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Jason Glenn

Level Design/Game Design Email: Portfolio: 12032 Juniette Street, Culver City CA 90230-6232 Cell: (714) 718-9545

Work Experience ID TECH Level Design Instructor June 2011 August 2011 Summer Program Project: Game Modding - Half Life 2, Unreal Development Kit, Never Winter Nights Toolset Taught the fundamentals of the several level editors Taught level design concepts and theories to help the students create better levels Guided students to create a finished projects IGNITION ENTERTAINMENT Level Designer August November 2010 Studio Closed Down Project: Reich Editor: Unreal Development Kit Worked on the initial white box for multiple levels using a heavily modified version of the Unreal Development Kit Maintained design documentation Worked closely with a diverse group of game designers, level scripters and artists ARCHON GAMES Game Designer May 2010- August 2010 Limited Contract Project: TechnoWizard Editor: Torque 3D Created and implemented the layouts for several areas Helped design the core systems and found the fun of the game Collaborated with the team to make a cohesive environment and story UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Senior Airmen - Medical Lab Technician February 2003 February 2007 Used automated test cases to calibrate a variety of lab equipment Performed QA testing for the Microbiology, Hematology, Urinalysis, Clinical Chemistry, Shipping and Phlebotomy Departments Kept lab documentation up to date and implemented new procedures to adhere to OSHA regulations (continued)

Jason Glenn
Email: / Portfolio: Design Skills Engines: Proficient in using Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Development Kit, Gears of War), Source (Left 4 Dead, Half Life 2), Torque (TechnoWizard, Masters Lackey), Worldbuilder (Dawn of War II) The Elder Scrolls Construction Set (Oblivion), Architect (City of Heroes) and Aurora (NWN2) Level Design: BSP construction, terrain, mesh, texturing, effects, system design, optimization, lighting, sound, AI pathing, level flow, multiplayer map and quest/mission design Scripting: Proficient with Kismet (Unreal Engine 3), Hammer I/O (Source) and familiarity with C# Development Software: 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Tortoise SVN, Issue Manager, Audacity and Microsoft Movie Maker Design Documentation: Level Design Docs, Game Design Docs, Level Assets, Level Maps, Level Concepts/Pitches, Scrum backlogs and task reports Personal Projects Project:"Tangled Vines and "One Night Bridge" City of Heroes Story Arcs Position: Content Designer December 2010- February 2011 Editor: Architect Editor Responsibilities: Designed two story arcs with over two hours of gameplay. Wrote over 9000 words of story, dialogue and descriptions Created dozens of custom enemies using the City of Heroes costume editor Project: Bloody Mary, Left 4 Dead cooperative and versus level Position: Level Designer July - November 2009 Editor: Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools Beta Engine: Source Responsibilities: Created 15 minutes of gameplay with interior and exterior areas Placed all props and actors Created events through entity based scripting Education SMU Guildhall, Plano TX Jan 2008- May 2009 Certificate in Digital Game Development, Specialization in Level Design Community College of the Air Force August 2003- June 2007 Associate Degree in Applied Medical Laboratory Sciences References Nikolai Mohilchock Travis Hawk Harry Jarvis Allen Tucker Shaun McCarty Ahmed Abdel-Meguid Svea Eppler Grady Catterall

Senior Designer Level Scripter Producer Designer and Scripter Game Test Analyst Game Designer Associate Designer Instructor

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