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The FM Group ranges of quality, affordable fragrances, toiletries, make-up and household products offer everyone the opportunity to build their own home-based business, working flexible hours that suit themselves and the needs of their family. As an independent FM Group distributor you will earn money by recommending FM Group products to others and, if you wish, by introducing others to the FM business, you will also earn additional commission based on their sales. Founded in Poland in September 2004 by the Trawinski family, FM Group World is enjoying rapid expansion in the perfume market and Network Marketing industry. Since launching, FM Group World has opened offices in over 60 countries, with more opening every year and has more than 600,000 distributors worldwide and growing! FM GROUP HAS GROWN RAPIDLY BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING ESSENTIALS FOR SUCCESS ARE ALSO IN PLACE: You only need to buy a Sample Kit to start your business (lowest price Kit is =N= 15,500) i.e starter kit N11500, one classic perfume N2500, transport N1500. Low monthly qualifying cost of around =N=4000 to receive full team commission Replacement spending saving the customer money rather than increasing their monthly spend High quality, consumable products used by everyone on a regular basis Products are not tested on animals No in-depth product ingredient training required who doesnt know how to use a perfume? 9% of global sales paid into Bonus Pools Commissions are paid in your local office currency Commissions are paid directly into your bank account if requested Very achievable Mercedes car bonuses (people in Nigeria and around the world are already driving FM Group Mercedes Cars now) Offices in over 60 countries and growing worldwide giving you the opportunity to build internationally A well established and financially secure company with a proven track record of success Experienced, professional and visionary management team in place Support and training for all members from local and international offices and from leaders around the world

Part-time or full-time, you have the opportunity to build a local, national or international business from the comfort of your home The FM Group Marketing Plan offers an exceptional reward for every distributor irrespective of the level they choose to operate at YOU decide how you want to participate. Whether you choose to create an additional part-time income through retailing and team building, or work full-time in the business you control your own destiny! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Retail Sales Family & friends, neighbours, work colleagues Direct Sales Offices, shops, factories Canvassing Door surveys, catalogue dropping & collecting Fundraising Local, National or International charities, organisations, religions groups, schools, etc Perfume Parties Creating interest and sales with fun parties Retail Outlets Small independent shops, gyms, hairdressers, beauticians, nail clinics Network Marketing The ultimate business model

FM Group offers a wide range of fragrances for both women and men in addition to a wide selection of perfumed toiletries such as body lotions, shower gels, hand and nail cream, deodorants and aftershaves. Because these products are so affordable, you can create a large customer base to sell the products to on regular basis. FM Group fragrances are stronger than most store-brought ones and are certainly far less expensive yet the quality has not been compromised in any way. While the cost of producing our perfumes is about the same as for other leading brands available in stores, our products are of higher quality and far less expensive for the following reasons: Our packaging is classic and attractive but not over the top

customer is not paying for fancy, custom-made bottles and packaging

they spent more money putting the sticker on the package on the perfume. another producer spent three months worrying about the ribbon on the bottle.
1 Nesdoly,


the perfume industry is worth a staggering 16 billion a year

Consider the price of the perfume. The liquid in the bottle represents only 3 per cent of the total cost of producing it. The other 97 per cent goes to marketing, packaging and advertising.

Tracy Scents and Sensibility Toronto Star 18/12/08

We do not spend money advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, or billboards

this adds to the cost of the products you normally purchased in stores
We do not pay celebrities to endorse our products

we prefer to rely on satisfied customers to recommend them to others

Extra costs are not added by wholesalers and retailers

our products are shipped directly from the company to our distributors
This is why we can offer our customers a range of top quality products at prices they can afford. With our products now being sold in over 60 countries worldwide, their popularity has already been proven internationally. Yet we are constantly introducing new products thus retaining the interest of customers and with such a wide range of products there is literally something for everyone! The market for these products is enormous and caters to all age groups and tastes. In the stores many people tend to buy Eau de Toilette products because of the very high cost of Parfum and Eau de Parfum. People often pay around =N=7,500 for a bottle of Eau de Toilette with just 6% or 8% perfume oil. The concentration of essential oils reflects the intensity and longevity of a perfume. As the percentage of essential oils increases, so does the intensity and longevity of the scent. Parfum Strongest fragrance Concentration between 15-40% Lasts between 6-8 hours Eau de Parfum (EDP) Lighter than Parfum Concentration between 10-16% Lasts between 3-5 hours Eau de Toilette (EDT) Lighter than Parfum or EDP Concentration between 5-10% Lasts between 2-4 hours

FM Group Ladies Parfum is concentrated at 20%, our Mens Eau de Parfum is concentrated at 16%. This means that you can buy our exclusive Parfum and Eau de Parfum products cheaper than Eau de Toilette products from other leading brands. That is real value for money! Our focus is to producing high quality fragrances and passing the savings on directly to our customers! FM COSMETICS PRODUCTS Following the success of our fragrances and perfumed body care ranges, FM Group has recently introduced a range of superior quality mineral-based make-up including competitively priced foundation, face powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss. The Make-Up range is another way to earn money and points with FM. FM HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS Also, as part of FMs plan to expand into many areas to enhance sales and, therefore your income, FM have introduced a wide range of excellent household and car care products, like all FM products they are highly repeatable products to help provide you with ongoing orders from your customers.

THE MARKETING PLAN The FM Group Marketing Plan offers a fair reward for every distributor irrespective of the level they choose to operate at. Whether you choose to create an additional part-time income or work full time in the business you control your own destiny! There are three stages of income with FM Group: STAGE ONE: RETAIL PROFIT As an independent FM distributor, you purchase the full range of FM products at wholesale prices. Every distributor purchases the product at the same wholesaler price and, whilst the company suggests a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for each product, you are free to set your own retail prices. You can earn the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price. This table shows the current Nigerian wholesale price and RRP for each product. It also shows an example of the retail profit possible when the products are sold at the RRP. For example: If you personally sell one bottle of Classic perfume every day each month at RRP, you will earn a retail profit of 30 x =N=875 a total of =N=26,250 per month. If you personally sell 100 bottles of Classic perfume every month at RRP you will earn 100 x =N=875 a total of =N=87,500 per month. Remember all examples are for illustration purposes only, and do not represent actual or guaranteed incomes. For the purposes of determining the level of Volume Bonus (see Stage Two) achieved, each product is allocated a Points Value as shown in this Retail Profit table.
Distributor Price =N= (inc VAT)
Recommended Retail Price =N= (inc VAT)

Classic Collection Perfumes Ladies 30ml/ Mens 50ml Luxury Collection Perfumes (lower price brand) Luxury Collection Perfumes (middle price brand) Luxury Collection Perfumes (upper price brand) Pheromones Ladies 30ml/Mens 50ml Fruit Eau de Toilette 50ml Flower Collection 50ml Small Classic Collection 15ml Mens Aftershave 100ml Childrens Perfumes Hair Fragrance Deodorant Roll On Shaving Foam 250ml Body lotion Miniatures Set Deodorant Spray Shower Gels Hand and Nail Cream Natural Advanced Foundation Duo Eye shadows Dimension Lash Mascara Air freshners Anti Crease Ironing Starch

NIG Retail Profit 875

NIG% Retail Profit 35%

Points Value



















3000 2275 2500 1000 1600 1465 700 1200 1800 1800 1000 1200 1000 1200

4000 3250 3375 1500 2200 2115 1000 1600 2300 2500 1400 1600 1400 1600

1000 975 875 500 600 650 300 400 500 700 400 400 400 400

33% 43% 35% 50% 28% 44% 42% 33% 28% 38% 40% 33% 40% 33%

28 17 18 6 12 12 4 13.5 11 21.5 5 13.5 7 10

There are separate catalogues for fragrances, Make-up and Home ranges. Delivery cost is =N=1,500 if order is less than 600 points, and Free from 600 Points and above Points (e.g. 24 Classic bottles). In Nigeria if you order before 12noon the courier aims to deliver your parcel for next working day (or two days). Please note: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.


2000 850 1000 400 400

2500 1250 1400 550 550

500 400 400 150 150

31% 47% 40% 37% 37%

10 5 7.5 3 3


STAGE TWO: VOLUME BONUS THE MAGNOLIA CLUB VOLUME BONUS allows you to earn an ADDITIONAL income each month, not just on your own personal sales (Personal Volume), but on the sales of all the distributors who form part of your group (Group Volume). Each month all the points accumulated by the distributors in your group, including your own personal sales, are totaled together to give you your Group Volume. The level of Volume Bonus paid is determined in accordance with the Group Volume table shown here.
Minimum Group Volume Points in Month 300 1,200 3,600 7,200 12,000 20,400 30,000 Approx Equivalent of Classic Perfume Bottles 12 47 139 277 462 785 1154

Level Achieved 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% 18% 21%

Bonus Earned N360 N2880 N12960 N34560 N72000 N146880 N252000

For the purposes of calculating the volume bonuses, in Nigeria each point is currently given a value of =N=40 these figures are minimum. The figures double or triple as you share information with people and sign them up to the business. (this value varies from country to country). As the people you have introduced into your team begin to build teams of their own, they too will qualify for volume bonuses. For each of them you will receive Volume Bonus calculated at their difference between the % level they achieve, and the % level you achieve. STAGE THREE: LEADERSHIP BONUSES THE ORCHID CLUB Every month all Orchid distributors have the opportunity to share in up to 9.0% of the GLOBAL turnover points of the FM Group in proportion to the performance of their group: Level
Pearl Orchid Amaranth Orchid Golden Orchid Diamond Orchid Black Diamond

One 21% leg in your group, plus a minimum of 20,000 volume points in the rest of the group Three separate 21% legs Three separate legs with any level Orchid This need not to be on the first level Five separate legs with any level Orchid This need not be on the first level Ten separate legs, each with Diamond Orchid. This need not be on the first level

Bonus Pool
4% of the GLOBAL turnover points 1.5%of the GLOBAL turnover points 1.5%of the GLOBAL turnover points 1.5%of the GLOBAL turnover points 0.5%of the GLOBAL turnover points

*Average Monthly Bonuses (January 2009) =N=150,000 =N=312,500 =N=812,500 =N=2,037,500 New position, no qualifiers yet but estimated at 25M

Each qualifying Orchid distributor is allocated Orchid Points according to the structure and performance of their group in the given month. All Orchid points are totaled, and the Orchid bonus is shared out in proportion to the distributors share of the Orchid points. *The examples above are indicative of current monthly bonuses being earned by people at these levels in the business and are shown for guidance only they are not based on any individual distributors share. We have used January 2009 as the example as we thought it fairer to show example of a slower month than a busy one. These bonuses are over and above commissions earned in the Magnolia Club and any retailing profit earned. There is NO minimum order requirement you order as and when you need to, BUT in order to qualify for your monthly Magnolia Bonus and Orchid Bonus, you must personally order product with a minimum value of 34.42 points Classic perfume will give you 52 points. For further detailed information about how the Orchid Bonuses are calculated, please see the Marketing Plan brochure. To join FM Group simply get back to the person who gave you this information and they will show you how to register and order one of our choice of Starter Kits.

GROUP POINT ACQUIRED 300 Achievement Level (%) 3 No. Of Classic Perfumes 12 Margin (=N=) 10,500 Commission (=N=) 360 Total Earnings (=N=) 10,860



































Commission Calculation = Point X Achievement Level X N40

*Please Note that the above earnings excludes the bonus payment for achieving the Prestigious Orchid Level.

Secrets of top Money Earners in the FM Home Based Business

If you want to be successful do what successful people do 1. Put God in it. Deut 8:18a But thou shall remember the Lord thy God: For it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. 2. Dream it: Visualize the hidden treasure and Success. What do you see. Joshua and Caleb in Num 14:6-8 saw a land filled with milk and honey. They also saw that THEY WERE WELL ABLE TO POSSESS the Land. The others that went to spy the Land saw giants, impossibilities, failure, obstacles- - - 3. Believe YOU CAN! In Mark 9:23b is recorded, IF THOU CANST BELIEVE, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM THAT BELIEVETH. 4. Have a Goal: What do you really want to achieve in this business? What is your motivation, Buying a house in Banana Island, Buying an Aircraft, Having Vacations in any Country of your Choice monthly, as well as increasing your funds in propagation of the Gospel 5. Plan it out: The FM Marketing plan is such that you can break down to suit your purpose. 6. Action it Out: A plan without action is a mere illusion. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Dont plan and put it in the cooler, take action immediately. Be innovative and creative about your business. 7. Defocus your mind from obstacles. The office staff may seem to respond in a discouraging manner; some people you spoke with concerning the business, may say NO, some may say YES, move on NO and YES are functional words in the dictionary. No one can beat you. Move on. 8. Be PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC about the company and the Products. 9. Develop Your self Leaders are Readers. It is impossible to earn N1m, unless you become worth it. Learn about FM Group and the products. Be on top of your business. 10. Form a Working Relationship with Your Sponsor Call your sponsor for help and suggestions, BE BOLD! Get in contact with your sponsors sponsor just to give them a heads up to be watching their tree for your name because you are going to the top! See what that does for your commitment level! Those that are hungry for success are not an imposition to successful people. Remember this bit of advice: When youre UP call DOWN and when youre DOWN call UP. 11. Welcome New Members Once you have sponsored someone, immediately 3-way them into several up-line leaders. This introduction will raise their commitment and belief level even more and make It easier for your new partner to call them for assistance. 12. Duplication=Success Any information your Sponsor or Up-line sends to you, pass it on. Give a copy of this manual to each member in your organization and encourage them to follow The ideas in it. Duplication is the biggest factor to Networking success! 13. Daily Action Take some forward action to build your business every day. Teaching, Mentoring and coaching your team are all good things, but never EVER get caught Spending the majority of your time in these activities. A leader leads from the Front, which is why you cannot afford to speaking to people about the business and products.

14. Never Quit Dont expect to build a large income in a couple of months. With consistent work habits, Follow-up and patience, This business is a 2 to 4 year game plan, however the journey should be fun. It has taken your whole life to get you where you are, another couple of years Working consistently. Improving your skill, with the game plan in this write up could set you up for life.

A SPONSOR IS SOMEONE WHO OFFICIALLY AGREES TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE OR BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO. [Longman Dictionary of contemporary English] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Know the FM GROUP SYSTEM Sign Up your prospective down-line Get them Started Properly. Explain the business, the starter kit, give them training materials such as Basic Training manual, Getting Started manual, Operational dynamics etc. Assist them in creating their own replica site Reassure them they can do it and attain the Leadership level. This will help boost their confidence level. Build them to 21%. If you dont, your growth may not be speedy. Assist them to follow up on their prospects until they have developed enough confidence to talk convincingly. Remember, if you dont train them, dont blame them. After training them have faith in God that he is able to prosper the work of your hand and do much more than you have asked him. SEE YOU CROWNED BLACK DIAMOND ORCHID SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

Placing An Order. From the price list calculate the cost of the products and points, add transport cost which is normally N1,500 if your point is below 600points. Pay total into any of the designated banks. Account Name: Banks Access bank Sterling bank First bank 0005343096 51183490110 2902030010052 FEDERICO MAHORA

After payment to the bank. Log on to, click on Online Shopping, Input your personal data, scroll down, click on the particular products and input the quantity you want to buy. When you finish, click on SEND ORDER. A green line will appear with an information that your order has been sent. However, you may still need to confirm they received it by calling 07036590825, 08059809849, 08099316862. You may need to be patient as the lines may be busy. Alternatively you can call them on phone to place your order or send email to detailing them of your order. Emails may actually be better as you will be sure of receipt and also have a backup. Note however that no matter the method you decide to use, you must state the following information. Your full Name, FM ID NO, telephone no, delivery address, Bank you paid in, date of payment, amount, teller no and things you want to buy.

REGISTERING Intending Distributors. After payment to the bank. From FM Nig website click on Registration Form Input Sponsor ID No i.e your ID No if you are the person that marketed/introduced the person or the ID No of whoever marketed the prospect or intending distributor. Input sponsor First Name and Surname. Input the Intending Distributors Name and other Details. Note that you must complete all the details. For columns you dont have information, please input N/A or NIL. E.g Company Name, Full Private address, Passport No, Tax Payers ID, Bank Name & Account NO Input YES for Im a vat payer. Complete the Payment details, Click on YES and Send Contract. A green Line will appear informing you contract has been sent. However, follow up by calling them after about ten minutes to confirm, they have received the order. After this, follow same step on placing order and place the prospects order. Cost of starter kit is N11500 Transport is N1500 Depending on how much the prospect paid in, you use the rest of the money to calculate the order. It will be good for you to log on to distributors zone, click on Top selling products and use that as a guide to choosing the products. Confirm item type, composition and amount thro the product catalog and price list. Different categories of Signing On N15, 500 [Starter Kit 11,500 + 1,500 transport and 2,500 for one bottle of classic perfume] N18000 [Starter Kit, Trpt, and 2 bottles of Classic Perfume, one male and one female] N45000 [Start on a 3% Achievement Level, N32, 000 here is for products] N135, 000 [Start on the Prestige Level, get 1200points, have a plan to make Orchid in 3months, qualify for a free transport]. N3million to make 21% instantly and get a commission of N252, 000.00 excluding margin on products bought.

TO ACCESS your Details, Information from FM Group, you need to go to the Distributor Zone. This can be accessed through where you have login. Input your ID No first on the empty column, input your password on the column with dots. and click on the arrow beside it. You will access the following information there. Current Events and News: Shows all news and Event Distributors Details [Your Details and your accumulated balance/commission from previous months if you have any] You can also change your password from here. Current Tree [Shows you your activity and that of all members of your team ie those you brought in and those that the people you brought in also brought in for the current month]. Archival tree [Gives report of your teams past months performance/activity] Group [Shows Total no of people in your team] Price List and Points: Shows the Price List and Points Downloads [You can download catalogs etc here] Stock [Shows some stock that are not available] Top Selling Perfumes [Gives you an idea of Products that are doing very well in the market] Training [Shows the training time table for the zones and places where trainings are held] Motivational programmes [Shows the different incentives available]

Team Building
How did you find out about FM Opportunity? Did a friend, colleague or family member share it with you? Were you an FM customer, loved the products and decided that you could also do the business? Did you see a flyer/advert? Did you actively search online for an opportunity to earn extra income? Did you just come across the opportunity by chance? No matter how you came across FM, Im sure you are glad you did. If it was a friend that introduced you to the opportunity, Im sure you are grateful to then for doing so.

The fastest, easiest, most cost effective and fun way of launching your new business is by starting with your warm market Your family, friends and colleagues who know you, trust you, like you, will be happy to support you in your efforts. Whether you are only interested in developing a retail income with FM, or looking to generate a serious fulltime income, the starting point and process is the same. Start practicing with your warm market list. Now, how many people do you know who may like to make extra money, love perfume or both? You will mainly get 3 responses. Yes, I am interested joining FM; Yes, I will have a party for you; or Yes I will become your customer. When you get a negative response from someone on your list, dont take the rejection personally, just ask them, do you know anyone who loves perfume, may be looking for an extra income or maybe has done Avon, BetterWare, Kleeneze or Party Plan etc, in the past? Always get a referral! The list of names you are compiling is one of the most important parts of your preparation. The more names you have on your list, the more likely you are of becoming successful. WHY? Because this is a business of numbers so it is important for you to contact as many people as possible. If you were told that you would receive a cheque for N25000 for EACH of the first 100 names and telephone numbers on your list received within the NEXT 2 DAYS. and then N250,000 for each name after that, how many names would you have on that list. 100 . 200 .. 300 .. 500.1,000? More? Well, that is what this list could possibly mean to you. This list is the start of your business. your future. The larger the list, the more powerful a start you will have given yourself to develop a huge business. Think to yourself, Who would I like to share this opportunity or products with? Just make sure that if they say yes they are a real WHY for doing FM, or you may just end up recruiting your customers.

Writing Your List

Avoid working from memory there are a lot of reasons why that doesnt work. You can give this to a new team member or, better still, lead them through it by phone or face to face. Give them a copy afterwards to use with others and to go through it again in their own time. You can, of course, do it on your own, or ask a partner to do it with you, reading the questions while you write down the names. The Rules.. Do not pre-judge if someone will be interested. Dont worry about the just a details just a name or a mini-description will do. You can check contact details later. Any name will only appear once on your List, even if they come up in the answer to more than one question.

Who Do You Know? Answer the questions and build your list
Who do you know who is at the same, or higher level of ambition than you. Who do you know that you respect? Who do you really like? Who do you know who is already in business for themselves, self-employed, or previously failed in making a conventional business work? Who do you know who is a Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor or Foreman? Who do you know who is a Leader on an organisation, club or charity etc.? Who do you know who is a life and soul of the party type? Who do you know who is on the same, or a higher, social level than you? Who are your closest friends and relations? (say in 30 secs -) Who would you invite to a party, wedding or any other big social function you might be having? Who are your known acquaintances (neighbours, old and new people youve met through business, social activities, recreational activities, on holiday etc)? Who do you/did you work with? Who do you know who has connections in Countries where FM has offices? Who do you know who has done/is doing Avon, BetterWare, Forever Living Products, Anne Kleeneze, Anne Summers, Virgin Vie or any other kind of party plan or home based business? Who do u know who works in an industry particularly affected by the economic turn e.g. downturn e.g. estate agents, mortgage consultants, building tradesman etc? Who do you know is a stay at home mum/dad with very young children?

Who do you know who is in further education or has children/partners in Further Education? Name/Number E R I C Total
Joe (highest priority type) 3 2 3 1 9 Bob (average priority type) 2 2 2 1 7 Sally (lower priority type) 1 1 2 0 4

1. Identify Your Top 10 Prospects If you feel ready and comfortable about sharing the FM Opportunity and building a team, place your Top 10 prospects below, send or fax a copy to your sponsor so he/she can help you work with them. 2. Review the Duplication Cycle This is the system. It works. USE IT! 3. Action Time Ignorance on fire beats knowledge on ice. Take action and begin contacting your Top 10 list with the help of your sponsor/upline support 4. Have Fun. Your upline support may provide you with some other scoring system please check

Top 10 List Name/Number

Invited Exposed Follow Up Enrol Referral Customer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Prioritise your list using the E.R.I.C system

Entrepreneurial (Drive, Spirit, Attitude) Resources (Time & Money) Influence (Circle of Influence) City (Within 60 miles) Rate 1 if yes, 0 if no) Rate your contacts against yourself in the following manner: (1 = less than you, 2 = same as you, 3 = more than you Financial Independent = Your ability to get a large number of people to do a few simple things over a consistent period of time. Learn the disciplines & follow this proven 6 Step Cycle! Perfect it! It has worked for top earners, and it will work for you! The invite is just that: an invitation. If you feel like you are bugging, begging or selling than you are doing it wrong! the purpose of the invite is to merely get permission to share information. Current Contacts Your most valuable asset. If you are speaking to many people and are having no success, speak with your up line leaders it may just be something you need to tweak in your approach. Your No. 1 most important task out of the gate is to expose your products/opportunity to EVERYBODY on your current list via some sort of tool (website/DVD/info pack/sizzle call/ home meeting) through simple, painless, yet powerful invitation. Word of mouth promotion IS THE BACKBONE of your FM business. There are isolated cases where people have made FM work without talking to people they know, but they dont make anywhere close to the same income AND theyve spent much more money getting there, versus those who build in their own back yard first. Youve already completed your list of prospects right? These are the people that you already have some sort of relationship with and they DESERVE TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You would be SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT by not sharing your products or opportunity with them. If you dont some else will!

Your Approach Should Be friendly, Non-Threatening & Simple: Be yourself. Family and Friends know you, trust you and care for you and on the whole, should be willing to help you get started. Remember, we are actually helping them save money by introducing them to FM perfumes and aftershaves, and they will be delighted with the products.

The approach you take depends on how you plan to build your business. Do you want to focus more on the retailing side? Do you want to build a team? Most people end up doing a bit of both. Please do not try to sell them the perfume or the opportunity. Just ask them for their help or their opinion. This is really important because if you try and sell them the perfume you WILL GET OBJECTIONS, for example Sounds too good to be true? It is fake? Does it last? How can it be so cheap? Is this legal? If you are getting such objections, the chances are you are provoking the response, then your success depends on how well you can answer them. Speak to your up-line support if this is the case. Try to use a process other than yourself to present the business. Although your friends may care for you, you may also lack a bit of credibility with them (familiarity breeds contempt), so, let the tools do the talking. See the approach scripts and use the one that you feel most comfortable with. On the whole the response should be positive. Be aware that not all friends/family will be supportive! Do not take rejection personally.

New Contacts how to grow your list and prospect daily

Your contact list should be growing daily because after all, its pretty tough to go through a day without running into new people. Peak their curiosity through an indirect approach. For random people you run into on a daily basis, the direct approach just does not work because you have no influence with be them. It would be kind of like meeting the man/woman of your dreams and proposing on the spot, a little tact is always called for in these situations. See the face to face conversation scripts When you do peak somebodys interest and they want to know more, be sure to get their card or information. Remember that this is a business of the long haul and with proper follow up, most people will either sign up, purchase product or refer business. Purchased Contacts (Internet leads, genealogy list, classifieds, direct mail, etc.) Assuming that you have already sufficiently worked through your current contacts you should be developing your story and have had plenty of practice with your contacts which is going to make cold market prospecting significantly easier. If you are getting people asking you how is it going for you or how much are you making? Its because you are making it about you. If you just made your money back plus an extra couple of hundred =N=s you will have sufficient firepower to handle that question, of course you can always refer to upline support for bigger testimonials.

Lets run through the various forms of spending money to generate contacts and the pros/cons of each.
Internet /marketing Systems Dont get sucked up in the promises of never having to talk to another human again, because of some latest and greatest new system that does it all for you. Network marketing is a people businessperiod. Resolve to work it as such and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of residual income. Or, you can ride the revolving door of the latest and greatest. your choice. That being said, the Internet can play an important role in the prospecting, presenting and follow-up process; it just wont replace it. Biz Opp/Internet Lead People that respond to on-line advertisements expressing interest in a home business are people just the same as those across the street, except theyre less patient as they dont know you, and they are more wary, so it is important that you build up rapport and trust over the phone with them. If you have already practiced going through

the process of sharing your products/opportunity with people you know from your warm market this should help make it easier to work leads Speak to someone in your up line who is experience working cold leads or you may end up spending a lot of money, time and effort for the little return. Use the scripts Classified Ads Can be effective if you know a bit about ad-copy and have a budget for some trial and error. You can also make a lot of costly mistakes as we know from our own experience. Direct Mail As a cold market lead generator, unless you are an expert dont bother..really. Shop Ads A good cheap way of generating local interest. Buttons/Badges Wear a badge or button something like Love Perfume? Get paid to wear it! ASK ME HOW. Want to get paid to smell great, Ask me how? Design your own at www.50pbadges .com Flyers/Leaflets Can be a cheap way of generating interest. We are currently trying out various flyers to see what is working best. We will be uploading them to Your login is fmsuccess. This is the best value printing we have found. Please let us know if you can get a better deal. Tips for Inviting To be successful at inviting does not mean that you conduct a business presentation on the phone. Two important elements that should come across in your message are genuine enthusiasm and personal conviction. In the beginning, its easy to feel that no one will want to hear what you have to say because you are not yet successful. WRONG! You are not the message you are the messenger of what has already been done and where it is going in the future. When inviting, remember .You are not the opportunity but you should invite your prospect to view a tool that presents the opportunity. If you have to brow-beat somebody into signing up they wont want to do the same thing in turn. Inviting is a daily scheduled event it is done in your spare time or when you get around to it. Treat it like a business. Your business is talking to people every time you think I cant talk to that person, substitute the word cant for must. Your message needs to be consistent the quality will continually improve. Dont fall prey to the idea of the week syndrome if you keep jumping around changing approaches and strategies you wont give any one of them time to prove their worth. The purpose of this book is to share those ideas and strategies that are proven. Consistently do what successful people do and you will get similar results. Inviting is not presenting the single purpose of the Invite is to get permission to share some information on your new business. Think of this first phone call to your prospect as sifting and sorting for interest. People often wonder if they should be leading with the business or products and we say both, share your excitement about the business and the potential it has, because of the amazing products behind it. You just want to get people in front of the information and then let them decide what part of the information interests them most. For some it will be the business, for others it will be the products. Never give information without getting it! If you are giving somebody a DVD, directing them to a conference call or website, or whatever you are doing, always get their information so you can drip market to them via email and/or phone. A tip; if you are a little hesitant to ask for contact info, always ask for email first VERY few people will say no to this and once they have already given some information, it is much easier to follow that up with jot down your cell phone for me Let the TOOLS do the talking! Tools are like words; the power is not so much which tools you use, more importantly how the tool is presented. You could drop DVDs and business cards all over the pavements of a busy street and possibly waste a lot of time and money or you could drop a couple DVDs off with people who have given a firm commitment to view them. Getting a firm commitment from people is not hard when they see the commitment and conviction come through in your voice and expressions. Website: If you are building FM a budget and your upline doesnt provide a team or replica site you can send your prospects to There is no data capture on this site. You can purchase your own replica website with a lead capture page so you know when people are actually checking out your site and a simple fairly quick presentation once they get there.

See for more details. Home Perfume Party: One great way of launching your FM Business is to have a grand opening or launch party for your business. The key with a launch party is to invite everyone and we do mean everyone, that you would also invite to a wedding. Youre going to keep the event fun and the business short but sweet so dont worry about what people think. Party Plan: Hosting parties in other people homes is a great way of exposing your FM Business and products to many people. Make sure you have the opportunity DVDs with you. The best thing here is that you are also earning at the same time. Live Webinars/Conference Calls: Stephen Bourne has been doing this for the team. You can also register for one on the UK site. The key here is once again how to introduce the tool. Schedule them by first asking what they are doing at the time of the call Bob, hey its, what are you doing tonight at 9:00pm? If they are free then you have them. If you tell them what it is for first, people tend to come up with excuses for not making the call. Just tell them to get on it because you want their feedback. Local Meetings: There are many local meetings springing up, checkout the FM Nigeria website, under training session to see when and where they are being held. Traditionally in this industry, presentations/meetings are generally held in Hotels and can be very formal affairs, however with FM church halls, golf clubs, pubs are also the norm. The nature of the FM business means that you shouldnt be surprised that sometimes parents will bring children to the meeting due to lack of child care. Please check with the meeting organiser to see if they have any objection to children at the meeting and also be sure to check the dress code. FM is a lifestyle business, and attracts many people from different backgrounds and cultures and this should be taken into consideration. These type of meetings are a very powerful methods of exposing people to the FM Opportunity. There is no other method that can match the ability to allow your prospects to get the big picture as well as the social proof that comes from a room full of people. A powerful hotel meeting is not something you can pull off by yourself though, it has to be a team effort, so if you ARE the team in your area start off with Home Meetings first, see below. Home Meetings: In many parts of the country FM is still largely unknown. If you are serious about building FM, home meetings are a great cost effective way of launching your business. The home meeting will enable you to then build a core group of leaders first before attempting a Hotel Meeting. DVD Presentations: The FM Movie DVD is an amazing tool for building your business. If you arent using them then you are seriously missing a trick. It is a 10 minute professional movie about the FM Business and how it has changed peoples futures. No nonsense, no hype, and it has excellent conversation rates. Available from FM Office for N500. Aim to buy at least 10. Simple, powerful and duplicatable a perfect presentation every time, the only downfall is that each one costs money. The key is in how it is presented, you should be placing a great value in every DVD you hand out.because quite honestly it could mean a lot of money for you and the person youre giving it to, so treat it as such. More than any other tool in your arsenal, you need to set a deadline with a DVD. The premise for the urgency and deadline is short quantity; youve got to get it back because you have a whole list of people to get it to! If they have not watched it by the scheduled pick up time..dont give them an extension, pick it up! This is a takeaway and is more powerful than you can imagine if used right. Let them know you may be able to drop it by in a week or two but they just went to the back of the line. See suggested scripts at the end to handing out DVDs. Its been said that the fortune is in the follow up. More specifically, the fortune is in PROPER follow up. Something like 75% of every sale comes after 4 impressions, but what makes up a good impression? What NOT to do: Unfortunately most home business owners waste time on people who have no desire to do the business and end up annoying people by badgering them with the same old so what do you think and are you ready to sign up yet or another favourite are you going to do it or not?

Follow up like this just cements your prospects resolve to do nothing. Let them sell themselves. If you have not identified a need or want they will have no interest in coming on board. What To do: If you genuinely build rapport with people/prospects, based on their needs, not yours, follow up should be easy. What did you like about what you saw? Let them sell themselves. See follow up scripts. Sometimes timing may not be right. If you build good rapport with the prospect you will get their permission to keep in touch. Remember just because someone signs into the business, doesnt mean they are going to go to work right away. Jacqueline Crawford FM Golden Orchid tells a story it took me 11 months to start doing something with the FM business. Im sure my Sponsor, ROY STRONG must have thought I was a dud during this time. However what he did do was keep in touch, Building the relationship and trust. Drip on your prospects from different angles, with new information. Drop them an email/telephone call or better yet a letter/postcard with new product info, new testimonials and new success stories. Nobody will tell you, but most often what they need is a little social proof. This is why meetings, home parties and conference calls can be powerful in the follow up stage, even if they have already been exposed, a special guest speaker could be enough to have them back for another look. 1. Fill out and submit application 2. Ensure that they have their password, ID number etc. 3. Hand or email them a copy of the 10 steps to success sheet and this Flying Start Training Manual and aim to get them Fast Start Checklist and schedule Action Planning scheduled. 4. Give them a call after they have received their kit, and make sure they are happy. 5. Not all new distributors will want to run with this amazing opportunity right away. Work at their pace not yours. Your new member will sponsor the way they were sponsored, so do it right! The first 30 days are a crucial time for a new distributor, in which time, you will want to make sure they get into profit and therefore building believe in themselves, the product and the opportunity. If they can make money then they can help others to make money also. The time you spend here is invaluable business and relationship building time. Schedule an Action Planning Session within 48 hours (if it fits in with their goals) Use this manual to help them set their goals, create their list and use it as a blueprint for your entire organisation and theirs. Get a copy of their goals. Use this to remind them of why they are doing the business and what the end result could be. Mail their goals to them periodically as a physical reminder. Get a copy of their top 10 prospect list so that you can work with them to contact and sponsor as many as possible as fast as possible. The first 2 weeks are critical. Aim to have them in profit within the first 14 days. If they dont see some kind of success there is a much greater chance of dropout. On the flip side, if they DO see some kind of success in the first 2 weeks, you are likely to have a committed long term partner for years to come. Teach by DOING, not by TELLING. Your new partner should learn the business by seeing you do the business. Work one on one with your new partner until they have successful signed up 2 or 3 new agents and you feel they have a good grasp of the business. Keep it simple and duplicatable. Remember, everything you do create a template which your new partner will use for their business. Your good habits and your bad habits will carry on in your organisation. Dont ask/expect others to do what you are not prepared to do yourself. Duplication will come to a screeching halt if this final step of the Duplication Cycle is not taught. Be sure your team is Committed to following this system. One of the most rewarding aspects of utilizing this manual is getting those random out of the blue phone calls from team members 2 and 3 levels deep calling to introduce their new distributors to you. With full confidence you can then assure the new distributor that their sponsor is a leader and committed to winning, because they are following the winning system. Remember the following: If you DO this business and sell some perfume youll make some money; if you TEACH this business, youll make good money; but if you TEACH others to TEACH this business, youll make a fortune! Just remember that not everyone who joins will go to work, that is just the way it is. Not everyone who works will want to build a team. Dont beat yourself up about people not working or building.

Remember YOU ARE NOT THE ISSUE! Your job is to show the way for those who want to follow. Do not listen to what people say watch what they do FM is all about helping a lot of people make a little. Some will make a little but for most, the opportunity will provide some extra income, without extra pressure, that they enjoy, that fits around their lifestyle. Fm is an opportunity equal for all. It is not dependent on race, sex, religion, education, or income, it is pnly limited by ones desire, dreams and work ethnic.

THE STARTER KIT EXPLANATION, PERFUME AND SPA PRODUCTS TIPS The starter kit contains 160 different fragrances. The samples with red labels are for female and you get classic, 15ml hand bag size [231 to 240], flowery, fruity, inspiration and pheromone fragrances under this range. You use the same sample of classic pheromone. The difference between the classic perfumes and the pheromone is that pheromones are a bit stronger than classic. Check your catalog for more information. The blue labels are for men and under here you have classic, inspirations and pheromones. The transparent silver labels are the luxury perfumes for men while the transparent gold labels are the luxury for women. However, the prices of the luxury perfumes differ as some are sold for =N=5,200, =N=6,500 and =N=9000. Some strong fragrances. 305, 174, 24, 18, 5, 32, 296,270,298, 56pheromone

Perfumes are like a second skin. They emphasize our personally and reflects our mood. It is good to have three to five different perfume bottles on your dressing table and use them each time according to the occasion light for the day and heavier for the evening. Perfectly chosen perfumes are like a well tailored suit. Perfumes smell differently on the skin of various people because of our different body aura which depends on the type of skin and its pH balance. Do not buy certain perfumes just because they smell nice on someone else. Try the perfume first on your skin to ascertain its suitability to your aura.

BEST WAY TO WEAR YOUR PERFUMES Wear your perfumes in the pulse points, Neck, wrist, elbow bends, neckline these are the places where the scent of your perfumes will feel especially good. Why? Because, here the blood circulates faster and perfumes will be stimulated to unfold the most beautiful fragrance notes. Leave for about 20 minutes to give the fragrance time to react to your body chemistry. The scent on your skin gradually develops its unique bouquet. So do not rub it in and do not warm it up with your hands. Let it blossom in its own time. At first, it will delight you with the fresh head or top note, which might be appealing, then with the more characteristic heart note or middle note, and finally, the most lasting base note or deep note which will linger on your skin after time. The base note determines whether you like fragrance or not.

Let your nose be your guide and think of the qualities that make you uniquely you. Whenever you wear perfume, whoever you meet will build their own image of you based on the way you smell. So, make it positive by perfectly matching your mood and personally with the right perfume. IMPORTANT: Dont leave your perfumes inside the car when its sunny to avoid explosion and breakage. For you to get the best from your perfumes, dont expose it to heat or sunlight. LIST OF TOP SELLING PERFUMES AND MAKE UP Classic for Women: Luxury for Women: 5, 10, 18, 81, 32, 21, 33, 180, 173, 262, 23, 34, 17, 101, 80 313, 283, 297, 281, 192, 312, 286, 292, 147, 298, 142, 310, 291, 303, 284 52, 110, 56, 54, 64, 205, 68, 134, 190, 140, 94, 133, 43, 189, 209 199, 302, 301, 152, 299, 198, 195, 197, 151, 300, 156, 169.

Classic Perfume for Men Luxury Perfume for Men

The above is just a guide, you can explore more fragrances. Subtle Rose Lip Gloss, Mascara, Black Eye Pencil, Liquid Eye Liner, Innocent Pink Lip Gloss, Spicy Nude Lop Gloss, Desert Rose Powder, Chocolate Mouse Eye Shadow, Plum Gold Lip Gloss, Deep Maroon Eye Pencil.

The Spa Senses are beautifully scented and they come in Shower Gels, Salt Body Scrubs, bath Salts and candles which allows you to relax and calm your nerves, giving you energy and vitality after a hard days job and makes you more Optimistic.


Light your Scented candle in your living room, keep around the bath tub or in your bedroom. Bath Salt: Add 1-2 capfuls into bathing water [can be in bucket or bath tub] soak yourself in it, it cleanses all through and rejuvenates you and your skin. No need to rinse. Bath Scrub: can be used once or twice a week. Rinse your body with water only and apply the scrub to your whole body [make sure to mix the oil in properly before applying]. The scrub helps to rub off dead skin cells. It soothes you and makes your body glow, feel supple and smooth like a babys own. Rinse with water. You may rinse off with a little shower gel to reduce the oil, although the professionals may advice this is not necessary. Spa Shower Gel: These are nicer than the ordinary ones, more foamy and very relaxing. You can use every evening or as often as you want. It works much better than soap, re-energizes you and makes you smell real good. The Patchouli and Verbena are best for men while Vanilla, Cherry blossom and Peach are best for Women.

GOOOOO!!!!!!BLACK DIAMOOOOOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOY NNABUIHE [PEARL ORCHID]

P.S . The prices for the perfumes have gone up slightly, thus the figures quoted do not reflect the slight increase. The increase comes into effect as from 1st of August 2011. Do get across to me for the current prices, before deciding to sign up. Thanks Esther Junaid (Mrs) Estade-hold ltd, Estade-hold ltd Email address: Mobile #: 08082599896