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Terrence Dan B.

Ambon BSED-II Rizal (3:00-5:00)

April 30, 2012

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda

1. How did the movie expose the life and works of Rizal? What can you say about the sequencing of events? Do you think the manner of presenting the whole life of our national hero is understandable enough to college students like you? I was really impressed in the movie Jose Rizal by the GMA Production. The movie shows the reality that the Philippines had faced during the Spanish imperialism. The movie exposed the patriotism of our countrymen and the heroic of Dr. Jose Rizal. I clearly understand the life of Rizal even though I only consume a couple of hours in watching the movie. There are many scenes in the movie that shows inequality and some scenes need the guidance of parents if the person who will watch is underage. Therefore, the movie shows excellent jobs in exposing the consequences and circumstances that Rizal, the leading role had faced under the church and the government of Spain. The sequencing of events is confusing for those who dont know yet Rizals two novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. I am able to understand the taught that the novel is trying to portray because I already have background about those novels and those novels motivates me to study hard and love my country more. The novel is understandable for college students like me because I take up already some important life of Rizal during my primary education and Noli and El Fili during my secondary education. The movie shows many brutal scenes but those things have to be show in the public because that is the reality and also for us to understand the hard work and the nationalistic of many Filipinos to fight for our rights to be free in our own motherland. 2. Why do you think Dr. Rizal choose to promote nationalistic spirit among Filipinos? What are the factors that contributed to his bitter struggle? Even though Dr. Rizals idea was revolutionary, why do you think he employed non-violent means in order to expose the truths about the way our country is governed by Spanish authorities? Dr. Jose Rizal chooses to promote nationalistic among Filipinos because he know that this is the best way for us to be free. On that time Filipinos is not aware that Spaniards especially the Dominican friar abuse our rights and freedom of expression so Dr. Rizal come into the point that he would rather express his feelings through his literary writings. Filipinos have been fanaticizing with the beauty of Catholicism and they are not able to see that the Spaniards have been step on in our rights and privileges as Filipinos. Social injustices on the Filipinos on that time are one of the concerns of Rizal. Social inequality spread out all over the country and it destroys the economic well-being of his countrymen. He wants to end the social cancer that killed many innocent and ruin many Filipinos life. The factors that contributed to his bitter struggle are during his education in Philippines the Friar preacher is unfair to the native Filipinos and to those who are with blood of Spaniards. He experience that during his education in Ateneo. His literary writings especially his two novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filbusterismo put him into death in which he was executed in Bagumbayan (Luneta). The secret movement KKK (Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga anak ng Bayan) which was led by Andres Bonifacio was also the reason why Rizal was thrown in Dapitan and imprisons in many years. Dr. Rizal was accused to be the mastermind of all the violent moves of revolutionary Filipinos. The other

thing that contributed to his bitter struggle is when Leonor Rivera becomes unfaithful when she marries an Englishman and when his son to Josephine Bracken died. Dr. Jose Rizal grows in a prominent family with values and love of God and respect with each others diversity. He is a revolutionary person and he seeks for the freedom that the Spaniards took away from us but he wants it to happen through his subjective literary work. He knows that no man can ever won on a war because it leaves permanent damage in every nation. Violence will kill both the Spaniards and the Filipinos. He also believes that Filipinos are not yet ready to face violent moves because based on his observation Filipinos have lack of weapons, medicines, and the like that is needed for a situation like this. Dr. Rizal has an undying love to God. He believes that no Filipinos should ever put life in consequences. He uses his heart and not his head and hand in fighting the Spaniards. There is no doubt why he is the national hero because he is the only person who has shown to us what freedom is and what lifes all about. Gaining independence through peaceful way is all he wanted so that no lives will be wasted. 3. Do we really need a new Dr. Jose Rizal in our present society? If we witness much moral degradation in our country, so many abuses committed by authorities, so many Filipino thrown into poverty and lack of opportunity to live a better life, what can you contribute as a student? How do you think we can make our nation great again? There is lot of Dr. Rizal in our present time but there are more numbers of Friars who live in our country nowadays and sad to say they belong to our own race. We can be a Dr. Rizal if only we respect each others individuality. Social cancer still lives in our soul and there is no way to cure that only true love can heal the broken life of an individual. We live in a society in which rich become richer and poor become poorer. As long as there is social stratification we are not able to live in an equal community. We can be Dr. Rizal because all of us are special on our own ways. We live differently and we live with different reason in our society. There is no possible way to cure inequality. We should accept the fact that as we breathe the chain of life goes on and there is no way to stop man towards his ambition no matter he violate the rights of others. As a Bridgitine, if I witnesses so many moral degradation, so many abuses committed by authorities, so many people thrown into poverty and lack of opportunity to live better the only thing that I can do is to express my feelings in all legal and possible ways. I am not as intelligent as Rizal and not as strong as Bonifacio but I can be myself, I can be Ambon. I will use the digital technology to voice out and disseminate what I feel into the society I am belonging. The social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Friendster and the like those are the modern tools that I will use to fight our rights as a human person. Since I am the president of student council, I will use that opportunity to show to the entire collegiate how the unstoppable social cancer will destroy our well-being as a Filipino. I will encourage them especially my co-student body to express themselves confidently through poster-making, sloganmaking, skit and the like. Through this simple way I know I am able to show my feelings and love of country without using any form of crime and violence. Our nation can be great again and I will start with the smallest unit of society we called family. The best thing to do to have a better and improve society is to have first a good family. The family that prays together lives with harmony and love forever. We are intelligent the only problem is we make simple things complicated. We are born equal but as we move on with our life we become isolated and we unrecognized the feeling of others. Not all of us want an equal society and that is evident to the people who run our government. We should blame ourselves for that because we are the one who put to them in

their positions. We should vote a wise leader who do the right thing and not the leader who provide us only our basic needs. I believe that the day will come that Philippines will be known not only because of its contribution to the economic growth of the world but because of its people. To all Filipino, be the best that you can be, take the lead into the global community and always let your light shine so that you can share that light to everyone because once a Filipino will forever be a Filipino.