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Worship team Guidelines & Purpose Worship Focus Statement of Bloomingdale Church As we worship together, we offer the Lord

our adoration, our thanksgiving, our confession of sin and our devotion. We speak to God, not merely talk about Him. The worship team focuses the worship theme each Sunday on one or more of God's attributes. The attributes of God include His love, faithfulness, holiness, justice, truthfulness, omniscience (all knowing), omnipresence (everywhere present), omnipotence (all powerful), eternality, sovereignty and changelessness. The worship theme is normally stated in the worship folder and explained in the call to worship. The Spiritual Lives of the Worship Team: A consistent habit of prayer and study of the Scripture in the private lives of the worship planners and leaders is vital to their effectiveness in guiding others in worship. Ongoing reading, seminars and visiting other churches is also valuable. A Balance of Forms: With careful spiritual reflection and attention to the various elements (and transitions) the worship team guides the congregation in worship that honors God. Worship planners should consistently include a healthy balance of the traditional (as the hymns, creeds, the Lord's prayer and doxology) and the current expressions (as the new songs, testimonies, drama, illustrations/visuals, media, creative Scripture readings and guided prayer) in each worship service. The congregation has roots in many church heritages and highly values a tasteful blend of worship forms. Uplifting, God-honoring worship for established and young believers, as well as articulating the Gospel for seekers is a priority in each worship service. All parts of the worship (including song lyrics) should have a clear connection to the worship theme. Seeker sensitivity is a high value in our worship services. Worship and Teaching: Church worship services consist of the worship guided by the worship team (30 minutes including the offering, communion, closing song and benediction) and the teaching of God's Word and application (30 minutes including the "Life Illustrated" and message) directed by the pastors. ~ The worship We speak to God, expressing our love/gratitude to Him. ~ The teaching God's Word speaks to us, challenging us to live out His Word.

Worship Team Job Description The worship team directs the congregation in worship to the glory of God. They must demonstrate consistent personal lives, have humble attitudes and possess adequate musical skill. Worship team members keep the attention on the Lord, not on their performance as worship leaders. Requirements for new worship team members: 1. Consistently attend the weekly worship service for at least four months then complete the worship team application. 2.Complete the worship team application. 3. Complete an interview with one of the senior pastors, giving clear assurance that they have experienced personal salvation and are living a God-honoring life according to standards of the Bible. 4. Be approved by the music team leaders in an audition NOTE: All worship team members must be (or in the process of becoming) official members of the church. Minimally they must have completed the First and Second Base of the church membership procedure before joining a team. There are also Sunday evening music nights when anyone would wants to participate is invited to join the worship team for the day (without the above requirements)so that they can test out their interest in the music teams. Primary Roles of Worship Teams : 1. Guide the congregation to speak to God. 2. Serve together as a Christ-honoring team as well as encourage/mentor new musicians into the music ministry 3. Lead the congregation in the weekly worship for God's glory with spiritual zeal, creativity and public poise. Expectations of Worship Team Members : 1. Be committed to practices and be prompt. (Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. & Sundays at 7:30 a.m.) Only those who attend the practices may lead the worship on Sunday. 2. Review the music before the practices. The lyrics should be memorized by Sunday and the music used only for occasional prompting. 3. Follow the music director and notify him when missing practice or

worship. 4. Be vibrant and spiritually-focused when leading the congregation in worship. 5. Engage the congregation with a smile and good eye contact. 6. Dress modestly & professionally (business casual.) No shorts, jeans, tee shirts or promotions. 7. During the worship, be attentive to the person who is speaking. Look at them. 8. In any speaking roles, prepare thoroughly and practice aloud privately. Music Director Job Description 1. Assures the worship team understands and follows the expectations of the Worship Team Job Description and the Worship Focus Statement. 2. Acts as a shepherd to the team, encouraging a caring, spiritually-focused team. 3. Leads the worship team practices and worship, building a strong team. 4. Includes prayer as a key element in the worship team practices. 5. Plans the order of worship according to the Worship Focus Statement, including Scripture and prayer each week. Incorporate creativity in reading and regular recitation of the Lord's prayer and the creeds. Give careful attention to create a God-focused worship that is well-ordered and "seamless" in its presentation. 6. Distributes the music to the team at least 7 days in advance of service and the order of worship to the church secretary by Wednesday (10 AM). 7. Prays about and write out all speaking parts in advance. 8. Assures that the north entrance is unlocked for the worship practice, and locked 10 minutes after the practice begins for security of the facility. 9. Works closely with the sound team and screen team to assure the quality technology support to the worship. a. Assists the Sound Team in setting the microphones and system properly. b. Communicates well in advance the song lyrics for the projection system.

10. Dresses in a collared shirt and tie (coat optional) on Sunday mornings. 11. Actively recruits new people to use their music gifts on the music team who meet the appropriate criteria.

Guidelines for Worship Participants at Bloomingdale Church: 1. Talk in normal language, avoid "Christianese" phrases that you would not use with unchurched friends. 2. Seek to relate to three distinct types of people in our worship. Text Box: 1. New believers 2. Established believers 3. Unbelieving seekers. 3. Carefully think through what you will say. Pray about it, write it down and practice it. 4. Always sit in the front row before it is your turn to speak, otherwise you will create needless confusion or a dead spot in the service. 5. Speak into the microphone, even if you don't think you need it. The people in the infant room, lobby and nursery won't hear unless you use the microphone. 6. NEVER criticize another church, denomination, political party or individual by name. Text Box: If you are... ...Leading the Call to Worship: Be concise (1-3 minutes). Clearly introduce the worship theme and use an experience or illustration from your life whenever possible. ...Leading in Prayer: Pray in the words you use when you talk to God alone. Don't use unnatural theological terms or sound "preachy." Pray from your heart. ...Reading the Scripture: Invite the congregation to follow along in the Bible, give both the reference and the page # in the sanctuary Bible. Practice reading the Scripture aloud in advance and read the Scripture with lively expression. ...Presenting a Personal Testimony ("From the Congregation"): Write it out in advance. Be sure to keep it to 3-4 minutes. Include a brief explanation of the Gospel. One of the pastors will assist you in going through your testimony with you in advance. ... Announcing the Offering: Repeat the following, "Children ages 4 through 7 years old are invited to Children'""" Also explain the opportunity to meet with the prayer team.