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Group A - Title: Develop working relationships with colleagues This unit will help learners to establish and develop

effective working relationships with colleagues. Learning outcomes The learner will: 1. Understand the benefits of working with colleagues. 2. Be able to establish working relationships with colleagues. 3. Be able to act in a professional and respectful manner when working with colleagues. 4. Be able to communicate with colleagues. 5. Be able to identify potential work related difficulties and explore solutions.

1.1 Describe the benefits of productive working relationships with your colleagues. Explain why you think it is important to work as a team? How do you think you all benefit from this? EG better working environment, working to the Assignment Instruction for the Client It is important to work as a team in order to be successful of achieving the task of securing the site by sharing information of how to work better, giving each other appraisals and monitoring. Also we as a team benefit by having better working environment 2.1 Identify colleagues within your own organisation and other organisations you are involved with, for example, your client(s) and how you establish these working relationships. Do you have contact with the client? If so, what do you think is important about the relationships with the client? I have contact with the clients both the Tube Line Management and its Sub contractors Alstom at the site, the important of having a relationship with them is to inform them any new problems that arises and working with them to solve it 2.2 Agree the roles and responsibilities for colleagues within your organisation. Who do you report to? Why do you report to them and when would you? Here you are explaining the organisation chart. I report to the Carlisle CSO and Operations Manager the reason I report to them is to follow the companies chain of command I report to them in case of incidents or general faults at the site 3.1 Explain how to display behaviour that shows professionalism and respect when working with your colleagues. Detail how you speak to people, e.g. respectful. You have a dress code and must be smart at all times and explain how you behave. I speak to people Im working with in respectful manner, friendly face and bodily gesture. I also have a Carlisle smart dress code 4.1 Identify how you provide information to others clearly and concisely to your colleagues. What information do you have to share with your colleagues on a day to day basis? How do you make sure it is accurate and up to date? I share information with my collogues by writing daily and time all that happened in the Daily Occurrence Book, also reminder before the end of the shift of anything that needs to be done

4.2 Explain how to receive and clarify your own understanding of information with colleagues. Here you need to explain how you get instructions either from your Supervisors, Management? EG Assignment Instructions. Do you get information face to face, written, email, notes, internet, TimeGate. How do you make sure you understand what is being asked of you? I get Assignment Instructions book when I started with the company, also Security Notice folder that has how to do the job and contracts. Also I receive beginning of each month newsletter. Anything I dont understand I call the Operations Manager 5.1 Identify potential work-related difficulties and conflicts of interest. Explain how you would solve these difficulties or conflicts. Explain any difficulties that you do encounter at work. Explain how these can be put right. One difficulty that I encounter at work is lateness coming at work, one way I put this right was leaving home early to come to work 5.2 Explain how to resolve identified potential difficulties. Have you ever identified a potential problem and how did you deal with it? One potential problem I identified was slippery pavement close to the main entrance which was hazardous, informed to the client to fix this problem.