwaukee Surly beer geeks will find a friend in owner Mike Romans, who skips the frills and funny business and focuses squarely on tapping good beer (and cellaring some, too). The bars lined with working-men regulars whose after-5 beer just happens to be a local gem like New Glarus Chocolate Abbey Ale. 3475 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., .................................................................. ROYAL MILE Des Moines, Iowa At street level, the Royal Miles the spit-

.................................................................. SHEFFIELDS BEER & WINE GARDEN Chicago At this Chicago institution, young Lakeview patrons tailor their drinking seasonally: On a humid summer day, its pitchers of Half Acre Daisy Cutter in the beer garden; come winter, its a bomber in the cozy front bar. The rest of the year, finger-licking barbecue and brewery nights (North Coast beer and slider pairing, anyone?) keep the crowd coming back. 3258 N. Sheffield Ave.,

.................................................................. SUGAR MAPLE Milwaukee Rebelling against its worldly sister bar, Palm Tavern, Sugar Maple pours strictly American-brewed craft: 60 on tap, and heavy on Wisconsin brews. The clean, modern environs host weekly local music acts, and a cool crowd of beer-smart Bayview regulars each night. 441 E. Lincoln Ave.,

International Tap House St. Louis

Aside from huge beer lists at 14 locations throughout Ohio, Winking Lizard Taverns ( claim to fame is its World Tour of Beers; drink 100 brews from the chosen 250 and earn the coveted World Tour jacket. Beer Sellars ( Indianapolis and Cincinnati locations (plus a Nashville outpost) each boast more than 100 bottles and 50 taps and pour the best of the Midwest, including top-shelf pours like Boulevard No. 2 White IPA. 71




400+ BEERS



THE ARMSBY ABBEY Worcester, Mass. A lengthy beer list is always impressive, but Armsby Abbeys collection of bottles is a beer nerds wet dream. BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Girardin Gueuze 1882 Black Label, Avery Dpuceleuse, Dogfish Head World Wide Stout 2008the selection rivals even the rarest of rare beer festivals. 144 Main St., .................................................................. BEER TABLE Brooklyn, N.Y. Proprietors Justin and Tricia Philips operate this tiny establishment with the care a couple gives their newborn. The rare beers such as BFM Abbaye de St. Bon Chien and Hitachino Commemorative Ale Zymatore, along with a selection of cellared brews, change daily; theres always pairing fodder for impeccable fare like butterbean stew with bacon, scallions and mayonnaise, or pickled peanuts with red chilies and chives. 427B Seventh Ave.,

the heart of Dupont Circle, this bilevel bar offers a world tour of beer, but youll always find a healthy selection of seasonal and local pours. Hint: Book a room in the Bier Baron lodge upstairs, and last call is just a few steps away from your bed. 1523 22nd St. N.W.,

ingly delicious. 1106 N. Charles St.,

.................................................................. BLIND TIGER New York One of New Yorks first beer bars (named after a synonym for speakeasy) remains one of its best. The West Village spot is packed with everyone from NYU students and businessmen to tourists and beer geeks, but its worth the fight to get at one of the best-curated lists in the city. 281 Bleecker St.,

.................................................................. BUKOWSKI TAVERN Boston Dont expect to be coddled at this cash-only, hard-nosed watering hole. Like its namesake, this tavern is rough around the edges (the food menu reads Todays fucking specials), but thats part of its charm. Tip back The Buk, the house pale ale, then work your way through the locally minded 20 taps and cask. If you drink 120 different beers in six months, you win a spot in the Mug Clubbut chances are, no ones going to be impressed. 50 Dalton St.,

DEEP ELLUM Allston, Mass. Across from Allstons Union Square Plaza sits Deep Ellum, a quaint watering hole that washes down its throwbackmeets-steampunk dcor with 28 wellcurated taps and one cask spotlighting the best local brews. From proper glassware and a knowledgeable staff down to the housemade sausages, this quiet pub pays close attention to detail. 477 Cambridge St.,

.................................................................. BIER BARON Washington, D.C. Formerly the famous Brickskeller, this bars ownership may have changed hands last year, but the vast beer selection (50 taps and roughly 500 bottles) remains the same. Located in

.................................................................. THE BREWERS ART Baltimore From the award-winning house beers brewed on-premises to the phenomenal guest beer list, everything youve heard about The Brewers Art is truebut you have to go there to really fall in love with it. Located inside a Baltimore townhouse, drinking here is like imbibing inside an eccentric millionaires front room: The bars situated in front of a fireplace, and home-cooked fare like Chipotle Mac-n-Cheese is rib-stick-


.................................................................. CHURCHKEY Washington, D.C. Without a doubt, the chic Churchkey is the capitals premier location for beer. About 50 taps pour local and nationwide favorites, and 500 worldwide bottles are divided by style into three coolers, each set at different temperatures. Come with an appetite: Churchkey sits above the renown Birch & Barley gastropub, so upscalecasual fare like fig-prosciutto flatbreads is just an order away. 1337 14th St. NW,

.................................................................. EARLS BEER AND CHEESE New York A simple premise: four carefully selected new drafts a night paired with less than 10 cheese-based entrees. The execution: the type of perfection youd expect from a chef who previously served on the USS George H.W. Bush. 1259 Park Ave.,


.................................................................. EBENEZERS PUB Lovell, Maine Ebenezers stocks a gigantic number of beerswere talking more than 700 bottles. Yet the number isnt as staggering as the selection: A comprehensive list of abbey ales shares space with more than 20 gueuzes and lambics, while vintages like 2006 Gouden Carolus Cuvee de Keizer add extra cause for excitement. 44 Allen Rd.,

Maxs Taphouse Baltimore, Md.



EULOGY BELGIAN TAVERN Philadelphia A stones throw from Independence Hall, Eulogy is an undisputed hub for Belgian beer in Phillys Old City. Navigate 21 taps and more than 300 bottles, or let the friendly staff and regulars guide you in the right direction order a Dock Street Belgian Cowboy Saison and a steaming pot of mussels, and youll fit right in. 136 Chestnut St.,

.................................................................. THE FARMHOUSE Emmaus, Pa. The Farmhouses 19th-century farmhouse setting is utterly vintage, and so is the beer: Inside this English-style pub youll find Anchor Our Special Ale dating back to 1992, a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot vertical starting in 1988 and J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ales dating back even further. 1449 Chestnut St., .................................................................. THE GREAT LOST BEAR Portland, Maine Not many bars can claim a more thoughtfully designed tap list than this 30-plus-year-old institution with four cask-conditioned pours, a revolving list of Belgian and extreme beers, old favorites like Shipyard Export Ale, and a slew of taps in Allagash Alley, a set of faucets dedicated to the brewerys rarer offerings. From day one, this bar promoted locally crafted beer, and with roughly 75 percent of its 60-plus taps dedicated to regional breweries, it remains the most loyal pub around. 540 Forest Ave., .................................................................. THE GREY LODGE PUBLIC HOUSE Philadelphia Far from the downtown bustle, this northeast Philly bars 50s Elks Lodge vibe feels like your grandfathers dive, but its beer selection is of the moment. If youre an out-of-towner, stick with local taps like Victory Villagethat, plus the inevitable conversation youre bound to fall into with the regulars gives the out-of-the-way Lodge its charm, whether youre imbibing in its first- or second-floor bar. 6235 Frankford Ave., .................................................................. LYON HALL Arlington, Va. This swanky bar serves serious French cuisine, but its still the epitome of cool: Its intimate atmospheres scored with a hipster soundtrack, its bartenders have a passion for of-the-moment beer, and no one will care if you drink your 21st Amendment Back in Black straight from the can. 3100 N. Washington Blvd.,

From day one, The Great Lost Bear promoted locally crafted beer; with most of its 60 taps dedicated to regional breweries, the 30-plus-yearold bar remains the most loyal pub around.
The Great Lost Bear Portland, Maine 73

MAXS TAPHOUSE Baltimore At first glance, this Inner Harbor bar may seem like a place to toss back shots, but beer nerds take note: Roughly 150 taps (including 5 casks) and more than 1,000 bottles give this spot serious beer cred. Maxs sits on the convergence of all bar cultures: good beer, sports, games, music and, yes, shots, making it the perfect place for craft-minded people to let loose without sacrificing selection. 737 S. Broadway St., .................................................................. MEMPHIS TAPROOM Philadelphia Hidden deep within a classic Philly working-class neighborhood, Memphis Taprooms an oasis from the light lagers at nearby dives. The tap list is short, but the choices are phenomenal (Pliny the Elders been spotted next to Port Old Viscosity on cask); an equally thoughtful selection of nearly 100 bottles rounds out the list. 2331 E. Cumberland St., .................................................................. THE MOAN AND DOVE Amherst, Mass. Every college town has one great bar, and in Amherst, its the Moan and Dove. From tap to bottle, this college hangout takes an even-keeled approach to curating its comprehensive list: On tap, local session beers are as prevalent as West Coast hop bombs, while its Belgian-style quad list is as long as its roster of IPAs. 460 West St., .................................................................. MONKS CAF Philadelphia Monks Cafs place in the upper echelon of watering holes is well-deserved. Its Beer Bible, which covers style

guidelines, brewing 101 and an intoxicating list of more than 300 beers, acts as a visitors guide for patrons packed into the venues two intimate bars. The selection makes ordering tough; have a pint of the house brew Monks Caf Flemish Sour Red and a pot of awardwinning mussels while you sift through the list. 264 S. 16th St.,

with RnH suggestions, a list of alternatives to the big brands. Theres also the Brewers Wall of Fame, where visiting craft brewers sign their names, and maps on the wall with flags marking brewery locations. If you can, go before the end of the workday and snag a corner of the communal tables. 14 E. 33rd St.,

1950s-style kegerator behind the bar. 901 N. Second St.,


.................................................................. NOVARE RES BIER CAF Portland, Maine Ever find yourself choosing between a night at an English-style pub, German beer hall or Belgian caf? At Novare Res, you get three in one trip. Here, youll find no fewer than 13 Cantillon labels, rauch and altbiers, and a lengthy list of English-style barleywinesplus delicious culture clashes like the Novare Belgian Waffles with Youngs Chocolate Stout ice cream. 4 Canal Plaza,


.................................................................. SPUYTEN DUYVIL Brooklyn, N.Y. What this narrow, tin-ceilinged Williamsburg staple lacks in number of draft lines, it makes up for in the rapid rotation of taps. (A bottle list numbering around 150 doesnt hurt, either.) The narrow main room gets packed with crafties seeking a new beer, but come summer, the large, Christmas-light-strewn backyard might be the happiest place on Earth. 359 Metropolitan Ave.,

.................................................................. SUNSET GRILL & TAP Allston, Mass. Nowhere else can a drinker find a selection so rife with rauchbiers, eisbocks, gluten-frees, steam beers and 30 meads alongside en vogue styles and seasonals. This laid-back college hangout may have a casual sports bar atmosphere, but the beer is serious business: A strict 13-day keg rotation policy guarantees your draft beers always freshall 112 of them. 130 Brighton Ave.,

.................................................................. THE PUBLICK HOUSE Brookline, Mass. With a highbrow lineup and casual dcor (think abbey furnishings and gnome figurines), here, youre just as likely to sit next to a doctor as you are a college student. Thirty-four taps pouring the best Belgian selection in town are split between Here (Belgianstyle) and There (actually Belgian), while a stunning bottle list with no fewer than six Flanders reds is droolinducing. 1648 Beacon St., eatgood

.................................................................. STANDARD TAP Philadelphia If youre looking to confirm the hype over Philly beer, head to Standard Tap, where 20 spigots (including two casks) pour only local beer. Study the chalkboard for whats pouring, but dont overlook the bars endearing dcor, from its old-timey tin ceiling to its

.................................................................. THREE PENNY TAPROOM Montpelier, Vt. Vermonts premier beer bar may reside in the U.S.s smallest capital city, but its passion for craft is colossal. Sip on a Farnum Hill cider or take a draw from The Alchemist Heady Topper tap, delivered fresh every week, while nibbling on rustic small plate items like horseradish pickled beets. While the beer and food is decidedly of the moment, the storefront bars checkered floor, soda shop stools and tin ceiling inspire a trip through time. 108 Main St., three

.................................................................. RATTLE N HUM New York This Midtown spot features a brew for everyone, and educates the suited masses who pull up to the long bar

Virginia powerhouse Capital Alehouse ( opened its fifth location in Harrisonburg last year; each spot features at least 60 taps, 250 bottles and 2 casks. Up in Pennsylvania, Sharp Edge ( now mans three taverns and three bistros. The taps are heavily Belgian, but before diving into Petrus, Piraat and Silly, sip on Over the Edge, the house triple IPA made for the bar by Belgiums Brouwerij Van Steenberge. In Philly, Tria ( rounds up the best of local brew and schools drinkers on beer, wine and cheese at its three bars and Fermentation School.

Blind Tiger New York City



Busy Bee Raleigh, N.C.



400+ BEERS



THE AVENUE PUB New Orleans This rickety, two-story Garden District house is a true NOLA find. Nearly 50 of the citys finest taps from Lazy Magnolia to Hopfenstark Berlinerweiss are running 24/7; come in on Firkin Fridays, sit on the balcony and kick back with gems like Brooklyn Pennant on cask. 1732 St. Charles Ave., .................................................................. BREWMASTERS BAR & GRILL Raleigh, N.C. Brewmasters knows how to keep the party alive, from discounted canned beers on Mondays to make-your-own beer flights on Wednesdays. And its not just about the pros: Wednesdays Homebrew Humpday features pours from local homebrewers. Of course, if youre just looking for a pint, this joint has them in spadesits 66 taps (four on nitro) spotlight the best brews North Carolina has to offer. 301 W. Martin St., .................................................................. BRICK STORE PUB Atlanta The patriarch of Southern beer bars proved it still has swagger when it unleashed a menu of 200 vintage bottles

in fall; add to that nearly 20 beauties on tap, a couple hundred bottles and a handful of heavy-hitters in the separate Belgian Bar, and theres no shaking this neighborly powerhouse from the top. 125 E. Court Sq., .................................................................. BUSY BEE CAF Raleigh, N.C. What makes the Bee so great? We could say its the perfectly curated 15 taps split between two bars, its lengthy bottled sour list or its websites homebrewer interview series. But what really puts it over the top is the bars barrel program: The owners donate barrels to local breweries, who then age their beer and sell it back to the bar. 225 S. Wilmington St., .................................................................. CLOSED FOR BUSINESS Charleston, S.C. Closed For Business opened in 2009, but the warm pub feels like Southern beerophiles have been burrowing there for decades. Forty-two taps hit all the right notes, and provide a home base for local breweries like Palmetto, Holy City and Westbrook. 453 King St.,

GROWLERS POURHOUSE Charlotte, N.C. Its easy to see why Growlers has become a hit with locals in just two short years. Craft beer shines in its modest dozen tap listdont miss offerings from local NoDa brewing while enlightened bar fare, like homemade sausage, inspires the perfect pairing. Come for a pint and leave with an education during its regular classes, which teach everything from making cranberry beer sauce to breaking down smoked beers. 3120 N. Davidson St.,


.................................................................. HARRIKAS BREW HAUS Swansboro, N.C. This quaint store-and-bar combos something youll only find in a small vacation town: Its located in a seaside beach house, surrounded by a lawn peppered with art installations, and the beer selection, including the store, tops 300 varieties. Come for a game of chess and $9 patio pitcher, or grab a mixed sixer, beer soap and soothing teas to enhance your beachbum bliss. 911 Cedar Point Blvd.,

HOLY GRALE Louisville, Ky. Local bottle-shop owners Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter shook up Louisvilles sleepy beer scene when they opened Holy Grale last year, and hooked up 20 taps to stuff youve always wished you could try (Goose Island Pepe Nero, Three Floyds Broodoo) and pours youve never heard of (Alvinne Kerasus). Genius takes on traditional pub grubthink Scotch Kentucky Quail eggs covered in farm-fresh bratwurstalways manage to lure you away from a totally liquid lunch. 1034 Bardstown Rd.,


.................................................................. THE J. CLYDE HOT ROCK TAVERN AND ALEHOUSE Birmingham, Ala. Alabamas emerging beer scene can largely be attributed to the liquid education this stalwart provides in the form of beer dinners, firkin Fridays and a simply stellar global tap list. Dont be surprised to see Italys Almond 22 Pink IPA alongside pours from Alabamas Good People Brewing and Straight to Ale. 1312 Cobb Ln.,



More than a few Yankees show up on The Porters 30 taps, but rare Southern belles prove Georgias got more than peaches.

The Porter Beer Bar Atlanta.


MR. BEERYS Sarasota, Fla. Less than two years old, Mr. Beerys is already getting some serious buzz. Not only is the 24-tap selection applauseworthy (and matched by a bottle selection peppered with seasonals, one-offs and rarities), but this place is genuinely dedicated to spreading the good word about craft beer. Attend Beer School and learn how to do your own beer pairings with everything from grilled cheese to sausage, or bring your best bottle and share it during Tuesday nights Show and Tell. 2645 Mall Dr., .................................................................. THE NOOK Huntsville, Ala. Epic is the only way to describe the beer selection at the Nook, with roughly 50 beers on tap and more than 300 in the bottle. Rare vintages like Gales Prize Old Ale 1996 and J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2001 tempt the wallet, while Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale delivers a taste of the South on draft. 3305 Bob Wallace Ave.,

bar is the place for rare beer in downtown Raleigh. Hard-to-find bottles like Hanssens Experimental Cassis share equal billing with the bars All things sour, funky and wild category, while local offerings from Big Boss and Foothills pepper the draft lineup. And like the paper before it, this bars got some pull: It recently tapped North Carolinas only keg of Avery Wet Hop Pale Ale. 14 E. Hargett St., raleigh

.................................................................. REDLIGHT, REDLIGHT Orlando, Fla. This concrete dive is a Magic Kingdom in its own way: Educated bartenders, two casks and a separate menu dedicated to vintage brew are highlights. Grab a bottle from the fridge to go, but not before stopping at the food trucks that roll by on the weekends. 745 Bennett Rd.,

P ..................................................................


.................................................................. OLDSMAR TAPHOUSE Oldsmar, Fla. This is a classic beer joint with a wooden bar, a top-notch 40-tap selection scrawled on a chalkboard, jam-packed fridges and no blaring TVs to distract you from the task at hand. Grab a cheese-and-cracker plate and get to know your neighbors at this beer-geek haunt. 300 State St., E #107, oldsmar

SERGIOS WORLD BEERS Louisville, Ky. With more than 1,300 bottles and about 40 taps, Sergios does indeed navigate the world by the glass. The place aint fancy, but its sheer dedication to beer marked by frequent brewery nights, beer dinners and the opportunity to reserve rare releasesmakes it an icon. 1605 Story Ave.,


.................................................................. THE PORTER BEER BAR Atlanta More than a few Yankees show up on this vintagey bars 30 taps, but rare Southern belles (think casked Terrapin one-offs) prove Georgias got more than peaches. The flavor-minded staff uses the 500 beers and chef Nick Rutherfords impromptu seasonal specials to dream up dead-on pairing suggestions. 1156 Euclid Ave.,

.................................................................. THE STEM & STEIN Madison, Ala. Like the name suggests, wine and beer share equal billing here, a feat considering the gargantuan selection of each. Brews from around the world flow out of the bars 11 tapswhich is an essential first stop when youre considering what to purchase from the more than 250-bottle selection. Visit each Friday for special beer tastings, or strike out on your own to discover your next favorite IPA. 10871 County Line Rd., Suite B,

Redlight, Redlight Orlando, Fla. of Belgians. Bookend your night with stops hereyoure just a few blocks away from restaurants, Oklahoma City Thunder basketball and concerts at the Cox Convention Center. 121 E. Sheridan Ave.,


.................................................................. RALEIGH TIMES BAR Raleigh, N.C. Located inside the century-old former home of the now-defunct Raleigh Times, this swank Belgian-style beer

.................................................................. TAPWERKS ALEHOUSE & CAF Oklahoma City, Okla. Located in the heart of Oklahoma Citys Brickyard entertainment district, Tapwerks is the undisputed hub for beer, with more than 200 taps and 100 bottles. Stop here for local pints from Choc and COOP or drink your way , through the Old World with two pages

.................................................................. THIRSTY MONK Asheville, N.C. Depending on your mood, sip from the likes of Lamme Goedzak downstairs or Abita Imperial Oyster Stout at the upstairs bar. An exhaustive bottle list includes everything from glutenfree to cider to rare vintages (like Stone Vertical Epic Series 06.06.06), making this the premier watering hole in a city once voted Beertown, U.S.A. 92 Patton Ave.,


The Avenue Pub New Orleans

.................................................................. TRAPPEZE PUB Athens, Ga. Sunny and slathered in orange paint, Trappeze is a cheery little spot with bigtime beers not usually seen in these partsLeft Hand Nitro Milk Stout included. The roughly 30 taps and 200 bottles (all helpfully divvied up into style categories) make delicious complements to the savory tart that changes daily. 269 N. Hull St.,

The Souths biggest beer-bar empire is the 29-location Taco Mac (; most pour from at least 100 taps and even more bottles, but all help patrons navigate their famous Buffalo wing menu and the frequent-drinker Brewniversity program. In Florida, 15 World of Beer ( outposts pair nearly 500 beers with a strong live music program that lures local and national acts. Also in the sunshine state, Dunedin House of Beer (, founded by two homebrewers in 2009, is now up to three locales boasting 40 craft taps. The multitap, caflike Tylers Taproom ( grew its North Carolina family to four with a new Raleigh location last year; meanwhile, James E. McNellies Public House ( has already solidified its place as Oklahomas favorite beer bar, with three spots serving 350-plus beers, including the sessionable McNellies Pub Ale, a bitter crafted for the bar by nearby Marshall Brewing.





raditionally speaking, the saison is an elusive style. Brewed on farms in Belgiums Wallonia region for the summer season, these beers merged utility with terroir: Low ABVs and mild tartness quenched the thirst of farmhands, while peripheral ingredients like spelt, oats and a variety of herbs and spices reflected the blooming summer landscape, giving each farms recipe a unique profile. Modern classics like Saison DuPont have pared down the styles profile to hallmark vibrant lemon and pepper notes with a slight earthy tartness, but a handful of American breweries, such as Funkwerks, are bringing some whimsy to the brew. Since opening in 2010, the Fort Collins, Colo., brewerys crafted a number of saisons, from a traditional version to a cherry-spiked variety; Tropic King, however, is its greatest achievement. Billed as an imperial saison, the beer exceeds the styles sessionable status with an 8.0% ABV, while single-hopping with the New Zealand Rakau varietal creates a colorful profile. The tropical aroma teems with pineapple, melon and banana; the same flavors echo on the tongue above a soft malt backbone. Light tartness and hints of prickly ginger and black pepper awaken the sides of the tongue, but those flavors are masterfully balanced by the beers soothing, creamy moutheel. Despite its elevated ABV, Tropic King remains light and refreshing; a slight glow in the chest is the only clue to its heft. Price: $10 Glassware: Tulip Pair with: Triple-creme cheese, greens with lemon vinaigrette







Categorically speaking, a wood-aged beer is any beer aged in a wooden cask, or in another vessel with wood additives (chips, staves or essences). Regardless of the aging method, the finished brew should reflect the base beer style as well as wood characters. Additionally, beers aged in used bourbon barrels, wine casks and the like should contain characteristics of those beverages. Aromas and flavors will vary, but mouthfeels should be fuller and ABVs higher than the base styles. PAIR: Aged beers feature well-developed flavors that need sturdy legs to stand on: Match these chewy stouts with equally robust fare, like roasts or stews.

Evolution Craft Brewing Co. Delmar, Delaware Wood-Aged Beer ABV: 10.5% IBU: 60 RATING


Sweet prune and cherry wafts contrast this beers burnt malt aroma; vanilla softens the edges and connects the bouquet. No. 5 is a well-constructed Russian imperial stout: The beers sharp roasted notes balance sweet, dark chocolate while smooth alcohol keeps all of the robust malts in checkjust as the style calls for. This full-bodied, barrel-kissed brews vanilla flavor strings sweetness through the swallow, while woody tannins accentuate the beers dark malt bite. A dry finish with lingering chocolate and roasted malts is an achievement for such a flavor-packed beer.


Full Sail Brewing Co. Hood River, Oregon Wood-Aged Beer ABV: 11.4% IBU: 38 RATING


Warm bourbon scents awaken the nose for a big waft of vanilla and coconut tinged by dark roasted malts. Light woody tannins pepper rich dark chocolate and vanilla notes that run over a bed of roasted malts. Throughout the swallow, bourbon quietly weaves through the foundation, but never turns hot. Coconut fuses with dark chocolate in the back, and lasts on the tongue long into the finish. This bourbonbarrel-aged brew packs huge flavor and a welcome soft booze bite.

Goose Island brewed the first vintage of this stout in 2005 to mark the brewerys 1,000th batch.

Goose Island Beer Co. Chicago, Illinois Wood-Aged Beer ABV: 13.0% IBU: 60 RATING


A detailed aroma seeps into the nose with heavy barrel and dark stout scents: Roasted malts and charred barrel notes counter sweet vanilla and figs as smooth bourbon wafts tie the bouquet together. This viscous, chewy beer permeates every part of the tongue. Rich, dark chocolate pools with a cream flavor and cushions a hot wave of bourbon. Woody tannins and roasted malts poke at the sides of the tongue, as sweet coconut, vanilla and maple swirl in the back. This years Bourbon County will only improve with age, but its rich beginning and lasting coconut finish make it excellent to drink today.





Uinta Brewing Co. Salt Lake City, Utah Imperial IPA ABV: 9.5% IBU: 74 RATING

Bold orange and pine scents seep from this beers long-lasting, thick head, while lightly toasted bread softens the hop-forward aroma. This beers undoubtedly hoppy, but its smooth, creamy malt base almost steals the spotlight: Toasted biscuit notes stretch across the tongue, imparting a nutty depth in the middle, as they soak up juicy orange and tangerine favors. In the back, dank pine notes enrich the hop profile before a bitter wave leaves the tongue pleasantly dry.

Great Divide Brewing Co. Denver, Colorado

Imperial IPA ABV: 10.0% IBU: 85 RATING


Hercules glows a spectacular apricot hue as orange and grassy hop scents sing in the air; sweet, bready wafts underscore the hoppy aroma. Playful, sweet orange hop notes dive into the beers biscuit base, drawing out the malts subtle caramel notes. Dank, resinous pine swirls in the middle, thickening the mouthfeel to a near-barleywine viscosity. Still, distinctly smooth bitterness lifts Hercules from the tongue, marking a surprisingly dry, quaffable finish for such a powerful brew.

These hoppy giants honor their English and American IPA kin yet satisfy palates that demand a more intense brew. These beers synonymous with double, extra and extreme IPAsare powerfully hopped: Brewers may use any number and variety of the herb, resulting in some versions that smell fruity, some grassy and some sweet. Flavors should go heavy on the hops with a commanding bitterness and, usually, dryness. A malt backbone should help to prop up the hops, but shouldnt be dominantly sweet. Its important to note the difference between imperial IPAs and American barleywines: The latter is maltier, higher-bodied and more alcoholic, and is regarded as a sipping beer rather than a gulping onethat means imperial IPAs, even with their hop strength, still require drinkability. PAIR: Opt for rich foods that will stay on your palate as long as these beers hops: Carrot cake, bacon cheeseburgers and creamy smoked cheeses are sure bets.

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Easton, Pennsylvania Imperial IPA ABV: 9.0% IBU: 90 RATING


95-100 DRAFT Classic 90-94 Exceptional

This single-hop brew fills the air with an appealing dank, catty aromaa hallmark of Simcoe hopswith bread scents woven throughout. Toasted malts lay down beneath resinous pine, while juicy grapefruit and apricot add a succulent touch to the heavier hop notes. Robust bitterness slashes through the flavors and tingles the tongue alongside prickly alcohol, culminating in a dry finish.

85-89 Very Good

80-84 Good

75-79 Recommended

0-74 No Recommendation




Bells Brewery Galesburg, Michigan Imperial IPA ABV: 10.0% IBU: 105 RATING


The Oracle fills the glass a brilliantly clear, dark gold hue as big hop scents ooze from the head. Bold, dank pine scents stick to the nose as grapefruit imbues the aroma with sharp fruitiness; lightly toasted malts dull the edges. The Oracle is decidedly fluid: Aggressive bitterness chases apricot and grapefruit zest that morph into pine and grass in the back of the mouth. Hop bitterness builds with each swallow and tingles the taste buds.


High Water Brewing Redding, California Imperial IPA ABV: 9.5% IBU: 95 RATING


Grassy and grapefruit scents entwine with dank catty wafts as sweet biscuity malts buoy this beers bouquet. Those biscuity scents echo in the flavor as they run across the tongue gaining toasted notes along the way. Lustrous grapefruit and lemon dawn in the middle, lightening the biscuit base as sticky pine swells in the back. This beers hop presence is bold, but its bitterness packs a pleasant bite, gently drying the tongue as warmth grows in the chest.


Flying Dog Brewery Fredericksburg, Maryland Imperial IPA ABV: 10.0% IBU: 70 RATING


Pepper and mint hover on the fringes of this beers dewy, grassy aroma. Toasted, biscuity malts blanket the tongue while fresh grass and lemon notes hover above. Mid-sip, resinous hops take hold, adding some stickiness to the malt base. Delicate mint notes punctuate the resinous hops with a fragrant herbal accent before a rush of bitterness roughs the tongue. Lasting bitterness tightens its clutch well into the next hoppy sip.





Southern Tier Brewing Co. Lakewood, New York Imperial IPA ABV: 8.2% IBU: 65 RATING


Smells of juicy grapefruit and lemon pith sharpen 2XIPAs big wafts of dank pine. Grapefruit and apricot lead the charge on the tongue, with fleeting lemon and orange all cascading down a solid bready malt backbone. Sticky, resinous hops build on the tongues sides, exuding pine notes while quiet toasted flavors emerge in the middle. Through the swallow, this beers hop-forward, but never turns harsh. A refreshingly dry finish leaves behind enduring bitterness.


Left Coast Brewing Co. San Clemente, California Imperial IPA ABV: 9.7% IBU: 82 RATING


With a name like Hop Juice, its no surprise this brash brew balloons in the nose with juicy hop aromas: Candied orange and fresh grassy scents swirl with caramel for a sweet hop bouquet. Hop Juice layers the tongue with a foundation of caramel-sweetened, toasted malts, while candied orange hop notes hover above it. Bordering on a barleywine, this beers rich malts endure a wicked bitter wave, which recedes with floral hop notes fluttering in the back. Each big sip warms the chest and leaves sweet, citrusy hop notes latched onto the tongue.

Five hop varieties go into Hop Juice, and the beers dry-hopped for two weeks.

The Shipyard Brewing Co. Portland, Maine Imperial IPA ABV: 9.3% IBU: 70 RATING


95-100 DRAFT Classic 90-94 Exceptional

This English-style spin on an imperial IPA greets the nose with a vibrant Anglo-ale aroma: Smooth toffee weaves through a bouquet bursting with fruity berry and shining citrus scents. This beers aggressive: Bitterness smacks the tongue in a rage, nipping at the heels of a toasted biscuit base as it spreads out. Sharp orange and grapefruit peel snake through the swallow before warming alcohol merges with the hop bitterness to scrape the tongue dry. The intense mouthfeel might be too bold for some, but the beers a match for drinkers who prefer their imperials loud.

85-89 Very Good

80-84 Good

75-79 Recommended

0-74 No Recommendation





Also called wee heavy ales, these complexly malty and richly sweet brews are the strongest of the Scotch alesABVs can reach 10 percent. Both the aroma and flavor brim with deep malt and a hint of peat and, occasionally, some dark fruit esters; hops are scarce, if present at all. These beers are full-bodied, often presenting a chewy mouthfeel with noticeable (but smooth) alcohol warmth. PAIR: Opt for game meats, gnocchi dishes and aged cheeses. Their flavors wont topple against these beers brute strength and thick mouthfeels.

Three Floyds Brewing Co. Munster, Indiana Strong Scotch Ale ABV: 6.5% IBU: 24 RATING


This dark brown brew opens up with an intense, complex aroma of rich caramel, sweet plum, toasted almonds and singed malt scents. A sturdy toasted malt base is this big beers constant; otherwise, the swallows a smooth, twisted trip of flavors. Nutty almond adds a deep, earthy counterpoint to fig and plum notes that swirl in the middle; then, pumpernickel rises in the back and pulls out dark chocolate. Subdued alcohol ushers the beer from the tongue, and dark malts hurry along behind.


Boston Beer Co. Boston, Massachusetts Strong Scotch Ale ABV: 10.0% IBU: 45 RATING


Light wafts of peaty smoke wind through the bouquets sweet caramel and fig scents; the same smokiness meanders through the beers caramel flavors, invoking subtle, woody notes that are spot-on for the style. Light chocolate notes string sweetness through the core of the sip, which is washed away by a rise of spicy alcohol that tickles the back of the throat. Wee Heavy exits with a graceful smoky finish, leaving a touch of caramel behind.

Watch a video on Highway 78s inception at 19680279.

Stone Brewing Co. Escondido, California Strong Scotch Ale ABV: 8.8% IBU: 29 RATING


This collaboration between Stone, Green Flash and Pizza Port glows a stunning chestnut hue as sweet toffee scents permeate the nose. Toasted bread and chocolate hit the tongue first and hard; they pick up light plum notes as the flavors glide back. Subtle alcohol dots the rich malts with peppery spice as an underlining bitterness keeps the beer from saturating the tongue. While Highway 78 lacks some of the nutty, smoky complexity of the style, its elegantly braided flavors and dry finish create a remarkably rich yet tempered brew.





Sweet caramel scents drift through wafts of orange and piney hops; light grainy wheat and toasted malts deepen the aroma. This beers intense wheat notes cover the tongue and prop up sharp orange peel and thick pine. Toasted malts emerge mid-sip, giving the malt base added dimension before a drying finish sweeps the tongue dry. While this example may lack the sticky mouthfeel of most wheat wines, its dynamic flavor and clean finish make it a true pleasure to imbibe.

The Fort Collins Brewery Fort Collins, Colorado Specialty Beer ABV: 9.3% IBU: 28 RATING


This specialty style is just as full-bodied as its sister style, barleywines, but brewed with 50 percent or more malted wheat. Wheat wines typically range from gold to copper in hue. The beers malts often showcase bready, wheaty and honey notes, while fruity esters and high residual sugars coat the tongue with sweetness, leaving just a moderate bitterness in their wake. These high-octane beers boast ABVs upwards of 8%. PAIR: Contrast these beers heavy sweetness with a funky blue cheese like Stilton, or match its intensity with equally sweet sticky toffee pudding.


Smuttynose Brewing Co. Portsmouth, New Hampshire Specialty Beer ABV: 12.0% IBU: 70 RATING


A vivacious aroma of peppery alcohol and fresh, grassy hops sharpen big, juicy apricot scents. The sinewy brew rushes over the tongue with the intensity of an imperial IPA: Bold apricot and orange connect with honey sweetness in the front, while aggressive bitterness flexes in the back. Biting wheat bristles the sides of the tongue as sugary notes pool in the middle. Finishing assertively dry with glowing alcohol warmth, this is a thunderous beer from beginning to end.

Smuttynoses was the first wheat wine bottled and sold in America.

DuClaw Brewing Co. Abingdon, Maryland Specialty Beer ABV: 11.2% IBU: 65 RATING


95-100 DRAFT Classic 90-94 Exceptional

Bold grapefruit scents merge with grainy wheat, sharpening this beers fresh, doughy aroma. Smooth toasted wheat notes splash down on the tongue, underlining candy sweetness. In the middle, Concord grape notes swirl with the sweetness and create a jammy sensation, while warming alcohol floats above. Faint grapefruit and orange notes herald a bitter wave, but the rich malt base endures. A wheaty bite flashes in the back, leading into a warming, sweet finish.

85-89 Very Good

80-84 Good

75-79 Recommended

0-74 No Recommendation





Rock Art Brewery Morrisville, Vermont Other Smoked Beer ABV: 8.0% IBU: 60 RATING

Rauchbiers employ a Mrzen/ Oktoberfest lager as their base, but any beer style can be smoked, and those others are judged in the Other Smoked Beer category. Appearance, body, aroma and taste will vary from beer to beer, but they all should reflect the base style (here, were talking porters) and present a low to strong smoky twist. Moreover, the wood used in smoking should harmonize with the flavors of the base style; how well the smoke enhances and balances the beer is the most critical criterion. PAIR: Couple these beers with fare appropriate for their porter bases, like a rich stew or nutty cheeses; notice how the smoke adds a new layer to the foods flavor. Smoked beers also complement creamy cheeses like triple-crme or warm Brie, as their dense flavors soak into the slightly sweet, thick cheese.


A fantastically smooth, smoky aroma drifts up from the glass with sweet caramel and chocolate accents. Like the aroma, this beers flavor profile is heavily smoked and casts a campfire veil over chocolate and coffee flavors. Roasted malts perk up in the middle, contrasting subtle dates, while hop bitterness subdues the beers sweetness. This remarkably intricate sipping beer exits the tongue with a dry, smoky finish as spicy alcohol tickles the back of the throat.


Choc Beer Co. Krebs, Oklahoma

Other Smoked Beer ABV: 7.0% IBU: 42 RATING


A pleasant smoky campfire aroma fills the nose, mellow and smooth with light bacon accents. The brown brews caramel and chocolate tightly twist together, spinning sweetness across the tongue while cool smoke permeates the malt base and adds woodsy contrast to the beers underlying sweetness. Earthy hops complement the smoke flavors before bitterness guides the drink to a dry conclusion; smoke hovers in the mouth long after the swallow for a finish worth savoring.


Left Hand Brewing Co. Longmont, Colorado Other Smoked Beer ABV: 7.8% IBU: 35 RATING


This Baltic porters aroma is as dark as its deep, black hue: Smooth charcoal smoke encompasses rich chocolate and subtle spicy pepper scents. Like the aroma, charcoal smoke billows in the mouth, floating above creamy dark chocolate and caramel sweetness. Toasted malts arrive in the middle before a lagerlike snap offers a crisp, refreshing finish; lasting smoke notes please the palate long after the swallow. Although Fade to Black lacks the fruity malt notes of a Baltic porter, its sturdy malt backbone supports a fine showcase of smoky flavors.





Caldera Brewing Co. Ashland, Oregon

American Amber Ale ABV: 5.4% IBU: 24 RATING


Bright orange and grapefruit billow from the glass and add sweet touches to an aroma of freshly cut grass, while soft toasted malt notes deepen the bouquet. A solid toasted bread foundationslightly nutty up frontflows over the tongue, and into sharp grapefruit peel notes in the back. Just before the swallow, smooth bitterness takes hold, culminating in a dry finish that marks the end of this tremendously fresh, sessionable brew.


Essentially maltier, bigger-bodied American pale ales, American ambers are high in hop flavor, but a strong caramel malt presence tips them into balance. Sometimes nicknamed red ales, ambers actually range in color from copper to brown, but are usually clear. Some versions feature pronounced citrus hop flavors, while others focus on sweetness. Despite their abundant hops, these brews should finish smooth; some even offer slight alcohol warmth. PAIR: The beers caramel notes draw out sweetness in apple and pumpkin pie, while the healthy dose of hops makes the bite less sticky. Ambers also pair well with most deli sandwiches; the malt notes complement fresh bread, while the hops clear meat and mayo from the palate and keep lettuce crisp.


Mogollon Brewing Co. Flagstaff, Arizona American Amber Ale ABV: 6.0% IBU: 35 RATING


Fresh-baked biscuit scents rule this burnt orange brews aroma while wafts of light caramel and grassy and orange hops play backup. On the tongue, the beers malts are more subdued than the aroma (and the style guidelines) suggests, but overall, the swallows cohesive: Lightly toasted malt notes stroked with caramel sweetness run down the middle, pressing up against orange-studded hops along the way. Faint grassy hops rise in the back before sturdy bitterness washes over the tongue.

COOP Ale Works Oklahoma City, Oklahoma American Amber Ale ABV: 6.3% IBU: 40 RATING


95-100 DRAFT Classic 90-94 Exceptional

This rust-hued brews sugary biscuit malt aroma affixes to sweet orange and fresh grass hop scents. Native Amber runs smoothly over the tongue, laying down a lightly toasted biscuit base and hints of dark chocolate. Orange and apricot hop notes strum brightly, while its relatively urbane bitterness gently presses against the tongue. Fresh pine hits just before the swallow, balancing the hop profile and lending a welcomed hoppy finish to a typically malt-balanced style.

See how COOPs taking OKC by storm on p. 40.

85-89 Very Good

80-84 Good

75-79 Recommended

0-74 No Recommendation




Thomas Creek Brewery Greenville, South Carolina American Amber Ale ABV: 6.8% IBU: 40 RATING


Rich toffee sweetens the soft cherry and orange scents fluttering in this beers aroma. Similarly, toffee and toasted malts take the lead on the tongue, pooling in the middle with familiar cherry and orange notes. Throughout the swallow, fresh doughy flavors augment the malt base while grassy hop notes create a dynamic contrast in the back. A slow, drying finish caps off this beer and leaves the tongue tingling.


Ice Harbor Brewing Co. Kennewick, Washington American Amber Ale ABV: 5.7% IBU: 25 RATING


Biscuits dominate Runaways aroma, though temptingly sweet caramel and fruity esters push through the malt and hints of citrus add a dash of brightness. Nutty, caramel-sweet malts run over the tongue and transition into toasted notes as the beer washes back. Tangerine zest presses against the malts from sip to swallow, empowered by a rising bitterness in the back. In the end, nutty, citrusy notes last long into the dry finish.


In 1995, Bill and Michelle Tressler opened Hinterland in a former meat packing plant.

Hinterland Brewery Green Bay, Wisconsin American Amber Ale ABV: 5.7% IBU: 16 RATING


This crystal-clear brews delicate aroma spins together sweet caramel, berry and faint citrus scents. The beer treads equally lightly on the tongue: Toasted malts (plus an unusual smoke undercurrent) fan out and impart subtle caramel sweetness in the back. Resinous, piney hop notes hover above and counter the malts before drying bitterness settles in. This amber refreshes, but it would benefit from deeper malt and hop complexity.





Hoppy Feet fills the air with textbook black IPA aromas of sharp orange and grassy hops, plus sweet wafts of chocolate and caramel. The taste mirrors the aroma, unfurling with a marvelous balance. Light caramel and roasted malts underscore grapefruit peel and grassy hops. In the back, chocolate and nutty notes meet woodsy hops, before an intense bitter onslaught. As dryness parches the tongue, a flash of juicy orange signals this big beers finish.

Clown Shoes Ipswich, Massachusetts Specialty Beer ABV: 7.0% IBU: 75 RATING


Although still categorized by the BJCP as specialty beers, black IPAs (also known as Cascadian dark ales, India black ales and American black ales) have become a style all their own. These burgeoning beers should present the American hop-forward profile associated with pale ales and IPAs alongside complementary roasted malt flavors that range from dark chocolate to bitter roast. Lighter-bodied than porters and stouts, black IPAs should maintain the light to medium mouthfeel of hoppy ales along with a thirst-quenching finish. PAIR: Roasted chickens crispy skin draws out the beers sweeter malts, while herbs like rosemary accent the pungent hop profile.


Widmer Brothers Brewing Portland, Oregon Specialty Beer ABV: 6.5% IBU: 65 RATING


Pitch Blacks aroma pairs sweet caramel and chocolate scents with sticky pine while distant roasted malts thread a slight edge through the bouquet. Caramel runs across the tongue with subtle dark fruit notes while chirpy roasted malts bite at the sides. Like the aroma, the malt base imbues fresh piney hops with a touch of sweetness; sharp grapefruit peel sharpens the roasted malts edge. Throughout the swallow, Pitch Black maintains great balance, showcasing an exceptional blend of dark malts and vibrant hops.

Blue Point Brewing Co. Patchogue, New York Specialty Beer ABV: 7.0% IBU: 35 RATING


Dark chocolate enriches Toxic Sludges roasted malt scents while a shot of juicy orange cuts through the bold aroma. Roasted barley and toasted malt notes carry citrusy hops down the tongue, pooling in the middle with subtle plum. Ashy malts accent the fringes before the dominant malt bitterness dries out the tongue. This beer treads lightly, culminating in a very quaffable sip despite its 7.0% ABV.

95-100 DRAFT Classic 90-94 Exceptional 85-89 Very Good 80-84 Good 75-79 Recommended 0-74 No Recommendation



New Glarus Brewing Co. New Glarus, Wisconsin Specialty Beer ABV: 6.9% IBU: 40 RATING


An enticing mlange of hop scents forms a substantial bouquet of orange, pineapple and mango with dank catty accents. Like the aroma, this black IPAs light on the dark malts. A heavy wave of succulent orange and catty hops consumes the tongue, while flickers of roasted malts accent the hops prickly mouthfeel. Black Tops relatively light bitterness creates a swallow so easy, the beers almost sessionable; its ABV is masterfully masked.


Lakefront also brews what was the nations first certified organic beer, Lakefront Organic ESB.

Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee, Wisconsin Specialty Beer ABV: 6.5% IBU: 39 RATING


IBAs sharp orange and light roasted malt scents tickle the nose as smooth piney hops and a waft of sugary malts round out the aromas edges. Dark roasted malts splash down the tongues center, segueing into drying baking chocolate in the back. Along the way, piney, grassy hops flank the tongue, while its bitterness adds extra bite to the roasted malts to quickly dry the mouth. A citrusy hop addition would add some brightness, but as it is, IBA (short for India-style Black Ale) certainly lives up to its brooding name.


Blue Hills Brewery Canton, Massachusetts Specialty Beer ABV: 6.8% IBU: 29 RATING


Quiet roast and earthy hop scents tangle in the air while this beers fluffy off-white head pops in the glass. Dark chocolate takes the lead and rushes down the tongue with threads of coffee and cream. Rustic, earthy hops punctuate the malt base while bitterness quickly builds in the back; a crisp swallow signals the beers lasting dry finish. Black Hops covers the tongue with a solid malt foundation, but could benefit from a heftier hop presence.





Beat the cold with beer-loving crowds and chest-warming brews

Winterfest JANUARY 5-7 BIG BEERS, BELGIANS AND BARLEYWINES FESTIVAL VAIL, COLO. Put on your thinking and drinking caps for this educational gathering at the base of the Rocky Mountains. A slew of experimental and homebrewing seminars explore the outer limits of high-ABV beers to enlighten minds and palates alike. JANUARY 21 WINTER WARMER BEER FESTIVAL ASHEVILLE, N.C. Melt away those wintertime blues with more Southern craft beer favorites than you can shake an icicle at. Expect an energy-filled blues lineup like only Asheville can provide. JANUARY 27 WINTER BREW FEST DENVER, COLO. Its hard to stay low when you can be a mile high sipping on unlimited samples of Colorados best. Keep an eye out for local newcomer Strange Brewing. JANUARY 28 JUPITER CRAFT BREWERS FESTIVAL JUPITER, FLA. The only festival where you can wear shorts in January. Stop by the day before the main fest for the relaxed Field of Beers event that pairs more than a dozen brews from Florida and beyond with gourmet fare. JANUARY 28 WORLD BEER FESTIVAL COLUMBIA, S.C. Once again, the minds behind All About Beer bring this two-session celebration to Columbia, along with an impressive lineup of 300-plus worldly beers. Part of the proceeds benefit a local charity. FEBRUARY 3 WINTERFEST ST. PAUL, MINN. Only 700 tickets will be sold for this celebration of Minnesota suds, which means the curious drinker can chat with brewers, while the casual drinker can peruse the food and beer tables without stepping on toes. FEBRUARY 3-4 EXTREME BEER FEST BOSTON, MASS. The weak-willed should skip this festival of beers that push the limits of ingredients, alcohol content and common sense. It starts with a bang: The first night exclusively features wood-aged beers. FEBRUARY 10-11 COD AND CASK FESTIVAL ST. LOUIS, MO. Get a taste of real ale at this festival with a range of cask brews hand-pumped right to the bar. Soak up the suds with Icelandic cod battered inyou guessed itbeer. FEBRUARY 13-18 RUSSIAN RIVER WEEK TEMECULA, CALIF. Temecula pub Barley and Hops hosts a week of drinking that highlights the best of Russian River Brewing. Dont dilly-dally; last year, Pliny the Younger sold out in 30 minutes! FEBRUARY 17-18 MT. ANGEL WURSTFEST MT. ANGEL, ORE. Who says Oktoberfest has to actually be celebrated in October? Non-stop music, brews by the barrel and the best of the wurst make this a cant-miss. FEBRUARY 18 STRONG BEER FESTIVAL PHOENIX, ARIZ. Expect big-ABV beers at the perfect reason to drink in the desertand the kickoff event to Arizonas second installment of its Beer Week. MARCH 28-31 NEW ENGLAND REAL ALE EXHIBITION SOMERVILLE, MASS. Cask-conditioned, unfiltered real ale is the star of this expo known as NERAX. More than 90 firkins will be on hand to teach your taste buds what a real beer tastes like. MARCH 30-31 ATLANTIC CITY BEER FESTIVAL ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. More than 75 brewers descend on Atlantic City to pour for 17,000 thirsty beer lovers at three sessions; watch for an array of the nations best brews, including samples from Jerseys own Flying Fish. APRIL 6-7 SPRING BEER AND WINE FEST PORTLAND, ORE. This Northwest fest combines the culinary and the carbonated when a variety of respected chefs explore intriguing combinations to please any palate. The early bird gets the beer here; admission is free for the first 1,000 festival-goers each day. APRIL 15 CLASSIC CITY BREW FEST ATHENS, GA. This is the 17th installment of the Southeast festival favorite, so you know theyre doing it right. Expect some rare, one-off brews and a tent pouring a host of casked beauties.



MARCH 16-25 CHARLOTTE CRAFT BEER WEEK Find beer events near you and enter to win free tickets at DRAFTMAG.COM/CALENDAR JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012 DRAFT

Winter Warmer Beer Festival



Spilled stout becomes somewhat less of a tragedy when its wiped up with beer-minded towels. Tandie Mast, the artist behind NestaHome, hand-stamps cotton kitchen cloths with antique printing blocksyet theyre durable enough to toss in the washing machine before your next round with the snifter. $24 for four,



Perhaps the one time Perhaps the one time if you go out for if you go out for

your wife wont mind your wife wont mind a couple of beers. a couple of beers.

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Follow Tims Streak at /beerrunner


Talk about the perfect pairing: DRAFT blogger Tim Cigelske proves that craft beer and running are the secrets to keeping fit and loving life.

As I write, Im on day 406 of drinking at least one beer and running at least one mile every day. Usually, its much more than the minimum. This somewhat obsessive-compulsive streak strikes some as an odd pairing. But if I ever had any question that craft beer and running are better together, this experience has erased any doubt. Why would someone even attempt this, you ask? A few days before turning 29, I decided I wanted to do something memorable for the last year in my 20s. I wanted to go really big. I asked others for ideas, and a suggestion from a friend to combine my hobbies struck a chord. It sounded reasonable at the time. I had no idea what I was getting into. Since starting this streak, Ive had more than 800 beers and run more than 2,000 milesmost of them not at the same time. Today, a day without running or beer would feel unnatural. It hasnt always been easy. I ran through Milwaukees worst blizzard in years and another time on a treadmill at 1 a.m. in a New Jersey hotel. I chugged a PBR just before midnight during a busy day of work and trav96

I cant stop running and drinking beer.

Tim Cigelske is DRAFTs Beer Runner blogger. He lives (and runs, and drinks) in Milwaukee with his wife and daughter.


el. Ive finished the occasional late-night run after a happy hour. You have to be both determined and flexible to keep up this streak. Thankfully, most days arent so adventurous. People often ask me how I can keep this up every single day. I tell them you have to pace yourself, and I wouldnt be doing it if I ever felt unhealthy. I can honestly say that Ive never felt better, and it turns out there is some scientific basis for this. According to the findings of a study entitled Beer, Marathon, Genetics, Inflammation and the Cardiovascular System, athletes who drank wheat beer after exercise had stronger immune systems and shorter and fewer colds than those who drank an alcohol-free placebo. Another study, Beer, Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Disease, found that subjects who regularly drank moderate amounts of beer were less likely to suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure and had lower body fat. So to paraphrase a television commercial, beer is a nutritious part of a complete lifestyle. My own performances reflect these findings. Shortly after I started this streak, I entered a 5K and ran my fastest time since I competed in high school cross-country and track. The night before, I carbo-loaded with New Glarus Wisconsin Cran-bic. Nearly a year of beer and running later, I ran another 5K and set a personal record. Originally, I was going to try this experiment for exactly one year. As the days passed and I fell into a comfortable routine, I realized I didnt want to stop. It was too much fun. But I did want to celebrate 365 days at the Great American Beer Fest. In late September, I flew into Denver and met beer drinkers and runners from around the country. I ran and drank with groups at the Highland Tap and Irish Snug. I sampled from the hundreds of breweries at the worlds largest beer festival. Finally, I topped it off with a 30-mile run for my 30th birthday, joined by fellow beer drinkers and runners. I completed one year of beer and running with an average of roughly one beer for every three miles. Never does beer taste sweeter than as a reward after a good, hard run. Along the way, Ive met countless kindred spirits. This summer I met a man who has been running every single day for longer than Ive been alive. A friend presented him with a 30-pack of beer to celebrate 30 years of running. His story and those of the other beer and running enthusiasts Ive met through social media led me to believe that my journey isnt quite as crazy as it seems. Ive learned beer and running complement each other. They both teach you pacing, balance and that you can enjoy what you love every day. So after I finished my longest run ever, I washed down ibuprofen with a mug of beer. And I decided to keep going.

The Its Only Another Beer Black and Tan 8 oz. pilsner lager 8 oz. stout lager 1 frosty mug 1 icy road 1 pick-up truck 1 10-hour day 1 tired worker A few rounds with the guys Mix ingredients. Add 1 totalled vehicle.

Never underestimate just a few. Buzzed driving is drunk driving.





MALT _ _ Pale Malt Munich Malt Caramel 40L Roast Malt Chocolate Malt HOPS _ _ Alchemy 90 min BKO Willamette 0 min BKO BKO= Before end of boil

550 60 50 11 9

lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs


2.4 lbs 3.7 lbs

(15.4% alpha) (5.5% alpha)

ADDITIVES _ _ Mash Salts Kettle Salts Irish Moss


.75 lbs CaSO4 1.0 lbs CaSO4 .16 lbs

TARGET PARAMETERS _ _ Mash - in Rest Time Conversion Temp Rest Time


130 -135 oF 15 min 159 -160 oF 30 min 11.5 o P 68 oF 12.0 o P 2.3 o P 40 IBUs 5.0% Alt Yeast 12 Million/ml

Kettle Full Plato Fermentation Temp Original Gravity Terminal Gravity (AE) Bitterness Target ABV Target Yeast Pitching Rate


Verwandte Interessen