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Literature Logs For the next nine weeks we will be reading two novels, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled

Hosseini and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. During each night of assigned reading you will need to complete one Literature Log. Literature Logs should be kept in a notebook or folder to be turned in every Friday at the start of class. If throughout the week you are assigned to read three nights, then by Friday you need to turn in three completed literature logs in your notebook or folder. Literature logs are meant to assist you in recording your responses to and reflections on the literature. Each Literature Log must consist of the following four sections: Reactions to the text In this section of your literature log, you will be required to write your reaction to the assigned reading in two paragraphs. You can write about what you liked or disliked, or simply what you found interesting about the reading for that night. Some prompts to help you with this section are: This part is very realistic/unrealistic because... I think the relationship between ______and______is interesting because... If I were (name of character) at this point, I would... Passages In this section of your literature log, you will be required to pick three passages from the text and explain their significance. Some significance for the passages that you pick can include but are not limited to: any literary elements that you find, such as symbolism or foreshadowing; any figurative language that you think exists, any historical context that you feel is instrumental to the text, or even passages that embody themes you think are important in the novel. Be sure to include the passage ( or at least the first three sentences if it is long), the page number and your explanation. Vocabulary In this section of your literature log, you will be required to write down the sentence that contains the vocabulary for that night, and explain what that word means in context. (There are only five vocabulary words a week, so some nights may have fewer than others) For extra points, jot down any words you did not know before reading the text and include the definition of the word as well as the word in your own sentence. (one point for every new word you include with a maximum of three) Questions In this section of your literature log, you will be required to write down three questions you have about the text. These questions can be clarification questions for concepts or events you did not understand or they can be discussion questions that you think will be interesting to discuss. Please make sure your discussion questions are specific questions that reflect your knowledge and interest in the text.

These literature logs are designed to assist you in keeping up with the reading, and to encourage good reading strategies. Although each log is worth ten points, there are twenty nights of assigned reading, so collectively reading logs are a significant part of your grade. Take them seriously and do your best!