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Ever popular with dieters, Muller has a broad appeal but can be a mess to eat

1. Prompts of conversation about Muller






Used in recipe


Eaten as a snack

2. Sentiment of opinions and comments

Love 18.2% Like 28.3% Neutral 48.8% Dislike 3.4% Hate 1.4%

n = 425
For the most part, discussions around Muller consisted of dieters listing items from their daily food regime and, in particular, foods suitable for the protein based Dukan diet were frequently mentioned. Discussions on how Muller products taste were also highly prevalent with most comments describing them in a favourable light. References to past advertising campaigns, going as far back as 1992, suggest that Mullers television adverts have had lasting impact and appeal. The only discussion category which contained an abundance of negative sentiment was about how Muller products awkward packaging can make eating yoghurt a messy experience.

n = 583
Nearly half of all search results were of balanced or neutral sentiment. This can be explained by the large number of dieting related conversations. In these discussions products (mostly Muller Light) were listed in a dieting plan with no comment as to whether they were e ective or ine ective weight loss foods. Very few people had negative things to say about Muller products but of the 1.4% of searches which contained hateful sentiment, most were directed at Muller Rice.

3. Products most discussed


4. Locations of conversation participants

15.3% 0.8%

5. Twitter bio interests

Music Sport 19.8% 14% Photography 8.1% Pets 7%







n = 472
Consistent with the heavy focus on dieting as a conversation prompt, just over half of all mentions of Muller products were about the Muller Light range. Muller Amore was found to have a very low pro le while Vitality and Little Stars yielded extremely low numbers of results. Considering the high level of discussion of Light, Rice and Corner, there is clear opportunity to raise the pro le of the three lesser known products.

n = 126
With its generally more e-connected inhabitants, Londons share of people who stated their locations on Twitter was over a quarter. After these top four, all major UK towns and cities feature in the data as well as a large spread of rural locations.

n = 86
The three most frequently occurring Twitter bio interests of people discussing Muller products are consistent with the most commonly occurring interests of Twitter users across a range of areas. The high occurrence of pets as an interest could signify that Muller products are popular with families and people who lead active lifestyles. After these four, the search yielded a wide variety of interests and hobbies including video games, science, reading, writing and dance. The number of interests concerning dieting was unusually high - in line with the overall trend towards the subject throughout the data.


"I wonder if its possible to open a muller light yoghurt without it exploding everywhere. Has anyone ever done it?!"
@Johnny Peckham

"@AlexRiley91 hahaha. Poor me I have just came back from the gym, and my diet is starting today, sat here eating a muller light #jel xx"
@Michael Hogan

"@clairehayhurst Warm Muller Rice is one of the best things in the world- my only reason for being sad that we don't have a microwave!"
@Caroline Dobbin

The search used to form this analysis ran between 18 July and 21 July 2011, focused on global english language content and produced 7,575 results, 583 of which were relevant. A 'result' refers to the raw material our system generates when it scours the Internet. A 'relevant result' is a result that is deemed relevant to the subject of the analysis. 'Data' refers to a re ned relevant result - a result that has been considered, and topics and values applied to produce a piece of data. The 583 relevant results used in this analysis produced 1,692 pieces of data, a ratio of 2.9 pieces of data per relevant result. It should be noted that data is not linear, and not every result provides data to every topic. The 'n' value (n = X) indicates the volume of data used in answering each topic.
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