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New Market Leader Quick Placement Test

Beginner to Pre-intermediate Try to answer all forty five questions. There is one mark per question. Write one answer from the four possible answers. For example: What __c__ your name? a) are b) be 1 Where are _____ from? a) she b) his 2 Sam isnt _____ . a) doctor b) job

c) is c) you c) a doctor

d) am d) Tom d) work d) Our d) show d) big d) has d) nationality d) These d) there d) thanks

3 _____ are three hotels in the city centre. a) There b) We c) Where 4 Hello, Marta. Nice to _____ you. a) meet b) give c) speak

5 Volkswagen is _____ German company. a) a b) old c) in 6 Lisa Steiner _____ 25 years old. a) is b) she c) age

7 Rick is from Glasgow, a _____ in Scotland. a) company b) country c) city 8 _____s my new boss over there. a) This b) Those 9 Are _____ your tickets? a) their b) these c) That c) this

10 Whats your telephone number, _____ ? a) welcome b) please c) isnt it

11 The sales conference is very good, but we _____ very happy with our hotel. a) isnt b) cant c) havent d) arent 12 _____ me, wheres the conference centre? a) Please b) Excuse c) Sorry d) Say

13 I write a lot of e-mails, but I _____ write a lot of reports. a) dont b) am not c) not d) isnt 14 _____ you work for a big company? a) Job b) Are c) Office d) Do 1

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15 Can Olga speak _____ foreign languages? a) the b) some c) any 16 What do you _____ in your free time? a) relax b) job c) be 17 What time do you get up _____ the morning? a) on b) in c) for 18 Ive _____ a meeting this Tuesday. a) got b) go c) get 19 Ana can _____ computer programs a) write b) writing c) wrote 20 Can I offer you _____ coffee? a) any b) lot c) much

d) lot of d) do d) at d) going d) writes d) some

21 Sakiko _____ Luis at the sales conference in March 2006. a) met b) meet c) meeting d) meets 22 Hans left the firm six years _____. a) past b) since c) ago 23 _____ you at the meeting yesterday? a) Did b) Went c) Could 24 How much did your new computer _____ ? a) cost b) price c) expensive 25 When did Sandra _____ about our problems? a) learns b) learning c) learn 26 Our country is _____ market for mobile phones. a) biggest b) bigger c) the biggest 27 Sales in June were a _____ higher than in July. a) bit b) much c) more 28 Jenny _____ a customer in Madrid at the moment. a) call b) calling c) calls 29 How many days _____ Ahmed spend in Moscow? a) is b) was c) do 30 Sheilas not _____ study marketing next year. a) going b) will c) going to 31 We wont _____ our new range next month. a) introduce b) introducing c) to introduce d) long d) Were d) money d) learned d) much bigger d) very d) s calling d) did d) wont d) introduced

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32 _____ you ever worked abroad? a) Will b) Did

c) Can

d) Have d) in

33 Marias lived in Berlin _____ three years. a) since b) ago c) for

34 Its a good restaurant, but they havent got any vegetarian _____ . a) dishes b) cookers c) menu d) meat 35 Theres a lot of choice! What do you_____ ? a) ordering b) recommend c) show d) advice

36 We buy all our food at Maxi because they often have special _____ . a) targets b) promotions c) customs d) features 37 This offer is for a limited _____ only, so you have to be quick. a) discount b) sale c) order d) period 38 Mario always keeps his promises. Hes very _____ . a) reliable b) punctual c) ambitious 39 They say one third of the _____ will lose their jobs. a) employment b) workforce c) casual 40 Our company has a big _____ of the home market. a) staff b) niche c) profit d) sociable d) qualifications d) share

41 Its easy to _____ mistakes when you are in a foreign country! a) work b) make c) think d) do 42 Business was bad, and profits _____ to an all-time low. a) fell b) rise c) felt d) rose 43 Sarah _____ a lot of money in her new job. a) wins b) gains c) deals d) earns

44 Raul has _____ for the post of office manager in Budapest. a) applied b) offered c) enquired d) informed 45 Max is very good _____ organising seminars and conferences. a) on b) in c) at d) over

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2008 Pearson Longman ELT