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The Role of National Administration in Managing and Programming of EU funds According to the Regulation for the implementation of the

IPA, Serbia is obliged to establish their own institutions to manage EU funds through the Decentralized Management Funds (DIS). Preparing for DIS has begun in Serbia in 2006 and 2008, the Strategy for the DIS accreditation in Serbia. According to the Roadmap for DIS, in December of 2011 was the deadline for accreditation for DIS components III and IV. In accordance with the Roadmap for DIS established the institutional structure and appointed the following personnel: National IPA koridinator (NIPAC), Strategic Coordinator responsible for coordinating the components of regional development and human resources (SCO), the National Accrediting Officer (CAO), the National official (NAO) and the National Fund (NF), the Audit Authority (AA). National IPA koridinator - provides coordination of assistance from the pre-accession instrument and manages the process of programming, To the CAO - issues, monitors, and in some cases suspendu function of the national authorizing officer and the National Fund. National official for approval - is led by the National Fund and shall bear the entire financial responsibility for the functioning of the system. National Fund - a body who is responsible for central management account in which the EC funds paid for the land user, after signing the Financial Agreement. Audit Authority - the expert body, determined by the beneficiary country funds, independent of other structures in the system and is responsible for verifying the functioning of the management and control. Also, it is necessary to establish the operating structure (OS), which are bodies that are responsible for managing and implementing programs of assistance under the IPA Regulation (1085/2006 Council Regulation on the establishment of the instrument for pre-accession assistance - IPA Regulation) for each IPA component, with the exception of the functions performed by NIPAC, NAO and NF. In this structure include: NIPAC Technical Secretariat - NIPAC TS, Implementing Agencies - IAS, Programme Management Units - PMUs, Programme authorizing Officer - PAO, Senior Programme Officer - SPO. Specific functions and institutions of DIS management and implementation of IPA III and IV are: Strategic Coordinator - SCO, Operating Structures - OS. Also provided are two levels of the Monitoring Committee with a view to ensuring coherence and coordination in the implementation of the IPA and the inclusion of all relevant actors, such as: IPA Monitoring Committee - IPA MC, Sectoral Monitoring Committees - SMCs. Also, it is necessary to employ appropriate and adequate human resources to function effectively DIS. It is essential that the Government of RS izbmeni salary scales for civil servants and adequately paid staff engaged in activities related to EU accession, as the management of EU funds. Also, it is necessary to establish an appropriate mechanism for recruitment and training of personnel who are engaged in different institutions DIS. For better functioning of the DIS, it is also improving coordination between the central government, regional government of Vojvodina and local self-government.