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NOVEMBER 3, 2016

A new president, a change in the world order

below: Times Square, New York City

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Becoming President
There are requirements to become president of the United States. Here are some of the most important ones: -Native born US citizen -At least 35 years old ! -Live in US at least 14 years Once youre the leader or the free world, there are some privileges you possess: -The power to veto bills ! ! -Activate emergency troops -Choose Cabinet of advisors -Presidential Pardon

It was 11:13 PM Eastern Standard Time. I remember that moment with precise accuracy. Everyone in Times Square shared a collective gasp of astonishment. The first Imaginarian had just been elected to direct the most powerful country in the world. Although it

is said that religion and government cannot mix, past leaders had all consistently been either Neolites or Hemlocks. The founding fathers had unintentionally combined religion into government when they used God and monks to level politics and economy.



NOVEMBER 3, 2016 GDP.USA.2010 ($14 trillion)

This new president changes everything. A man that defies trends and statistics now introduces Imaginism to the center stage. Although this is a fairly new religion, its merits have already been felt in the Presidents first 3 months in office. Many times referred to as the anti-religion, Imaginism began only 111 years ago. It started with a middle class Mizlan family living in commercial suburbia. They were unhappy with the repetition in their lives. Cyan, the father, had to make a choice for his family; were his children going to become drone like workers like he had become? Were they going to live in the box, attending institutions of education in order to get into higher institutions of self-gratification? If not, how was he going to teach them about the world, business, skills, talents and integrity? One day, while meditating with his wife, Magenta, Cyan had an incredible epiphany.

In Imaginism, this epiphany is commonly referred to as The Boxs Unfolding. From that day forth, a new ideology was formed. All children have the potential to become prophets, messiahs or geniuses. Each and every father and mother has a chance to birth and raise a diamond amongst men. For this very reason, parents ensure that their children and their childrens children are brought up in a society where they can flourish and become a savior of humanity and knowledge. Cyans children, in fact, were sent on knowledge and vision quests around the world. Instead of paying taxes, Cyan spent the money on sending his children to various towns and cities around the world. He also required that civil service be a part of their training. Unbeknown to many, those children became Nobel Peace Prize winners, bioengineering marvels and serial philanthropists.

Agriculture 1%->15% Fishing Industry Electricity Construction Commerce 13%->34% Transport Financial/Insurance 27%->6% Other

GDP.USA.2014 ($31 trillion)


! It comes as no surprise that our dear President initiated a plan to rehabilitate education within the first month of his tenure. The legislation clearly stipulated that education will be a new type of stock in the fiscal market. Quite literally, schools that supported an out of the box form of education would have stocks attributed to them. Investors could then invest in the shares and provide for the travel and extraordinary forms of schooling that Imaginarians proposed. Already, children of Mizlan, Hemlock, Neolite and other religions have been ushered towards this worldly approach to education. The opposition has been small, largely in part to the decades old dissatisfaction with formal education. Imaginism is forging the future. Anti-Religion, a term coined by the late Sir Gotzher, was first used to describe Imaginisms denial of the traditional aspects of religion. For centuries, religion has been following messiahs and prophets of the past. Their compassion and sacrifices are meant to lead by example. Instead, theism finds a way to make magicians of them. Their messages turn to dust as power and greed take hold of those meant to protect them. Imaginism presents a challenge to these archaic forces. Imaginarians believe that their children can change the world. They imagine a world where the collective force of their own children's love and compassion will create a heaven on Earth. An Imaginarian President is bringing this very imagination to life. Undoubtedly, religion has also played a massive role when it comes to war and global affairs. It was in his second month that the President decided to hold a world meeting between all leaders that would entertain him. The Great Dream will forever be regarded as one of the most impressive and groundbreaking speeches ever given. In short, our President explained that war would not be supported anymore. Instead, during cases of genocide and oppression, a collaborative world army would immediately rectify crises. It was declared that it was in the worlds best interest to provide financial and structural aid to underprivileged countries in aspirations that they would one day add to the global economy. Regardless of the socioeconomic boost, Imaginarian belief had it that any one individual from these downtrodden could possibly be the next incredible prophet. It was important to the President that he guarantee the survival of possible seers. Energy bills and nuclear treaties were deliberated after the speech, many of which have a few months before they are put into action. Again, the significance of an Imaginarian leader made a large mark. He explained in great detail that finding reliable and safe energy for everyone would lead to an environment that is conducive for all of the worlds leaders children and children's children to become immortalized world changers.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

May 3rd, 1905 The rst Imaginarian is born August 13th, 1913
The rst Imaginism church opens November 3rd, 2012
The rst Imaginarian President is elected January 23rd, 2013 The Great Dream is delivered May 3rd, 2015 Imagine The Future becomes the number one education program in the world

Famous Imaginarians
ESMERALDA SHIAT After working with Re d Cr o s s f o r 1 2 years, she discovered Imaginism and now heads the largest NGO in the world, with 100% transparency. SALMAN DO A former Olympian, his contribution to Imaginism is an athletic Disneyland for children in 113 countries and all 7 continents. ANGELA KRAMP F o r m e r N e o l i t e minister, she migrates children from impoverished/ war-torn countries to safety and education.



NOVEMBER 3, 2016

With the Presidents immediate implementation manage to encourage the present. Imaginism does of Imaginism into the countrys domestic and something different; a focus on the future, and foreign affairs, the number of Imaginarian creating the environment and thought process to conversions is larger than any previous mass manifest it. conversion. Interestingly however, these conversions have been the most peaceful in human history. Many monotheistic religions have forced 1000000 conversion on masses under the context of politics and trade. There were the Crusades, where Neolites 100000 forced anyone with different beliefs to become 10000 Neolites or perish. The Mizlanic armies that forced millions of conquered souls to forcibly convert to 1000 Mizlan was a disgrace to humanity and freedom. Nevertheless, these mass conversions have been 100 violent and painful because there seems to be something awful behind these faiths. The 10 popularity of Imaginism demonstrates that the masses want change in faith. Many theologies 1 explore, examine, and exhaust the past. Some

Rise of Imaginism

1975 1983 1991 1999 2007 2015

wonderful planet. And it is all starting with the policies that America is crafting.

I commend the president. He is setting an example by following his faith and applying it with humble grace as he leads the most powerful nation in the world. The focus is now on our descendants.

The United States of America that I love is becoming a reality. I can say it with pride again: I The spotlight is on how a m p r o u d t o b e a n our children and childrens American! children will live in appreciation of a

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