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Wood based panel plants


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Competence and innovative power

The unbeatable combination

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

When it comes to designing and building of turnkey production plants, both know-how and experience are required as much as financial strength and innovative technologies. This is the reason why customers all over the world place their trust in Dieffenbacher. Our machines and plants are setting new standards for future-oriented, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

We realize your individual concept and have the right technology available no matter whether you want to produce particleboard, MDF, THDF, OSB, OSL or LVL boards or innovative products made of recycled wood. The efforts of about 1,600 experts all over the world are devoted to assist you in achieving your goals. We make use of synergistic effects from various corporate divisions and subsidiaries.

New ideas create new markets As a global player in board technology, our above-average expenditure in the field of research and development contributes to achieving these goals. The results are highly efficient processes and products. We also find solutions for raw materials that could not be used in the past, e.g. recycled wood and agricultural waste. These materials are low in price and available in certain areas of the world in sufficient quantities. New resin saving solutions help to reduce the production costs. Close cooperation with external institutes, research laboratories and system users enables us to develop products which are close to our customers needs. Materials testing is performed as well as manufacture of sample boards. Having this knowledge enables us to offer maximum process safety. In our research center we use your raw materials to develop the optimum production method for innovative products helping you to enter new markets.

Milestones 1949 Delivery of the first discontinuous particleboard production plant 1957 First single-daylight press 1967 Delivery of the first particle-board plant with screen (FLEXOPLAN) 1969 Delivery of the first complete plant equipment 1980 Delivery of the first wafer board plant 1990 First continuous press type CPS 1995 First 12-foot OSB plant 1997 First continuous production line for LVL First online service support system 2000 First continuous 12-ft OSB production line in the world, with a 56 m CPS press 2002 THDF-line produces at speeds above 1,300 mm/s 2004 New closed loop steam fiber dryer 2005 Steam preheating for production of OSB/OSL on a continuous press 2006 First 3,000 m3/d particleboard plant 2008 Woodfiber insulation board (rigid and flexible) 2008 Products to reduce the glue consumption in fiberboardplants 2009 Digital Printing of Wood surfaces 2009 Complete Biofuel- & Pelletplants 2009 Revolutionary plant visualization concept

Competence Engineering

We stand for success

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

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Kronospan Egorievsk (PB plant in Russia)

From concept to start-up expert advice in all aspects More than 250 experienced engineers and technologists work together worldwide in developing optimum technical solutions to satisfy your demands. No matter whether you intend to build a new plant or retrofit an existing one, our expert teams offer complete concepts from first consultancy up to overall planning and safe financing schemes success included!

Dependable services in every respect: Accurate analysis of your individual projects Feasibility calculations and financial schemes Support with authorities and permit application procedures Elaboration of material flow diagrams Selection of individual technologies and production systems Engineering including choice of location, supply of energy, raw and operating material Site supervision and monitoring (optimization of building and startup times) Cost transparency through intermediate reports On-time start-up through coordination of site work including management of services by subcontractors and subsuppliers Modernization concepts under consideration of existing facilities Controlling

Engineering team

Press installation

Wood-based panel testing

Lab press

Competence Engineering

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New products open up new markets

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22


Woodfiber Insulationboard the ecological alternative The new woodfiber insulationboards combine excellent insulation properties, superior sound insulation and heat capacity with a very low carbon footprint. The product is available in a more rigid style for roof and floor insulation and a flexible type for the traditional application of insulation boards. Both types can be produced on the same production line.

Present trends MDF/THDF board

Well-tried, highly topical the particleboard High quality and universal applicability these are only a few of the advantages that have made the particleboard a classic of wood-based panels. Dieffenbacher plants have significantly contributed to the success of this highquality panel. High uptime and cost-efficiency of our plants are proverbial.

Extremely loadable layer-by-layer the LVL board LVL is made of glued veneer, has excellent physical properties and continuous manufacture is the standard in the plants we deliver. High strength makes the LVL board a popular product used for engineered wood applications.

Alternative and economic OSB

Thin boards with a thickness of 1,5 8 mm open up new applications and markets. They are given preference in the manufacture of interior trims for railroad cars, recreation vehicles (RV), picture frames, packing material, furniture and rear panels, drawer bottoms as well as moulded or even door faces.

OSB is the economic alternative to common plywood. The big variety of applications has continuously increased acceptance of these boards in the market. Dieffenbacher have set this trend. The first plant was started up in 1980 already.

Competence Engineering

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Everything from a single source

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

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Control room

Suitable equipment for any case of application We supply everything from a single source and manufacture all process-relevant systems in our own group. Many years of experience help us to select supplementary components made by other manufacturers and ensure their optimum integration into the complete system.

Performance range
Supply of complete production plants for particleboard, MDF, THDF, OSB, OSL, LVL boards as well as for Wood fiber insulation boards and of Biofuel & Pelletplants MDF Frontendsystems incl. the EVOjet and PROjet fiber blending systems Moulded Doorskin lines Equipment for process heat supply and waste heat recovery ClassiScreenTM and ClassiCleanerTM systems for flake preparation Dryers, air graders GRADO Glue preparation and metering systems Gluing systems ClassiFormerTM Forming stations Forming lines including pre-presses Steam and microwave pre-heating systems Continuous presses systems Cycle presses in single- and multidaylight design Finishing lines with diagonal saws, board cooler and stacking equipment Complete sanding lines with cut-to-size saws and stacking Automated transport and LukkiTM storage systems Panel laminating systems (Dieffenbacher Zaisenhausen) PRODACON Process control and automation systems Online support and maintenance systems Plant modernization Digital printing line for wood surfaces

MDF production line

Competence Engineering

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Material preparation and drying

Energy generation

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

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Drum dryer for strands

Energy plant

Dryers and sifters are decisive factors in obtaining a high board quality. Particles and fibers must be prepared to have a constant moisture level and be sifted to remove unwanted particles such as sand, metal pieces, glue knots etc. Different types of dryers and sifters are used according to the individual product and production capacity.

These alternatives are available to you: Dryers for particles and strands.The dryers can be heated with different fuels, as well as with gas from a turbine or furnace, depending on the type of plant. Exhaust gas recirculation increases the efficiency. Indirect heating is possible by means of combined power generation/heating or thermal oil heating.
Explosion vent

Particle sifters for the removal of Mineral matter Metallic contaminants Coarse particles Glue lumps

Upgoing line capacities and ever increasing environmental requirements ask for economically viable, precise and safe technologies especially with energy generation and material preparation. For this reason our scope of supplies also includes single components and complete systems to generate the heat that is required during the production process in panel plants. Energy is provided by different media such as hot gas, thermal oil, steam, warm/hot water. Production waste, sanding dust and bio mass are typical examples of fuel.

Benefits: Strong team of engineers with long experience from energy plant design for wood based panel industry Well proven concept with heavy duty design Energy plant and dryer control system from one hand seamlessly integrated in the plant control Engineering responsibility in one hand; minimizes interfaces

Benefits: Environmentally friendly through use of available residual energy and alternative sources of energy Low emission figures

Extinguishing nozzle HURRICLONE ATEX protection for inside insallation ATEX protection for outside insallation Manual extinguishing Spark detection and extinguishing

Infeed material

Vent duct

Pressure sensor
Dry powder tank Air grader

Fine material discharge Spark detection Spark extinguishing

By-pass flap Fresh air flap

Coarse material discharge Sand discharge Main fan To filter

Standard installation

Particleboard air grader

Energy plant



Competence Engineering

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EVOjet and PROjet

Frontends for fiber plants

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet

Sunds MDF Technologies, the MDFcompetence center, provides the Know-How and the equipment for complete MDF Frontends. The fiberdryer, the resin blending systems and the fiber sifter are the key products provided.

EVOjet dry resin blending system The new EVOjet system secures a perfect resination with a combination of a large surface area of fibers in the conveying air and an effective resin distribution. The system provides all the benefits of traditional blow line blending but none of its drawbacks. The EVOjet system is simple and reliable and requires a minimum of maintenance, thus reducing the operating costs further. Reduced emissions from the dryer is another valuable benefit of the system.

Dryer concepts Single-stage dryer integrated with fiber cleaning: Simple process control Low capital cost Rapid process changes Two-stage dryer with RAS integrated with fiber cleaning and pneumatic transport systems: Excellent moisture tolerance: +/-0.5% Gentle drying High energy efficiency 30% dust emission reduction compared to a single-stage dryer 30% lower exhaust air flow than in a single-stage dryer Two-stage dryer with RAS-C integrated with energy plant: High energy efficiency Low emissions 50% exhaust air flow reduction compared to a single-stage dryer

Efficient dry fiber sifter The Z-Sifter has an unique zig-zag plate design which efficiently removes light and heavy contaminants, such as wood residues, fiber deposits, minerals and metals. Furthermore, it protects the machinery downstream particularly when producing thin boards. The optional fiber heating and moisturizing system offers a higher press production capacity.

PROjet optimized blowline blending The optimized blowline blending achieves resin savings of 4 12% by Optimized blowline dimensions Automatic control loop for process parameter Special self cleaning nozzles with steam automization The PROjet is an economical and quick solution with limited resin savings but very fast payback.

ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

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EVOjet in brief: Mechanical fluidization and homogenization of fiber flow Effective distribution of the resin on the fiber No build-ups of resinated fiber No resin spots on the panel surfaces Major savings in resin costs between 30 and 50%

Fiber dryer. Flue gas heated two-stage dryer with RAS, integrated with energy plant






Competence Engineering

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and ClassiScreen

Using alternate raw materials saves costs

Forming stations and spreading systems

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet

ClassiCleaner screening and cleaning in single unit ClassiCleanerTM is developed specifically for the particleboard and MDF industries for processing of chips, flakes, mixtures of sawdust and chips or chips made of recycled material. The machine separates heavy impurities and light foils efficiently and classifies the cleaned raw material into desired fractions. The compact design makes it ideal for rebuilds and modernizations.

ClassiScreen screening reduces production costs The ClassiScreenTM is incorporated into the cleaner system and it carries out the screening of flakes. Flakes are screened on a DiamondRoll roller bed. The gap between the rollers, their rotation speed and the shape and depth of the roller surface pattern control how the flakes are screened.

ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service 16 18 20 22

ClassiCleanerTM Benefits: Raw material cleaning and screening in single unit Efficient mineral separation maximum yield No waste water treatment No plugging maximum availability Stable performance self-cleaning high-wear-resistant rollers Minimum energy consumption, low emissions Minimum dynamic loads, light foundations Modular design fast installation and start-up

ClassiScreenTM Benefits: High capacity Efficent thickness screening, improved wood material quality Reduced resin consumption Best screening accuracy with highprecision Diamond Rolls Low maintenance, no plugging Low energy consumption Low dust emissions and noise level Fast installation, compact and modular design Minimum dynamic loads, light foundations Options for separating impurities
Particleboard forming station

Forming stations and spreading systems are decisive for high cost-effectiveness as well as quality and environment-friendliness

The following variants of spreading systems are available: Combined particle spreading systems (wind/mechanical), variants depending on product, performance, surface, accuracy and raw material Mechanical spreading systems for particles, fibers, strands as well as recycled wood depending on product, performance and accuracy.

Benefits: High spreading accuracy Continuously high board quality Reduction of production costs Spreading of recycled wood materials without any problem Standardized components Short start-up times Low maintenance requirement


Roller bed

Flax with capsules


Core layer spreading system

OSB forming station



Competence Engineering

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Press systems

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

18 20 22

Continuous CPS press system

Continuous CPS press systems are the result of constant research and development and decades of experience in building hydraulic presses to be highly flexible, simple to operate, maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant presses that fulfil all demands put by usually rough production conditions. Our continuous presses are distinguished by high flexibility to cope with production-related changes in panel thickness or width. Very large presses more than 60 m long and 12 ft wide and very fast presses are our speciality. We have developed a specific infeed geometry, which guarantees high reliability at very high production speeds, especially in the case of thin fiberboards. Single-daylight or multidaylight presses are still in demand for small and medium plant capacities.

Forming lines: Dieffenbacher forming lines include continuous pre-presses for various products with varying individual precompressor length and pressure section. Pre-presses guarantee a safe and smooth transfer of the mats at any speed. Patented pre-heating of mats and billets by microwave or steam injection for particleboard, MDF, THDF, OSB, LVL and OSL increase the capacity and areand example for successful innovation.

Benefits: High surface quality adjustable to each case of application Reduced thickness tolerances and, therefore, minimum sanding High capacities at constant quality High flexibility through easy adjustment of thickness and width Usable for very thin boards as well Expansion possible without any problem, easy adaptation to modified capacity requirements Compliance with all usual standards

CPS press modules

CPS press infeed



Multi-daylight press

Single-daylight press



Competence Engineering

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Finishing line

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

20 22

Diagonal saw

Efficient handling for economic processing The Dieffenbacher plant spectrum is completed by transport of boards from the press to packing for delivery of individual lots. Our finishing line offers optimum solutions for economic processing and efficient handling of the boards. We deliver systems for conveying, weighing, sawing, trimming, cooling, stacking, sanding, sorting, intermediate storage, packing and final storage tailored to your specific needs. High cutting speeds and the automatic format change option make the Dieffenbacher diagonal saw one of the most powerful systems available in the market. Consistent reduction of the moved masses enables highly dynamic movement of the saw at maximum cutting precision.

Benefits: High operation reliability Standardized elements Controlled board cooling and maturing Smooth panel transfer Accurate board cutting

Automated intermediate storage systems with the LUKKITM or carrier systems: One of the key elements in efficient panel handling is a flexible intermediate storage system through which the panels flow smoothly without disturbing board production. LUkkI intermediate storage system was designed in order to meet the demands of board producers worldwide.

Benefits: Efficient flow of materials through the plant Rapid response to customer orders Consequently, more profitable board production

Star cooler with subsequent stacking


Stacking boxes upstream the sanding line



Competence Engineering

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Visualization and process automation

Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, PROjet
Customers ERP and quality control system

ClassiCleaner, Forming stations

Customers ERP and quality control system

Press systems Finishing line


Process- & production data management

Process automation




Process data Production data

Process visualization, control room

Operating and monitoring

Process bus

Automatic product change

Basic automation

Our experts have all the knowledge about state-of-the-art production technologies as well as process management and automation. We combine hardware components and standard software commercially available worldwide with individual software into a highly powerful integrated system. These systems are custom-tailored to the desired plant configuration, the specific application, and compliant with national standards to enable

Equipment & process control


Quick and flexible answers to changing market requirements are decisive advantages in the long run

Dieffenbacher will be your best partner in achieving this goal.

cost-effective and flexible production. The modular PROGUIDE-PRODACON management system enables control, monitoring, analysis and optimization of the entire production process and integration of a big variety of additional systems without any problem. Clear separation of the primary control and basic automation equipment makes our plants independent of the configuration of process management. Start-up can, therefore, take place very quickly.







Field bus

Production line
Control pyramid

Green end

Material preparation

Gluing/ blending

Forming station

Forming line


Raw board handling

Raw board storage

Sanding line

Superior process management with decisive advantages: Reduction in production costs by saving energy and raw material Increase in board quality due to continuous inspection and optimization Easy operation by means of clear color-graphic representation of the information Avoidance of operating errors through dialog and visualization in simple terms and multiple help functions Support of controlling and planning by documentation and evaluation of all production data Increase of plant availability thanks to clear fault diagnosis and online support High flexibility through use of customtailored hardware and software Automatic produce changeover through flexible and comfortable production control with no need to stop operation Fully automatic processing of production orders Online maintenance systems

Visualization, spreading station

Visualization of continuous pressing process

Visualization, finishing line



Competence Engineering

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Panel products Performance range Material preparation, Energy generation EVOjet, w ClassiCleaner, Forming stations Press systems Finishing line Process automation Service

TEO: Internet support


Technical online service

We are well aware that delivering the machine is not the end of the job. For this reason, we have put together an attractive package of services for you in order to ensure excellent machine serviceability. We want you to be happy with all aspects of our work! If you need our assistance, we are ready to help you with a well trained and expert service team in Europe, North America, Asia and are planning the formation of additional service centers in the near future.

Service throughout the entire operating period Dieffenbachers service begins with the support of panel manufacturers to increase the performance for their processes like quality, productivity and profitability. To get the best results from existing machines we invest in tools like: TEO tele-engineering online service Contracts for regular inspections Checking processes and conditions Analyses of machine performance values Modernization, conversion and relocation Training Technical research & development center Spare parts and consumables

Plant modernization and optimization

Training competitive edge due to qualified teams We offer practically oriented instruction courses directly on your machines or in our training centre. Other training courses serve to provide information about the typical modules in the machine. In addition, we offer targeted product or machine training courses right through to the communication of process expertise. The training proposal is provided appropriately for specific customer requirements and with regard to the following points: Fundamental and detailed knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems Technological knowledge Preventative maintenance for optimum serviceability of the machine and reducing production costs Diagnostic assessment for rapidly locating the causes of problems

TEO technical online support and elimination of faults With our online service, we can offer you local-independent and, above all, rapid assistance at any time when it comes to questions about process parameters and eliminating faults: 24/7 service Online diagnosis and troubleshooting Technical and technological support

Pre-studies, plant analyses and surveys can be offered for all wood based panel plants to deliver customized and cost-effective modernization concepts. The Dieffenbacher Group proposes profitable solutions for: Increasing plant performance Improving product quality Reducing consumption Relocating existing equipment Implementation of new technologies

Benefits: Reduction of unscheduled downtime Increased productivity Reduced service costs

Dieffenbacher worldwide



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