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1)Sec 11 Indian contract actAny contract with minor, lunatic is void. 2)sec 183 Indian contract actMinor cannot appoint agent but can act as an agent. 3) Sec 68 Indian contract actAny necessities provided to minor can be recovered out of his estate. 4)sec 30 partnership actMinor cannot be partner in partnership firm but he can admitted to benefits. 5) Sec.56 civil procedure codeMarried woman cannot be arrested for nonpayment of loan. 6) Sec 34 partnership act Insolvent person cannot be partner in a firm. 7)sec 274 of companies act Insolvent person cannot act as director of firm

8) Sec.44 (1) SBI ACT-law of secrecy. 9) Sec.67 TP ACT-right of foreclosure. 10) Sec.133 Indian contract act-consent of guarantor for rephasement of loan. 11)sec.127 N.I.act-chque specially crossed to bank should be paid to bank. 12) Sec.201 Indian contract act-contract of agency gets terminated on death of principal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Any cheque issued by secretary can be paid by banker even after his death. Cheque drawn by a trustee can be paid even after his death whereas in case of sole trustee it is not paid after death. Death or insolvency of partner dissolves the partnership firm unless otherwise stated in the partnership deed.-sec.42 partnership act.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sec.25-parterner liability is joint and several. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Borrowing power of company is mentioned in memoranda of association while borrowing power of directors is mentioned in article of association. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sec.10 N.I.act-payment in due course. Sec.138 N.I.act-it is criminal offence to issue chq. Without sufficient balance. Sec.20 N.I.act-drawar may draw chq. Which is incomplete in respect of date,amount,and payee name? Sec.25 N.I.act-declaration of holidays in banks. Sec.6 N.I.act-cheque is bill of exchange.

Sec.31 N.I.act-bank liable only to drawer for wrongful dishonour of cheque. Sec.45ZB BR act-nomination Sec.269 IT ACT-repayment of any TDR/STDR must be
done through a/c chq. Or credit to a/c. 271 E IT ACT-any violation above act will result into penalty up to amount repaid. SEC.132 IT ACT-IT officials can do search of locker at any time SEC.42 (2) RBI ACT-bank has to submit the weekly statement of affairs within 7 days from the reporting Friday to which these pertain.

Sec.18 partnership act-partner is an agent of partnership firm. Sec 19 partnership act-he has no implied authority to delegate authority To third parties. Sec.151 IC ACT-safe custody/safe deposit transactions.

Sec.58 transfer of property act-registration of mortgage. Sec.176 Indian contract act-statuary notice to borrower. Sec.108 INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT-any person missing for more than 7 yrs. And person known to him has not known about his existence, is presumed as dead for civil purposes. SEC.31 RBI ACT-prohibits issuance of bank draft to bearer. It is punishable under SEC.58 (b) RBI ACT. SEC.45 N.I.ACT-issuance of duplicate draft after obtaining indemnity from draft purchaser. SEC.50 N.I.ACT-bank is not liable to WITHOUT RECOURSE bills in case of it return unpaid.

Sec. 125 companies act provides for registration of hypothecation charges. Sec.19 (2) Banking regulation act-

Banking company cannot hold shares in any company whether as a pledge or mortgagee or absolute owner of an amount exceeding 30% of paid-up share capital of the company or 30% of its own paid-up share capital and reserves, whichever is less (capital market exposer norms)

Pledge is voluntarily delivery of identifiable goods. Lien is right to retain but not sale.
Sec.148 Indian contract actContract of bailment Sec 2(7) of the sale of good act 1930-defination of goods. Sec.18 partnership act 1932-in ordinary business txn. Of partenership each partner is an agent of firm and his partners.

Sec 35 A banking regulation-banking ombudsman 1995.

Processing fee for car loan -0.50%. express credit-24 times of NMI or 15 lacs EMI/NMI=50%
LTV UPTO 20LACS-90% ABOVE 20LACS-80% EMI/NMI RATIO FOR HOME LOAN ABOVE 10LACS-65% Trustee of trust is fiduciary agent. Deepak mohanti committee recommendations-interest rates on advances up to Rs.2, 00,000 should be deregulated.