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Cath Kidston Conversation Stems from Floral Bags

1. Conversation prompts for Cath Kidston

Product videos


2. Sentiment towards Cath Kidston

4.2% 3.6%

Product recommendations Online sales

15.8% 12.0%

Product photos

Phone case cover


Product praise

Love 12.0%

Like 9.5%

Balanced 77.3%

Dislike 1.2%

Hate 0.0%

n = 713
Product videos were typically circulated via YouTube; videos tended to feature consumer reviews and comments as well as advertisements. Cath Kidstons new iPhone covers generated a significant level of general mentions; household items and floral bags in particular were recommended by consumers on forums, Facebook and Twitter. Product giveaways were popularly circulated on Facebook, while consumers announced excitement for newly purchased products on Twitter. Beyond those listed above, product prices (3.4%), recently purchased products (2.9%) and competitor comparisons (2.9%) were popular conversation prompts.

n = 576
Due to the prominence of consumer commentary, it is encouraging to note that positive sentiment significantly outweighs negative. Users typically mentioned their excitement for newly released and recently purchased products. Though negative sentiment was minimal, expressions of this sentiment was typically inspired by product prices, which appear to be too high for some consumers.

3. Gender
Male 11.0% Female 89.0%

4. Location of conversationalists

5. Top websites for discussion




Malaysia 7.8% 4.3%

community.tes. 2.8%



n = 301
Despite the fact that Cath Kidston products are geared toward women, men also posted videos reviewing her products, particularly the iPhone case, on YouTube. In these videos, women typically appeared alongside male narration.

n = 463
The UKs prominence in this analysis is likely due to the brands British roots. However, Cath Kidston was popular in Asian markets as well, where Facebook appears to be a popular medium for making product-related posts. In addition to those listed above, Cath Kidston was also discussed in Singapore (1.1%), Philippines (0.9%), and Ireland (0.9%).

n = 141
Despite a few complaints of high prices, the majority of content on the Money Saving Expert forums were product recommendations, particularly for Cath Kidstons book Sew!. The brand also clearly has a fanbase among mums, as both MumsNet and MagicMum were prominent in this analysis. Home goods, as opposed to baby and childrens products were more popularly discussed on MagicMum.

I'm having major cravings for Cath Kidston. Mainly in the form of bags. Satchel bags, hand bags, weekend bags, messenger bags...

So then I started to look at Cath Kidston cases they're girly and pretty and a great name to match but the high price point of them has really put me off. ...

can't believe I bought a Cath Kidston bag today ... naughty, but what a treat!

@Laura Louise



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