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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto


Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Summary: The families master Categories:

by DaktoRto

Summary: The families master Categories: Taboo / Incest Characters: None Language: English Story Genre: Erotic Sub-Categories: Incest Series: None Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes Published: 2011.01.08 Updated: 2011.01.08

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by DaktoRto

2 Chapter 1B

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3 Chapter 1C

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4 Chapter 2A

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5 Chapter 2B

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6 Chapter 2C

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Mom had woke me up, in the middle of the night.

by DaktoRto

Mom had woke me up, in the middle of the night. Her hand was between my legs. I started to yell out and her hand covered my mouth.

She put a towel over my face and said, "Be quiet and don't move."

I thought I was going to pass out, as she began stroking and sucking my dick. It felt so good, I was going to

cum, real fast. I tried to tell her, but she put her hand on my mouth again. It felt unbelievably good, cuming in

her mouth. She didn't stop stroking and sucking as I did it. Mom pulled the towel from my face and kissed me. Sticking her tongue in my mouth, she gave me a taste of what I had done.

I grabbed her. "Let Me Go!" She commanded. I didn't and held her tight as she began to struggle.

She raised her voice. "Dammit! LET ME GO!" She struggled harder and I held tighter.

"Keep it up and you'll have everybody in here." I said softly.

"Yeah. And then it'll be your ass."

"No it won't. Think about it. We're in my room. On my bed. I'm naked and you're half naked. Why did you do


Mom went limp and started crying. I rubbed her back and slowly pulled her nightie up to her neck. Her skin felt so soft and warm. Slowly, I let my hands go all the way down to her butt. She wiggled and her breathing changed. I kept caressing her butt, sides, back and shoulders.

As my hands touched the dimples at the top of her butt, she wiggled more and kissed my neck. I continued using my hands on her warm soft flesh. She began kissing me. Not like a mother, but like a lover. Already against me, she quickly straddled me. My hardon was mashed between us and I could feel the heat between her legs.

"You didn't answer me, Mom." I whispered.

Barely raising up, she took my face in her hands and whispered, "I needed you in my

need you in

I need you to fuck me."

And now, I

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I was speechless. I fantasized about this and now it was happening. 'God, I hope I'm not dreaming.'

Mom raised up and removed her nightie. Her tits jiggled enticingly before my eyes. She came back down, kissing me, her nipples seemed to burn into my chest. I almost shot off right then. I tried to get a hold of her tits but they were mashed between us as she kissed me hungrily.

Mom raised up and used her hand to guide my dick to her pussy. When I felt the head of my dick touch her hot pussy, I shook spastically. 'Dear God, this is really happening. Mom is going to fuck me.'

Her hips began moving and I felt my dick enter her. Her hot breath crossed my ear and she whispered, "Fuck me baby. Fuck me."

I began thrusting into mom's pussy. Hundred's of fantasies coming true and making me delirious. I don't know

for how long. I just kept thrusting and thrusting. As I neared the point of no return, mom pulled my mouth to her breast and wantonly whispered, "Suck my tit, baby. That's it. Suck mommies tit while you fill my pussy with cum."

I came hard. So hard it looked like I was having a seizure. I fell to the bed with mom on top of me. A couple of minutes later, without a word, she left me in turmoil.

I couldn't wait to get to the kitchen at breakfast and was really disappointed when I didn't see Mom. "Where's Mom?" I asked trying to sound as normal as possible.

"She's doing her charity sitting thing. Overslept and got a late start this morning." Dad said without looking up.

Emptiness immediately began building inside me and it was hard to eat and get ready to leave. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, and tell her how much I loved her.

Sis left first, followed quickly by Dad. I was gathering up the last of my stuff before heading out when Mom came through the door. "Good, I made it, you're still here."

I immediately turned to hug her, but she put her hand on my chest and said, "No. We have to talk. I need a cup of coffee. Come with me."

I meekly followed her to the kitchen. "Sit." She said as she poured a cup of coffee. She sat down and took a long sip before speaking,

"What happened last night, May never happen again." I started to talk. "Don't interrupt me! What I did was wrong and I don't want to hurt you mentally or socially. However, like I told you, I do have needs. So, if you want me to continue, there are rules that must be followed without question."

There was a long silence and the air was filled with tension. Mom put her hands on mine and squeezed gently, before she pushed my chin up making me face her.

"Do you want to stop now? Or do you want to hear the rules?"

With tears in my eyes and a dry mouth, I was barely able to reply, "I'll do whatever you say!"

"Answer me then. Do you want to hear the rules?"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Yes, I want to hear the rules."

"That's better. OK, first, you must be asleep. If I feel you are not asleep, I won't do it. If you are pretending to be asleep, and I sense it, I won't do it. Second, You May Not Touch Me! If you do, it will be the last time. Last, and Most Important, I AM YOUR MOTHER, you will not treat me any different nor will I treat you any different." There was a long pause and I held my breath. "Do You Agree?" I couldn't speak. "DO YOU


I could barely get it out, "Yes, I'll do anything for you."

"Good. You can stay home today and help me around the house." Then she kissed my hands and stood up. As

I stood, she added, with a smile, "And, Oh Yeah, this afternoon you can take a nap."

I was stirred up all morning and it was really hard to get sleepy for a nap. A little after One, I finally mustered up the courage to try it, and told Mom I was going to lie down.

She smiled, sexily at me, and said, "Sweet Dreams."

I slowly walked to my room and only pushed the door to, without closing it. Standing there dumbfounded, I

couldn't decide whether to undress or not because I didn't want to act like I expected her to come to me.

'To hell with it, she told me to take a nap and with that look she gave me, she wants me sleeping naked.' I took off my clothes and crawled into bed and was actually drifting off to sleep when I felt rather than heard my door open.

Looking through my eyelids, I saw Mom standing there in her robe, looking at me. She slowly walked to the foot of my bed and stood there watching me for several seconds before opening her robe. Letting it slide from her shoulders, she stood there naked, watching me again for several seconds. In the daylight lit room I could see every detail of her body and was amazed at its loveliness. Her hands moved from her thighs up her body to her breasts massaging them before she moved to the side of the bed. I could barely feel her sit on the edge of the bed, and felt my penis twitch.

"Oh God, I hope she doesn't take that as a sign that I am awake.'

Slowly she reached out and pulled the sheet down, exposing my nudity, and smiled. Looking at my penis, she licked her lips and pulled her nipples, with a smile.

'Oh God, she's so beautiful, and she's going to suck me off, after all."

Looking at my face she reached out and lightly touched me. I shivered and she smiled, but didn't stop. Then she started her game, lightly tickling my penis and scrotum with her fingertips. My penis was harder and jumping.

'Oh Jesus, you're driving me insane.'

Ever so softly, she wrapped her hand around me and squeezed gently.

"Oh, God! Why can't you just, do it? Why can't you just, do it!?'

My hips were moving involuntarily and I sighed as I moved my head from side to side. 'Please do it. Please. Please. Please, suck me off.'

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I noticed that she wasn't playing with her breast and followed her arm down to see her rubbing between her legs. 'Oh God, Yes, that's what I'd rather have! Oh Yes, I'd rather be inside you again!'

She let go of me and covered her breasts with her arm as she stared at my face.

'Oh Shit, did I do something? Did I open my eyes? Oh Shit!'

She turned and looked at the door as she cupped my scrotum in her hand, then slowly she grasped my penis lightly in her right hand and looked at my face.

'Oh Good, Oh Good.'

She lowered her head and licked the tip of my glans, and licked, and licked, and licked.

'Oh Jesus, Mom, you're killing me! Suck it please!'

She looked at me one more time, before taking me into her mouth.

'Oh Fuck Yes, Yessss!'

Feeling my scrotum tighten, I concentrated and held back, I wanted the exquisite feeling of her mouth to last as long as possible. Each time she bobbed down I felt a breast touch my hip and thigh. I never noticed that before. 'Wow.'

That did it, my scrotum tightened; my penis became rock hard, sperm exploded into her mouth.

'Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ, that was Gooood!' It was all I could do to keep from screaming.

Mom finished me and covered me up before standing. Her hands were at the bend of her legs, legs slightly parted as she shook causing her breasts to bounce like mounds of jell-o. I could see that her labia were wet.

'Jesus, she was turned on from sucking me!'

She smiled and stepped to the end of the bed. With legs spread, she bent at the waist to pick up her robe, showing me her glistening wet labia and hanging breasts. Mom didn't put her robe on; she just walked out dragging it behind her. In the hall, she paused, glanced over her shoulder and disappeared.

I gasped, and passed out.

I woke up and heard noises of people in the house. Barely getting dressed before Sis popped her head in my

door and said something about me sleeping all day, carousing all night. I made it to supper and briefly thought Mom was playing footsie with me, but when I looked it was Sis and she giggled.

I knew I couldn't sleep so I took one of Grandmas pills, I swiped and stashed away. That night I had my

fantasy again, but it was different, it wasn't soft, tingly, and smooth. It was rough, hard and jerky, making me uneasy. In the morning I looked and found dried semen all over me.

'Jesus, is Mom telling me I did something wrong?'

Well the days turned to weeks and then months as every few days I got my fantasy. You know what, though,

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I didn't wake up most of the time.

I tried to get glimpses of Mom, her breasts, butt, anything, but I never managed it. On the other hand Sis kept flashing me, showing me more and more.

Thanksgiving rolled around and I was looking forward to going to Grandma and Grandpas, but we weren't going. Grandpa surprised Grandma with a Holiday Cruise, so we were staying home. The day was kinda draggy to start and then picked up with our turkey dinner. A couple of Sis's friends came by and got her to go cruising. My friends were all gone, visiting relatives, so I was home with Mom and Dad.

We settled in the living room to watch 'Thanksgiving Day Football.'

'Whoopee Do!'

As the game really got going, I was sitting in the big chair, and Mom got up walking past me. She grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen.

When she stopped, she turned into me, with her hands on my chest and just stood there looking into my eyes for a couple of seconds.

"This is a special day and I think you deserve something special." She said with a sultry look on her face. I gulped. "Would you like Mommy to give you something special?"

I nodded, unable to speak, and felt her hips press into me.

'Oh God Yes, I want to fuck you so bad.'

Keeping her eyes on mine, she slowly slid down to kneel in front of me. Continuing to keep eye contact she unzipped my pants, pulled my penis out, and stuck it in her mouth.

'Oh God, Jesus, Mom! Dad's in the next room! What if he walks in? Oh Shit, that feels good!'

My erection was so sudden, that Mom jerked her head back, but kept her eyes on mine.

'Oh my, what are you doing, what are you doing to me?'

As her mouth went forward taking more of my penis in, her hands slid around to cup my butt.

"Ooooh." I shuddered. This felt so good I knew I couldn't last. She had never done it this way before, taking so much of me in her mouth and looking me in the eye.

'Oh Jesus!'

Slowly she moved her head back and forth while her tongue massaged the underside. I began to feel weak kneed and started trembling.

'Oh Mom, Mom, Mom, that feels so Gooood!'

"Hey, can you bring me a coke?" Dad yelled from the living room.

'Oh Shit, Dad's gonna catch us!' I jumped, jamming my penis in Moms mouth, feeling my glans in her throat as

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

her nose hit my stomach. I tried to pull back but her hands on my butt held me in place. She had a smile on her face and shook her head from side to side. Momentarily, I lost the urge to ejaculate, but could feel it building quickly again.

She was sucking hard and kinda thumping her head on my penis.

'Oh Jesus Christ, she's fucking me with her mouth!'

Slowly she moved her head back, squeezing my shaft with her lips. I could barely stand, my legs were shaking so bad.

'Oh I'm 'cumming!'

Mom bobbed her head to each throb of my, sperm shooting, penis. With each throb, her tight lips pulled out, and then quickly went back down my shaft to pull again on the next throbbing shot.

I was now shaking uncontrollably, a rag doll at the mercy of Moms mouth. As my throbbing subsided, Mom

slowed to stop and held me motionless for a second or two. Then she eased her head back slowly and wrapped her hand around my penis. I could feel her tongue licking around. She opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and pulled to squeeze the last drops of sperm onto her tongue, licked and swallowed. The entire time she was on her knees, she never broke eye contact.

Slowly she stood, and whispered, "Did you like your special gift?"

"Oh Yes!" Was all I managed to say.

With a laugh in her voice and smiling real big, she bounced my penis on her fingers, and said, "Better put this away before you come back to the game." Then she quickly grabbed two cokes and left.

It took me a couple of minutes to quit shaking and regain my composure, before grabbing a coke and returning to the living room.

'Holy Shit, what brought that on!? But, she said, I had to be asleep. Oh man, I want more of that!'

When I entered the living room, Mom was sitting next to Dad, with her hand on his thigh.

'Oh Jesus, Mom, you're killing me. You are killing me!'

I kept watching Mom, but she didn't look my way for a long time. She just sat there commenting about the game and rubbing Dads thigh.

It was almost half-time when Mom looked over at me. Smiling she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue and winked.

'Oh Jesus Christ Mom, quit teasing me!'

Half time came and Mom and Dad got up. I thought they were going to the kitchen but they walked down the hall to their bedroom. Usually, they entered the bedroom minutes apart, not together. I always knew they were doing something.

I was already horney and wanted to see if I could hear them so I tiptoed to the door. At first all I could hear

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

was something that sounded like humming.

Then: "Did you do what I told you to do?"

"Uh, huh."


"Yes, I did what you told me to do."

'What, what did he tell her to do?'

"Say it!"

"Urmph, Mmmm, I sucked my son's cock, in the kitchen, until he came in my mouth."

I almost fell against the door. 'What! Oh My God! Dad knew! He not only knew, he told Mom to suck me off!

What the fuck is going on here!? And the language, that language just isn't used in our house. What the, Hell, is going on!?'

"Did he jump when I yelled?"

"Ghum, Yes, and his hard cock jammed into my throat."

"Ha, ha, I shoulda watched. Like that, did you? I bet you did, didn't you?"

"Yessss, I liked it."

"Oh. Oh. Oh, you're good with your mouth. Oh."

More humming and I envisioned Mom sucking Dad like she did me.

"Oh, that's good. What are you going to do now?"

"Ghum, I'm going to suck your cock until I can drink your cum."

"That's a real good boy we have. I couldn't tell anything happened when he came back to the game. Ohhhh, that's it, that's it, Yessss."

More humming.

'Oh Yessss, open wide, I want to see it shoot in your mouth. Oh Fuck, drink it!"

There was silence for a few seconds and just as I was going to leave.

"Suck my ass, before we get back to the game!"

"Yes, Sir!"

I went to the kitchen for a coke before going back to watch the game, in a daze and confused as hell.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

'Oh My God, what is going on!?'

Dad came back first and he to got a drink on the way back. It was several minutes before Mom came back in and I couldn't tell anything had happened as I watched her. For that matter, I couldn't tell anything from watching Dad either.

I thought Mom did it because she loved me, but now, she's only doing it because Dad is making her. 'Oh Jesus, I'm never going to figure this out.'

Sis and her friends showed up before the game ended, making a lot of noise until Dad told them he would like to hear the game. After the game Mom and Dad went to the kitchen and all four girls started in on me to hook my Wii to the big screen, so they could play games. They were kissing, hugging, and teasing me to do their will. One of them, I don't know which, because they were all over me, rubbed my thigh and penis several times, making me hard. Which ever one it was deliberately got me hard.

Well, I got the Wii hooked up and we all started playing. Mom and Dad even joined in and we played games until mid-night.

I went to bed tired and fell asleep immediately. That night was the first time I had two fantasy dreams.

Nothing much happened during the weeks until Christmas. In fact, even my fantasies slowed and stopped to the point that I didn't have one the entire week before Christmas. I was slowly thinking that my sex life with Mom had ended, which was driving me to think of fucking Sis for teasing me so much.

We were going to spend the week and both weekends at Grandma and Grandpas. The night before we were to leave, Sis came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She raised her hands to the towel on her head and the towel around her fell to the floor. I was maybe eight feet away and she stood there naked and smiling. Then, feigning embarrassment, she turned her back to me and looked coyly over her shoulder, also giving me

a nice look at her bare butt.

Maintaining eye contact, she spread her legs slightly, bent at the waist, and reached for her towel. I looked at the object of my attention. Her butt and labia were open for display and her breasts were hanging in the open vee of her legs. She gave me the finger, in front of her labia, grabbed her towel and darted into her room.

'Oooh, That Little Bitch. I'll get her for that!'

At my Grandparents I didn't think about sex at all, due to the fact that so many family members were there and so much was going on.

Christmas Eve, Grandpa announced that the family tradition would start with 6 am breakfast.

'God, Grandpa, can't we at least sleep in on the holiday!? Jesus, 6 am!' It really wasn't so bad, all of us got up that early or earlier anyway for school or work.

I was awakened by 'Jingle Bells' reverberating through the house, vibrating the walls and windows. Another

part of the tradition, 'Pajamas Only Till Noon,' I headed to the breakfast madhouse and joined the merriment.

Actually, all of the kids just wanted to get the presents and do our own thing, but we followed through with the adults. I was really surprised, that everything I got, even the clothes, I liked. I made out like a champ.

After the gift opening, I put my things away and was cornered by Mom to help her do the same for her, Dad

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

and Sis.

Finished, we were slowly walking down the hall, with me in the lead. As I reached the living room, Dad glanced up and smiled. Mom took my hand and pulled me back, leading me down to the basement laundry room.

Once in the laundry room, Mom put her arms around me, hands on my shoulders and kissed me sensuously. She took my breath away.

Pulling her head back, she softly said, "This is a special day and I think you deserve something special."

'Oh My God, this is what she said last time!'

"Would you like Mommy to give you something special?"

'Oh, Jesus, Yes!'

She kissed me again and ground her hips against me. I couldn't feel anything for our clothes, especially that damn robe of hers.

'Jesus Christ, Mom, I want to fuck you!'

She leaned her head back again. "I didn't hear anything. If you don't want something special we should go back upstairs."

'Damn Mom, I want to fuck you, that's what I want!'

My mouth and throat were dry and I barely whispered, "Yes." Gulped and said, "Yes, I want Mommy to give me something special."

She smiled, slid her hands down to massage my butt, and pulled us together, hard. Then just like last time she slowly went to her knees in front of me. She brought a hand around, unbuttoned my pajamas, licked her lips, stuck her hand inside and squeezed my painfully hard penis. A shiver went through me and my vision blurred.

"Oh God Yes, Mom, Yes." I mumbled.

She licked her lips again and removed her hand.

'Oh God, No! Don't stop, don't stop!'

She slowly pulled my Pajamas and boxers down, just exposing my penis and caught my jumping erection in her mouth. One hand went to my butt and the other cupped my scrotum as her lips slowly went down my penis.

My stomach muscles tightened, and I was gritting my teeth. 'Don't cum. Don't cum. Don't cum.'

Through glazed eyes, I saw a smile on her face. 'Damn, she knows what she's doing to me!'

Slowly, all the way down and all the way back, until just the tip was between her lips, she moved her tight lips, while tickling my scrotum and caressing my butt and the back of my legs.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

'Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I can't hold it, her mouth feels so Gooood!'

My legs started to shake and my scrotum started to tighten. 'Here it comes!' But, Mom clamped her thumb against her hand above my testicles and pulled down, immediately stopping my ejaculation. As I calmed down she bobbed her head a few times. Then she pulled her lips back to my glans and used her tongue to massage my penis as her fingers tickled my scrotum.

I didn't have time to think, I was shaking violently on rubber legs as semen blasted into Moms mouth.

'Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh shit. That was good.'

Mom slid her lips to the base of my penis and continued massaging with her tongue until I was standing still again.

'Oh My God, I Love You Mom. I Love You!'

Standing, Mom put her hand behind my scrotum and wrapped her fingers around my penis, tugging gently. Kissing me, I could taste more than a trace of me; her mouth was full of sperm. I greedily kissed her back as she continued to tug on my penis.

Stepping back Mom used both hands to play with my hardness.

"Do it again, do it again!'

Slowly and gently tugging on me, she unbuttoned her robe.

'What? Oh God, I hope we're going to fuck!'

Still tugging on me, she turned around, bent forward toward the washer, and threw her robe over to one side.

'Oh Yes, Yes, we're going to fuck! Oh God, we're going to fuck again!'

She pulled her pajama bottoms down over her round white butt exposing her labia, the object of my fervent desire.

I reached out to touch her and she quickly slapped my hand, but still pulled my penis towards her. Oh how I

wanted to grab her hips and shove my penis into her and fuck her as hard as I could, but all I could do was let her control things.

For several minutes she rubbed my glans all over her labia before parting them with my glans to gently make circular movements.

She let go of me and took my hands, pressing them to her hips and held them there as she said with a lust filled voice, "Fuck me. Fuck your Mother. Fuck the woman that gave you life." And she shoved back slamming her butt against my stomach, while her hands held mine firmly in place.

I pulled back and pushed in slowly, wanting to fuck her violently, but something held me back.

"Mmmm, Yes, Fuck Me, be a good Son and give your Mother a good fucking."

Oh how I wanted to slam into her, but something held me back and I slowly increased the speed of my

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto


She started pushing back into me with each thrust and started shaking as her butt, coating my penis in slick fluid. I sped up again and she pushed back harder as she dropped her head. As her vagina coated my penis again she threw her head up arching her back. The heat in her was becoming too much to bear, and I started slamming forward and pulling her back, driving to my climax.

"Yessss, Yessss, fill Mommy's 'pussy' with 'cum'. Fill Mommy's 'pussy' with 'cum'!"

As sperm shot from my penis into Moms vagina it was all I could do to stand up, holding on to her hips and pressing my stomach against her butt.

'Jesus Fucking Christ!'

I could feel Moms vagina griping and releasing my penis repeatedly as we both shook through our mutual

pleasure. When my throbbing stopped, Mom broke away from me and spun around to lick and suck our juices from my still hard penis. I didn't soften, but rather became painfully hard, yet it felt so incredibly good.

After a few passes of her tight lips down my penis, Mom pulled back and looked up into my eyes. Her eyes were dreamy looking as she said, "That's it baby, be a good Son and give Mommy what she needs." Then she again started sucking my penis and placed my hands on her face.

'Oh God this is too much, she wants me to shoot in her mouth again!'

I didn't think I could ejaculate again so quickly, but the pleasure was building and I was driven by some animal instinct to reach orgasm.

Mom's hands were on my hips, pulling and pushing, urging me to fuck her mouth. I didn't want to hurt her and

I was weak from what we had already done, but the desire to ejaculate was in control and I fucked my

mothers mouth. My stomach mashing her nose and my scrotum slapping her chin made me wild in my desire to ejaculate down her throat and had me thrusting repeatedly towards that goal. Mom was 'wanting' it and kept pulling and pushing my hips as though she would die if her mouth was not fucked hard, while moaning and gurgling on my penis.

'Shit, I never heard of a woman doing this before. And, Holy Shit, it's my Mother.'

I was beginning to wear out as I felt my release approach, but Mom never slowed her hands and kept me

going. Sperm raced up my shaft as my penis stiffened and Moms hands went to my ass pulling me savagely against her face while I erupted into her throat. She held me tightly, grinding her face against me while her throat massaged my glans.

"OOOOOOOOOOOh!" This time I couldn't stand and collapsed to the floor pulling my penis from her mouth, leaving a string of spittle hanging from her lip.

Mom was trembling, then gasped for air, slowly licked her lips and put her fingers to her mouth.

"Oh God, I Love You Stephen! I Love what you do for me!"

Slowly, I pushed myself up and hugged her. "I Love You to Mom! And believe me, I Love what you do for


Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Our strength returned and we stood, hugging and kissing. As I hugged her, I swallowed so I could speak and whispered in her ear, "Can I please see your tits?"

She squeezed me and turned to kiss my neck.

"No. You've had something special." She pushed back to look into my eyes. "Now straighten yourself up and go back upstairs." Her voice was soft and caring which eased my disappointment.

I put my boxers and pajamas back in place and turned to leave but Mom pulled me back into her for a long sensual kiss.

Then with a smile and wink, "Maybe next time, now scoot."

The sensations in my groin were intensely pleasing and I felt as though I were in heaven, actually thinking heaven must be like this.

'What the hell is this game Mom is playing? And, why me? Why is she doing this with, to, me?'

I went back upstairs and joined the family, finding all kinds of revelry and joking going on. No one seemed to notice my return and no one mentioned my being gone.

It was at least ten minutes before Mom appeared briefly in the hallway and then disappeared into the darkness. I looked at Dad and saw him slowly stand.

'Going to be with Mom, aren't ya?'

I waited as Dad slowly made his way to the hallway and then I followed, reaching the hall just in time to see

Dad enter my Grandparents bedroom. Reaching the bedroom, I found the door open and no sign of Mom and Dad. Then I heard low voices from the bathroom, 'Grandma's new bathroom'. I made my way to the bathroom and found the door open enough to see through the crack at the hinges. I couldn't really see much and was too afraid of being caught to get any closer.

I could see Moms naked butt sitting on her heels, her head moving between Dads legs and part of Dads chest.

"Then what did you do?" Dads questioning had already started.

"Ghum, I put my Sons hands on my hips and told him to Fuck his Mother."

'Jesus, he's making her give a detailed description again. Shit, he told her to do those things.'

"Did our Son give you a good fucking and make you cum real hard?"

"Ghum, Oh Yes, and when I felt his cock flood my pussy with his hot cum, I almost passed out."

"Oh Yessss, but, you did more than you were told, didn't you?"

"Yes, I couldn't help myself. My Sons cock is so nice and he gave me so much pleasure in my pussy that I had to suck our fucking from his young hard cock. Forgive me, I saw you watching."

'Holy Shit, Dad watched me Fuck Mom. Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, this is nuts, how can he do that to us!?"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Yes, I watched, I watched my beautiful, petite, church going, PTA Wife, suck and fuck our Son. And I enjoyed the hell out of it."

Moans from Mom, 'Oohhs' from Dad, could be heard for several minutes as I watched Moms labia shake to her movements.

"Did you save our Sons cum, like I told you to?"

"Ghum, Yes."

"Then, here, show me."

'Huh.' I started to raise up but the clink of something drew my gaze to the floor under Moms pussy. There was a cup sitting there, Dads coffee cup. Moms fingers slowly parted her labia and her other hand started probing the opening. From the sounds and the way she was moving, I could tell she was still sucking Dad. I watched intently as she fished around with hers fingers in her vagina, until a pink colored piece of something appeared.


"Yeah, show me your Sons cum."

Mom moved and I could barely see her labia because of her butt cheeks. I watched as she slowly pulled a shiny plastic pink ball out between her lips.

"Show me."

Mom rubbed the ball on her labia and took it away,

"Watch closely, it might come out pretty fast."

A glob of white stuff appeared and plop, fell into the cup splashing coffee leaving a string hanging behind, connecting her labia to the cup. Another smaller glob appeared and plop, it to fell in the cup. Moms labia was moving and another glob appeared, it too fell in the cup splashing coffee.

'Damn, that's mine; I didn't know I shot so much.'

"Our Son has one virile young cock; I'll probably get light headed drinking all that."

Mom chuckled lightly. "Yeah, our Sons special cream in your coffee should stiffen your cock a little more."

"Are you insinuating here?"

"Not at all lover, now drink your vitamins."

The cup was missing and I didn't even notice it was moved. I didn't see Dad drink, but a perverted sense of payback flashed across my mind as I thought of Mom making Dad drink 'my' sperm.

"Your turn, you have something to finish."

But, Mom stood up. "I want you to cum in my pussy so you can feel how slick it is from our Sons cum. Then I'll put it in my cup and have both of you at the same time."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Ohhhh, you naughty girl."

I could see Dads penis sticking straight up in the air as Mom lowered herself on it without stopping until she had it all inside. As Mom started bouncing on Dads penis I heard voices and decided I had better leave, so I didn't get to see or hear the rest.

'Son-of-a-bitch! How perverted are my parents? I'm a good one to talk; I've fucked my own Mother. Whew, I never thought this sort of thing could happen, especially in my family.'

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Christmas vacation ended and things went back to

by DaktoRto

Christmas vacation ended and things went back to being a normal family. Mom never said anything about what happened or acted in any way other than a proper Mother. No comments, looks, teasing, touching, nothing and it drove me crazy. All I had, were her, 'in my sleep' blowjobs every few days.

Sis was a different matter, her teasing me with her body was relentless, and became more and more brazen.

Just before the end of January, Sis walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She went to her room and closed the door.

'That's strange; she didn't flash me or anything.'

Suddenly her door opened and she walked straight into my room dressed only in a lacy bra and panties.

My mouth hung open, as she stood in front of me. She put one hand on a breast and one on her mound and started playing with herself.

"You'd like to have some of this, wouldn't you?" She said sarcastically.

I jumped up and pinned her to the wall. "I will have it, if you keep it up!"

"You two stop it, right now! Let go of her! Get in your room, young lady!" Mom had witnessed the whole thing.

"Ma-um, she's been doing that for months!"

"You leave her alone, young man! I'll have a talk with her."

Weeks passed and Sis didn't tease me anymore, so I thought Mom had taken care of it. I was relieved but still had fantasies of fucking my sister, quite often imagining I was fucking her during my sleep blowjobs. During this time Sis became far more friendly and nice to me which also had me confused.

Easter was coming and I was hoping that it was going to be a 'Special Day' and Mom would give me 'Something Special.' I was really hoping that she would let me play with and suck her breasts. I was actually praying that Dad would tell her to do something again.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

We weren't going to do anything special, just sunrise service at church and then a lazy day at home.

Nothing happened the night before until 3am, when Sis woke me up.

She startled me and I started to speak, but she put her fingers to my mouth and went, "Shhhh, I need to talk to you."

"Huh, well OK, but now!?"

"Yes now. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I need you to do something for me."

"What, what could you need me to do at 3 am?"

"I want you to take my virginity."

"What! Are you nuts!?"

"Shhhh! Be quiet, and listen to me, please! This is hard enough." Her hand was on my chest. "I don't want one of the boys I know to do it. Even though I like a couple of them a lot, I just don't trust them not to talk about it and I know you'd keep your mouth shut. I mean, fucking your sister isn't something to brag about."

"Gee, I don't know Sis, what if we're caught. And what if you get pregnant?"

She was gently rubbing my chest and looked down. "I won't get pregnant; Mom got me on the pill. After our little incident, she chewed me out real good, and made me start taking them."

She sighed deeply and lay on me taking my face in her hands. "Please help me and do this for me. Don't make me do it with somebody that might brag about it, Please! I know you like my body; I've seen it in your eyes. And this would be our secret, no one else would know. I just need to know what it's like to actually be fucked. Please!"

I couldn't help it; I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. "OK, but you better be quiet. If Mom and Dad hear us they'll kill us."

She kissed me savagely while moaning loudly. "Whoa, slow down, we have to be quiet."

"Sorry! Let's go to my room, I'd be more comfortable."

"Uh, No, we'll stay here, if we're caught, you came to me, I didn't go to you."


"No! We'll do it here or not at all."

She pouted, but agreed.

"Do you want to relax and enjoy it or just do it?"

"Relaxing and enjoying it sounds a lot better than 'just do it."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Well, we'll have to make out and let things happen. Are you comfortable with that?"

"Sure," she lowered her eyes, and I could tell she was blushing, "I've already dreamed about us making love."

"Ah, uh, I'm kinda trapped here, I need to uncover."

Sis stood and I threw the sheet back, then she dropped her robe and started to pull off her nightie.

"Why don't we undress each other as we go along?"

She let her nightie go and smiled, then lay next to me on the bed. She put her hand on my face as I put my arm around her. We started making out, slowly exploring with our hands, and kissing lightly. As our excitement grew, our hands found the bare flesh of our backs.

She felt so silky smooth as I touched her skin as lightly as I could. The sensation in my fingers and palm was exciting. She scooted against me and her kisses became more feverish. I could feel my hard penis pressing into her stomach and I knew she did to as she pushed against it.

My fingers touched the waistband of her panties and slipped under along her waist, feeling the soft firmness of her butt. She moaned, squirmed against me, and moved to nibble my ear. Rolling, I brought her on top of me so I could use both hands to explore her body.

I pushed her panties down exposing her butt when suddenly she pushed up. "I can't take this, get naked, get naked now!" And she quickly pulled her nightie off over head, causing her breasts to bounce around. "What are you waiting for?"

"You're sitting on me, I can barely move."

She jumped up and had her panties off before I could pull my pajama top off. I guess I wasn't fast enough because she grabbed my waistband and pulled my bottoms down my legs and off. She bound at me, knocking me to my back and quickly locked her lips to mine.

'God, she feels soooo good.'

Her skin seemed to be on fire. She was grinding her hips against me, pressing painfully hard against my throbbing penis.

'Damn, she really wants to be fucked.'

I wanted some mutual oral and stuff, but she was in control, rushing to our union. As my hands found the

sides of her breasts and pushed between us to hold them, she shifted her knees to my sides and rubbed her

labia up and down my shaft.

'Oh God, you're going to bring me off doing that.'

Feverishly kissing me and whimpering she started shaking through an orgasm.

'Jesus Christ, my Sister's a hot one!'

Pushing up, she hunched forward, my glans touched her hot labia, and she began pushing against it. My hands were massaging her breasts and I squeezed her nipples. She moaned, loudly and I prayed no one heard. As I

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

played with her puffy aureole, I leaned up and licked a nipple causing her to moan and shudder. She slid a hand between us, forcing her breast into my mouth. I sucked her nipple as she grasped my shaft, stroking my glans up and down her labia.

'Oh My Fucking God, She Is Hot!'

I felt her pushing against my glans as she grabbed my head and pulled me harder against her breast. Her labia

was hot and wet, but I wasn't going in, something was holding me in place. Squeezing my glans, almost painfully, she was wiggling and pushing down harder. Suddenly the barrier gave way, she stiffened, moaned in pain, and my glans was both cold and hot at the same time as it popped through.

Her tense body started relaxing and she released her grip on my shaft and head. Slowly her hips started moving as she pushed down and moaned. Her moving vagina was hot, and the tightness was pulling the skin down my shaft, painfully. With each push, she grunted and held her breath, as I moved my hands to her butt and squeezed.

She buried her face in my neck, shuddered and moaned, "OH God, OH God," as my penis was entirely inside her tight hot vagina.

I was motionless, not knowing what to do, but I wanted that painful pulling on my penis to stop. Finally, she stopped pushing down and eased up.

"Oh God yes," I moaned as the pain subsided.

Kissing her way up my face, she raised her hips. When our lips met, she pushed down again. Her opening was much tighter than Moms, but did seem to be loosening up. She began to slowly move faster and all I could do was attempt to thrust into her, she had me pinned, doing all the fucking.

Her kisses became more fervent as her tight swollen labia moved faster and faster up and down my shaft.

'For somebody who's never fucked, she's doing a pretty good job of it!'

I moved my hands, over all of her I could reach, feeling her softness and trembling, every few seconds. Her vagina became very hot and wet, as her head went back and she shook violently, pressing her pelvic bone hard against mine.

My ejaculation was halted by my amazement of, and feeling, and watching her orgasm. Her orgasm had barely stopped when she started rolling her hips while thrusting up and down on my penis. She was almost coming completely off of me and slamming down hard each time as she once again, 'Fucked Me.'

Yes, she was doing all of the Fucking, I was just the ever so willing, 'Brother Being Fucked.' I hadn't came for

a few days and was surprised that I had lasted this long. It must have been the surprise of my Sisters actions

and body that kept me going. She sat upright grinding down on me and hunching her hips as she shook through another orgasm. I watched her firm 'titties' shake, like two mounds of jell-o on a vibrating table, as

she whimpered.

Once again, before she stopped shaking, she was sliding her tight wet labia up and down my shaft.

That was it for me, I felt my impending release, but I wanted to orgasm with her and tried my best to hold off until I felt her again.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I didn't succeed however, my will was not stronger than that of my penis, and it won. The intense feeling of ejaculation was stronger than I had ever felt and sperm raced up my shaft exploding from my glans into my Sisters burning hot vagina.

That triggered her orgasm as well and she collapsed shaking violently, on top of me, moaning in my ear, "Yessss, Yessss, OoooH, God, Yessss!"

The intensity of our orgasms was so strong that we both momentarily lost consciousness and lay there for several minutes.

Sis moved first, lightly kissing my ear. "Your 'cum' was so 'hot' when it shot from your 'cock'."

'There's that word from my sister.'

"When I felt your 'cock' throb and hot 'cum' flood my pussy, I lost all control. OH GOD, Stephen, I Loved it! I Love You!" She began smothering me in kisses and flexing her vagina.

"I Love You Too. I Love You Too."

The intensity was overwhelming, I thought fucking Mom was good, but fucking Sis was mind blowing. Then I realized I didn't go soft and was still erect, it must have been the tight ring of Sis's labia squeezing the base of my penis. I noticed something else too, there was something hard poking me where our pelvic bones came together.

'Is that her clitoris? Damn, Moms didn't do that!'

She kept pushing her pelvis down against me and slowly began moving her hips again.

"I can feel you inside me." She whispered huskily in my ear. "You're still hard and I want to fuck again." She hunched hard against me. "PLEASE! Fuck me again."

She didn't wait for a reply, hunching on me and nuzzling my neck. I had another idea as I wanted to move and not be pinned down with her doing it all. So, I quickly turned and rolled on top of her.

Her arms and legs wrapped around me, squeezing me tightly. "Fuck me again, please. Please, it felt so good."

'Jesus Christ Sis!'

I now felt two griping pressures on my penis, one at the base and one just below my glans. 'God, I never felt

that before!' The one below my glans was hotter than the other and seemed to be vibrating as though it was trying to pull the sperm from me. The sensation was intense. I pulled back slowly until I could feel those vibrations on my glans and then pushed forward again. With the squeezing at her labia and this hot firm vibrating grip further up, it felt as though I was being forced to ejaculate. I didn't have to move at all, her slight hunching movements were bringing me off wonderfully.

Shaking my head I cleared the fog. 'Fuck her you fool. Fuck her like you want to. Feed your 'cock' to your Sisters 'pussy'. Give it to her hard.'

She was locked around me and I struggled to fuck her, bouncing her ass on the bed. Slowly her grip relaxed and I was able to slide my entire shaft in and out in an ever increasing tempo. Every few strokes my penis was enveloped in that dual vibrating pressure, which was good because if it were constant, I wouldn't have lasted

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

more than seconds. Minute after minute, I pounded into her, concentrating on making it last. Her body relaxed and shook as she lathered my penis several times.

Finally, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, trapping me, and moaned into my ear. "Oh God, Please give me your cum. Cum in me, I need your cum, please cum in my pussy!"

The words along with her bear hugging, pulsating body made me explode and I pushed hard against her as I emptied myself. And I do mean, emptied myself. I didn't just pass out for a few seconds, I completely passed out. As I regained my senses, Sis was still wrapped around me, rocking gently, and kissing my neck while moaning. I started kissing her neck in return, enjoying the expression of love and trying to return it. I weakly raised my head and she grabbed it giving me a passionate kiss.

"Oh God, Stephen, that was incredible! You were incredible! I wanted it to be good and it was better than good!"

Her arms and legs went around me again.

'Oh Shit, I can't do this again. I gotta rest, I gotta rest!' First light was beginning to show and I knew we had to "

quit or be caught. "Uh, Sis, we gotta quit before Mom and Dad wake up. Maybe next time, we

"Next time, damn right there's going to be a next time. I don't have to worry about doing some boy now that I have you. Damn, right, there's going to be a next time." She squirmed against me and kissed me passionately again.

She released her grip letting her arms and legs fall to the bed. I weakly pushed myself up and pulled back as I looked at our union watching my soft penis slide from between her griping labia. Our groin areas were coated with bloody wetness.

My first and only, 'Virgin', was my Sister.

Quietly, we went to the bathroom and cleaned up, then went back to our respective beds.

"Son-of-a-bitch, she's drained me!" I said to my empty room, knowing I couldn't get to sleep. Laying there waiting for the house to come alive, I reveled in the events happening in my life. My Mother started secretly playing with my penis, which led to eventually sucking me off, which eventually led to fucking me, which was all a game of her being in control of what we did, which was controlled by my Father. Jesus Christ, talk about being confusing! Then enter my Sister, a Virgin that wanted me to be her first because she was afraid of being betrayed if a boyfriend took her for the first time. I don't care if this is supposed to be wrong on so many levels, it feels too good to be wrong and I want it to continue. I must admit that I'm turned on by Moms controlling what we do, how we do it, where we do it, etc. And now, maybe my Sister and I can have a sensual sexual relationship.

I didn't have time to go to sleep; no sooner had these thoughts gone through my mind than I heard my parents alarm go off.

'Sunrise Service' was here. The house was in a rush as we all readied to go to the park for the gathering. We didn't dress up, in fact, at our church the belief was that God wanted you not your clothes. It was a, be what you are, not pretend to be something, church.

The park was only three blocks away so we were there in plenty of time. The Reverend, briefly spoke of the

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

day and Christ rising from the grave, after which we all held hands and waited for actual sunrise. It was of course, a moment of personal silent prayer. After sunrise, the women and men who volunteered started assembling the feast. The men set up tables while the women hauled out the food.

It was almost noon before we got back home. Sis and Dad started getting ready for something and I found out then that Sis was being interviewed for a scholarship to a summer learning camp in science. I also discovered that I was to be interviewed later for the same thing. We weren't being considered because our folks put us in for it or we applied, it was because the school supplied the recommended names of students to its scholarship providers, and we just happened to go to this church. Mom and Dad flipped a coin to see who would take whom. Dad would take Sis and Mom would take me.

After Dad and Sis left, I heard Mom. "Stephen, I need your help in here."

I went to her room and there was a chair under one of the overhead lights with Mom standing next to it, holding a light bulb.

"The bulb blew and I can't get it loose. Can you see if you can get it out?"

"Sure, Mom." I smiled and climbed up to change the bulb. It was in pretty tight and hard to turn, but did come loose and out.

As I tightened the new bulb, I felt her hand touch my pants over my penis. I looked down and saw her smiling. Below her smile were her naked breasts, she had pulled her sun dress down to expose them. I moaned.

'Oh Yes, there they are. There are her tits; I finally get to see them again.' My eyes glazed over.

"This is a special day and I think you deserve something special." She moved her hand up and pulled her nipple until I thought it would pop off, all the while still rubbing my now erect penis through my pants. "Would you like Mommy to give you something special?"

"Yes, something special, please give me something special."

Smiling, she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She now stood there naked smiling up at me with her dress crumpled around her feet.

My legs started shaking. "Ah o-o-oh!"

She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. She sat down and pulled me to stand between her legs, undid my pants and pulled them down.

"Kick them away."

As soon as I did, her hands went up my legs, over my hips and to my sides, causing me to shiver.

"Take off your shirt."

As I did she ran the tips of her fingers over my nipples, causing my penis to jump. Looking me in the eyes she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and engulfed my penis in one motion.

"Oh God, Mom, the way you love to suck is maddening!"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

And so began one of Moms fantastic blowjobs. I love the feeling of her tight lips as they move up and down my shaft while she looks me in the eye, and how she starts to kinda hum as she speeds up to bring on my ejaculation, all while looking me in the eye.

She took my penis in her hand and pulled back. "Play with Mommy's titties."

'Oh God yes. Oh God Yes. I get to play with them." I reached out and cupped them in my hands.

"Mmmm, do what you want to Mommy's titties. Go ahead, do what you want."

'I want to suck them as I fuck you, that's what I want!'

"You will, but first, Mommy gets what she needs."

'Oh My God, did I say that out loud? No, I didn't, oh shit.'

They felt so good in my hands, not great big and not small either. They were so warm and soft and the nipples tickled my palms as I moved my hands over them, causing me to shiver again. I used my fingertips to explore her aureole and those protruding hard nipples at their center.

'Oh Jesus, I want to suck them.'

"Uh huh, you will." Mom said, never taking my penis out of her mouth.

'What the, how the hell does she know what I'm thinking.'

She was urging me on now as she moved one hand to my butt and the other to tickle my scrotum. This wasn't going to take long, because I almost ejaculated when I touched her breasts. It was only by concentrating as hard as I could about playing with them that I was able to last at all.

"OOOOOOOOH!" I was shaking as I exploded in her mouth, and inadvertently pinched her nipples hard. This seemed to make Mom suck harder as well.

"Did you like that? Did you like pinching Mommy's nipples as you came in her mouth?"

Trembling and dry mouthed, I didn't answer right away.

"If you didn't like it, we can stop."

"Oh God Yes, I liked it."

Mom then kissed her way to my lips and wrapped her arms tightly around me. The feel of our naked bodies pressed against each other was fantastic.

"Would you like to make love to me? Not fuck me, but make love to me?"

"OH YES! More than anything!"

Mom took my hands and slowly lay back on the bed. "I'm yours to do as you please."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I became light headed and thought I was going to faint.

"Oh Jesus, God, what I've wanted, for so long, is finally happening!" I just looked at her, open mouthed, in wonder of the vision before me.

"I'm yours Honey. Really. Don't be afraid. Mommy wants you to make love to her if you wish; you're free to do anything you want, absolutely anything"

I sat next to her, my devouring eyes stopping at her beautiful smile. "I Love You, Mom. I Love You."

Leaning down, I kissed her, tenderly. Her arms wrapped around me as she responded and our kiss became more heated and passionate.

'Oh God, Mom, you're not controlling me. You're letting me have you. I can't believe it. I want to taste your pussy Mom. I want to see and kiss the place I came from. I want to thank your pussy for giving me birth. And

I want to return to it by filling it with my sperm. Oh, if I could make you pregnant, I would do it in a heartbeat.'

"Yes baby, Yessss, Mommy's yours, make love to me!"

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Our hands were mutually caressing and my penis

by DaktoRto

Our hands were mutually caressing and my penis was harder than it had ever been. In fact it was painfully hard, but thoughts of other things were controlling me. Thoughts of what I wanted to do with my mouth and face. Freeing myself from our kissing, I licked, nibbled, and kissed my way to her shoulder, soaking in the warm sweet softness of her skin.

My hands found their way to her breasts and I kissed my way down between them. 'Oh Yes! I'm finally here, finally able to have these beautiful tits.' I let myself go and enjoyed every square inch of the soft sweet skin of them. Their aureole fascinated me with the difference in texture and color.

When I licked across them, little bumps popped up, tickling my tongue. Mom must have enjoyed this, as she shivered and moaned in response. Her nipples were now thicker and sticking out further, seeming to beg for attention. I ran my fingertips lightly around her aureole and she stiffened while moaning again.

I flipped her nipple with my finger and watched as it quickly wiggled back into place, begging to be sucked. I

pushed my lips to the union of breast and ribs then licked up the soft skin to the aureole and sucked the nipple

into my mouth.

Moaning Mom shivered and arched her back. A hand went to the back of my head pulling into her breast as the other went to my arm and began squeezing.

I loved it and imagined getting milk as I did when Mom suckled me as a baby.

"OH God, I could do this forever."

But, there was something else I wanted, something that was driving my desire more than her luscious breasts or fucking. I wanted to 'TASTE HER PUSSY'. As much as I loved sucking on her breasts I was driven to another goal and I pulled myself away to proceed downward.

Her breathing was faster and a humming sound came from her lips each time I kissed or licked her flesh. Little goose bumps followed each of my actions adding to the sensations on my lips and tongue.

As I reached her right thigh she was wiggling and almost panting. Her hands seemed to be guiding me between her legs but I was enjoying the sensations to much to be hurried by her or my own desire. I could smell her now and the odor of her sex was like a magnet. As I moved across her lower stomach, her hips

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

pushed up with a groan from her lips and her hands pushed me down.

I continued across to her thigh as her hips thrust up again with a louder moan. "Stop teasing me!"

'But, didn't she say, she was mine to with as I pleased?'

The aroma from her vagina was getting stronger and had me light headed but still I wanted to savor this experience because of it being forbidden. Never having seen this part of a woman before I was driven to take my time and remember it all.

'She's wet, almost dripping, and I haven't touched her yet!'

'That smell, God, no wonder men want pussy so much!'

The outer labia looked swollen, up close, but from school I knew this was normal. The amazing thing was the inner labia, they were sticking out, definitely swollen, bright red, and wet. There at the top, sticking out like a little penis was her clitoris.

I kissed between the two and her hands went to my head gently holding me.

"OH Yes, Yes!" Her voice full of lust.

Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue and licked like it was an ice cream cone.

'Wow, this don't taste bad at all.'

Her hips began moving while her hands squeezed around on my head and neck as she moaned louder. Her body shook as my tongue slid across her clitoris and down parting her inner labia. As I continued this she pulled me against her and thrust up repeatedly. I began to stiffen my tongue after it cleared her clitoris and push it into her vagina on its journey downward.

I couldn't keep up with her hips, taking a queue from her hands I settled on her clitoris, even though I wanted more of her sweet juice. As she thrust into my mouth, I licked her clitoris, and as she pulled back I sucked. Her moans were almost echoing in the room.

Suddenly, she thrust against my mouth and pulled my head against her as her body shook violently through her loud grunting. I was beginning to run out of air before she relaxed and released her grip allowing me to breathe again. Slowly, I sat up and looked at her, my face dripping wet, as she slowly stopped trembling.

"My God that was good! When did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

"I've never done it before. I just did what I thought you wanted."

"You've never done it before! My God!"

She came up and kissed my wet mouth so fast it took my breath. After one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had, she pulled back, took my erect penis in her hand and said, "There's something else you want, isn't there?"

Moms grip was almost painful as she pushed and pulled my erection toward her genitals, forcing me to position myself between her legs. I froze in place and pushed myself up gazing at her face as she still tried to

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

force my penis downward; her expression was contorted in lust.

"You are mine

to do as 'I want!"

Her expression softened, she relaxed her grip on my penis, and she smiled. "Yes. I am yours to do with as you want." Her hands then went to my sides and softly caressed me sending shivers through my body.

I began moving my hips to slide my penis up and down her stomach and could feel my scrotum rubbing the hard nub of her clitoris.

Slowly I slid down while I continued thrusting back and forth. Her hard nub began rubbing along the bottom of my shaft and she began rotating her hips and moaning. Suddenly, she shivered as goose bumps covered her body making her aureole and nipples stand out. Moving further down the tip of my penis slid slowly over her clitoris and down between her labia bringing a moan from her mouth and her hands to my butt.

I held there momentarily. 'Wow, I'm going to fuck Mom like I want. Not like she tells me. God this is


Her rolling hips had the tip of my penis perfectly positioned to enter her, but she was letting me take my time.

My immediate 'horny teenager' impulse was to slam it home and fuck as hard as I could, but my mind said, 'No! Take your time and enjoy this, do the things you have dreamed about.'

Slowly I pushed forward and felt the velvety smoothness of Moms labia sliding over my glans as her vaginal muscles pulsed urging me forward. I pulled back and pushed forward again, a little further this time and felt her opening squeezing my glans. Her rolling hips popped me inside and her muscles squeezed as if trying to trap me. Pulling back, I felt their tight grip and heat resisting my retreat as her labia tickled my shaft. Easing forward again, I felt my glans touch something hot and held there for a second or two trying to figure out what it was.

'Her uterus, that's what that is, it's her uterus, the place that gave me life.'

Easing back I felt her hands resisting, urging me to proceed forward. Pushing back in, I felt that warmth again and pushed deeper feeling it cover my glans with its boiling heat causing the semen to churn in my testicles preparing for its journey.

'Jesus Fucking Christ, men don't have a chance. A woman's pussy just commands the sperm out of them.'

I decided to have at it and began slow hard thrusts into her, driven by the hot vibrating grip on the top half of

my penis and the milking grip on the bottom half of my penis. I couldn't believe what Mom was doing to my penis as I tried to make it last. I ejaculated as I felt a searing heat surround the top half of my penis, making

me only able to kind of quiver in place.

Mom was also in the throws of orgasm, quivering beneath me, face, neck, and chest flushed red.

I softened only a little, driven on by desire and resumed thrusting into Moms now sloppy vagina. Wanting to

see myself fucking her, I sat up on my haunches and gazed intently at my penis sliding in and out of her. Our genitals covered in a foamy mixture of semen and bartholin. It was so hypnotizing to watch my penis griped by her labia as it pulled out and slid so easily back in. Mesmerized, I was caressing her legs as she moved in unison with me moaning and moaning.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

A thought flashed through my mind. "On your knees," I mumbled. "Get on your knees."

Without hesitation, Mom changed position, presenting herself for my entry from behind. Her firm round white buttocks looked so inviting with her engorged open labia beckoning me to continue. I caressed her butt and eased toward her. But, some unknown force, compelled me to lean down and lick the womanhood before me.

"Ooooh, Stephen." Mom moaned loudly as she shivered.

As I licked again, "Oooohhhh, Fuck Me, Please Fuck Me." She said in a low lustful whisper.

Licking again, I continued up along her spine to her lower back, stopped and kissed. Straightening up, I took my penis in my hand and rubbed my glans up and down between her labia.

Mom tried to push back, but I moved with her, preventing her from taking control and continuing to enjoy the softness of her wet labia caressing my glans. After several attempts by Mom to push back, I stopped moving with her and she took me into her vagina in one quick motion, slamming her buttocks against my stomach.

"Ahhhh, Yessss, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me."

I didn't have to do anything; Mom was moving her vagina up and down my shaft making her buttocks a blur

to my eyes. Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled each time she moved back, causing her to pound into me and grunt at each contact.

Her moans became louder until with a gasp she shook uncontrollably and stopped moving. I could feel her wetness engulf my penis and run down over my scrotum.

I started thrusting into her and when I got a steady tempo going I let my hands roam over her body, lightly

caressing her soft skin. Up her sides, around her back, she's moaning and hunching now. Down over her buttocks to her thighs, she adds a rolling motion to her hips. Down her thighs to her calves and on to her feet,

she's shaking again and I feel her fingers on my scrotum.

'This is good. I like fucking in this position.'

I moved my hands back up her legs to her buttocks and massaged there a bit before continuing up her sides.

She's shivering again. Moving my hands to her shoulders, I pull back as I thrust in and she whimpers. Slowly, I

bring my hands down her back and around her waist to her stomach, her moans are getting louder and her head is moving up and down.

My hands go up over her rib cage to her breasts and stop as I feel them thump against my fingers. Slowly I move my hands up to cup her breasts. She becomes covered in goose bumps and shudders into another orgasm. Immediately, I pinch her nipples and pull down. She screams. I feel her opening squeeze hard around my shaft and a flood of wetness rushing out.

Mom went limp, her head and shoulders fell back to the bed, I slowed my thrusts and watched my penis as it slid in and out of her gripping labia. She began to shake and went completely limp falling flat to the bed, taking me with her. After what seemed like minutes, she moved.

"OH GOD, that was good. Oh Stephen, I Love You, I Love You."

Turning her head toward me she reached back with her hand and pulled my head down for a kiss.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Raising off of her, and laying down. "Get on top." I whispered.

A smile filled her face, increasing the lust in her eyes, as she moved swiftly to straddle and lay on top of me. Mom took my head in her hands and began kissing me passionately as she ground her mound against my penis.

A tingling sensation coursed through my fingers as I caressed her thighs, hips and butt.

'This is fucking great!'

Her grinding and wiggling, during our kissing, without the use of hands, had a purpose as suddenly I felt my penis slip into the warmth of her vagina. Her wet, silky warmth took my breath away as it slid slowly down my shaft.

"OH God Mom!" I shivered.

Her lips moved to my ear as her hips flexed and released, grinding that hard nub against the base of my penis.

As my hands moved lightly up her back she increased her movements and moved her lips to my neck. Overwhelmed by the sensations, I felt my scrotum begin to tighten. 'No not yet, I don't want to cum now!' To try and hold off, I began to thrust into her as she came against me, and amazingly it worked to stave off the inevitable.

Mom began whispering grunts and increased her tempo on my penis. This increased movement on her part gave me the ability to thrust into her. She began to let out louder and louder moans and I had to do something else or I was going to ejaculate.

I pushed her up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them together, causing her nipples to push out. Bending

upward, I licked her nipples. Her hand came to the back of my head, pulling me against her, as she shook and

moaned in another orgasm. I momentarily pulled away from her breast, and noticed that it looked swollen and flushed as did her chest, neck and face.

Mom wasn't letting me stay away, her massaging hand once again pulled my mouth to her nipple.

I didn't want to ejaculate yet, because there was one more thing I wanted to try, so I began moving to the edge of the bed. This had the added benefit of breaking the exquisite pleasure my penis was getting and helping me hold off.

Mom wasn't letting up, she was moving up and down my shaft without pause.

As I reached the edge of the bed, I struggled to sit up, Mom still pounding away on me. I started to say what I wanted to do, but Mom went into another shaking orgasm. Her shaking settled into quivering and I thought, 'What the hell,' and just slipped my arms under her legs, grabbed her buttocks, and stood up. Her weight pushed us firmly together, forcing her hard nub into my pelvic bone and causing her to gasp loudly into my ear. It took me a second to figure out what to do next, and I slowly began using my arms to move her up and down my penis, increasing speed as I got going.

Mom had a death grip around my neck and was kissing and biting, muffling her screams each time we slammed together.

'Jesus Fucking Christ, I like this!'

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

It took a lot of strength to do this, but it is the best way to finish a fuck as far as I'm concerned.

I was slamming away as Moms muffled screams into my neck drove me over the edge bringing the semen

from my testicles up my shaft and out into Moms burning hot vagina. She began to shake, then went quiet, and went limp, her arms falling downward. I knew the only way to keep her from hitting the floor was to fall back onto the bed and we hit with a hard thud.

I was completely spent, gasping for breath, I felt like I had just ran a marathon. Mom was out of it and her dead weight on top of me wasn't helping my breathing. Slowly my breathing returned to normal and I hugged and caressed her body relishing the moment and wanting this to never end.

For many minutes, Mom remained motionless, and I was beginning to get concerned. Finally, she moved a little and I felt her kiss my neck. It was then that I realized my soft penis was still inside her, because I felt her vagina squeeze it.

"Mmmm, that was good." She raised her head and kissed me. "That was a fantastic fuck. Whatever gave you the idea to do it that way?"

"I don't know, it just popped into my head."

"Well, it'll have to pop into your head again sometime." Mom kissed me again and snuggled into me. "I'm still yours, do you want to do anything else."

"Oh Wow, I don't want this to ever end, but I don't think I can do much of anything right now!"

"Is my little baby worn out?"

"Right now I am."

"OK then, let's go shower and clean up."

We went to the shower and took turns soaping and washing each other and it wasn't until Mom was drying me off that I became erect again. She was on her knees in front of me, running the towel down my legs.

When she raised her head, my erection was pointing straight at her. She looked up at me with a sly smile on her face and cupped my scrotum in her hand.

"Is there something special in these for Mommy?"

She knew what I wanted as I looked back through half closed eyes.

Mom placed her hands on my thighs and kissed the tip of my penis. She licked it like a lollypop several times causing it to twitch before opening her mouth and sliding her lips over my glans causing me to shiver.

I knew immediately that I wasn't going to last long, even though I had already ejaculated many times,

between being with Mom and Sis. I let the sensations roll, after all the ultimate goal was to ejaculate in her

mouth. This isn't a 'Man vs. Woman' power thing; it's simply a 'Pleasure Thing.'

Sure enough, with Moms exquisite lips, tongue, and mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft, my scrotum tightened, and my penis throbbed as semen erupted into her mouth. Er, throat, as I opened my eyes, her nose

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

was against my stomach as I emptied down her throat.

When Mom released my penis from her mouth she hugged me before sliding up my body, dragging her breasts on my tingling skin. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed against me and kissed me passionately.

'Oh God, I Love You Mom. I want this to last forever.'

"I Love You Mom!"

"I Love You Too Sweetie! Mommy couldn't ask for a better Son." before you go get dressed. Go ahead, I know you want to."

"Have a last feel of Mommies titties

She was again reading my mind; I did want to play with them. I played with them for several minutes and even sucked each one, before she took my head in her hands and pulled me into a quick kiss.

"Now go get dressed. I have something for you to do."

'Something, for me to do?'

I quickly got dressed and went to the living room waiting for Mom. She walked in a couple of minutes later, looking completely normal and acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Come with me."

I followed her to the garage where she showed me some large boxes with my uncles name on them. She told

me he had to have the boxes today as they contained some things he needed for work tomorrow. She opened one of the boxes, showing me some stuff that I had helped Dad with before. "You'll have to show him how to get this to work right, since you already know its quirks."

"Ma-um! This'll take hours and it's already Three-thirty!"

"Oh stop whining, it's not going to kill you to help out. Now get this stuff loaded, OK."

I loaded the stuff in my car and as I entered the kitchen to tell Mom I was ready to leave, I heard her on the phone.

"Yes, we're finished, you can come home I'll let him play with my tits, before he

He's loading the Bye."

Much better than I


'What!? She's giving Dad the all clear?! He knew about what we were doing and stayed away!'

I heard Mom hang up the phone and went on in to the living room.

"All loaded," she said cheerfully, "Here's the gas card, be sure to drive safely." She took my arm and headed for the garage as I followed, dumbfounded. Once in the garage, she turned into and kissed me as she took my hands and guided them under her blouse to her bare breasts. After several passionate kisses, she stepped back. "Wanna suck Mommy's titties before you go?" As she pulled her blouse up I bent forward and gladly sucked my prize.

Mom caressed my head and moaned as I sucked each nipple in turn, several times.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Just as I was getting another erection, she took my head in her hands and pulled me into another kiss. "Oh, you are such a good boy, doing what Mommy needs. Now hurry along and drive safely."

She gently pushed me towards the car and turned to watch me go, leaving her breasts exposed.

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Mom standing there with her breasts exposed f

by DaktoRto

Mom standing there with her breasts exposed filled my mind as I drove away, reluctantly.

It took over an hour to drive to my uncles because of heavy traffic. It took more than an hour for my uncle to

use the equipment without messy up. Like Dad says, "He ain't none to quick." Going home took way less than

an hour, I did some speeding and traffic was light.

When I got home, everybody was there, of course, and Sis met me at the door. "Mom, go ahead and order the pizza. He's back."

Mom popped her head around the corner, and smiled real big. "Oh good, you're back safe-n-sound."

I could smell popcorn. "What's going on Sis?"

"Mom went out and bought some movies, so we're having a movie night."

It was torturous; all I could think of was that afternoon with Mom and her standing there bare breasted as I

left. I did have fun though and made it through the evening.

A month passed without one single dream and I was beginning to think that my afternoon with Mom was the

end of it all. Then they picked up again, occurring every night, and I was really enjoying my belief that Mom was making up for ignoring me. On the third night, I managed to wake up and was a little disappointed to see that it was Sis and not Mom. I thought, 'What the hell, I have someone sucking me off at night, so enjoy it. Don't be complaining when someone is doing this for you.'

"It's about time. I thought you never would wake up"

"Huh!" She caught me with my eyes open.

"I want to fuck again."

Sis moved up to kiss me dragging her bare breasts against my skin. That's how regularly fucking my sister began and we started having sex every few days. It started with her coming to my room in the wee hours of the night, and then progressed to anywhere in the house if we were alone.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Meanwhile, Mom didn't change, she was Mom first and the 'in control sex fiend' on holidays only. As it turned out, there were no more afternoons with Mom; it was Mom in control only. Even later when I was married, Mom would get me alone at a holiday get together and give me 'Something Special.'

I barely managed to go to college and studied computer electronics which led to my Security Surveillance business.

I met my wife in college and we were married during summer break after our sophomore year. Debra is small,

5' 2'', 105#, 34-22-34, C-cup, Black hair, Brown eyes. What actually drew me to her was her smell. We were in a study group and began socializing afterward when she hugged me one night and her smell captured my mind. I couldn't get enough of it and asked her out which led to our becoming steady dates and living together.

She thought she was deformed because of two things about her anatomy, her aureole/nipples, and her clitoris.

You know how guys are, I measured both. Her aureoles were huge, appearing to cover half of her breasts at three inches in diameter and covered in 'Braille Bumps' when aroused. I just loved licking and sucking on them.

And they were dark, so dark she was careful not to wear something they would show through. If she wore a t-shirt in public she would always cover her aureole with some glued on piece of fabric. I tried to get her to show off her charms, but there was no way.

Her clitoris when stimulated was over a half inch in diameter and stuck out an inch and a half, looking like a little penis. It turned me on immensely, licking and sucking on it, but that exposed another problem.

She would never kiss me after I used my mouth between her legs until she cleaned my face with a baby wipe. She also wouldn't kiss me after she had my penis in her mouth, until she cleaned her face and drank something. She never sucked me off; it was only a prelude to intercourse.

This cleaning us both before proceeding was a definite distraction. The sex, however, was great and frequent all through college.

We graduated together and that's when she said, "We're not kids anymore, we're a married couple, and married people don't act like kids."

'Huh, what the hell is this supposed to mean?'

Well, she didn't change in any other way except sex. It became a weekend only thing which quickly became a 'Saturday Night Special.' Oh, there was the usual holding hands, kissing, fondling, etc., but sex was Saturday night only.

It was like, 'OK, I'm doing my wifely duty, my legs are spread, do your thing, so we can go to sleep.' I wanted more, I wanted the love making we had in college. I became frustrated and resentful. Being married I kept my relationship with Debra going and didn't try to find someone else, except Mom.

I insisted that every holiday was spent with my family; hers would be the day before or the day after. Sure enough, Mom didn't disappoint me; she always gave me 'Something Special' on the holiday.

After two years of this, I told Debra I wanted a divorce.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

She said, "OK." Like I had said, I was going to the store or something.

Before I saw a lawyer, Debra was killed in a car wreck along with her Mother, Father and Sister. Her Father tried to cross the highway in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer. The car was destroyed killing all four of them.

Then the second catastrophe happened. We were having supper after the family funeral and my Dad went face down in his food. He died in front of us from a ruptured artery in his brain. This took a lot out of us but we made it through and I stayed on with Mom to help out for a couple of days.

Three days later, I was getting ready to go back to my empty house, when Sis showed up and took me out to eat. I wanted Mom to go along, but Sis said, 'No,' she needed to talk to me alone.

'This is strange, why does she need to talk to me alone?'

Her conversation at the restaurant was about how the recent deaths had done a number on the family. Then it slipped into reminiscing about our High School years and our sexual escapades.

"You know, I don't regret having you take my virginity, one little bit." She smiled and chuckled a little. "In fact, I want to have sex with you again. I want to make it 'Something Special' we can do frequently."

'Something Special!?'

"Uh, we haven't done anything since that last Christmas before I got married. And you're married now, so what's going on here?"

She was kind of blushing. "It's just that I've had a secret life that I don't want to give up, a sexual life with my family."

"Huh, what, what are you talking about?"

She took my hand in hers. "Not here, we need to talk in private. I have a room across the street; will you come with me so we can talk?"

"Uh, well yes, I guess so."

We left the restaurant and Sis drove around behind the motel. I looked around the room and decided to sit on the small sofa near the window as Sis fidgeted.

"OK, Sis, what's so important and secret that we have to hide and talk about it?"

"Can't you say my name, instead of calling me Sis, all the time?"

"OK, Penelope! What's


"Don't be such a smart ass! Penny, you used to call me Penny!"

"I'm sorry,


She came over and sat next to me, well, not next to me, against me, putting her hand on my thigh.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"I got this room last night, but couldn't get up the nerve to have you come over or come and get you. So, I waited until this morning after thinking about things all night."

"Sis, ah, Penny, You didn't have to go through all of this, you know I'll do anything you want sexually."

"I wasn't sure anymore, it's been such a long time and our lives have changed." She raised her free hand to my cheek and lightly kissed me.

We began slowly, like we used to, making out to build the pleasure, like lovers. It felt so good to have a woman responding to me as though she also wanted sex, after what I'd been through the past couple of years. She was just as fantastic as she used to be, responsive and urging. Taking our time we slowly removed each others clothes, like we had been steady lovers for years.

Upon removing her bra, I made a discovery, she was wearing pads over her nipples and the pads were wet. "You're leaking milk!"

"Yes. I'm still breastfeeding Jenna. Does it bother you?"

"AH, No, it makes me want some."

She cupped her breast and put her other hand to the back of my head, pulling me down to suck her leaking nipple.

I was pleasantly surprised to taste sweet milk when I thought it would be flat tasting. Mom had breastfed both of us and my mind raced with the thought of nursing from her as I sucked greedily from my Sisters breast.

Slowly I moved my hand between her legs to find her already very wet. I really do love the feel of a woman's genitals on my fingers. Sis began moving and moaning to my touch, building to an orgasm that shook through her as my finger slipped inside her tight opening.

My single finger was being held firmly to my amazement. 'God, you've had two kids and you're still tight.'

When I couldn't taste any more sweet milk my desire to 'eat pussy' began building, since Debra always refused me that pleasure. I knew Sis liked it as much as I did and began my way kissing to her genitals. By the time I reached her belly button I could smell her sex and my mind went into overdrive wanting to taste her and I quickly went right to sucking her labia into my mouth.

'Oh God, I love eating pussy!'

Sis put her feet on my shoulders and grabbed my head as she moved in response to my licking and sucking.

One of the things I really like doing is sticking my nose between the labia at the bottom then sticking my tongue out to enter the opening. Then I move my head up parting the labia with my nose as my tongue licks up the inside of the opening.

It finishes with her clitoris rubbing down my nose, flicking off the end and being caught by my tongue as I continue to lick up and over. As her clitoris reaches the tip of my tongue I gently kiss and then suck it into my mouth, then I press my flattened tongue against it before I drag the underside of my tongue back down to start again.

Sis's shivers became trembling, which became shaking and ended with her thrusting her pelvis into my mouth

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

and pulling my head against her so hard I thought she was going to break my jaw. And she screamed so loud I thought somebody would call the cops.

She finally relaxed and sank back away from my mouth. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!" She commanded, not sexual wanting or lustful pleading, but an outright order.


She bound into me. "OH God, Stephen, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" She was hugging and kissing me. "You do that to me when you eat my pussy. You do it so good that I just lose all control. Please forgive me. I've missed you so much and just want to make love to you. Please forgive me!"

"There's nothing to forgive Penny. You know I love you and would never deny you what I want as much as you do."

She was kissing me while telling me she loved me and pushing me backwards to the bed. We fell backwards while locked in a kiss, her weight knocked the breath out of me but we remained lip-locked.

My penis had softened but was coming back to life quickly as we kissed and she rubbed her clitoris up and down its length. My hands roamed over my sisters body, flesh I had known and had missed, delighted in its return.

Once again she had me pinned and flashes of our first time went through my mind as she was in control. I knew it was coming by the way she moved herself against my penis, but the suddenness of her engulfing my penis in her hot vagina still took my breath away.

It was all her, riding my penis, about all I do was flex into her as she pushed down each time. Pushing down hard against me, she shook and gasped through an orgasm, which lasted several seconds before she started moving again.

It was all I could do to keep from ejaculating with the exquisite pulsations from her hot vagina and uterus.

Her urgency satisfied, she began a slower rhythm, which is far more pleasing to me.

Moving my hands up her sides, I forced them between us, squeezing her breasts together and pushed her up. I like this position because I can also suck a nipple and Penny's were leaking again which turned me on even more. I was going to have to change positions or it was going to be over soon and I wanted this to last a bit because I didn't know when I would have sex again. Quickly, I rolled us to the left. Thankfully it was a big bed, or we would have hit the floor.

I thought I was now in control, but good old Sis locked her legs around me, matching me thrust for thrust. Her pulsating heat was going to bring me off whether I liked it or not, especially when she went into another orgasm. Gritting my teeth and concentrating as hard as I could, I barely held off, when she startled me.

"Don't cum in my pussy. I want you in my mouth. I want to taste my pussy on your cock as you cum in my mouth." Her orgasm had subsided and she could tell by the look on my face that I couldn't hold out any longer. "Get on your back, quickly."

I pulled out and quickly lay down, the break in sensations easing my need for release. She moved rapidly into

a sixty-nine position, pushing her labia to my mouth as she engulfed my penis with hers. We only did each

other for seconds before my semen started its journey rapidly up my penis and into her mouth. I jerked hard

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

and thrust upward, my pelvic bone hitting her chin with a thud, months of unspent semen spraying from my penis.

Penny didn't flinch or pull back she sucked greedily while pushing her mound into my mouth.

When I finally stopped jerking through my ejaculation, I pulled away from her mound gasping for air.

Penny slowly released my softening penis from her mouth. "Whew, you're still just as good as you ever were! Oh, how I love the way you taste!"

She turned around and snuggled against me taking my face in her hand; she turned my head and kissed me. I could taste our lovemaking in the full tonguing kiss. "God, I Love You, Stephen. Please tell me you want this as much as I do."

"OH, Hell YES, I want this! I can't see why this is bad and unaccepted. Jesus, Penny, I wish we could be open about it."

"I know My Love, I know. As long as we're careful we can always have each other."

We lay silently together for a while, and I loved lying naked with my Sister.

"Stephen, we need to talk about something."

"Huh." I was drifting off in dreamland.

"We need to talk about Mom."

"What about Mom? She's been doing fine the past couple of weeks, since Dad died."

"No she hasn't! Has she sucked your cock since Dad died?"

"Huh! What! No!"

She turned my face and looked me in the eyes. "Relax Sweetie! I know all about you and Mom! And, it's alright, really!"

"But, but


"Shhhh! I have some things to tell you, some things that might shock you, about your family."

She kissed me. "Let me start from the beginning, OK." Then she put my hand on her hip.

"Well, I wasn't sleeping well one night, and heard some noises, then half asleep, I thought I saw Mom leaving your room, naked. At first, it bothered me, but the more I thought about it the more I became intrigued. I tried to keep an eye on you and Mom, but nothing seemed strange or happened for several days.

Then one night, I woke up, needing to pee and heard noises again. I went to the bathroom and on the way back, I noticed your door was open. I peeked in and could see Mom sitting on the bed next to your legs. She was naked, and she was playing with your penis. I was shocked, but so fascinated that I kept quiet and watched. I actually started playing with myself and had an orgasm when she bent and stuck your penis in her mouth.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I made some noise and Mom quickly looked at the doorway, but I managed to not be seen. I was scared, and went back to my room. I quickly figured out that Mom was visiting you, every three nights, so I waited and watched. I was so turned on by watching that I had to learn to do what Mom was doing, so I did you in between Moms visits. I started by just jacking you off but soon put it in my mouth. The first time you came in my mouth, I gagged and spit it all over you. You woke up and almost caught me as you sat up. I was holding my breath and pushing, trying to get under the bed. You didn't see me and fell back down, going back to sleep."

"Geez, that explains those times I woke up with dried semen all over me. I thought Mom was doing something different."

"You knew she was doing it?"

"Yeah, I woke up once and watched her through squinted eyes. There was no way I was going to say anything, it felt to good."

"And, you never saw me?"

"No, I always thought it was her. You know how hard I sleep."

"I know, that's why it was so much fun to learn on you, and you didn't even know it."

"Chuckle, chuckle, we both would have enjoyed it more if you were open about it."

"Anyway, I liked the taste of it and was licking it up so it didn't take long to be able to suck it right down. That's what was making me want to fuck you. I was a virgin and as you know I didn't want to have a reputation so I started to tease the hell out of you."

"Uh huh, you had me to the point that I was willing to rape you."

"You can't rape a willing soul, now can you? Things were brought to a halt when I pulled that stunt in your room. Mom really reamed me good for that. Did you know she spanked me for what I did?"

"Really! No, I didn't know that."

"Well, she did, and hard too. She also insisted that I go on birth control pills. That's when my devious little mind took over. I thought, 'Yeah, when I'm safely on the pill, my dear little brother is going to fuck my virgin pussy.'"

"Yeah, I remember that Easter, very fondly. It was a day of two firsts."

"Two firsts?"

"Uh, Huh, my first and only virgin, my sister, and the one and only time I made love to Mom."

"I'm the only virgin you've had?"

"Uh Huh."

"And you've only made love to Mom once?"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Yup, we've only made love once, all of the other times it was her controlled sex."

"It wasn't her Stephen! Mom wasn't controlling things, it was Daddy!"

"I know, but it was Mom that I had all of my contact with."

"We'll just have to get Mom to make love to you, won't we? Anyway, after you that morning, Daddy fucked me raw that afternoon and it was all I could do to sit and watch movies that night. In fact, I couldn't even wipe my pussy when I peed for several days. After that, it was the same treatment you got on family get-togethers, but with a twist."

"A twist?"

"Yeah, after you and Mom would slip off, Daddy and I would follow. Usually, he would just have me suck him off while he watched the two of you, and fuck me later. Sometimes though he would have me watch too as he fucked me from behind. He would always narrate what you were doing in a whisper. God, you have no idea how much it turned me on to hear him whispering as he fucked me while I watched you and Mom."

All of this remembering and reminiscing made me horny again and I eased myself on top of Penny.

"Oooo, want some more of Penny's Pussy, do ya?"

"I have a flash fantasy going through my mind, so please humor me and talk about Dad fucking you."


I was kissing my way down her body as she slowly told about the Fourth of July. The nasty fantasy playing

out in my mind was eating her pussy after Dad fucked her. I knew my semen was still inside her which made

it easy to imagine it was Dads.

I lingered only briefly to draw milk from her breasts before proceeding down to her genitals. By the time my tongue licked up her labia my fantasy was in control and I was cleaning up after Dad.

'God, you are sick. You are one sick individual. You're having sex with your Mother and your Sister and now you want to eat your Fathers semen from your Sisters vagina. God! You are sick!'

But, it felt so good, and like I said, 'I Love Eating Pussy.'

I really don't know what I had been doing, but it must have been good, because Sis grabbed my head pulling me tightly against her and clamped her legs against my ears as hers wails filled the room.

When she finally relaxed and let me go. "My God Stephen, no ones mouth has ever done to me what yours does! No ones!"

"I Love doing it. Maybe that's the difference. I think I get it from Mom, she loves to use her mouth and so do I."

"I need to rest sweetie, can we take a quick shower and have a short nap?"

"But, you haven't finished telling me your story."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Oh, don't worry, I'll tell you everything. Now, C'mon, lets shower and get some rest."

It was really difficult to keep away from Sis in the shower, especially when she soaped up my scrotum and penis. I think she was giving me some teasing torture because of the look in her eyes. Anyway, we showered and went to bed, snuggling with one another and falling to sleep.

I loved it; I loved the feel of her naked body against me and the knowledge that she would sexually please me. I didn't want her to leave her husband or deny him anything, I only wanted to continue our sexual relationship whenever we had the opportunity. And, I wished we had many opportunities. My only regret was that we couldn't be open about it.

'Ooooh, there's Mom!' My fantasy was waking me up, a soft warm hand rolling my testicles around as a warm mouth went up and down my penis.

"Ooooh, Mom!" I moaned.

"I'm not Mom."

"Huh! Oh! Sorry."

"That's OK, you'll have her soon enough, but for now your mine."

She continued her oral ministrations driving me to the peak but stopped and squeezed my testicles causing my to yelp in pain.

"Damn! What was that for!?"

"For forgetting it was me you are with."

"Well, you didn't have to do that!"

"That was to teach you, not to forget who you're with."

"OK, OK, I get it."

"Now you can make it up to me by giving me a nice slow fucking."

"I don't know if I should, you know I don't like rough stuff or being treated badly."

"Oh, poor baby, you just got a little lesson, and you know I don't do that normally, so come on fuck your Sister like you know you want to."

She was kissing and fondling me, and yes I did want to, anytime, anywhere. I rolled to my right so I was on top of her and began sucking her neck.

"Ooooh, that's it, give me a nice slow gentle fucking."

That's exactly what I had in mind, no hard desperate thrusting, just slow full length strokes. And, I wanted to watch as my penis slid in and out, tugging and pushing her griping labia. 'Play a little first. Rub you cock up and down and around her pussy lips.' That's what I did as she played with her breasts and moved her hips

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

slowly. Slowly, I began to push into her as I pulled my glans upward. Feeling her opening squeeze as I pushed in, 'Jesus she's tight.' Pushing my glans in, I stopped.

"Jesus penny, you're tight. How can you be so tight after having two kids?"

Giggling, "I'm not like other women. With my first pregnancy, I found out my pelvis is fused and won't open to allow me to give birth. And the opening is smaller than normal. If you take a close look at my stomach you can see a long thin scar from my caesarian deliveries. What's the matter, don't you like it?"

"Hell Yes, I like it! It's incredible."

"I also practice flexing my vaginal muscles everyday. My tightness increases the pleasure I feel. I can actually feel every little contour of a cock as it slides in and out. And yours feels so Gooood right now. C'mon, fuck me real slow and let me feel it."

I pushed in slowly until her clitoris touched me causing her to moan and start rotating her hips again. Looking

up I saw that her eyes were closed and she was pulling on her nipples. As I pulled back, I watched as her labia

clung to my shaft while her vaginal opening squeezed, trying to milk me.

She began moaning louder and rotating her hips faster as I slowly moved my penis in and out of her tight vagina. I was pulling out until I could just see my glans appear before pushing back in and on each push I could feel that second tight hot grip on my penis. It felt like a tiny mouth sliding over my glans and halfway down my shaft, inside her vagina.

'That's her uterus; damn it's hot and tingly feeling. No wonder they can bring men off so quickly, sometimes!'

She began to gasp and tremble, I looked up to see milk shoot into the air and fall back all over her chest, just as she went into a shaking orgasm.

I didn't change my pace. I wanted to, believe me, but I didn't until she stopped shaking. I began to move faster

and pushed my pelvic bone against her clitoris on each stroke. She responded by moving with me and wrapping her legs around mine. She was still massaging her breasts and I bent to lick the milk from her fingers

before sucking a nipple into my mouth. She went into another orgasm, her heels pulling me into her. It was all

I could do to keep from ejaculating as an intense heat engulfed my penis to the sounds of her moaning.

As she stopped shaking her hands grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss as she began to thrust into me. She was urging me to finish, like a jockey on a prize horse, so I went into overdrive and thrust into her as hard as I could. Amazingly, I didn't ejaculate right away, even with that amazing grip her vagina was milking me with. Instead, I thrust and thrust and thrust with her amazing tightness slowly building my need to ejaculate.

I was beginning to get light headed from my exertions and the kiss that hadn't ended since she grabbed my

face. My penis felt as though it were bigger than it had ever been when I finally felt my semen rush up its length and out into her burning womb. She was in another orgasm as well and I could feel her vaginal muscles milking my throbbing penis as I quivered against her. My ejaculation over, I collapsed on top of her. She locked her arms and legs around me and rocked us sideways.

"Oh God that was good, I love you Stephen, I love you."

I couldn't speak; I was so spent from pleasure. Minutes passed before I barely managed to talk, and was still weak.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Jesus Christ that was great! You have no idea how much I needed that!"

I began to lightly kiss her neck and she caressed my head, and neck.

"I know baby, I know, I needed it to. As much as I like holding you like this, you gotta move, your weight is killing me."

"Oh Jeez, Penny, I'm sorry."

It took all of my strength to push myself up and fall to the bed beside her. She moved with me keeping her legs around me and much to my amazement my penis was still inside her. I started to pull out.

"Be still, be still, and stay like you are while I tell you more."

That was fine by me, I liked the feeling and my penis was still half erect from the squeezing and releasing she was doing to it.

ever, sometimes Daddy would surprise

me with a tryst. He picked me at school a few times and pulled over somewhere to fuck me before we went home. The thrill of being out in the open was so exciting. I've even been with Mom a few times and I know it

was Daddy that had her do it. Mom taught me how to relax with a woman and eat pussy. I like being with a woman now and then and have a girlfriend at work that I get together with on occasion. Ummm, ummm, ooohhh."

"Like you, it was mainly holidays for Daddy and me. How


She began shaking through an orgasm, and it felt as though she were jacking me off.

"Oh wow! Oooo! My! Any way, now I'm at the point of telling you things that absolutely have to be kept secret, you have to swear that what I'm about to tell you will be kept secret. I mean it Stephen; this has to be kept secret! Swear to me that you'll keep it secret, or I won't say anything else!"

"Oh Penny, have I ever talked about anything before? Yes, whatever it is, I will keep it secret!"

"You better! Remember, 'Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned, or a woman betrayed."

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Her eyes were searching mine for a couple of minutes.

by DaktoRto "Well, here goes. What I am about to tell

by DaktoRto

"Well, here goes. What I am about to tell you is why I want you to get with Mom and get her pregnant."

"Geez, Penny, Mom is not going to let me get her pregnant!"

"Yes she will! You see, every time Mom and Dad got together after being with us, they played out a verbal fantasy of Daddy getting me pregnant, and you getting Mom pregnant."

"That's a pretty weak reason to believe she would actually do it."

"That's not all! But think about it, she's played that fantasy for what, eight years now, so it has to be in her mind. And there's the part that has to be kept secret." She was searching my eyes again.

"I'll keep the secret, Penny, I swear!"

"I secretly got Daddy to get me pregnant."

"You're lying! You didn't! Did you?"

"Yes I did!"

"Which one?"

"Can't you tell? Which one has Daddy's eyes and nose?"

"Jenna? Little Jenna?"

"Yes, little Jenna. She's Daddy's daughter, your half-sister."

"I don't believe it, your lying. You wouldn't do that to Tom or Mom."

"I didn't do anything to them and what they don't know won't hurt them."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

There was a long silence as she searched my eyes again.

"After listening to Mom and Daddy for years, I began to fantasize myself about getting pregnant by Daddy and you. When Tom got me pregnant, I would sit and rub my belly pretending it was Daddy's baby, and I guess the notion just took over. When Jason was born and I held him for the first time, I made up my mind right then that I was going to have Daddy's baby. I knew Tom could never find out and I worked out my plan to trick Daddy while making Tom believe it was his.

We waited two years before trying for our second child, and of course we told Mom and Daddy. It wasn't easy, believe me, Tom knows my pussy and so did Daddy. I obtained diaphragms from the clinic and wore two of them all of the time when Tom was home, only taking them out when he was gone. Ooooh. Ooooh. Ooooh."

"Oh Jesus, Penny, your pussy feels as good as your mouth." I started to move.

"Be still, don't move. Just keep caressing me and lay there."

When my hands were on her breasts I would rub her nipples in circles on my palms.

"Oh God, Penny, I'm gonna cum. Your pussy is pulling it out of me."

"Yes, Yes, cum for me baby, give me your sperm. Fill 'Penny's Magic Pussy' with your sperm."

'Sperm? She doesn't say that!'

"Oh God yes, I can feel your hot sperm!"

I was ejaculating all right; it felt like a vacuum was emptying my testicles the feeling was so intense.

"Holy Shit, how did you do that?"

"I told you I practiced with my vaginal muscles and have since you took my virginity. I got Tom to let me practice this on him, and got good at it, but didn't get him off. The first man I brought all the way was Daddy. We had an afternoon together, last year, and he has more control to stay still than Tom. Boy did he ever like it, after that he would have me do it a lot, but only if he had enough time to fuck me hard afterward.

"I have a correction for ya, it's not 'Penny's Magic Pussy,' it's 'Penny's Magic Fantastic Pussy.'"

"Leave it in! Don't you dare pull it out!"

"Damn Penny, aren't you satisfied yet?"

"No! Right now I want all of you I can get. Besides, I can feel that you still want to, 'cause it's not going soft."

"It can't go soft with your pussy squeezing on it!"

"Oh quit whining, you know you like it and want it."

"Oh yeah, I do, I do want you, very much."

"Where was I? Oh yeah, the hard part was getting Daddy to fuck me as often as possible, and some home

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

improvement decorating things helped with that."


"I had to have help with some work, that meant Daddy was needed, and Mom was also decorating, that meant

I was at their place too."


"It still took two menstrual cycles before I got pregnant. I would sit and talk to my stomach, saying things like, "We have the same Daddy, little one." Or "You know, my Daddy is your Daddy." I almost blew it when they brought her to me the first time, I said, "Hi Sis, our Daddy is going to love you."

Luckily, no one seemed to hear me. Mom and Daddy were there and when he saw Jenna, he turned and looked at me for the longest time. That was when I knew, that Daddy knew, he was Jenna's father. Even though he never said anything about it, that look, and comments he made from time to time, told me.

Daddy really liked it when I nursed him, and so did I. After Jenna turned one, Daddy started coming to the

house during the day, without Mom, something he just didn't normally do. Ooooh. Oooh.

coming over so often that I was becoming afraid of being caught, and I sure as hell didn't want Tom to find

out. One day he showed up so soon after Tom left, that I knew they had to pass each other on the street. Mmmmm, mmmmm.

He was

'She's doing it to me again. I can feel that hot pussy of hers pulling it out of me.'

"Daddy fucked me all day, he wouldn't even let me stop and Nurse Jenna, he fucked me while she sucked my nipples. He didn't leave until minutes before Tom came home and I had to hurry to straighten the house and doctor my bruised and bleeding pussy. Oh God, you have no idea how scared I was that Tom would find out. Luckily, Tom was concentrating on a big rush job and I had the days I needed to heal. I didn't see Daddy for two months and then there was no sex, all he wanted to do was hold and play with the kids."

"That's strange!?"

"Yeah, tell me about it. Now that I think about it, I bet that's when that thing in his head started acting up."


"That's when the sadistic weird stuff started."

"What kind of 'sadistic weird stuff'?"

"Ooooh, mmmmm. A few weeks later, I went over there to help Mom with some stuff, and in the afternoon she needed to go to the store so I put the kids down for a nap. The kids had just went to sleep when Daddy took me to their bedroom. We had a nice fuck, and Daddy had just came, when Mom stepped through the door and caught us, her hand went to her mouth as she gasped.

I tried to get away and cover up but Daddy held me in place and literally ordered Mom to get undressed and

on the bed. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't want to, but she did it anyway. There were tears in her eyes as she crawled on the bed. Daddy pulled out of me and shoved Moms head between my legs, as he ordered, "Eat our daughters cum filled pussy!"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Mom whimpered and didn't move, so Daddy shoved her face against me and growled, "NOW!" Then he got behind Mom and without any preparation started viciously fucking her. I didn't enjoy it, even though Mom was obediently licking and sucking my pussy, because Daddy was scaring the hell out of me. When he finished, he left, Mom collapsed on the bed, crying, and I quickly got the kids and went home.

Every time after that, it was the three of us, with Daddy ordering, there wasn't any love in his actions. Then the day of the funerals came, just before supper Daddy told me he was going to fuck me in the ass that night." Sis sighed, "But, as you know, Daddy dropped dead as we ate."

"Jesus Christ, Penny, why didn't you or Mom say anything about that stuff!?"

"I don't know

to put a stop to it

Can we be that, PLEASE!? Can we go on with our 'Love Trysts'?"

it was Daddy

but it wasn't Daddy. Mom and I had spoken about things and we were going

but we didn't have to, did we? Oh Stephen, I just want us all to be the lovers we were.

I wanted to hold her in my arms but the way we were laying I couldn't.

"God, Penny, I don't want things to end either. As far as I'm concerned, our secrets are our secrets."

"That's good, very good, we must keep our secrets." She wiggled a little. "I want to finish now, do you think you can keep your cock in me and get on top?"

It wasn't that difficult and we were soon in the 'Missionary Position.'

Sis brought her knees to my sides and slid her heels to my buttocks, then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, while working her 'Magic Fantastic Pussy.'

As she pulled from our kiss, "Just give me your sperm. I don't care if it's one thrust or a thousand. Just give me your sperm."

'Sperm, she said sperm again and not cum.'

I didn't need any urging, even though I had already ejaculated several times, I needed to again. Moving my

hands down to hold her firm buttocks, I pounded away, only interested in my own release. We remained in a continual kiss, through which she moaned, whimpered and gasped.

The need for release drove me on and it wasn't until the point of total exhaustion that it was achieved. I thought it took hours. It felt like my penis exploded when my semen finally made the journey to her womb.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," I yelled out.

Penny' cheeks expanded and collapsed as she repeatedly blew out like she was in labor.

This time I had the presence of mind not to fall on top of her as I collapsed. I don't know how long we stayed like that, me breathing deeply, my penis still inside her and her gently holding me.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, I didn't think I could do it!"

Penny began showering my face with kisses as she said, "And, you did it so fucking well, too. Oh Stephen, my dear sweet beautiful brother, I Love You!"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Several minutes later, she jumped up and hurried to the bathroom. I gathered my strength and followed seconds behind her. As I entered the bathroom I saw her finger slide out of her vagina.

'That's strange.'

"Just cleaning up a little, c'mon let's take a shower and then get something to eat." She said and turned on the water.

After checking out, we went to a restaurant for a much needed meal. I was starving from all of the exertion and wolfed down my food. Sis was pretty hungry too and didn't leave a crumb on her plate.

All through the meal she talked about me and Mom living together and of course Mom getting pregnant.

"I don't know Penny; I just don't get that from Mom, at all. She's never gave me a reason to think she would, and I wouldn't mind at all if we did. I've thought about it in the past, and I've really thought about it today, but I don't see it happening. Now, as far as Mom and I living together, well that's a different matter, I'm pretty sure she'd do that."

"Oh, she'll do it Stephen, mark my words, she'll do it, you'll see."

We went back to Moms in silence, when we arrived I was surprised to find Mom smiling and cheerful, so I loaded up, said my goodbyes and returned to my place. That evening seemed to drag on forever, and that night I dreamed of Mom with her belly getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

The next day I didn't get anything done at work and almost went home early, but stayed just to not be alone. That evening was also a long one, I almost called Mom but didn't, then just as I was getting into bed, the phone rang, it was Mom.

"Hi honey, I didn't call to late, did I?"

"Hi Mom. No it's not to late, and you know you can call me any time."

"Oh, I like hearing that. Say, I need help with something that's going to take a lot of effort."

"You know I'll help you with anything."

"I like hearing that too. Well, you'll need a good meal, so can you be here for breakfast in the morning?"

"Yeah Mom, whatever you want, what time?"

"That sounds good too. How about eight."

"Eight it is."

"I love you Stephen."

"I love you to Mom."



Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

'If you only knew what was on my mind right now.'

That night I had the dream of Mom and her ever growing belly again. When I got to Moms, Penny' car was there, I don't know why I expected her to be gone, after all she was going to be spending a few days. Maybe it was wishful thinking that Mom and I would be alone.

I smelled breakfast, and found them in the kitchen. A beautiful site really, two women I loved, standing there preparing a meal. They were both wearing Dads dress shirts. Penny had her back to me and I could see her shapely legs and tiny bare feet. Mom was facing me and I could only see her from the waist up but imagined her legs and feet as well. That's when I noticed, Mom was braless, her dark aureole visible under the shirt.

'Whoa, this isn't like Mom, she should be dressed like she usually is.'

I looked back at Sis to see if I could tell whether she was braless or what, but I couldn't, not even different colored panties or anything.


I was still staring at Sis and wondering.

"Stephen! Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Huh, oh yeah, coffee."

"Be a dear and get Stephen some coffee, please."

I had started to get up but settled back down as Sis moved to the coffee pot. When she turned around, I got

the shock of my life, there were two wet spots over her breasts making the shirt material transparent and her

breasts seem fully exposed. My jaw dropped as I watched her breasts wobble while she brought my coffee to the table.

'There's no doubt, she's braless too.'

"Penny, remember Stephen takes sugar and MILK."

'Milk, my God, Mom emphasized milk."

I was just staring as Penny unbuttoned the shirt, bent and squirted milk in my coffee.

'Oh My God, this isn't real.'

I jumped as I suddenly heard Mom's voice behind me. "Taste your coffee Stephen."

"Ohhhh." I was weak.

I jumped again when I felt her hands on my shoulders and her breath on my ear.

"Taste Penny' coffee, she made it just for you."

My hand was trembling as I reached for the cup.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Wait a minute. Penny, I think your brother likes more MILK than that."

Sis bent and squirted from both breasts, not just in my coffee, but all over the cup.

Mom's lips were on my ear. "Drink up baby. Penny made it especially for you."

My hands were shaking so bad that I had to use both of them to hold the cup.

'Oh God, this has to be some kind of torturing dream, because of what I want to do with Mom.'

Moms hands slid down to my chest. "It's not a dream, Stephen. Mommy wants to have your baby."

'She did it again, how does she know what I'm thinking?'

She kissed my ear and I almost dropped the cup, as all the strength drained from me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to stop my head from spinning.

"You need to eat; you're going to have a long day. Penny is going to finish fixing your breakfast and be your waitress. Do you want her like she is, or nude?"

"Uh, ah, n-nude."

Sis' shirt immediately dropped to the floor, and she stood there smiling.

"I'm going to go now. When you finish eating, Penny will bring you to me."

Mom kissed my cheek and was gone. I sat there, mouth open, dumbfounded as Sis put things on the table.

"Eggs, easy as usual?"


"Do you want your eggs, over easy, as usual?"

"Yeah, that'd be good. Is this real?"

She put her hands on the table, her breasts jiggling. "This is very real, sweetie! I told you Mom would do it. We let you rest up yesterday and planned today. How do you like it so far?"

"I love it, it's blowing me away!"

"We wanted to shock you right of the bat." She said as she picked up my cup.

"You sure as hell did!"

"Good." She said with a little giggle as she poured me a fresh cup.

Setting my cup on the table she scooted the milk and sugar next to it.

"Ah, if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather have yours."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

Smiling real big, "With pleasure, would you like to serve yourself?"

"With pleasure!"

She bent and kissed me before dangling her breasts over my cup. I reached up and gently squeezed, causing the milk to dribble out and miss the cup. Then I tried aiming, and squeezed a little harder, the stream went straight to my cup.

'Heh, heh, this is kinda like milking a cow.'

After I had squeezed several times from each breast, I said, "Thank You."

Sis went to fry my eggs and I stared at her standing there naked.

'Nobody can be this lucky; God has to be smiling on me.'

My eggs finished, she scooped them onto a plate and picked up hash browns, pan toast and bacon from the warmer, then turned to face me.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh yeah, beautiful!"

"Me or the food?"

"Both, you're lovely and the food makes it a package."

"Um, uh sure, it could be anybody standing here with food."

"Yeah, but it's you Penny, it's you!"

"Flattery will get you everything." She said as she deliberately wiggled her way to the table. "Now do what Mommy said and eat up."

As I ate she started cleaning up.

"Mom and I talked it over and you're the man of the family now. You know what that means?"

"Ah, no, not really."

She looked slyly over her shoulder, "It means we're yours."

'Mine, wow, but they're already giving me sex?'

"What do you mean; I mean we're already intimate with each other?"

"It means, Dear Brother, that after you get Mom pregnant, you are in control. You say when, you say how, and you say what, we are yours."

"Jesus, I never thought about it like that. But, what if I find someone, or Mom finds someone?"

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"We talked about that. We are original family, so everyone else must come in accordingly. If any of our mates joins our activities, it has to be according to the family. You are the head of the family, followed by Mom, everyone else is subordinate to you and Mom, and Mom is your subordinate. We follow you now."

"Really!? I never thought about anything like that, I mean, I've just been enjoying what's been going on."

"Just remember, this is a loving relationship and must remain that way. Don't be getting freaky like Daddy did, or we will stop. OK?"

"OK, but you two are going to have to help me out."

"That's what we're here for, lover, that's what we're here for."

I finished my coffee and started to stand, but Sis was in the way. I looked up at her and she asked if I was ready for Mom.

As my eyes trailed down a thought hit me. "Yeah, but I'd like a little something to settle everything first."

"What might that be?"

I put my hand between her legs, "A taste of this, and then a drink from those tits of yours."

"Ooooh, my pleasure," she pushed the plates away and sat on the edge of the table. "will this do?"

She placed her feet on the chair and spread her legs wide. I didn't say anything, I just leaned in and started kissing, licking and sucking her vulva. Actually, I was nervous about what I was about to do, and wanted to take my mind off it and get turned on even more. As I became more turned on I decided to quit and sat back pushing her feet from the chair and pulling her up to lean over me so I could nurse on her breasts. When I emptied them of their nectar, I hugged her and told her I loved her.

Sis then took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. The door was shut. We stopped and she kissed me, and then started undressing me. I started to help but she said it was for her to do.

My penis was almost painfully hard; Sis put her hand under it and bent to kiss the tip.

"Do a good job now," she spoke to the end of it, "and all you little swimmers get ready, we're counting on you."

She stood, smiling, knocked twice and opened the door to reveal a room lit by dozens of candles and Mom on the bed propped up on her elbow. I started to get weak again, and Sis placed her hand on my butt, gently pushing me forward.

I walked on rubbery legs to the side of the bed as Mom smiled at me. When I got the there, I didn't sit, I fell, because my legs wouldn't support me.

Mom put her hand on my shoulder. "Something wrong, baby, are you having second thoughts?"

"I'm worried, Mom, worried and scared."

"Oh Honey, there's nothing to be worried or scared about if you want to do this."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I hung my head. "I'm not scared for me, I'm scared for you. I'm afraid of what might happen to you. Dad is

dead, if you get pregnant now, people will know, the family will know, and they might condemn you for it. I don't ever want anything to happen to you, because of what we do, you know, because I Love You."

"I Love You, to. And nothing's going to happen, that we don't want.

If I get pregnant right away, I can say I was pregnant when your Father died. If it takes a while, I'll start talking about adopting. Then before I start showing, I'll go away and come back with our baby. You see, we

can do this and it will all work

do something, you don't want to do, even if I want to. Are you sure you want to?"

I'm beginning to think, you don't want to, and I don't want to make you

Her head was on my thigh now, as she looked up at me, while caressing my shoulder and back.

"Oh God, YES, I want to Mom! I've wanted to since the first time I entered you, but this better not hurt you in any way. I couldn't forgive myself if it did."

"Oh my darling baby boy, you won't hurt me in any way, you will only fulfill me with your love."

Mom then pulled me into a kiss.

"I am now yours to do with as you wish. I relinquish all control to my Son, to my Lover."

'Christ, Mom said it; she is mine now, my lover.'

The doubt and fear faded away and we began making out like newlyweds about to begin our new life. She was moaning and wanton urging and maneuvering me into an entry position so she could get my sperm as soon as possible, but I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to have her slowly and saver the entire act of impregnating her.

I pushed up. "Jeanne."

"Yes my love."

"Be still, and submit to me."

"Oh yes my love, yes."

We then began making love without the urgency of penetration. I pleased myself with her body knowing that from now on I was going to be able to make love to her and not just have sex. She meant more to me now than she ever had and I wanted her to feel my sensual longing. I took my time loving her body with my mouth and hands, while she was limited to the use of her hands, working my way to the first of my goals.

Having been fixated on the place that gave me life I have always wanted to orally please Mom, and would have done it, any place any time, at her request. If I could have, I would've shrunk myself down so I could enter her womb, squirm into her uterus and fuck her ovaries. But, that is just an over-imaginative impossibility which I would let my mind have while using my mouth on her genitals.

I absolutely love, kissing, sucking, licking, and nibbling her vulva, labia, clitoris, and opening, and have as stated, then done so until I couldn't move my jaw anymore.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I don't know how many, moaning, shaking, gasping orgasms Mom had, but my face was coated and dripping

from her bartholin. Slowly I moved up her body again and kissed her. She kissed and licked my face clean.

"Oh My God, Stephen, I'm weak. I've never had so many orgasms without stopping."

I whispered in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you now, Jeanne. Your Son is going to fuck you and make you pregnant."

"OH Yes Stephen, fuck me. Fuck me, make your Mother pregnant. Give me our baby."

My penis was sticking down along her caressing labia and I could feel her pulsing opening, beckoning me to enter. Slowly I raised and lowered my hips enjoying the tingling sensations.

Mom raised her knees dragging them along my sides and placed her heels on my butt.

"Please Fuck Me. Stick your cock in my pussy and Fuck Me. Please, oh please."

I raised higher, feeling my glans part her labia and scooted down a little.

"Yes, yes, give me your cock, fuck me."

I thrust forward, burying myself completely and slamming our pelvic bones together.

"Aaaaaaaaaah, Godddd!" Mom screamed.

I could feel her uterus clamped around the end of my penis and her opening milking me. I stayed grinding

against her as she started rolling and thrusting her hips. Slowly, I started thrusting but it was difficult because her legs were like a vise holding me in place. This was actually delaying my ejaculation and frustrating my attempt to pound into her as hard as I could, but the feeling was the best I ever had.

I had to struggle against the grip Mom had on me, a grip that was draining my strength, while her kissing,

nibbling and sucking my shoulder, neck and ear were driving me crazy with desire to ejaculate. Weak and light headed, the heat of her tight uterus brought the sperm up my shaft and into her, almost causing me to black out.

"OH God Yes, cum, cum, cum, fill me with sperm. Fill Mommy with sperm."

'Sperm? That's the same thing Sis said. Could it be?'

My mind told me I had done it, I had made Mom pregnant. I could walk away right then and Mom would have my baby. But, Mom had no intention of letting me off with just one time, in fact we did it twelve times that morning, she called it our 'Dirty Dozen.'

We had intercourse that afternoon, that evening, that night, and the next morning before I left for work. Mom brought me lunch at work, so we could have intercourse on my desk. That made me very nervous, because she had that 'Just Fucked' look when she left, and I hoped no one noticed.

That night after work she met me, naked, at the door to attack me; the get pregnant honeymoon made her a sex machine. I can't say I wasn't enjoying it, it was fantastic for my ego.

I knew it had to end or slow down and the next morning after we had another round of great sex Mom said

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

that I should go to my place after work.

"OH, I know honey, I'm really enjoying our new relationship but we don't want to raise undo suspicions.

Besides, I'm yours now, remember, anytime you want you leave."

Now, c'mon, I'll fix you a nice breakfast before

Mom followed me to the garage and stopped, as I loaded my suitcase. When I turned around she was standing there with her breasts exposed, beckoning me to come here. I went to her and she immediately put my hands on her breasts as she started kissing me. I was getting very aroused and she dropped to her knees in front of me while opening my pants.

Mom began using her beautiful mouth on my penis, drawing the prize she wanted. When she finished, she stood, kissed me and pushed me toward my car. Once again I drove away with Mom standing there bare-breasted and almost turned back.

That afternoon I got a call from one of my installation crews about an emergency with the project. I had to leave immediately to take care of it since it was on an Army Post. Mom wasn't home when I called, so I settled on sending flowers and a note to let her know I would call when I arrived.

That night, it was almost eleven before I was able to call, and Mom was upset that it was going to be at least two weeks before I could get back. It wasn't my fault that the government inspectors made change work orders, and the contract said I had to supervise all such work. That is a standard practice of mine, all change orders have to be supervised by me, it is my company and I want things done right.

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Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

by DaktoRto Mom started talking sex on the phone and it was

by DaktoRto

Mom started talking sex on the phone and it was good enough but frustrating. I had never had 'phone sex' before and didn't like it since it was going to be too long before getting home again. The second night, I told Mom not to do it anymore because it was frustrating me to much.

Two weeks almost turned into three, but we finished ahead of schedule and earned a bonus and I headed home. When I arrived at the airport, Mom was there to meet me with a big hug and surprising kiss.


"Wow, Hi! I'm glad to see you too. What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't wait, so I had Penny drop me off. Let's get your suitcase and get out of here, I want to suck your cock, on the way to your house."

"Mom! Somebody could hear you!

My house?"

"Your house, your bed, you're the head of the family and your women should come to you."

"My women?! Hum."

We got my suitcase and headed out, Mom unzipped my pants as soon as we were in the car.

"Mom, could you at least wait until I pay for the parking and we get out of the lot?"

"Oh, party-pooper."

As soon as I pulled through the gate Moms hand was in my pants and she was kissing my ear. I knew that any second she would find what I had done while gone.

"Stephen! My God, what have you done?!"

She found the ring in my penis and was shocked as I thought she would be. Sitting upright she pulled my erect penis, rather painfully, into the open.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"My God, Stephen, didn't that hurt?" She said while flicking the cock ring with her finger. "Oh, baby why did you do that?" Still she didn't stop playing with it.

"Heh, heh, well, after you drove me crazy with the phone sex, which I had to make you stop, I needed something to take my mind off of missing you. So, I've always like seeing pierced women and I thought why not, and had it done."

"But, didn't that hurt?"

"Not really, he numbed it with something. It was just sore for a few days."

"Did it work; did it take your mind off of me?"

"NO! But it did keep me from getting an erection all the time."

Mom was holding my erection and pulling on the ring.

"Does this hurt?"

"No, but if you pull any harder, it might."


"Don't be sorry, keep amusing yourself, I like it."

"Can you have sex like this?" She was poking and licking it with her tongue.

"It's not going to come off, if that's what you mean, it's locked on. And there aren't any sharp edges. I guess we'll just have to find out."

That's when she slipped her mouth down over my penis.

"Oooooh, you're going to get a mouth full if you don't quit."

She sat up and kissed me causing me to swerve all over the road.

"Mom, I'm driving, don't do that."

Kissing my ear, she said, "Play with my pussy while you cum in my mouth."

Moms mouth engulfed my penis, I reached over and ran my hand up her hose to her bare thigh and on to her vulva discovering she wasn't wearing panties. Cupping her vulva and labia in my hand I felt her hot wetness increase on my palm. She was humming and deep-throating me as I thought of my ring dangling down her throat.

My ejaculation erupted just as I stuck all four fingers into her opening and she started drawing up my shaft milking me into her mouth, with her juices dripping down my arm. I was again swerving, but kept the car in my lane.

She sat down on my hand, fingers inside her, painfully extending my elbow, but I didn't care. Glancing at her, I saw a look of lust on her face, semen around her lips and on her chin, as she sat there trembling. Slowly she

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

wiped up the semen with her fingers and stuck them in her mouth.

"I knew you'd have a lot for me and you did. I can't wait for you to fuck me with that thing in your cock."

"Jesus, Mom, you sound like a wanton whore."

"I am a whore, your whore, my Sons whore. Now take me to your bed and fuck me."

"Whew, calm down, we'll be there soon enough, you're not the only one that wants to fuck you know. And, you are not a WHORE, mine or anyone else's!"

"Oh, I'm sorry baby; it's just that I really want you."

"I want you to and I don't want to hear you call yourself a whore again."

"Good! That's what I was wanting. I wanted to know that you didn't think of me as a whore."

"Well, your not, you're my lover, my mate for now, and hopefully the mother of my child. And, I Love You!"

"I Love You, too. Now take me home, you're blocking traffic."

I hadn't realized that I stopped the car. Mom snuggled next to me; I put my arm around her, and drove to my house. When we arrived, I opened the door for her and we walked to the front door. Mom stopped me and gave me a sensual kiss.

This is the beginning of our new life; carry your loving life-mate across the threshold.

"With pleasure, my love, with pleasure."

I took her in my arms and entered the house, kicked the door closed and carried her to my bedroom.

"From now on, you come to my bed anytime you desire."

"And, you mine."

Slowly, we began kissing, fondling, and undressing each other. We fell on the bed, rolling back and forth in our fervor. Believe me, it felt so good to know that the woman I was with wanted me sexually in the same ways I wanted her.

No mention of anything, only maneuvering each other through our lovemaking. When finished, Mom told me that Sis was going to be at her house that afternoon, something about an important meeting for the three of us.

I needed to get to the office and get the final paperwork started from the finished project and to clear it from my computer, so we went there first. My secretary was out so we went in my office to clear things and wait. Mom decided to be a little nasty and crawled under my desk.

When my secretary arrived she came in and I gave her the necessary papers as Mom was busy sucking my penis and making it very difficult to act normal. It was as exiting as hell though and I thought I'd keep it going, so I asked to speak to the supply foreman.

"You're being a naughty boy Stephen."

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

"Yes I am."

Mom went back to her sucking and I almost gave it away while talking to my employee but managed to hold on until he left. No sooner had the door closed than Mom got a mouth full.

"Stinker, I thought I had you while you were talking, but you managed to hold off."

"You almost did, I barely held on."

We took a minute to compose ourselves and I asked my secretary to go check something so Mom could slip out, first.

We drove on to her house and Sis was already there. Sis hugged and kissed me 'Hi' and all that before we settled into some catching up.

I got up to get us all another coke and as I returned, Mom said she had some news. I sat their cokes down and stood holding mine.

"I couldn't wait for my next cycle, so Penny and I went to the Dr. for a pregnancy test."

She just stopped talking so I said, "Well, tell me!"

"You're going to be a father!" They both said in unison.

"Fantastic, Mom that's great."

Penny stood up and came to me.

"You don't understand, Dear Brother. We both said, 'You're going to be a father,' I'm pregnant too."

I was at first stunned and my jaw dropped before It hit me.

"Yeah, that's right, you both wanted my sperm, and you had me that day."

"You aren't mad that we tricked you, are you?"

"Yes, I am! I don't want any more tricks. From now on, I want total honesty. That said, I love it, both of the women I love having my baby at the same time. Wow, yeah, I love it!"

Mom was at my side as well.

"The head of the family should have children, and that's why we did it. That, and the fact that, we both wanted your child."

There was silence for a while as we just held each other.

Now I'm waiting as two pregnant women waddle around. I've moved in with Mom to help her through the last months of her pregnancy. Both are seeing the same Dr. and have arranged to deliver on the same day according to which baby wants out first. No we don't know the sex of the babies, we decided to wait and see at birth.

Was It Dad or Mom by DaktoRto

I'm just nervous as hell and waiting, cause I don't know what the future will bring. Whatever it is, I know we will all do our best.

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