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Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte

de mayo dos mil y ocho -- vol. 4, no. 5

Resolutions go to vote this morning See page 3 and 7

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Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho

The Last One

oday is the last day of the TriumvirateI cant believe its here already! After the first 24 hours it all started to become a blur. But it was certainly one of the best weeklong blurs of my life, and I can say that with absolute certainty. I didnt quite know what to expect coming into this event, and even on Sunday I was a little apprehensive, as I was just getting to know my new partner in crime, Damien. It turns out hes a genius and we work very well together, plus he has good taste in beer. While most people would rather be sleeping than writing articles at 2 a.m., our team of journalists was up creating the TrilatHerald for youand having fun doing it too! Sure sleep deprivation can be tough, but a price could never be put on the friendship and bonds you create while working on this wonderful publication through the night. Speaking of working on the paper, I couldnt have asked for a better team of journalists. Honestly, they were so diligent, committed and talentedhow else could we be printing 10-page papers with just five journalists? They get up early and stay all day covering their respective commissions, then come back to the hotel when almost everyone else is winding down, and begin the second part of their day, reading their notes, doing their research, talking to delegates and writing their articles. I am truly going to miss the Triumvirate, the amazing and wonderful people I met, the great times I had working with the delegates, the organizers and of course the team of journalists. Last night I had the opportunity to go out for a beautiful dinner with some wonderful students from Universidad Monterrey, Gabriel, Nerea, Gabriela and Alejandro. It was a warm and welcoming experience, a good break from the infamous Suite 106, and I hope to visit them soon in Mexico. Finally, I would like to refute the detractors of FINA-NAFI, like the illustrious Art Joyce another eccentricwho emailed the organization, concluding her letter with the line It is appalling to me that you are warping young minds in this manner for such a destructive agenda to this country. I would like to state for the record that I could have never envisioned a better event. I couldnt imagine a more thorough, complete, intense, educational and fun event than this. It was not only an educational experience, it was a life experience and the lessons learned and friends gained can never be taken away. I would like to take this time to personally thank Ms. Celine Roche, Ms. Christine Frchette, Mr. Marc Kraichati, Mr. Guy Abou-Mourad, Damien Auger, the team of journalists, the team of lobbyists and all the delegates for making this Triumvirate experience second to none. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Erik Badia

Canadian legislator Sergio Villarreal had flag stolen in the middle of the plenary session
Selena Hill

Qubec Flag Kidnapped

After Thursdays plenary session in City Canadian delegation has agreed to vote on Hall, Sergio Villarreals Qubec flag was the resolution the same way the province of mysteriously kidnapped. Villarreal, the Alberta did when the bill was proposed in chair of the Canathe Canadas House dian caucus and of Commerce. Anrepresentative of other Canadian legQubec, says that islator stated that someone took his while it was initially flag while he was thought the resoturned away from lution could raise it in the assembly confusion, the passroom. While he deing of the amendnies the kidnapping ment will not harm as a sign of enmity Qubecs resolution. against his proposal Leon also professed to recognize Quthat there was disbec as a distinct nacussion amongst the tion within Canada, Canadian caucus on anonymous sources the delicate matter say this event shows and that there is that there is opposino present conflict tion to [Villarreals] amongst the Canaposition. dian delegates. Sergio Villareal showing his flag stand, According to looking visibly sad anonymous sources, the official position of the U.S. caucus is against the acknowledgement of Qubec as an individual nation because it would Editor: be detrimental to the spirit of cooperation between the three countries. But VillarErik Badia real says that people within the Triumvirate are against the resolution out of fear and misapprehension that it will cause instabilLayout Editor: ity in Canada and the North American alliance. However, he assures that his proposal Damien Auger is not a movement promoting separatism, but rather a motion to grant the people of Qubec the dignity of recognition. VillarJournalists: real also perceives the kidnapping of his flag as an act of jest, not malice. I dont take it as an offense, he affirmed, I want to beOutsourcing: lieve that someone was just joking around. At most, the chairman says his proposition Mark Majeski induced different points of view that were Renewable energy commission: working on reconciling and denies that his stance caused tension among the delegates Selena Hill because everyone shares the same values of Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative democracy. On the other hand, anonymous sources assert that the kidnapping is politiBriana Wright cal. NAFTA chapter eleven When questioned, Gabriela Leon, an Alberta representative and the WHTI Alejandro Garcia De La Garza Commission President, confirmed that the

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho

Taxing Ideas
Mark Majeski

Erik Badia


erhaps the most crucial article in the States. Many major American companies resolution proposed by outsourcing hold their profits in foreign banks to escape chairperson Caroline Cyr in the plenary income tax in the United States. Millions, if yesterday was article 2.1. The article em- not billions of dollars are held in banks locompasses certain fiscal mesures to offset cated in the Caymen Islands and Switzerland the negative effects caused by delocalisation. annually. It is certain that many of the banks The revised resolution reads, The adoption customers are outsourcing companies. of controlling mesures on delocalising enThe American legislator continued by arterprises in the States of North America is guing that if the United States were to alleencouraged. We suggest the taxing of prof- viate the taxation on delocalising companies, its made from outsourcing enterprises. A temporary commission will be put into place to establish rules of implementation of such a tax. Little do the rest of the commissions know that this article was written and rewritten many times before going to print. When it came to this article, said Mr. Esprance Siwe Siwe, The debate intensified as every delegation had its doubts. Esprence Siwe Siwe, legislator working in the Outsourcing commission Still, the article lacks an explanation in the event of companies who more money would be coming into the United choose to leave their profits outside the Unit- States. This would stimulate the economy, said Siwe Siwe, And at the present time, that ed States. According to the American legislator, The prospect is very attractive to my country. He later stated, I am all for delocalisation, only way this taxation program would work is if the outsourcing companies were obliged just against its effects. For him, meager workby law to bring their profit back to the United ing conditions should not be tolerated.

Brazil protects indigenous tribes The Brazilian government took photographs of one of the few uncontacted indigenous tribes left in the rainforest in order to prove their existence and help protect their land. The pictures w e r e taken f r o m the air, over the border between P e r u and Brazil and s h o w tribesm e n wielding Indigenous tribe in Brazil b o w s and arrows, in red and black paint. More than half the worlds 100 uncontacted tribes live in either Brazil or Peru. Small indigenous tribes such as this are at risk of becoming extinct, in part due to illegal logging, as well as health risks. Fishermen On Strike Thousands of fishermen have gone on strike to protest high Fuel prices, with the stoppages spreading over Europe. Spain is Europes largest fish producer; however the strike is likely to bring the industry to a standstill. Meanwhile, in France, fishermen have been protesting for weeks, and fishermen in Portugal, Belgium and Italy are said to be joining in the act. UK and Dutch lorry-drivers
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Interview with Sergio Villarreal

Selena Hill

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho

Leading the Fight for Qubec Independence the People of Qubec are a French speaking island confined in a straight-jacket they dont feel comfortable in. Sergio Villarreal, Canadian Chair Despite the controversy over Sergio Villarreals proposal to distinguish Qubec as an individual nation in Canada, the Canadian caucus chair and Qubec legislator says that he will continue to fight for its ratification. According to Villarreal, Qubec should be honored as an independent nation because of its cultural and political diversity and distinguished attributes to North America. As declared in Qubec as Nation Within North America: The people of Qubec form a nation different from Canada as stated by Prime Minister Harper, thus given the values of the North American community it ought to be recognized by the North American parliament. According to Villarreal, Qubec is clearly distinguished from the other nations within the North American alliance. Qubec has its own culture, he proclaimed, no other country in North America speaks French. But the residents of Qubec are struggling for cultural survival, he asserted. Politically, the province population sways toward socialist ideas and has a crucial regard for the value of education. He also acclaimed Qubec as the most progressive nation in North America and stated that a lot of the people in the province speak English, French, and Spanish which is a strong indication that they are open to multiculturalism. As a major contributor to North America, Villarreal pointed out Qubecs role in the ratification of NATFA being that Canada was opposed to the bill. Qubec tourism can also benefit North America, he stated. Villarreal says his actions are not apart of a separatist movement nor is the resolution requesting sovereignty. It is only petitioning for minimal recognition. He emphasized that the Canadian House of Commerce has already recognized the people of Qubec as nation, nonetheless people fear it will create instability, he affirmed. Qubec feels strongly about independence and they want social justice in North America, he cried, for the people of Qubec are a French speaking island confined in a straight-jacket they dont feel comfortable in.

Interview with Pierre Marc Johnson

Erik Badia

ree Trade is really simpleits just lawyers that make it complicated. This is just one of several witty remarks made by Former Quebec Premier Pierre Marc Johnson yesterday during his address to the participants of the Triumvirate at the Montreal City Hall. Mr. Johnson, who was formerly the Attorney General (1984-1985), and later Quebec Premier (1985), discussed several topics related to North American integration and the Triumvirate, including economics, relations, and trade. Mr. Johnson compared the relationships between European Union nations and North American nations, and the disparities amongst them, citing among other differences, the fact that war has both divided and united them. Mr. Johnson spoke about the three necessities of trade agreements, listing three key elements: free circulation of goods, services and capital, commitments from governments to the fact that they will be disciplined on legislation and thousands of pages of exceptions to the first two agreements. He also stressed the importance of trade agreements and alliances, maintaining that cooperative institutions, like the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) allow for collaborative exchanges of information. Mr. Johnson talked a little bit about cultural exchanges between integrated nations, interjecting a personal anecdote, I know some Quebec artists who are better known in Mexico City than they are in Montreal. Mr. Johnson then got into more geopolitical topics, namely renewable energy, stating, Energy is fundamental in North America, it is the driving force of the economy. He went on to talk about the increasing demand for oil, accompanied by rising oil prices, commenting that Americans are sick and tired of having to rely on oil that comes from Russia, Venezuela and the Middle East. He then moved on to the issue of climate change, and how legislation can affect both consumption and production of energy, citing strict building codes as one way to curb energy ineffi-

ciency. Following his address, Mr. Johnson opened up the forum to questions, taking inquiries from the participants of the Triumvirate, and answering questions on everything from policy implementation to the challenges faced by the three nations of North America. In an interview following the address, Mr. Johnson expressed his support for the Triumvirate, saying I think its a remarkable initiative its very substantive. He also commented on the eclecticism of the event, noting that he particularly enjoyed the diversity, the fact that you have accepted people playing different roles, including lobbyists and mostly this remarkable exchange of Canadians playing Mexicans and Mexicans playing Americans, which takes an intellectual effort. Mr. Johnson voiced his opinion on the most efficient and beneficial forms of renewable energy, stating, Solar, obviously. Wind power, obviously. These are the two main sources, and he affirmed his point about energy conservation through construction, saying that if you adopt good building codes, you can reduce radically C02 emissions. When asked about Nuclear energy technology, he related his feelings that the only issue becomes about the disposal [of nuclear waste]. When asked about the question of national security in the sharing of technology and information, Mr. Johnson replied, We live in a world where there is already a huge amount of circulation of good and bad ideas through the net, and good and bad technologies through the net, including how to build a dirty bomb in your bathroom. He continued, I think really the challenge is one of efficient intelligence rather than thinking were going to stop the widespread level of knowledge there is around it. When asked about the role nationalism plays in the dynamics of integration between the North American nations, Mr. Johnson explains, Nationalism plays a great part; both Mexico and Canada dont want to be viewed as Americans, secondly Americans tend to be proud and see their system as the best in the world.

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho


Torn Legislators Reach Mutual Agreement

Mark Majeski

uring the second day of revising and rewriting the draft resolution, the outsourcing commission reached the greatest disagreement thus far. While discussing the third chapter, the creation of an aid fund for delocalized employees (FAED), three conflicting opinions struggled to reach a consensus that would mutually please all. This fund is crucial; this fund is for the workers that have been laid off, President Caroline Cyr began, we do not have one right now; it has been expired for some time now... the United States especially yearns for this fund as the unemployment caused by delocalisation has affected many Americans. Advisor Mathieu Ares added, Le but principal du fond daide [pour

Letters to the Herald

Jos Manuel Guevara
The author is a canadian delegate

Dear participants of the Triumvirate 2008, I would first like to express what an honor it has been working with you all. After four days of intense work, today we will vote on the draft resolutions and amendments in the general assembly. I think that the Renewable Energy Commission is very satisfied with the resolution that we created, especially after facing a very complicated second day, where the negotiations had many obstacles. Legislators from the three countries made a great effort to achieve real and ambitious objectives that benefit the three nations. I believe that through this resolution, we send a clear message: Mexico, the United States and Canada are truly committed to the care of the environment and energy security. With great joy I can say that most of the points discussed in our committee were reached by consensus, and this can only mean that the cooperation of the three countries is in the pursuit of the welfare for future North American generations. I am sure that the other commissions also have done an excellent job. Thats why through these words I would like to ask all legislators that today we make all this effort worthwhile. The resolution of renewable energy has great benefits for our nations. But I think the most important point is that this resolution contributes to decrease the effects of global warming. This resolution can also be an example for other regions of the world to seek environmental policies favorable for all. Fellow delegates I want to invite you to reflect on the benefits that this resolution has. Colleagues, vote in favor of this resolution, do not postpone these measures that are of great importance for our countries, and for the world in general.

les Etats-Unis] est de fermer la gueule des syndicats amricains, pas pour soccuper des pauvres Mexicains. The primary goal of the aid fund [for the United States] is to quiet American unions, not to take care of poor Mexicans. The debate intensified when each country had divided opinions on article 3.2, the objective of FAED. The original draft reads, The objective of FAED is to establish an aid program inspired from NAFTATAA and to support the professional reinsertion of licensed workers. The American delegates support the social assistance program only when it is managed uniquely within their country. Naturally, Mexico was opting for the trilateral social assistance plan as they would be the entity benefiting most from such legislation. While Mexico was pressing for a plan modelled after the NAFTA-TAA, Canada was uninterested and unwilling in providing assistance to their neighbours in the far south. A communal social assistance program will ultimately end in failure. This is a program in which individual countries should be assuming themselves, stated Canadian legislator Sadra Sumner. All three countries eventually agreed on the reinsertion program as being a communal legislation. When the issue of representation was addressed, both the Mexican and Canadian legislators desired equal representation. Ms. Cyr along with Ms. Gaby Gamarra were quick to point out that the Americans would never accept such a proposition. Realizing this injustice, Ms. Stephanie Williams for the Mexican delegation announced that representation by population and a rotating president would be the most accurate in terms of fairness. The commission later agreed that the president would hold a maximum term of two years in office, alternating nationalities after each term. It was then decided that the fund will run for a total of six years to ensure maximum effectiveness. After the commission was dismissed, Ms. Cyr confided,I think that we did a great job. We relatively agreed with most of the content of each article and word choice. We rarely even voted we truly came up with the new draft resolution together. I will be extremely surprised if they [the delegates] refute the draft in the caucus tomorrow as each legislator has fabricated it themselves.

The Outsourcing commission in session


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news news news

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho

also held protests this week. These strikes reflect the outrage at the rising cost of fuel, with oil prices now above $130 per barrel. Making matters worse, the cost of diesel fuel, which the fishing boats run on, has become unreasonably high, skyrocketing 300% over the past five years, while wholesale fish prices have been static for 20 years. US and Mexican governors convene to curb drug violence

crisis. The $1.2 billion food program was announced on Thursday by World Bank President Robert Zoellick. The new money is called rapid reaction facility, is designed to address immediate needs, according to the World Bank. Those needs include school feeding programs, supporting food for work, food production and conditional cash transfers. The bank also announced that it would increase its overall support for global agriculture and food to $6 billion next year, up from $4 billion in 2008. Swelling food prices have been driven by poor whether conditions, rising energy costs, and increased demand, which stems from population booms and, to an extent, the creation of biofuels. Canadian hockey player dies at 21

French fishermen having hard times since the price of diesel has increase 3 fold

Governors from the United States and Mexico are scheduled to meet for talks to increase security at both sides of the US-Mexico border among a surge of drug-related violence in Mexico. Governors of California, New Mexico and Texas are going to be offering their support to the US border to crack down on drug violence Mexican President Felipe Possible security breach in China Calderon in Mexicos cleanup of drug gangs. In addition, governors of six Mexican states are to join the call for increased presU.S. government authorities are investigating whether Chinese sure on the gangs. Approximately 30,000 troops and federal officials may have copied the contents of a government laptop police have been sent to different areas of Mexico in an attempt computer during a visit to China by Commerce Secretary Carto curb the violence. Almost 1,400 people have died this year los Gutierrez and used the information to try to hack into deacross the country, as its drug cartels battle each other and the partment computers. Officials and told the Associated Press Mexican government. That figure includes at least 450 police the secret copying is believed to have occurred when a laptop officers and other government officials. was left unattended during Gutierrezs trip to Beijing for trade talks in December. Gutierrez told the AP on Thursday he could World Bank lends 1.2 billion dollars for food crisis not discuss whether or how the laptops contents might have been copied. It is not clear what information was on the laptop The World Bank is making $1.2 billion available, including that might have been compromised, but it would be unlikely $200 million for those at the highest risk in the worlds poorfor a U.S. government official to carry sensitive data on a laptop est nations, through loans and grants to contest the global food taken to China.

Vancouver Canucks defenseman, Luc Bourdon, was killed in a motorcycle accident on Thursday, he was 21. Bourdon helped Canada win gold medals at the 2006 and 2007 world junior hockey championships. According to police, Bourdon was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a transport truck on a road between Lameque and his hometown of Shippagan. Bourdon was the Canucks first-round pick (10th overall) at the 2005 NHL entry draft. He finished the 2007-08 NHL season with two goals and a plus-7 rating in 27 games for the Canucks, who Several thousand extra mexican troops are sent to missed the playoffs.

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho


Inter-American Integration
Alejeandro Garcia De La Garza


WHTI Soars
Briana Wright ver the last few days while covering the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) political commission, I have been impressed with the manner in which the chairperson kept order and the pace at which they were able to reach a consensus and on amending the articles. I was also equally impressed with the manner in which the delegates handled themselves in their debates. The commission worked proactively and easily reached agreements on various articles. It was not until about the last half hour of the final political commission that the delegates restlessness resulted in a dispute over procedural issues. An anonymous article was submitted and printed in the TrilatHerald which depicted an unfairly run and disordered commission. Not one of these words should be used to describe the commissions advancement towards an effective draft resolution. In view of the fact that they ended their last political commission on a note of perplexity, the delegates took it upon themselves to work out their situation until early in the morning in order to successfully produce a quality draft resolution. Points which they were not able to reach an agreement on were quickly amended. Once the delegates had taken time to collect themselves they were all able to make concessions on behalf of their countries lest they position their draft resolution for a possible veto. During yesterdays plenary session, the commission presented their amended resolution. The two most important of these are: 1) In place of the U.S. being held responsible for funding the implementation of the enhanced drivers license 100 percent, the delegates agreed to the U.S. funding 60 percent while Mexico and Canada would cover the rest. 2) the commission agreed upon an additional article which would allow a 60 percent subsidization for Mexican and American citizens living within 20 km from the border who wish to obtain an enhanced drivers license creating a compromise between no subsidization and allowing citizens from each country to cross the border with only a traditional drivers license.

f you are not Canadian then at least once in your life, you have been outside your country (if you are Canadian, then at least you have been outside your city. Worst-case scenario, you have at least been outside your house and hung around with foreign people, even if against your will). Some people feel right at home in a foreign city. Some people, however, dont feel that way in their own country. Regardless of the case, integration means that you have the right to be misunderstood in a foreign language. It is not the exclusive right of waiters in your local restaurant to neglect, overcharge, and misunderstand you. The excuse here might be the difference in language. But with this freedom of movement, you can get the local treatment wherever you are. Integration opens up endless possibilities. During the Triumvirate, we have overanalyzed the economic, political, and social effects of it. But the benefits we have forgotten to mention are the little ones, the small details that enrich life. You can see places never seen before, get lost in places where you did not even know where you were to begin with, and you have the advantage that locals are just as confused with you as you are with them. If you think your city is cheap, you will find that the places you visit are expensive. If you are used to the high prices of big cities, a stroll around a quaint old town will not require

traveling on a budget. And, just like in your place of origin you getfree of chargethe sensation of being amazed, shocked, enchanted, disgusted, surprised or unimpressed. This is all included on the integration package. Governments might love it or hate it, and businesses might drool over the financial possibilities, or fear imminent doom. But in the end, it comes down to the people; ordinary, everyday people who will have to deal with the sociological implications of it. But dont worry; integration is by no mean homogenization. Sure, you might find an American fast food restaurant in a Mexican pueblo, or a taco stand in a fishing port in northeastern Canada, but that doesnt mean you will start putting maple syrup on hot-dogs and tacos. The fact that we can coexist just helps reaffirm local values. Communication is one of the main facilitators of integration, it helps businesses and transactions and many more sober and serious things. But what really brings people together is the ability to annoy each other longdistance, and thanks to instant messaging, e-mail, and special social networking sites, we can rest assured people will keep finding ways to get on each others nerves, just as if they were right next to each other. In the end, integration means working togethergetting alongall three countries growing more prosperous by giving each other a hand. We are, in a sense, stuck together. We might as well walk on the same direction.

Bombardier Bloc Qubcois Consulado General de Mxico Secrtariat la jeunesse du gouvernement du Qubec Secrtariat aux affaires intergouvernementales Canadiennes


Drowsy delegates debate slumber

Aljeandro Garcia De La Garza

Vendredi le trente mai deux milles huit -- Friday May Thirtieith, Two Thousand And Eight -- Viernes, treinte de mayo dos mil y ocho

pete over economic reforms that will effectively take sleep away Legislators of various countries and commissions were attemptwhen they cause more work in the long run. ing respite during this mornings plenary sessions with little Following governsuccess, due to the mental procedure other legislators and protocol, legnegligence and unislators paid no settling hard work. attention to their Apparently, of the exhausted counissues mentioned in terparts, ignorthe agenda, a quick ing the issues that snooze or sieste is of concerned them no concern to them, the most: mainly, and continued their procuring pillows debating on NAFand comfortable TA integration surfaces in which policies despite the to lie. And while drowsy legislators agreements where heavy eyelids and made in ensuring other direct signs of the implementafatigue, ignoring the tion of articles consensus on deep included in the slumber. original draft resoWhen questioned, lutions that imone nappy legislaproved the worktor confirmed the ing of NAFTA, no general lethargic such resolutions position with great were made on, as diplomacy and eloone legislator tried quence by emitting to put it before a resounding snore. nodding off, just a The reason for this bit of sleep. recurrent condition amongst the various sluggish delegates From left to right, Damien Auger, Mark Majeski, Darren Jackson, Selena Hill was that they were overworked, and they all had a very nice meal, which prompted the initiative for some shut-eye. Amongst the most common symptoms were the incessant nodding of the heads, the resting of such on hands to try and dissimulate to actually pay attention, and in some more extreme cases, a more effective but less discreet technique was adopted, with the crossing of the arms over the desk and the placement of the forehead directly, blocking out all intruding light. With no regard to the massive amounts of zzzs emanating from the weary legislators, the lively ones ruined the siesta with their incessant and disruptive public service. Apparently, legislation over some peace and quiet for a couple of minutes does not com-