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List of South Korean Idol Groups

Name English Hangul Number of Members Leader Gender Entertainment Agency Trivia Fanclub Name 1996 Official Color Disbanded Notes


3 5

Kang Hyun Moon Hee Jun

Mixed Male SM Entertainment White Angels White

1999 2001

Young Turks Club (Y.T.C.)

Lim Sung Eun



1997, 2, , 4 . 1998, , . , , j.t.l. . 1: ,,,,. 23: ,,,,. 4: ,,,,. 5: ,,. 6: ,,,,. 78: ,,,. In 2002, Jang Su Won and Kim Jae Duc formed J-Walk Chae Ri Na left the group in 2005 and joined Girl Friends in 2006 In 2000, Hwansung died due to an illness. In 2005, Sunghoon left the group SM's first girl group Many members were replaced; In 2007, Baby V.O.X. Re.V was created with new members

Sechs Kies Diva NRG S.E.S. Baby V.O.X.

6 3 5 3 5

Eun Ji Won Chae Ri Na Lee Sungjin Bada (Sea) Kim E-Z

Male Female Male Female Female

DSP Media Unknown Music Factory SM Entertainment DR Music SM Entertainment (1998-2003) Good Entertainment (2003-2007) Open World Entertainment (2008present) DSP Media

1997 DSF

Yellow Pearl Purple

2000 2005 2006 2002 2006

Cheonjae Ilwoo Friend Baby Angels 1998

Pink Pearl Purple Pearl Baby Pink


Eric Mun


Shinhwa Changjo


Legends of K-pop. Known as the best dancers of K-pop with amazing vocal, dancing and variety skills. On hiatus, but will be making a comeback on March, 24th 2012

Fin.K.L. Han's Band Circle S#arp

4 3 5 4

Lee Hyori Kim Hanna Lee Ji Hyun Chris Kim

Female Female Female Mixed


Pearl Red

2005 2000 . 1999 , 5 4 . In 1998, John Kim left the group. The group disbanded in 2002 due to the female members' lack of ability to work together

World Music Entertainment






Trifecta Entertainment

Little Sun

Pearl Blue

Cha Seung Min left for the U.S. to study abroad. Kim Jong Min replaced him starting from their third album. Kim Goo was jailed for possession of ecstasy in 2002. During this time, Koyote performed as a duo until Kim Goo was replaced by Kim Young Wan, previously a member of the group Cola and dance team Friends. Jung Myung Hoon replaced Kim Young Wan for the fifth album. He was previously a member of the group OPPA and PLT. He left to serve his compulsory duties for the military. Bbaek Ga replaced him starting from their sixth album Hip-hop group Originally a 4-member group, hence their name. Has had many member changes.

1TYM 4Men

4 3

Teddy Park Yong Jae Park Joon Hyung Lee Ga Hye Kim Hana Jini Soy Kim Tae Hyung Hwang Bo

Male Male

YG Entertainment Happy Face Entertainment

Hip-Hop Village


1999 g.o.d. O-24 Cleo See U T.T.MA Click-B As One Chakra Fly to the Sky 5 3 3 3 5 7 2 4 2 Male Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Male JYP Entertainment Unknown Ho Entertainment DongA Planning Music Factory DSP Media DR Music Kiss Entertainment PFull Entertainment (200509) SM Entertainment (1999-04) JYP Entertainment GM Planning Cream Entertainment Unknown Star Empire Entertainment Jewelry Box Ivory Pink 2001 2001 Pearl Blue NIZI Goddess Fly High 2000 Ryanghyun Ryangha Moon Child Papaya To-Ya Jewelry 2 3 5 3 4 Lee Soo Jo Hyekyung Kim Ji Hye Kim Eunjung Male Male Female Female Female Twin brothers In 2002, they changed genre and renamed themselvesMC the Max with 3 members In 2001, Kang Kyung Ah and Hwang Yoon Mi left the group First debuted in Japan 2001 All original members including Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young have left the group. Currently the longest running girl Green Purple Sky Blue Fan God Sky Blue 2005 2000 2004 2000 2002 2002 2006 In 2002, Eani withdrew from the group Legendary R&B duo with all-rounded talents, known exceptionally for their amazing vocal skills. Credited as Korea's first R&B duo. Went on hiatus to focus on solo activities. In 2000, Queena and Juhae withdrew from the group; Euni and Zin were recruited In 2005, member Yoon Kye Sang left the group. Their manager was the former manager for H.O.T During their first album, Ju Yeon Jung withdrew from the group after promotions finished for their follow-up single "First Love" In 2000, Park Ye Eun withdrew and Han Hyun Jung was added; in 2003, Chae Eun Jung withdrew and Jung Ye Bin was added


4 3 4 6 3

Mini Park Hee-bon Minkyung

Female Female Female Female Male

Jive Records J-Entercom SM Entertainment Unknown Yejeon Media Star World Entertainment SM Entertainment SM Entertainment YG Entertainment Jungle Entertainment Sidus HQ SM Entertainment Woollim Entertainment

Milky Way


2003 2002 2004 2004 2003

group, replacing Baby VOX. Some members became members of Swi.T

Former members of H.O.T In December 2004, Hwang Jung Eum withdrew from the group and Lee Harin was added to the group; in 2006, Park Soo Jin withdrew from the group; Former member, Kang Han, is now a member of rookie group WE Originally a 4-member group Rap duo. Leessang is part of "The Movement", a Korean hiphop crew. They were in old group, Honey Family. Members Gary and Gil are also well known MCs for variety shows like Running Man and Infinite Challenge respectively. Jiyeon is now a member of CSJH The Grace as Lina. Indie rock band picked up by Seo Tai-ji. They originally formed in 1999, but debuted in 2002. The group went on hiatus in 2008 for military services. They will be making a comeback in 2012. Debuted as a 4-member ballad group. In 2010, Lim Kyoung Tack joined the group. Known for their exceptional vocal talent. 4 member group made up of women with vocal talent, regardless of age or appearance. Dynamic Duo is part of "The Movement", a Korean hip-hop crew. Known as The Kings of K-pop and the Leader of Hallyu Wave. Originally a quintet, now promoting as a duo after three of them filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and formed JYJ under C-Jes Entertainment. Debuted as 5-member group; in 2007, leader Kyung Hoon left to pursue a solo career. The group went on hiatus in 2008 to serve their mandatory service. In 2010, the band made a comeback as a duo with a new line-up consisting of Woo Hyun and new member, Nayul.

2002 Sugar Black Beat Shinvi SWI.T Leessang LUV Isak N Jiyeon Nell N 3 7 3 3 2 3 2 4 Ayumi Lee Lee So Min Yoo Soo Jin Ahn Naeyoung Gary Eunbyul Lee Jiyeon Kim Jongwan Female Male Female Female Male Female Female Male Sugar Island Soul Black Linos Apricot Pearl Black Pearl Teal 2006 2007 2004 2004

Pearl Wine

2003 2004

2003 Brown Eyed Soul Big Mama Dynamic Duo TVXQ 5 Jungyeop Male Unknown Tailsrun Media (2010present) YG Entertainment (2003-2007) Amoeba Culture






SM Entertainment


Pearl Red


Woo Hyun


Yejeon Media A1 Entertainment

Buzz's Happy People


YG Entertainment Epik High 3 Tablo Male Woollim Entertainment Shyne TRAX Heart V.O.S 2 2 3 2 Typhoon Jung Sorin Female Male Female Male DSP Media SM Entertainment Unknown Star Empire Entertainment IS Entermedia Group (2009present) Mnet Media (20042009)

High Skool


Epik High is part of "The Movement", a Korean hip-hop crew. Mithra Jin is currently doing his military service. DJ Tukutz finished his military service in 2011. Tablo is now in YG Entertainment, yet no information on Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz current company.

2004 None Traxian Pearl Cobalt Blue


Twin sisters duo Debuted as a 4-member group. Rose (No Min-woo) left the group in 2006 and became an actor. Attack (Kang Jung Woo) left in 2007 to pursue other interests. Debuted as a 3-member group. V.O.S is short for "Voice Of Soul". Park Jiheon left the group in 2010. Originally a 4-member group. In 2008, Chae Dong Ha left the group to pursue a solo career.

2006 Soulmate Pearl Burgundy

SG Wannabe


Kim Yongjun


Love Room

Pearl Gold

2005 CSJH/The Grace Originally introduced as the female TVXQ during the early debut period. They went on a hiatus after member Stephanie suffered from back pain. Now promoting as a duo, Dana & Sunday. However, the group is already set for a comeback as a complete unit. The 5 members are now pursuing solo activities, but are still united as SS501. Kim Hyun Joong is now under Key East, Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong is with B2M Entertainment, while Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are now with CNR Media and S-Plus Entertainment respectively.


SM Entertainment


Pearl Pink


Kim Hyun Joong


DSP Media (20052010) Sidus HQ (2007 present) YG Entertainment (200506) Chan2 Productions NH Media Unknown Unknown

Triple S

Pearl Light Green


Soul Star LPG Paran Perfume Red Sox

3 3 5 3 5

Lee Chang Geun Yoonah Ryan TiA Chae Young-in

Male Female Male Female Female

In 2009, the second generation of LPG was formed; trotgroup Blue Ciel Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue 2011 2006 2006 All the members left to pursue their individual activities. AJ became a member of U-KISS and Ace debuted as a solo artist.



Lee Ji Eun


Lime Entertainment


Super Junior




SM Entertainment

E.L.F. (Everlasting Friends)

Pearl Sapphire Blue

The first group in South Korea to have a record number of people; in 2009, Min-jung, Ji-eun and Ga-jin became members of JQT. Debuted as a 12-member group. In 2006, Kyuhyun was added as the 13th member. In 2008, SJ-M was formed with 2 new members Henry and Zhou Mi. In 2009, Han Geng filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract and has since returned to China to pursue a solo career. In 2010, Kangin went to do his military service. In 2011, Heechul also went to do his military service. Member Kibum is currently pursuing his acting career. 4 member acappella group Debuted as a duo. After the death of member Kim Minsoo in 2008, the group went into hiatus. In 2010, Han Seunghui and Lim Hanbyul were added to form a 3-member group. Hanbyul is a former member of boy band, A'st1.

Sweet Sorrow Monday Kiz



Mezoo Cultures

Lee Jinsung


CAN Entertainment Winning InSight Entertainment Goodberry Entertainment Nega Network LOEN Entertainment Core Contents Media

Norazo Gavy NJ

2 2

Male Female

Happiness 2006

R&B group originally having 3 members. In 2011, Heeyoung left the group to pursue a solo career. Yellow and Black Originally a 5 member group before debut until Yoari, now a solo artist, was displaced. In 2009, leader Nam Gyuri left the group and was replaced by Lee Sumi; Lee Boram became the leader; Sumi was then withdrawn from SeeYa and became the leader of a 11-member mixed group Co-Ed School. Former leader, Gyuri, rejoined the band to promote SeeYa's final album in 2011. In 2008, Solbi left the group and was replaced by Hana who withdrew from the group after 2 months. Lee Kyung replaced Hana in 2009. Typhoon officially disbanded in January 2010. Hip-hop group. All members have very prominent solo careers. Originally a 6-member group chosen by Shinhwa duringShinhwa Battle; Shin Ki-hyun left to pursue an acting career All original members have left the group. 5 of the former members formed a new boy band, The Boss. Former members Kevin and Kibum became members of U-KISS. Former

Brown Eyed Girls





Lee Boram


SeeYa With You

Pearl Light Pink


Typhoon Big Bang Battle 2NB Xing

3 5 5 2 5

Woo Jae G-Dragon Ryu Dong Geun

Mixed Male Male Female Male

Trifecta Entertainment YG Entertainment Good Entertainment 2B Entertainment Xing Entertainment V.I.P. Battle Destiny Black and Yellow Pearl Gold



member Junhyung became a member of Beast. Two other former members, Zin and Sulhu, became members of X-5. 2007 Code-V Five Girls Black Pearl 5 5 4 Sangwoo Jina Nami Male Female Female Code M Agency Good Entertainment Core Contents Media Second Wing Pearl Black V-intage 2007 Debuted under the name of Bless. Taemin left the group in June 2010 and was replaced by Seo Minho. Composed of G.NA, Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin, Spica's Jiwon, Secret's Hyo Sung and After School's UEE. Disbanded because of financial problems. Member Mika withdrew from the group; Lee Jung Min was added Remake group of Baby V.O.X; in 2007, Myung Sa Rang withdrew from the group to continue her studies inSingapore; in 2008, Oh Min Jin and Park So Ri was added; in 2009, Yang Eun Ji and An Jin Kyoung left the group; in 2010, An Jin Kyoung debuted as a solo artist HyunA (now a member of 4minute) and Sunmi left the group and Yubin and Hyerim were added. Currently in the process of debuting in the United States. Debuted as a 4-member group; Kim Sunghee withdrew from the group to focus on her studies and Goo Ha-raand Kang Jiyoung were added to form a 5-member group Idol band, Oh Won Bin withdrew due to musical differences and Song Seung Hyun was added. Created the Flower Boy Image. Known as Korea's resident girl group. They are the first group that broke record sales and won 9 consecutive wins on one song. The group became the face of Korean tourism in 2011. They debuted in the United States at the end of 2011. Originally debut as a 3-member group with Shin Min Chul, Kim Jun, and Park Yun Hwa. In 2010, Park Yun Hwa left for military service and Park Han Bi and Joo Chan Yang were added into the group. Debuted as a 3-member group, member Kota was added in 2010 for their collaboration with BEG's Narsha. In 2011, Misung was added to form a 5-member group. Promotes primarily in Japan. Lee Hyun occasionally collaborates with 2AM's Changmin in the group "Homme". Known for their excellent vocal talent and frequently collaborates with many other artists.

Baby Vox Re.V


DR Music



Wonder Girls



JYP Entertainment


Pearl Burgundy Pearl Peach


Park Gyuri


DSP Media


F.T. Island Girls' Generation (SNSD)

Choi Jong Hun


FNC Music





SM Entertainment


Pastel Rose


Shin Min Chul


Planet 905 Nega Network / LOEN Entertainment Core Contents Media Big Hit Entertainment Core Contents Media

Mighty Max

Midnight Blue Sunshine Yellow Pearl


Sunny Hill Supernova 8Eight

5 6 3

Jang Hyun Jung Yoon Hak Hyun

Mixed Male Mixed

HLLR Tinkerbell Sweet Voice 2008


Lee Haeri


Girls High


5 4

Onew Jo Kwon Park Jung Jin Sang Chu

Male Male

SM Entertainment JYP Entertainment Big Hit Entertainment JYP Entertainment DSP Media 101 Entertainment


Pearl Aqua Metallic Gray Metallic Gray Pearl Purple 2009

2PM A'st1 Mighty Mouth

6 6 2

Male Male Male

Hottest Eunice

Known to have created the "SHINee Trend" Ballad group, originally part of "One Day" with 2PM until they formed two separate groups. Member Changmin also collaborates with 8Eight's Lee Hyun in the group "Homme". In early 2010, leader Jay Park withdrew from the group. They were originally a part of "One Day" with 2AM until they formed two separate groups. Their albums feature many other singers. In 2009, Chiho left for military duties and was replaced by Dongwook. In 2010, Taegu left for military duties and was replaced by Karin and Min. Min withdrew after a month and was replaced by Jungjo. In 2011, Dongwook and Karin left for military duties and Chiho returned to the group. Debuted as a 6-member group. In 2009, Ki Seop was added. In 2011, Ki Bum and Alexander left the group because their contracts were canceled and AJ and Hoon were added. Promotes primarily in Japan. In 2010, Cheonwoo left the group The group released their first single on August 24, 2006, but made their official debut on October 10, 2008 with their hit single "It's Okay" ft. Hwayobi. They are known as the second Dynamic Duo.


Moon Jun Yong


Orange Entertainment



U-KISS SMASH Untouchable

7 6 2

SooHyun Hyun Jun

Male Male Male

NH Media TN Entertainment TS Entertainment

Kiss Me smaSHE

Pearl Pink

2009 Supreme Team Brand New Day HAM Lady Collection B2Y 2 3 3 3 4 Simon D Han Yeon Male Female Female Female Mixed Amoeba Culture Castle J Enterprise Leeyeon Entertainment Unknown 2B Entertainment 2011 The original band was formed by two girls and two boys. In late 2010, the original members left the band due to legal and/or personal reasons. Debuted as a 5 member group. Uee was added in April 2009. Later Soyoung dropped out in October and Raina and Nana joined. Lizzy was added to the group in March 2010. E-Young joined the group in December 2010. In July 2011, Bekah graduated from After School to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer. Debuted as a duo; 3 members were added to form a 5-member group Originally a 4 member group. Former leader, Miyu, left the group in 2011.

After School



Pledis Entertainment

Play Girlz / Play Boyz



Park Dongmin


T.O.P Media







YG Entertainment


Hot Pink


Nam Ji Hyun


Cube Entertainment


Pearl Purple




Core Contents Media


Victoria Song


SM Entertainment


Pearl Light Periwinkle Pearl Chocolate




J.Tune Camp



Jung Yong Hwa


FNC Music




Doo Joon


Cube Entertainment

B2UTY (Beauty)

Dark Gray


Min Jung


GP Entertainment



Hyo Sung


TS Entertainment


Acoustic duo Sandara Park was originally a singer/actor in thePhilippines, CL & Park Bom collaborated with numerous YG artists before debuting with 2NE1, and Minzy is the granddaughter of a legendary korean folk dancer. Officially debuted in a collaboration with Big Bang. Member HyunA was originally a member of the Wonder Girls but left due to health reasons. Originally a 5 member group but Ji-ae and Jiwon withdrew before debut and Boram, Qri, and Soyeon were added. In 2010, Hwayoung joined the group. The group is constantly changing leaders in order for each member to have a sense of responsibility within the group. Main Vocalist Soyeon is the newest leader. Member Krystal Jung is the younger sister of SNSD'sJessica. Member Amber Liu and Victoria Song are Chinese. Member Sulli was a child actress. Created by Korean entertainer Rain. Kim Sangbae left before debut due to health issues and was replaced by Thunder. Member Thunder is the younger brother of Sandara Park. Korean indie band. Their debut album placed no. 1 on Music Charts. Started as a rookie band in Japan. Kwon Kwangjin left the group in 2009 and Lee Jungshin was added. Leader Yonghwa is also noted for his roles inYou're Beautiful and Heartstrings Hyunseung was originally supposed to debut in Big Bang. Junhyung was formerly known as "Poppin' Dragon" in Xing. Kikwang was formerly a solo artist called "AJ". Doo Joon trained with the group that split up into 2AM and 2PM. Yoseob and Dongwoon were also originally JYP trainees. Some members were former members of disbanded group I-13. On September 2011, Min Sun withdrew from the group and was replaced by Jin Kyung. Minjung, Gajin, and Jieun became members of As The One in 2012. Hyosung was a member of Five Girls before joining Secret.[8] Sunhwa was a finalist on a talent show called "Superstar Survival" aired on SBS with 2PM'sTaecyeon, Lee Junho and Chansung.[9] Jieun was former JYP trainee and she had a solo career prior to joining Secret, singing in various OST's and releasing her debut single "Yesterday" in December 2009.[10]And Zinger attended the same dance school with2NE1's CL and Wonder Girl's Sunye.[11]


Kim Jaekyung In Seok


DSP Media Star Empire Entertainment CS Happy Yejeon Media Rhythm Republic Wayihu Enterprise LP Entertainment TGN Entertainment HM Entertainment Ants Star Company GP Entertainment H Line Entertainment Pledis Entertainment YYJ Entertainment


Jewelry S December SHU-I

2 2 5

Female Male Male

Jewelry Box

Pearl Blue

Was-i 2010


Lee Joo Bin, Min Ji Hye & Jang Ji Soo left before debut. Woori and Hyunyoung are former SME trainees. Jaekyung is a former JYPE trainee. Each member represent a color of the Rainbow. First created with Baby J and Eunjung. 2011 iteration features Semi and Yewon. Ballad duo Group name stands for "So Hot Union for Idols". Since 2010, they are now focusing mainly on promotions in Japan under the record label, Rhythm Republic. Ballad group. Rotating rookie girl group. Originally a 14 member group. 20-member boy band, never debuted. Instrumental girl group; member Bae Da Hae left the group in 2010 The youngest girl group to debut in 2010 with the age average of 10. The 2nd youngest girl group to debut. In 2011, Hannah left the group and Mui was added. Disbanded not long after debut due to scandal that broke out about H Line. Composed of the third generation members of After School, Raina, Nana and Lizzy. "The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme" Debuted as a 7-member group. Dabin departed from the group shortly after debut. Minseok and Hanjun left in 2011 and Jaewook was added. Debuted as a 3-member group. All members were born in the year 1992, hence their group name VNT: Voice of Ninety Two; member Lil J withdrew from the group in 2011; recent news has hinted that VNT disbanded following Lil J's departure. Hip-hop trio; leader Chance was a member of American band Xtacy Xport. Member Peter previously debuted as a solo artist under a different label in 2008. He was also an undefeated Australian five-time dance champion between 1997 and 2001. Maknae Young Sky was a rapper in the underground hip-hop duo 37 Degrees. Originally an 8-member group made up of four girls and four boys, but in 2011, HayJ, Lina, and Ray left the group and Minkyung and Doa were added. Some are former models. Soomi left SeeYa to join Co-Ed School. Chanmi was a trainee

Bebe Mignon Girl2School 20star Vanilla Lucy Girl Story GP Basic Chocolate Orange Caramel TOUCH

2 20

3 6 20 3 4 6 5 3

Hae-Geum A-Run Leah Bom Raina

Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Female



Purple 2010






Media Line


One Way



Yejeon Media

One Love

F1rst Co-Ed

7 12

Sul-hee Kwanghaeng

Mixed Mixed

K-Yen Media GM Contents Classmates





IS Entermedia Group


Nine Muses

Sera Sojin


Star Empire Entertainment JYP Entertainment AQ Entertainment Dream Tea Entertainment Startory Entertainment LOEN Entertainment T.O.P Media Woollim Entertainment Starship Entertainment CAN Entertainment Star Empire Entertainment C-JeS Entertainment Open World Say A Dai5y (Daisy)

miss A Girl's Day

4 5

Female Female

LED Apple




Teen Top




Pearl Light Lavender Metal Gold Pearl


7 3 4 5 9 3 5

Sungkyu Hyorin Jin On Moon Jun Young Jaejoong Mika

Male Male Female Male Male Male Male


Star1 Runway ZE:A'S (ZE:A Style) Casssiopeia Master


for the group that became Girls' Generation. Seo Eun Gyo (former JYP trainee) joined in late 2010 but first debuted in subunit group, 5dolls. In 2011, Shin Jong Kook (finalist on Superstar K3) was added and Kangho withdrew from the group to focus on an acting career. In 2012, former leader Soomi withdrew from the group and Nayeon and Saejoon were added. Simon left before the group's original debut. DayDay used to be a rap teacher for JYP Ent. and trained artists such as 2PM, Wonder Girls, SISTAR and Secret. Dari enlisted in the military on the 25th of April, 2011. Model-Idols. Shortly after debut, Jaekyung withdrew from the group and Hyuna was added. In mid-2011, Rana and Bini withdrew from the group to focus on an acting career. In November 2011, Kyungri joined the group. Four member Korean and Chinese group. Was known as the "Chinese Wonder Girls". Shortly after debut, Jisun and Ji-in withdrew from the group and Yura and Hyeri were added. Debuted as a 5-member group. I-OH left the group due to illness. Sunghyun and Minyong left the group after debut promotions and Kyumin, Jaehoon, and Hyosuk were added. In November 2011, Jaehoon left the group and KeonU and Hanbyul were added. Ulzzang Lee Chi hoon trained with LED Apple. Created by Andy Lee of Shinhwa. Member L-joe lived in California. Sungkyu, Woohyun, L , and Sungjong were featured in Epik High's "Run" music video. Known for their impeccable synchronization while dancing. They are also known as "trend idols." Known for the synchronized dance. Ballad Trio. Debut Single's MV starring JiYeon of T-ara. Soyu was a candidate member for 4minute and Hyorin is a former JYP trainee. Originally a 4-member group. Main vocalist LeeU withdrew from the group in May 2011. Their name is pronounced "Focus". Their name means "Children of Empire". Formed by the three members of TVXQ who left the group due to contract disagreement with their former company. Their name stands for 'Boys Of Super Space'. All members

Pearl Gold


Electro Boyz Soul Harmony Rubber Duckie Homme S.M. The Ballad GD & TOP 3 2 3 2 Maboos Baemi Male Mixed Female Male

Entertainment Brave Entertainment Unknown Unknown JYP Entertainment Big Hit Entertainment SM Entertainment


were former members of the group Xing. Promotes primarily in Japan Hip-hop group. Debuted as a duo. In 2011, Chakhun was added to form a 3-member group. Member Gayeon suffers of a sleeping disorder that every time she sits down, she falls asleep. She also formed part of R&B duo Club Soul

Collaboration group between 8eight's Hyun and 2AM's Changmin Composed of TRAX's Jay, Super Junior's Kyuhyun,SHINee's Jonghyun and rookie singer Jino. They are described as their label's Vocal Unit Group. Big Bang's duo unit composed of leader/rapper G-Dragon and rapper T.O.P. The sub-unit was created in preparation to Big Bang's 4th EP. 2011 Darling Produced by E-Tribe. Known for their significantly large size during debut, but lost a lot of weight afterwards. They are the female sub-group of Co-Ed School. In 2012, Soomi left the group and was replaced by Nayeon.



YG Entertainment

Dal Shabet Piggy Dolls 5dolls BBAN Clover LA.G HARASORA Coin Jackson

6 3 5 3 3 5 2 6

Viki Minsun Chanmi Han Ok Tyfoon Mari

Female Female Female Female Mixed Female Female Female

Happy Face Entertainment Winning InSight Entertainment GM Contents Victory J Entertainment GYM Entertainment InterVidi Entertainment South Park Pictures PPP Entertainment Red Apple Entertainment Apple Entertainment Yedang Entertainment

Composed of Eun Ji Wonfrom Sechskies, Gilme, and Tyfoon. Classical girl group A six member hip hop A cappella group. It has been reported that after their first release that the members have gone their separate ways and one member even debuted solo later the same year. Debuted under Gepetto Theater Entertainment originally.



5 3 5

A-TOM Lucy Sui

Male Female Female

Shy Girl

Originally a 7-member group. Nara, Peach, and Ji-U withdrew from the group while new member, Shine was added. Their name is an acronym for "Creative electronic House Idols".

INY Leader'S A-Peace RaNia Brave Girls

3 24 27 7 5

Cindy Dongho Saem Eun Young

Female Female Male Female Female

Unknown TGN Entertainment Golden Goose Entertainment DR Music Brave Entertainment Brand New Stardom Entertainment A Cube Entertainment Open World Entertainment Ranian FEARLESS BBC (Block B Club) Pink Panda Debuted as a 7-member unit group. Consists of 3 groups of 8, having a total of 24 members. Largest boy band to debut in 2011. Originally was going to be named, Double B/21. Composed of four teams. Has members from Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand; predebut nickname was 'the 3rd Baby VOX'. Formerly produced by Teddy Riley. Produced by famous South Korean producer Brave Brothers. Zico is a former SM trainee and was originally supposed to debut with SHINee. Jaehyo trained with Beast and B-Bomb trained with Infinite. They have written over 120 songs by themselves before their debut Naeun was featured in Beast's "Breath" and "Beautiful" music videos. Chorong was featured in Beast's "Shock" music video. Known as "Tall-dols" which means Tall Idols or "Model-dols" despite of their height. Their average height is 187 cm. Ghun and Haewon are former members of trot group, 3 Chongsa. Zin and Sulhu are former members of XING. Nicknamed "Country-dols" because all their members are from the South Korean countryside. Also called the 'Paper idols'. First introduced as webtoons. Member Kim Seul Mi left the group sometime before the end of 2011 and will now re-debut in upcoming Nanda M Company group BT-swing. Acoustic Guitarist Girl Duo Star1 Hi Ade Best Friend Has identical twins, the twins are former trainees of JYP Entertainment. Their debut single 'Boyfriend' starred Bora from Sistar.Member Min woo was featured in K.will's Can't open up my lips. Jisoo was a former trainee of DSP Entertainment and was going to debut with Rainbow Leader Jungkyun was former member of group, TACHYON, disbanded in 2008. Rapper Seunghyun was former member of group name Monster, debuted in 2007. Other 3 members were backup dancers for female group, VNT. Fuschia Sistar's sub group. Composed of Hyorin and Bora.

Block B




A Pink








Jinyoung Spin Hyorin Da Rae Donghyun


WM Entertainment HWIAD Entertainment JOIN.S Entertainment Starship Entertainment SY6 Entertainment Starship Entertainment Kant Entertainment MediaLine Entertainment Unknown


Ei-Yo SpinEL SISTAR19 Blady Boyfriend


2 2 2 4 6

Female Female Female Female Male




N-Train Carcaro Girl

5 6


Male Female

BGH to Eye To Eye M&D

3 3 2


Female Female Male

Unknown Unknown SM Entertainment 2011

First single features T-ara's Ham Eun-jeong. SM's project group composed of Super Junior'sHeechul and TRAX's Jungmo. Heechul announced M&D's disbandment on July 2011. Sechang was a child actor. Raewon released two digital singles in 2010 and is known for having served in the army at the Blue House under the presidencies of the late Roh Moohyun and Lee Myung-bak. Yua had an acting experience in KBS's "Dream High". Tagoon formerly trained with Block B. In November 2011, Raewon left the group for personal reasons and Jisoo was added. Has received praise from pianist Yiruma and vocal group 4Men. After School's project group composed of members Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy and E-young. After School's project group composed of membersKahi, Jung Ah, UEE and Nana. Stands for 'Trend World Idol-Light'.They have named their group 'TWI-Light' with the hopes that they will set an international trend. Some of the members were a part of 20member boy band, 20star. Sangmin, Siwoo, and Zeno were replaced by Tien,Taesung and Black in 2012. "Korea's Lady Gaga" Punk rock trio. Previously toured Japan under the name "Shorty Cat". Some of the members are of mixed ethnicities. "D-Cup girl group" Produced by Eric Mun of Shinhwa. Member Ga Young is also an actress. First single "Rocket Girl" featuresShinhwa's Eric Mun. On January 2012, Yiseul and Joa left the group and resumed activities as ballad duo Honeydew. Two new members, Hyoeun and Minhee, were added in February 2012. Debut track "We Will Be Okay" features Cube Entertainment singer G.NA. Female rock band from Hongdae, Seoul. Is nicknamed the "SNSD of Hongdae" due to Soyoung's resemblance to Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon. 5-member "international" boy band with members of various ethnicities. Member Kyungmin almost became a trainee with JYP Entertainment, while leader K9 passed auditions




Y2Y Contents


6 4 4

Hayong Jooyeon Kahi

Male Female Female

Sony Music Pledis Entertainment Pledis Entertainment

Hitter Play Girlz Play Girlz Yellow Yellow




TGN Entertainment

Elizabeth Super 8 Bit Chocolat Swing Girls

2 3 5 5

S-Cat Min Soa Seon In

Female Female Female Female

South Park Pictures Evans Music Paramount Music Unknown Top Class Entertainment Chocolatier



BB.Boys Sweet Revenge April Kiss ESQ

3 4 6 5

Taehee Soyoung Xiho K9

Male Female Female Male

CJ E&M Unknown Andy Bros. Avance Entertainment

with SM Entertainment but soon left afterwards. Member Kyle auditioned for Cube Entertainment back in 2011 and before that worked as a model in Japan briefly. N:SONIC M.Peror C-Real 5 6 5 J.Heart Kangon Chemi Male Male Female LOEN Entertainment Fly Music Entertainment NAP Entertainment Jungle Entertainment VIP Entertainment

Kingdom Member Re Dee previously appeared on MBC's "Birth of a Great Star". Their music video for their debut single "NO NO NO NO NO" starred Thunder from MBLAQ as the male lead. Said to debut with the most expensive debut album to date of USD $1.7Million. Released a "spin-off" promotion to their debut. Originally named VIP. 5-member boy band created by Fly To The Sky memberHwanhee. Seyong appeared in the KBS drama "I Believe in Love/My Love, My Family" and was also a former JYP Entertainment trainee, while Insoo was a former Superstar K2 contestant. Seyong & Insoo were also Hwanhee's backup dancers. Insoo was the choreographer for the title song, "Message." R&B and hip-hop Group created by DJ D.O.C. member, Kim Chan Ryul. Lead Vocalist, Kang Han, was a former member of boy band, Black Beat from SM Entertainment. Mandu help choreographed forWheesung, Se7en, Taeyang, SS501 and SHINee. Female rock band. Debut track, "Because I'm Crazy" was composed by member Aoora and choreographed by Woosang. Aoora was previously a solo artist, known as Gn.E Self-managed and self-promoted; it is noted also that the group came up with the concept and sound for their debut single 'Young Boy'. A project group composed of three members who were solo artists. Kim Greem and Lee Boram were both finalists on Superstar K2. Rock band composed of 4 males and 1 female Stands for New Female Order. Group created by 6theory and EnterArts Global. Member Dana is the sister of Mino from B.o.M. JN (Jisun) is a former member of Girl's Day. Hip-hop trio A sub-unit group of B.A.P consisting of Bang Yong Guk

M.I.B BoyZ

4 5

5Zic Enoch

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H2 Media





202 Entertainment

Clinah AA

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Han Yuna Woosang

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Dino Entertainment Wellmade STAR M Again45 Entertainment Nextar Entertainment Universal Music EnterArts Global Brand New Music TS Entertainment W

TAKEN Woman Power AXIZ New F.O. Phantom Bang & Zelo




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Suki Junhyung JN Kiggen -

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Bunnies M.E.N 5 Male Unknown




Groove Entertainment

and Zelo. 5-member boy band who debuted exclusively in Japan. Composed of former members of Battle, Typhoon, and A'st1, as well as actor Im Youngpil of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Yoon Gwangsun. Revealed through drama 'Big Heat' back in June. Member Oh Song released a solo single and was a previous member of Sponge Band; member Jungwook was a former member of Vanhaja, and is also the cousin of Super Junior member Ryeowook. Although an OST has been released, they are going to debut in 2012 formally. The first boy group of PLEDIS leading the trend with creation of new and stylish music!The name of urban electro band NU'EST stands for NU(new), Establish, Style and Tempo. Meaning is 'creation of new music according to a new style. SM's newest boy band, with Korean and Chinese members. The group will be promoting in two units at the same time - EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin). Nineteen teaser videos were released by SM Entertainment introducing members Kai, Lu Han, Tao, Se Hun, Xiu Min, Lay, Chen, and BaekHyun. D.O and Baek Hyun were released through their music video, "What Is Love"; other members were also introduced indirectly through the music video. Comprised of three members from Rainbow: SeungAh, Jisook and Hyunyoung Bang Yong Guk first appeared as a featured rapper on the song "Going Crazy" by labelmate Song Jieun. Bang Yong Guk & Zelo were in a subunit called Bang & Zelo and released their debut single "Never Give Up". Himchan is a ulzzang multiinstrumentalist who was an MC on MTV's The Show. The other 3 members (DaeHyun, Jong Up, and YoungJae) were revealed on their 1st variety show, "Ta-dah! B.A.P." Produced by Shinsadong Tiger. Member Nam Gung left the group before debut Member Subin is known as SNSD's Yoona's best friend since elementary school but she wasn't able to debut with them due to a accident. Rapper Dok2's older brother Mr. Gordo was in charge of creating the girls' debut track, "Chiki Chiki Bomb". Debuting under the same company as Norazo and Piggy Dolls; debuting simultaneously in both Korea and Japan. Eldest

2012 NU'EST 5 JR Male Pledis Entertainment




SM Entertainment


Rainbow Pixie



DSP Media



Yong Guk


TS Entertainment



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AB Entertainment Excellent Entertainment Jang Entertainment Winning InSight Entertainment

Six Bomb








Xing Na


101 Doors


Kim Boa


B2M Entertainment

Lay.T Tomboy Girls SPEED Ne.P Cutie-L 4Heaven Invadas Prizmoliq

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Baeksang Entertainment Tomas Entertainment GM Contents


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Taeyang was forced to add his last name into his name due to fan complaints of Big Bang'sTaeyang. Member Kim Seul Mi is formerly a member of 3-member-girlgroup, EI-YO under Hwiad Entertainment. Previously, labelmate B2LADY's Siwoo was preparing to debut with BTswing but decided to leave the group and stayed with B2LADY instead. Jiwon is a former member of Five Girls and T-ara and is also an actress and model. Narae was one of the Top 10 contestants in the first season of Superstar K. Joohyun was featured in Heo Young Saeng's solo single, "Let It Go". Kim Boa was Infinite's vocal trainer. Bohyung is a former YG trainee. They released their first mini-album "Russian Roulette" after digital single "Potentially" (featuring labelmate Lee Hyori in it's music video). The group introduces a new style, the "tisco", the junction of trot and disco. Tomboy Girls are a five-member girl group, including former "Superstar K" contestant Han Gaeun, the group's main vocalist. The male sub-unit of Co-Ed School. In February 2012, Saejoon was added. Composed of child actresses Ballad group Rap duo

Grand Pics Entertainment Pledis Entertainment Pledis' upcoming girl group in collaboration with Fantagio. Consisting of four members from Fantagio and three from Pledis, the group will debut April 2012 produced by a famous composer to be revealed. Fantagio will be promoting the girls acting duties while Pledis deals with their variety duties Consists of members JB (Im Jae Beom) & Jr. (Park Jin Young) who both placed first at the 5th JYP Open Auditions in 2009. This group will debut in the later half of 2012. Both members are currently acting in the second season of KBS drama Dream High Season 2. Temporarily nicknamed 'DSP Girls'. The group is comprised of Haein, Shiyoon, Chaekyung, Somin and Jae Eun. Will debut in Korea and Japan in July. Former I-13 and JQT members Ga Jin, Min Jung and Ji Eun were brought together with two other girls to form this new







JYP Entertainment

DSP Girls' S The One

5 5 Lee Ji Eun

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DSP Media EC Ebenezer

MaskOT Pandora BTOB 2BiC Pamela

5 5 7 2 5

Kaerin Eunkwang

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GBK Entertainment Unknown Cube DC Nextar Entertaiment Kkun Entertaiment Pledis Entertainment DSP Media NTree Entertainment

group, shortly after JQT disbanded. Composed by Lee Ji Eun (leader), Park Min Jung, Park Ga Jin, Kim Da Yung and Kim Yun Ju (maknae) MaskOT stands for MAsk Of Thetis. Member Haeri lived in New Zealand for 15 years and was also offered a scholarship to university at the age of 16. Debut single "Open Pandora's Box" was released in March Cube's newest boy band, scheduled for debut on March 22nd. Their name stands for "Born To Beat" 5 member girl group composed of Yeon Jin, Sung Hyun, Yeo Wook, Soo Yeon and Hye Ji. Their song " "(Although It's Hateful and Painful) was released on March 15 in their 1st single "PAMELA". The remainder of the Pledis Boys. They will debut in the second half of 2012. Temporarily nicknamed 'DSP Boys' or 'SS502'. The group is comprised of HyeongKon, JaeHyung, YunYoung, HyoJun, SeungYup, SeungJin and SungMin. Will debut in Korea and Japan in July.



DSP Boys


VIVID Busker Busker

6 3

Park Sunghee

Female Male

Finalists of Superstar K3. The upcoming yet-to-be-named male idol group from Yedang Entertainment, the company that houses CHI CHI, ALi, and Im Jaebeom. Several members have been revealed over the last couple of years via Twitter and Cyworld, but the final lineup has yet to be revealed. Rumours also persist that both Shinsadong Tiger and YG Entertainment are helping in their debut process and concept. One of two upcoming idol groups from Brand New Stardom this is the second male idol group that the company will debut. Members have yet to be revealed. One of two upcoming idol groups from Brand New Stardom this is the first female idol group from the company. Members have yet to be revealed. Ahead of their debut, the four members have been cast in the Korea-Indonesa collaborative drama "I Love You...". It depicts a romance spreading from Indonesia to Korea. Their group name is most likely pronounced as "Chilgusai", following the Korean pronunciation of the numbers.

Yedang Boys

Yu Barom


Yedang Entertainment

Topp Dogg


Brand New Stardom Entertainment Brand New Stardom Entertainment



Yoo Haenghoon


Contents Storage Company

TAHITI Ruby utie

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Female Female Female HY Entertainment Orange Entertainment

The group are set to debut on their 1st variety show, "Ta-dah! It's TAHITI." airing on SBS MTV for 10 weeks.