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Handout No. 15 Joshua Pappas

The Victory of Christ - Revelation 19

In this chapter, the judgment of the beast ridden by the harlot is presented, the presentation reaching its climax in the final destruction of both in Rev. 19:19-21, where the harlot is also mentioned again under the figure of the false prophet. This is the central one of three chapters, each of which is concluded with a description of the judgment day. Rev. 18 ends with the desolated whore at the judgment. Rev. 19 ends with the beast destroyed at the judgment. Rev. 20 ends with the dragon (Satan) destroyed at the judgment. This is the exact reverse order of their appearance in Revelation, beginning at Rev. 12:1. This book of Revelation is very neatly and skillfully organized, and the structure of it is a marvel of logical design and synchronization. Coffmans Commentary on Revelation. Revelation 19 is the epitome of victory passages in the Bible. Though it is not directly about the actual end of the world, it does have a lot to tell us about that time to which we all look forward with longing in our hearts. In Chapter 19, end-of-the-world symbolism is applied to the quality of the victory God gave the persevering ancient church over Rome. Understanding this gives us the hope we all need to overcome whatever trials we face in our lives. We each experience small foretastes of heaven when we overcome an obstacle, great or small, in following Jesus. Thankfully, one day will be the last day, and together with him, our risen King, well overcome the last and greatest one! I. Glory to God (19:1-5) A. Voice of the Multitude (vv.1-3) 1. See 11:15 & 14:11 2. Hallelujah Greek word occurs four times in the N.T., all of them in Revelation. The Greek is a transliteration of the Hebrew word which means let us praise Yah, which is short for YHWH (Yahweh), or Jehovah. B. Voice from the Throne (vv.4-5) 1. See Psalm 134 2. Divine worship in response to command Do those in heaven know what is going on here on earth, or are the 24 elders simply representative of redeemed people in

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Gods presence? (Luke 16:27ff; Ephesians 2:5-6) II. Marriage of the Lamb (19:6-10) A. Voice of the Multitude, Again (vv.6-8) 1. The marriage has come We know the ultimate victory for us is the last day, when clothed with immortality we recline at table with the Lord, and all the great people of the ages. Thats whats pictured here. Its not that when Rome was defeated by Christ the end of the world actually came, but there are struggles in every generation that mean heaven or hell, and winning (i.e. remaining faithful through it all) means heavens reward. Enduring through the Roman persecutions into the peace of the other side was like heaven for our ancient brothers. Good for them (and us) the best is (still) yet to come! 2. A special bridal gown See Ephesians 2:8-10 B. Command to Write/Worship Only God (vv.9-10) 1. Write: blessed are those invited to the marriage supper See Matthew 22:1-14 2. Worship only God Didnt John know better? Do we? 3. Testimony spirit of prophecy IMO, the key verse of the chapter, and what ties the descriptive elements of Christs victorious appearance, in the next section, together meaningfully. Everything in the Bible (i.e. prophecy -2Peter 1:20-21) is about Jesus! (John 5:39) III. The White Rider (Christ Victorious) (19:11-21) A. His Appearance (vv.11-13) 1. See 1:12-16 2. Heaven opened Time for the Lord to act. 3. White horse We know what white stands for, right? 4. Faithful and true See Jeremiah 42:5 & Revelation 3:14 5. Righteousness judges, makes war See Psalm 110 6. Eyes head, many diadems Similar to language in Ch.1; Greek diadema, is the rulers crownJesus has captured all the crowns (See 1 Corinthians 15:25) 7. Name written We know who this is, but are being reminded of our need to search the Scriptures and reason from them accurately (2Timothy 2:15). 8. Robe dipped in blood His own, or from battle? I think the latter. Jesus has been fighting all along. 9. The Word of God (See John 1) B. Heavens Armies Follow Him (v.14) 1. Armies Angels? Yes. Us? (Ephesians 6; 2Corinthians 10; 2Timothy 2) 2. Arrayed, white, pure, fine linen Again, we know what white means.

3. Following on white horses Jesus leads us victoriously! See 1John 3:2 & Matthew 10:25. C. Sword and Title (vv.15-16) 1. See Hebrews 4:12 & 1Timothy 6:15 2. From his mouth sharp two-edged sword As Ch. 1, See Hebrews 4:12 3. Strike down the nations What does it look like for Jesus word to strike down a nation? 4. Rule rod of iron Remember Psalm 110. This is a shepherds rod, shod with iron. 5. Winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty Weve seen this symbol in Ch.14. 6. Robe & thigh name written King of Kings, Lord of Lords D. Invitation of the Angel Standing in the Sun (vv.17-18) Calling all birds symbolizes death for the enemies of the Lord E. The End of Those Who War Against Christ (vv.19-21) 1. Beast & false prophet captured The beast is Rome, the false prophet (as the harlot) is the deception Rome propagated throughout the world. 2. Thrown alive into the lake End of time language 3. The rest, slain with the sword from his mouth See John 12:48.