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William Shakespeare

1. Sort out the sentences Choose one box from the first column. Then, another box from the second column, another one from the third and so on until you sort out 6 famous quotes from Shakespeares plays. If music Listen To be, It is not No legacy Love in the stars be is to or not all, to be: many, to hold Trust so the food Rich our destiny of love, That Speak a few, is do wrong but to as play on. a few. honesty. in ourselves. to none. the question.

2. Match these idioms with their meaning. 1.All of a sudden 2.Foregone conclusion 3.Brevity is the soul of wit a) Intelligent communication should use few and wisely chosen words b) In an instant. c) The days of one's youthful inexperience. 4.Its Greek to me 5.Come what may 6.Fair play 7.High time 8.In the twinkling of an eye 9.Salad days 10.Love is blind d) Behavior that is fair and honest e) Jealousy f) You cannot see what the other person really is because you love them so much. g) An expression is incomprehensible h) Whatever happens i) A decision made before the evidence for it is known. j)The time that something is due to be done. 11.Green-eyed monster k) Suddenly

All of a sudden- Suddenly (In The Taming of the Shrew, circa 1596) Has seen better days- as you like it

It is a foregone conclusion- Othello 1604 A decision made before the evidence for it is known. An inevitable conclusion. Brevity is the Soul of Wit The proverb 'brevity is the soul of wit' means that articulate and intelligent communication (speech and writing) should use few and wisely chosen words. It is best associated with the play 'Hamlet,' by William Shakespeare. Its Greek to me-julius Caesar Come what may-MacBeth Let whatever events crop up come to pass. In a pickle- the Tempest 1610 In a quandary or some other difficult position. Fair play- The Tempest Properly conducted conditions for a game, giving all participants an equal chance. Also used more widely to mean fairness and justice in contexts other than games. Green- eyed monster-(jealousy) The Merchant of Venice 1556 High time Comedy of Errors, 1590: The time that something is due (bordering on overdue) to be done. In the twinkling of an eye (the Merchant of Venice) In an instant. Salad days (Anthony and Cleopatra, 1606:) The days of one's youthful inexperience. 6. SORT OUT THE QUOTES

If music / be / the food / of love, / play / on. It is not / in the stars / to hold / our destiny / but / in ourselves. Listen / to / many, / speak / to / a few. Love / all, / trust / a few, / do wrong / to none. No legacy / is / so / rich / as / honesty. To be, / or not / to be: / that / is / the question.